LMS volume 34 chapter 9

I’ve decided to finish off this volume first. You can read the volume 34 chapter 9 here. 

21 thoughts on “LMS volume 34 chapter 9

  1. Gantz

    Thank you Turtle. I was hoping for another dose of Weed this weekend. Never a dull moment in the desert. 😄


  2. Gantz

    Opps, I just realized this volume only has 9 chapters.
    Congrats on completing another LMS volume!!!
    Since the weekend is over can’t really invite ya to the usual movie night so hopefully you use it to buy some coffee to burn the midnight oil while doing homework this week. 😉


  3. tommygn00

    thanks turtle!

    i’m really curious on AI’s weed calculated percentage of success lol
    and if this quest is also based on the growth of the player (like the desert based on water), then the enemy parameter might broke

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    1. baengi

      no there isn’t, it is day to day work, it depend on her work schedule + the lenght of the chapter, which may greatly vary + her motivation that day, etc. etc. So don’t expect and just be happy when a chapter is out 🙂



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