LMS volume 37 chapter 9

LMS volume 37 chapter 9 has been released. You can read it here.

14 thoughts on “LMS volume 37 chapter 9

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  2. Azzack

    I just randomly refreshed as always. I was not expecting a chappy today AT ALL because its ATL day. Lo and behold!!! The fastest turtle alive does it again!!! Love you lots Turtle!


  3. Bystander

    this chapter gives me goosebumps…….. im dying to read the next chapter… rock on mr.turtle..


  4. caiju

    thank you turtle, for your hard work!

    its so ridiculously cool to read about the history of pallos emperer. about mobis the second sun warrier and how the emperor chose to gain power again through war but failed.

    I thought weed destroyed a lot of central continent but I don’t know why they reaped the fruit again, I guess its one of these strategy writting again where you buff your enemies and then destroy them.

    I think the next few chapters are going to be good, probably will be about seayoon and how weed will come down from the skies with badass equips and may be, oh! make a sculpture of himself in the past and transform in to it temproary. that would be good



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