LMS volume 40 chapter 1

LMS volume 40 chapter 1 is released. You can read it here at my new site rainbowturtletranslation.com

If the website doesn’t work like last time then you can read it here. 

But if it does work, please try to read it from my new site.


10 thoughts on “LMS volume 40 chapter 1

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    1. tyizor

      “ark”machinetranslations. The turtle has declared the possibility of dropping the novel that serves as the namesake of the current site. Not to mention, he’s been translating other novels as well, so the title would be misleading. 🙂


  2. littlefoxynet

    Thank you for the chapter.

    “We can handle them. Weed might have great leadership abilities but he is used to directing NPCs, not users.”

    Are they stupid? Weed can lead even people like in the dwarf village for the quest, he is skilled at leading a great force he can even lead dragooonnnnnn.
    And they don’t even think about his profession but his name “God of War Weed” he is a sculptor he has a contract with fire element, earth element, he has THE Phoenix, THE ICE dragooooonnnnn, THE Hydraaaaaa, THE Sculpted Soldier, THE RODEO BULL, THE Snake dragoonn(forgot his race) and so on who are lvl 500 + I think, he can ressurect from the dead, he has his Disaster skill he can use. He knows will direct directly the battle so the tactical is THE good point he have in this battle, And he is so skilled with the sword too he will have the sword noob (yeah the dojo players for those who forgot the english name) who are all advancer 8,9, or have mastered the sword.
    Yeah they will lose really badly they will not come in the north anymore.

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  3. Влад Макаренко (@Makar_V)

    Turtle thnx for your work.
    I have suggestion for your sites. When you end testing new site you need to make 301 redirect from this site to your new. When you make it, people that attempt to visit this site automatically will go to new. In this way you definitely don’t lose old users and don’t lose new from search engines. If you need help with this – you can ask



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