New Project

Here is the announcement post for the new project. As people seem to have noticed, there is a overload problem with my new website. Can you all stop trying to access it so I can attempt to fix it? Thank you. LMS volume 39 chapter 9 is posted on this site.

Please check the previous announcement or the table of contents.

Now for my new project. I’ve decided to pick up Dungeon Hunter. However, Demon King’s Game was more popular than I expected. As the chapters are quite short and I was originally planning to do 3 projects when adding in LMS and ATL, I’ve decided to pick it up as well.

Unfortunately, that means I will be dropping ATL. Anyone who wants to pick it up is welcome to.

Now for my schedule. It won’t be by days but by chapters.

2 LMS – 1 dungeon hunter – 1 LMS – 1 dungeon hunter- 1 LMS – However many DKG chapters can be completed in a day –start of cycle again.

82 thoughts on “New Project

  1. tizi4n

    yay! I’m glad you picked up Dungeon Hunter. And that you’ll keep it up with LMS 😉
    Thank you for your hard work.


  2. Wakoko79

    So much traffic.. Turtle said keep ot down.. 1st time ive heard of this for bloggers hahaha


  3. myself

    cool turtle sama, I’m glad that you are taking more than 1 project, makes the website more interesting as a whole, and I’ll read both of them, just sorry about ATL, I would like to pick the translation myself but I know nothing about korean so…
    But thank you for the effort and for the caring about us and the interest on our opinion


  4. JC Gustafsson (@ChrisIntekin)

    Thank you turtle for your hard work and willingness to share it with us plebeians.
    Since the internet is the internet and whiners are whiners, I understand the difficulties that might bring sometimes. But I know that a lot of us ungrateful bastards really appreciate you and the translations you are doing. So here is my heartfelt thank you for making me realize how interesting the Korean VR novels can be.


  5. Erik

    I liked Dungeon hunter and I think the story can go interesting places with this new interesting Universe they are hinting at. Great choice (it was my pick also).


  6. Wolfei

    Im sorry, I’ll stop checking 5 times a day for a new LMS chapter
    I’ll tone it down to 3 times a day 😦
    I hope I can survive like this


  7. chrystynmarcoux

    Thank you so much for choosing to translate both of these works. I loved them! Thanks for your continuous work on LMS. It was a good call for Ark, I was getting bored too! I was thinking of stopping to read it: the story seemed to be dragged along, with almost no cliff hangers to keep the interest up, and the author’s character building was still pretty weak even if it wasn’t his first publication. Thanks again for your countless hours of good work and for sharing it with us non-Korean speaker/readers. Cheers



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