LMS vol 40 ch 2

Those looking to read the latest LMS while the site is down can read the cached version here.

4 thoughts on “LMS vol 40 ch 2

  1. Brose

    Dear Turtle, I saw the random white text you used in an attempt to thwart the efforts of “pirates”. May I suggest that instead of using random gibberish, you could perhaps write in actual words or phrases in between certain sentences so that the meaning of certain sentences change frequently. This is because most would simply just ignore and gloss over the gibberish so it most likely would not frustrate or lessen their enjoyment of the translation. I think the aim would be to frustrate them enough so they stop reading from the site, or to maybe put in so many misleading white text that it severely reduces the enjoyment because they couldnt tell if it was part of the story or not, or a mis-translation, or some troll-ish anti-piracy measure.

    Personally I read some raws of Chinese LN and some of them included words which made no sense whatsoever and only after reading your comment, i realised it is probably some sort of anti-piracy measure. You could of course add in your own web address in some of the white text in an attempt to divert traffic back from those thieves.

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