LMS volume 35 chapter 8

Just a reminder, this is the last chapter of the volume. You can read chapter 8 here.Β 

20 thoughts on “LMS volume 35 chapter 8

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  3. Pyrochemik

    Abyss knight… I wonder, if he will be able to summon undead army, or maybe control undead summons. Actualy controling would be better, because duck haven empireΒ΄s necromancers :D. Thank you for new chapter, keep the good work, Turtle!


  4. Gantz

    Another Volume Completed, thanks for all your hard work Turtle!
    Care package sent. πŸ˜„
    Hope you find the time to enjoy a movie this weekend or a walk in the park. πŸ˜‰


    1. 2Cents

      Read the last chapter’s subject lad…
      Or simply just go to homepage and skim through…
      Anyway, we could always find answers without asking…
      Zzzz, lad…

      Just dont know what do you expect of an answer for those questions of yours…
      Sounds rude to me lad… Anyway, kindly take even a small effort to look for a second
      before asking lad…


      1. 2Cents

        oh well… lad kindly just wait patiently since he really just mean that some chapters would be delayed for this week… Maybe we could beg to differ and agree that some technical stuff is being misunderstood by either of us here… BTW I think we only haven’t heard of Turtle-senpai for around a day now, so let us just wait patiently… Let us just hope her the best out of her RL… πŸ˜„ Sorry if somewhat kind of rude last comment…


    2. 2Cents

      Lad I just found this on the discord chat for this website… πŸ˜„

      “RainbowTurtle – Last Friday at 8:29 PM
      ark vol 15 ch 2= 65%. I won’t be able to translate at all tomorrow so chapter wont’ be released until sunday.”



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