LMS volume 35 chapter 6

LMS volume 35 chapter 6 is released. You can read it here. 

Btw, I will be slightly busy this week so releases might be slow. Especially towards the end of the week.

14 thoughts on “LMS volume 35 chapter 6

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  2. miaxos

    This novel is awesome !!! Thank you !!! You made my day !!! Every time i refresh the home page with hopes for a new chapter ! i’m addicted ! 😛 Thx for ur greeeeaaaat work man !!! 🙂


  3. therealvanhelz

    Guys, I just entered lmsmachinetranslations.com for the nostalgia, and it was then that I realized who sunova was. He was the guy who kept lms going when it had stopped updating everywhere else. Damn, how did I forget the name? Now I feel bad cause all those idiots where mean to him when he took over for a while. Does he still translate here, like he said he would?
    Sunova, just wanted to thank you again for all your work. You have great skills. Hope to see you in other works as well.

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