Dungeon Hunter vol 1 chapter 3

Dungeon Hunter volume 1 chapter 3 is released. You can read it here. 

Btw, this will be the last announcement post I will make about new releases on this website.

Please check out rainbowturtletranslation.com for all future releases. I will be leaving this site up for a while for the old links. However, all old chapters are on my new website so maybe try and get used to reading from there.

8 thoughts on “Dungeon Hunter vol 1 chapter 3

  1. oO

    The new website seems to be having some issues. Loads very slowly or get the cloudflare offline message. Other times get the database connection error.


  2. Luis

    I did not want to start reading that because I thought it was going to be shitty but dude… This is so good.

    Thank you for your work, not only for the translation ,also for bring good stuff like this one.

    Thanks from spain



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