Teaser 5: Dungeon Hunter + Extra Chapters of Demon King’s Game

Hey everybody,

The fifth teaser is a story called Dungeon Hunter. It is a mix of going back in time and dungeons appearing in the modern world. However, there is a slight twist. This novel is currently completed at 10 volumes.

I’ve also uploaded extra chapters of the Demon King’s Game to give people an idea of the battle style.


Dungeon Hunter

Demon King’s Game Chapter 4

19 thoughts on “Teaser 5: Dungeon Hunter + Extra Chapters of Demon King’s Game

    1. blackandredturtle Post author

      um the teasers have nothing to do with the lms release speed because most of them had already been finished ages ago. i’ve just been busy and the lms chapters were long.


      1. Rune

        sometimes people just don’t pay attention to what’cha say eh turtle? honestly it’s a tough vote so far. i’m hoping the sixth the best or the worse just to make the choice easier.


  1. neogoki

    Demon King’s Game begins to look at lot like Age of Empires (part 1 or 2) to me
    still the concept is interesting


  2. azoth

    Hey, demon king seem to be an great story. I like the rts thing i think :p. My ratings for the story: 1: demon king
    2: connector
    3:raid breaker
    4: return of godly control
    I don’t have see the last teaser. Thanks for your hard works 🙂 ans sorry for my english ahaha


  3. gariam

    Thank you for all the teaser- so far i like all of them except connector

    however i would love on more chapter of Raid Breaker to determinate MC place in the world

    all of the other teasers have done that quite well so far



    so far I enjoyed demon king’s game, i gave the teasers a try, since I don’t like LMS, so I’m going to give my opinion, the others I didn’t like much since they are very much like LMS, but the one about the dungeon cleaner I liked, mainly because of the MC wich doesn’t look like a nice guy, that can be good, so I’m hoping that DKG will be the chosen one, and I dont mean to be pushing, just asking, but when you have an answer about ATL plz tell us.
    thanks turtle and sorry to bother you, have a nice day


  5. luckynoble23

    I will pick teaser 1because its so unique and the battle or fighting is so strategy based that reading i cant help my self picturing starcraft or warcraft …… so cool haha he used humans in the mock battle but the possibilitie of him using the orks,elves and dwarfs in other battles make me excited for the story haha


  6. gaara ai

    I love these. I love these. I looooove these!!!
    Both of them are clearly my favorites. Thanks for introducing them!



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