Teaser 1: The Demon King’s Game

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to only do 6 teasers because I didn’t like the other stories. As you might know, vrmmorpg was a popular genre in Korean novels a few years ago. While there are still some novels with vr, other popular genres involve going back in time, being summoned to another world, dungeons appearing in the human world or a combination of them .

The first teaser story is called the Demon King’s Game. It is a web novel by the author of Arena and is a story that involves being summoned to another world. I hope you enjoy reading the first 3 chapters.

The Demon King’s Game: Table of Contents

P.S. Please remember that the poll won’t be up until all the teasers are posted. Thank you .


19 thoughts on “Teaser 1: The Demon King’s Game

  1. Kuro_Usagi

    This is good, I’m looking forward to new chapters if you decide to do them. 😀 but as always hope you enjoy reading it as well.


  2. Azzack

    In what intervals are you going to be posting all the teasers?
    I’d rather read them all on the same day so i can feel them out better. So i will wait for all to come out first.

    Thanks Turtle!


  3. Chase

    Hey Turtle, thanks for the teaser. After reading those 3 chapters it is way too early to say whether I like it or not, especially when I’m comparing it to fantastic novels like LMS and ATL. How many chapters will you write for each new novel before you do the poll and make your decision? Also, can you tell us the name of the translation software you use? Maybe a few diehard fans would like to pick up your torch while you take a break from ATL. I find your translation speed truly awe inspiring and I wouldn’t mind trying it out for one of my favorite Japanese light novels, Gate. Cheers for the great work!!


    1. Shambala

      I must agree to Chase, too early to decide if it is better then Ark. So far only a little chit-chat, no real action. Also the rules of game world adapted to reality will be weird.


  4. Niels Løgstrup Mulvad

    So I actually like the author, I am currently reading Arena, and it seems like he changed just enough for me to be interested in this as well.

    I think I will have to read up to the 2nd fight to determinate the feel for the story as the details is getting filled out. But I am interested, looking forward to coming back after my vacation and see all the lovely chapters.


  5. Jos

    Sounds like this novel will be based on Demon Starcraft?

    Right now I’m invested in ARKxIRINA so I will vote for ATL haha


    1. Rune

      sadly turtle’s burned out on Ark for now. as long as this site is called Ark Machine Translations I doubt he’ll decide to completely abandon it. though if some one competent asks picks up the project turtle might just host decide to their chapters, but all we can do is wait and hope.

      besides so far these teasers are proving to be entertaining.


  6. cubaonim

    I rate this teaser 8.5/10

    the things i look at are…

    1. Plot = 8
    its a bit common but i still kinda like it,lms setting is common in my opinion but it opens up a path to many possible good scenes

    2. Charisma of MC = 9
    call me bias but a strategist MC is a big yes for me, just like lelouch and light, i also like characters who had a bit of a tragic past like weed and ark,makes me emotional most of the time

    3. Writing style = 8
    im no expert i like it simple

    4. Page turner = 8.5
    not as high as lms on this criteria but i really wanna know how he uses his strategies to win a fight,

    5. Twist/Miscellaneous = 7
    i think the twist here is the bottom rank of gremory or whatever her name is, and how surprising his win will be in battle.



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