ATL volume 15 space 7

ATL volume 15 space 7 is released. You can read it here.

4 thoughts on “ATL volume 15 space 7

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  2. Helios

    You are the sunshine of my boring monday at work.
    It’s not that im reading instead of working. Im working With à smile ☺ !!
    On a monday it’s simply miraculous…
    Thanks Turtle !


  3. Jeremy

    Turtle. I think you are actually a Hare. We are actually all Turtles.

    Here is why.

    Turtle says: Guys the releases are going to have to slow down, cause I have mid terms, and saving the planet. and other things that take a year to complete.

    People: Why is it slow, and what are these mistakes that I had to take an hour to find cause I have issues that cause me to try and find something wrong with people…. instead of being grateful… or thankful… or realize I can’t do it myself

    Turtle: Well. I will need to slow down my releases then…

    People: ( the nice ones ). Of course you should take a break. We thank you for all the time and effort, and energy. Yes you should take a break cause we can’t even imagine moving this fast.

    Turtle: Alright I was only able to release an update like EVERY day ???

    People: ( the real turtles )… how does she do this ?

    OHHH she is actually a rabbit…. Well Played!!! 🙂
    And just remember… those little people think they matter cause they left a comment on YOUR website…. that you can disable……

    Basically you are ARK or WEED, and they are an unamed character…

    So thanks for still caring… but maybe it is just cause you can’t help but get more LightNovel Crack 😛 I am putting my money on that….

    Have a great week that is better than the last one. And thanks for your monstrous speed at translating.



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