LMS vol 39 ch 9 + new website

Hey everybody,

This chapter came out a little late today because I’ve been working on moving this site to a new website. I will be leaving this site up for a while as I finalize everything before closing it. Please get used to my new website. It is basically the same but just moved away from wordpress.


Edit: Overload problems so I am temporarily pushing back launch of new website.

Volume 39 chapter 9

22 thoughts on “LMS vol 39 ch 9 + new website

  1. DMR

    Ummm, why leave wordpress? Also, site isn’t working.

    Please don’t delete this site, but keep it as a back up.

    Thanks for the chapter 😄


  2. Frankon

    Resource Limit Is Reached

    We killed the site. It looks like that the new host cannot handle the horde of orcs (readers) ^^.


  3. Ramón

    Dear turtle

    I can’t access your new website. Its says “Error establishing a database connection”
    Is this common or is it because is new or will I ever be able to read your translations?


  4. Dusk

    WOOOOO!! Thanks Turtle, I was really hoping you would pick dungeon hunter up, it sparkled my interest the most, although I was fine with anything you would pick up..don’t listen to the haters, there are lots more who support you than you think!

    I can’t post the comment there so I posted here.


  5. myself

    turtle, can you tell us when this website is going to be closed? because I see a lot of people can’t acsses the new one and so I would like to know to beforehand until when I can still try to come here and test the link
    sorry if I’m disturbing you
    thanks for everything and wish you the best luck on your new website and new project, I bet that they will be great


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  7. bobolander

    Hello, thank you for the chapter, and also, why are you moving to a new site?
    If it is about the “ark” in the current name, i think you deserve to keep it, after all you translated that novel.
    Anyway, good luck with the moving!


  8. sucahyoaji

    Install WP supercache to speed it up. It will help a lot. Make sure that at the end of the page source, there is “cached page” word.

    Many translation website claim to already install cache but not actually work so they still have overloading problem.



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