LMS volume 34 chapter 5

LMS volume 34 chapter 5 is released. You can read it here.

14 thoughts on “LMS volume 34 chapter 5

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  2. Darwin Lesmana

    Thank you very much Ms. Turtle.

    Your translation always cheer my day and its a habbit now checking for your translation progress daily 😄 you always exceed my expectation.



  3. RandomAsianGUY

    Didn’t see many comments on this chapter that you released so, hahaha. Well. Just wanted to Thank you again (if you even remember me from last time. xD). It’s always good to read your translation and i’m grateful that you’re Translating this LN. Love you Rainbow Turtle~ ^_^


  4. Gantz

    Another chappie to read!
    Thank you, hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow/today. The whole Au thing throws me off with greetings but yeah the sentiment is there. ;P



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