LMS volume 37 chapter 8

LMS volume 37 chapter 8 is released. You can read it here.

13 thoughts on “LMS volume 37 chapter 8

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  2. Khress

    just donated a bit. just found your site yesterday and i am impressed by the quality. when i saw that you had some issues with bad critism i thought i should show some light 😉 and 2 chatpers in 2 days are awesome too

    thanks for all your hard work!


  3. pompois

    Weed as a sculptor will make a majestic tomb, wich can open only with a password 😀 thats what I think


  4. Aaron Ly

    I literally refresh this page like every 15 minutes hoping turtle will have a sudden surge of generosity and upload extra chapters a day haha, god bless you though man one of my favorite reads.



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