LMS volume 39 chapter 3

LMS volume 39 chapter 3 is released. You can read it here.

9 thoughts on “LMS volume 39 chapter 3

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  2. tuia

    Thank you for the chapter,
    But What on earth does weed have on the head, why turn the dragon into a dragon.
    Just finish him.


    1. grad0054

      A Dragon that know hes a Dragon can blow away all the remaining evil priests (and weeds allies?) instantly.


  3. Shari

    Thank you very much!
    I didn’t realize this was even being translated here until four days ago, I caught up to here just yesterday.
    So thank you for all of the chapters you’ve translated, you have done a wonderful job with them. I read some people complained about typos? In one of your notes at the start of one of the older chapters, I don’t know why they’d could complain about minor typos, some of the older translations from elsewhere don’t actually make sense/can’t be read.
    Thank you again



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