10 thoughts on “LMS volume 39 chapter 1

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  2. panda

    thank you for all the LMS translations I have been just reading coz I was catching up from vol 26. This is the 1st time I went to the homepage. I am amazed at ur speed. It makes reading LMS less confusing as the wait per chapter is not long at all. again I appreciate what you do and hope that you keep doing what your doing.


  3. last whisper

    thnks for the chapter and btw any one else seeing that the next chapters baar is at 100% ?
    but i still can’t find it >.>


  4. toniberto

    Thank you so much little turtle, I don’t even know you but I can feel that you are an amazing person, thank you for all the work you do and thank you for the very fact of sharing it with us. If you ever find yourself in Italy remember this comment, because you’ll have a home here. Damn I’d even marry you if I could!😀



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