LMS volume 37 chapter 6

This chapter was short so I decided to translate it. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it ended on a cliffhanger. So I don’t know if the next chapter will be lms or atl. I will see what I feel like.

Anyway, you can read chapter 6 here.

18 thoughts on “LMS volume 37 chapter 6

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  2. matt

    i really really want to find out how his quest finishes lol. also what happened to our miss berserk made accountant? i feel this quest has her doing the real work(as in not all the playing the game), i just hope she gets a nice reward if not from the game from weed


  3. eeyorestail

    Thanks for the translation! (even though there is a tiny seed of frustration knowing this will be a cliffhanger)


  4. julsweed

    Great, tks again for The great work. When I begun LMS I was really bad at reading novels translated in English. (I m French, we suck at foreign languages) thanks to you , I improved a lot . I even began reading Chinese novels, but LMS is really the best. Take care.


  5. Brandon

    I just want to say these translations mean the world to me. Every single time I get an email for lms I jump for joy that I can feel the high again. Thank you so freaking much.



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