LMS volume 38 chapter 5

Decided to translate another chapter of LMS because it is a long chapter. You can read volume 38 chapter 5 here.

8 thoughts on “LMS volume 38 chapter 5

  1. Rafael Barbosa

    Muito Obrigado pelo capítulo Srta Turtle.
    Keep going and bring to us this great novel.
    About this chapter:
    The Embinyu´s tower is a fucking tower of babel kkkkk.
    Finally Seoyoon appears, she is the best.
    “The power of the devil in your blood can wake up”.
    Go Female-Guts…. errr ….i mean …Seoyoon. goooo and slash the Hermes guild.
    Mapan found desert warriors? or the descendants?
    kkkkkkkkkkk Weed said for the dersert warriors came to the north in the future? Holy shit.


  2. cynicalweeaboo

    Rest in peace great and illustrious turtle,
    The great one has exhausted their life force and passed into the next realm, due to being 2 fast 5 the physical body.
    (When there is no update in 2 days)



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