Teaser 4: Connector

Hey everybody,

Here is the 4th teaser called Connector. It is a completed novel with 8 volumes published.

Connector: Table of Contents

P.S. People have been asking so the poll with go up when all the teasers are posted.

5 thoughts on “Teaser 4: Connector

  1. luckynoble23

    The mc has a class S card that can kill a class A and 2 B in 3 seconds in the very first chapter…… so sad that the mc is so overpowered and i really feel that the story has a lot of potential but only if the class S card is stolen from him or he lost it and then he needs to start from scratch this will make the story more interesting….. teaser 4 my last of the bunch sorry


    1. blackandredturtle Post author

      ok this is a slight spoiler but the s-class card gets downgraded to fit the mc’s actual rating. it only showed its true power because it was the first summoning.


      1. luckynoble23

        Now i dont know what to pick T_T…… lol i really like teaser 1 and 3 but teaser 4 shows a lot of potential to be good…… my brain hurts lol


  2. Bennewdered

    The book part reminds me of HunterXHunter when he enters the game his dad and his dad’s friends made.



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