LMS volume 37 chapter 1

LMS volume 37 chapter 1 is released. You can read it here.

15 thoughts on “LMS volume 37 chapter 1

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  2. Gantz

    Thanks for the weekend translation.
    Please be sure to take some time to relax this weekend. On the upside you did finish another volume yesterday and I failed to notice due to the comments situation.

    Coffee is on me today!


  3. Misty White

    what the a new chapter? I mentally prepared myself for no lms for 2 weeks knowing the trolls on the internet. lololol thank you very much. I live in the Caribbean and have no idea what “placements” you’re talking about, but all the best never-the-less.


    1. faulcon

      If I’m not mistaken, a placement is basically a short term internship (could be paid or unpaid), getting practical work experience and knowledge while studying at university.


  4. M2t5

    Thanks for the new chapter! I really appreciate all the hard work you put into translating :D. Good luck with your placements!



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