Act 5: Different World? Netherworld?

ACT 5 Different World? Netherworld?

Translator Notes: Based on this chapter, it seems that once the door to the dimension is opened, it stays opened and other people can go through without the key. 


“Now there’s a little bit more money to spare.”

Raiden leaned back in his chair and let out a long sigh. He had been the Lord for 3 weeks. It had been a terrible time. There was 0 gold in the castle’s public funds. In addition, Ark had given all the public funds to the residents of the castle inside of fixing the infrastructure.  Therefore the estate was already on the verge of bankruptcy when Raiden became the Lord.

‘That Ark bastard…….!’

Raiden snarled as he recalled how Ark had fooled them. However, he couldn’t go tear Ark apart. Although he wanted to chase after Ark, he was still the Lord of Silvana. If he left it as it was, the infrastructure would be inoperable and half the territory seized by the government. In the end, Raiden had to raise the taxes to prevent this from happening. Then the residents started complaining.

“The previous Lord gave us a bonus for completing the trading post. But this one raised the taxes as soon as he became the Lord! Isn’t it terrible?”

“Why are they so different when it comes to money management?”

“We’re not going to be the slaves of the Lord!”

“If he continues treating us like this then I won’t endure it anymore!”

‘God dammit, I have to raise the taxes because of the former Lord!’

Raiden inwardly screamed. How on earth was he supposed to rectify what Ark did? Because of that, Raiden needed to raise the taxes. Yet he received unfair abuse and complaints from the residents until he was almost in tears. But he didn’t dare tell the residents that. No, he knew that the NPCs didn’t consider him that highly based on Berami’s attitude.

“It’s difficult. If this continues then there really might be an uprising.”

In New World, the ‘rebellion’ system also existed. If he raised taxes too quickly or mishandled the infrastructure, his intimacy with the residents would fall. And once the intimacy fell below a certain amount, the residents would start to rebel. If he experienced a rebellion then it would be a serious issue. He couldn’t collect taxes while quelling the rebellion. But if he didn’t quell the rebellion then his estate would be in anarchy. If that happened then other guilds would be able to attack the castle without going through a formal siege. If other guilds flocked like bees towards Hermes, there was no guarantee that they could defend the castle. Eventually Raiden had no choice but to lower the taxes after a few days. But the immediate problem wasn’t the necessary funds. Raiden received information that the Grey Wings guild had bought the challenge rights and would siege the castle next.

‘Hang in there. It will be the end if I lose the castle!’

He had barely obtained the castle after paying Ark 4,000 gold and rare shoes. But was that all? In order to maintain the estate, he had to clean out all his savings and sold his car. If he lost the castle then he would vomit in a vase.  In addition, it was obvious that Hermes was having some problems. Raiden had to shake up the guild members for money to repair the castle walls and defense towers. Fortunately, he was able to repel the Grey Wings’ attack.  And after 10 days had passed, Raiden could finally take a break. The tax was lowered, the urgent funding issues solved and the Grey Wings’ power had weakened thanks to the failed siege. Of course there were numerous guilds in Silvana, but none of them were a threat except for the Grey Wings.

So after 20 days, the area finally managed to become moderately stable. But he had only barely managed to enter the safety zone.

“3 weeks! I poured a considerable amount of money into this estate during those 3 weeks!”

His anger rose again once he managed to rest. He didn’t receive any profits in those 3 weeks, only debt.

“That Ark bastard, I can’t forgive him for what he did!”

“Of course!”

Duke also exclaimed.

“When I think about how my shoes were stolen by that guy………”

Duke looked down at his leather shoes. Raiden had promised that he would buy better shoes after he became the Lord. However, Raiden was in a crisis situation where he had to sell his car to raise some money. In this situation, the guild couldn’t afford to buy Duke new shoes. Thanks to that, Duke was wearing shoes sold in shops. Although the shoes Raiden bought as an apology were still quite expensive, they couldn’t compare to his rare shoes.

“Recently the castle is operating on track. But we had to sacrifice so much to reach this point. And all this trouble was because of Ark. I can never forgive him!”

“I agree!”

The guild members shouted in unison.

“He deliberately tricked us.”

“That Ark will see that he can’t just mess around with the Hermes guild.”

“If I ever encounter him, I won’t be able to sleep until I’ve killed him many times.”

“But do we know where he is hiding?”

The guild members became gloomy at those words.

“He’s not an idiot and he would’ve already ran far away.”

“What if he crossed the border and entered another kingdom?”

“You don’t have to worry.”

Then Jewel interrupted with a confident face.

“Do you think I would’ve obediently handed him Duke’s shoes?”

“What do you mean?”

“Before handing over the shoes I used ‘Mana Perfume’ on it.”

“Mana Perfume?”

Jewel grinned and explained about Mana Perfume. Mana Perfume was an exclusive skill of Jewel’s class that could detect traces of mana left by a curse engraved on the item. If she used Mana Perfume and tracked it using ‘Memory of Perfume’ then Jewel would be able to track the item no matter the location. Of course, this curse didn’t appear in the information window. Since the item didn’t change while under the curse, it wasn’t easy for a user to distinguish. Jewel’s Mana Perfume was still an unknown skill. So a user wouldn’t notice anything strange even if they checked the item again. In fact, Mana Perfume was a curse a magician created after he got robbed by a chaotic player. Jewel used the curse and then handed the shoes to Ark. Jewel had a hostile relationship with Ark and saw a chance for revenge.

“It is possible to find him wherever he is in the game.”

“………….Then it’s decided.”

A bloody smile flashed on Duke’s mouth.

“I’ll teach him what it means to antagonize a pioneer.”

“I’ll regain my shoes.”

Raiden thought of something and unfolded his arms.

“The remaining question is who will go. It won’t be safe if Jewel tracks him alone……Duke?”

“Of course. I’m going no matter what.”

Duke growled and replied. Raiden judged that he couldn’t be stopped and nodded.

“Okay. But I still can’t be relieved with just two people. He also has his colleagues in Dark Eden. The war has ended so the NPC mercenaries won’t be with him anymore. So he’ll probably have 10 users with him.”

Raiden thought for a moment before nodding again.

“But I can’t just gather an excessive crowd to hunt Ark. Although the crisis has been handled, I can’t just assume that the situation is stable yet. Therefore I’ll ask for some pioneers outside Hermes to help Jewel and Duke.”

“Will the other pioneers listen to Raiden’s command?”

Yes, the Hermes guild had 30 pioneers. Naturally they didn’t have all the pioneers. There were hundreds of users called pioneers. And a number of the pioneers had superior skills and levels compared to Duke, Jewel and Raiden. Although Jewel and Duke were pioneers, they were only in the intermediate rank of pioneers. But most of the other pioneers went around high level hunting grounds by themselves and didn’t attract any attention. However, there were several pioneers that Raiden was acquaintance with and regularly kept in contact. And if they joined Duke and Jewel than 10 opponents would be nothing. No, even 20~30 enemies wouldn’t matter. Then Jewel snorted and said.

“They’re not necessary to beat Ark. I’m not going to just sit down and wait for them. That Ark bastard won’t be a match for me and Duke.  And those other guys that he gathered are only low level. Bringing a bunch of low level members from our guild will be enough to take care of them. The lower ranking members in our guild are not that weak.”

“Gathering the lower level members…… that okay?”

“What do you mean? They’re more than enough against Ark.”

Jewel replied with a trivial laugh. Indeed, most of the Hermes guild had recently passed level 200. Excluding the pioneers, even the lower ranked guild members had an average level of 180~190. It wasn’t a standard to be worried about.

“Okay, although it is not necessary, that Ark had made an enemy of the Hermes guild. If possible, I would like to use our strength to get revenge. Duke, Jewel. I’ll give you 8 guild members so go and destroy him.”

“I understand.”

Therefore Jewel and Duke along with their guild members started to track Ark.  After a few days, they arrived at the cabin in the red wilderness.

“The mana trail leads inside this picture.”

Jewel said, pointing to a picture on one side of the cabin. Then a guild member investigated the picture and said.

“This is a gate. The gate leads to a place pretty far away. And judging by the mana pattern, it is a one-way movement. I’m slightly uncomfortable……what should we do?”

“Is it even necessary to answer?”

Duke plunged into the picture without any hesitation.

“We’re going to stab Ark to death. So we have to follow no matter what.”

“Our journey for revenge won’t end until he dies.”

“Okay, let’s go!”

Jewel and the rest of the guild entered the picture. So once again a group of foreigners headed towards the other dimension.





“What the hell, this is?”

At that moment, Ark was looking around with a stupid face. In fact, he hadn’t felt like he was in a different dimension while wandering the snowy mountains. No, he had been too busy trying not to freeze to death to question it. After he left the snowy mountains, he finally realized that the world was completely different.

“Just before it was snowing but now it is a heat wave?”

The weather was the most amazing thing in this world. After leaving the snowy mountains, he encountered a wilderness with sweltering heat.  But after a moment, the sky became dark and it started pouring with rain. Then a cold wind stating blowing and hail began falling from the sky.

“What crazy weather……”

The weather was not the only thing hard to adapt to. The surrounding terrain was also strange. The trees in the forest were all made of stone, the desert consisted of iron powder, the river seemed by dyed in multi-coloured paints and the sky kept on going round and round. He became even more confused when a flower garden started laughing. He felt like he had travelled into the mind of a person with a mental disorder. The monsters were also weird. There were monsters that would ambush from the sand and there were also ghosts wandering in broad daylight that could not be harmed by normal swords……it was all monsters he never heard of before.


Now, there was a group of monsters resembling a stingray flying above his head. It was enough to make him dizzy. In addition, the monsters in this dimension were much stronger. Their abilities were quite high and they would often use unique skills that made the fight difficult. If it was in the past then he would’ve struggled. But Ark had greatly raised his abilities in the snowy mountains and passed through the wilderness without any difficulties.

“I’m finally accustomed to this landscape.”

Ark was thinking that when something interrupted.

Ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak!

Radun’s legs that had been busy moving suddenly slowed down.

“It is already this time?  Stop Radun.”

Radun slowed its pace and stopped. Then it contracted like a balloon after Ark got off its back.

“You cutie, you must have suffered.”

Ark stroked its head and murmured as Radun’s eyes lit up. His travel speed increased dramatically thanks to Radun transforming to Radunma.  But it couldn’t be used without restriction like a normal mount. Radunma consumed 5 mana every 10 seconds until it ran out. Ark had 3000 mana so they had to take a break approximately every hour. In addition, Radunma consumed a tremendous amount of energy and needed 4~5 servings of food to recover. However, these downsides were no problem. While Ark’s bag had no empty spaces, he had gathered a lot of ingredients in the snowy mountains and had a surplus of ingredients.

“Well let’s rest here for the moment.”

Ark started building a campsite. He instantly made 5 servings of food using a variety of ingredients and spices.

“Eat, and tell me if you need more.”

Ssak ssak ssak? Ssak ssak……..

Radun swallowed its saliva and looked up at Ark. The look in its eyes indicated that Radun felt sorry for increasing the food expenses.

“It’s okay. You’ve done enough to eat as much as you like.”

Finally Radun began to wave its tail and consumed the food.

Even after growing, Radun was completely loyal to Ark. It was different from Dedric who started behaving badly as soon as he evolved. Therefore he talked to Radun like Roco talked to a puppy. Ark gave it a warm look and took out more ingredients.

“Now, are you guys eating?”

The Dedric began grumbling complaints.

“Sheesh, is this also an experimental food? Damn, you give Radun all the delicious food……this is favouritism!”

“What’s wrong with new food? It makes you stronger. What more do you want? Are you going to keep complaining about the dishes?”

After Ark shouted, Dedric became frightened and retreated. And then he swelled up like a ball before saying.

“I’ll be delighted to eat that dish!”

“So now you’re happy about eating new dishes?”

“Ey, stop talking.”

Dedric turned his head with a sulky look. In fact, there was a good reason from Dedric’s complaints. While crossing the wilderness in a different dimension, he had seen many ingredients for the first time. Ark cheered because of that but Dedric and Deimos screamed instead. Besides, now the situation was different from before. In the old days, he had to look for a chance before making them eat new dishes. But now there was no free space in his bag. If he wanted to gather new ingredients, Ark had to make space by cooking a dish and forcing them to eat it. Dedric had been hit with bad penalties a few times. But he didn’t dare resist violently now.

There were 3 reasons.  The discipline he engrained in them at Lancel Village still hadn’t fallen. And Dedric finally knew how precious food was after starving on the snowy mountains. Even eating spoiled food that could cause diarrhoea was better than starving to death.  Ark made two different types of dishes and held them out to his summons.

“These are new dishes. Eat them with gratitude.

“Okay, I get it. I’ll eat.”

Dedric licked the dish and looked relieved before pouring it down his mouth. The last reason Dedric didn’t complain severely was because of this. When using ingredients from this dimension, there was a high probability that dishes with good effects would be cooked. Thanks to that, his summons were able to raise their stats to level 130. However, there wasn’t a guarantee that there would be a good result. As always, survival cooking was a system that relied on luck!

Clack-! Clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack.

Deimos swallowed the food without thinking and trembled.

-Deimos has been struck by a headache!

You have made a ‘Rancid Soup’ using Survival Cooking. The terrible headache will last for 10 minutes and no action will be able to be performed.

It also gave these types of dishes.
“Hahaha, stupid, you just blindly ate that dish!”

Dedric rolled around laughing. He was acting spiteful.

”Soon it will be his turn and he won’t be able to act so spiteful.’

Ark shook his head and laughed.

‘But how long will it be until I find a town? No, does this place even have a town?’

Radun had been crossing the huge wilderness for 6 hours. With the 500% movement speed taken into consideration, it was more like 30 hours. But he still hadn’t seen a person or a village. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem if there were no towns in this dimension. He wanted to dispose of his items, but his main goal was to obtain a clue about Magaro. He didn’t want to just blindly walk around the whole dimension.

‘The gate on the snowy mountain has closed so I have no choice but to continue.’

“Now the break is finished. Let’s prepare to leave.”

Ark got up and shook off the dust. Suddenly the ground started vibrating before something burst out of the earth and sand in front of him. And a huge monster that looked like a slug emerged. It was nearly 20 meters in size!


Ark drew his sword and shouted. He had met this monster several times in the wilderness. They were monsters that would hide underground and then emerge to swallow their prey. Level 300. Furthermore, their body emitting acid poison with hundreds of maggots sticking to it. Without the darkness attribute bonus, there was a 70 level difference! But Ark’s face was confident.

“It is good to exercise after a meal.”

Ark had been frightened when he first met a Predator. But after the fight started, it didn’t feel that difficult. The Predator looked like it was moving in slow motion. But he had raised his abilities in the ice cave so much that even a 70 level difference wasn’t that hard.

“Wasn’t this guy weak to fire? Elemental sword, Fire attribute!”

Ark used the skill and flames wrapped around his sword. The black sword spewing flames looked truly spectacular! The penalty occurred at the same his and his fire resistance fell to -75%, but he didn’t have to worry because the monster had an acid attribute.

“Okay, let’s see how fast it can be caught. Go, Dedric, Deimos!”

“Yes, leave it to me!”

Clack clack clack clack!

Dedric and Deimos split up and besieged the Predator from both sides. While the Predator faltered for a moment, Ark quickly approached and swung his sword.

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

After the flames exploded outwards, the Predator flinched and was pushed backwards.

-You have dealt a critical hit with Elemental Sword (Fire).
-The Predator is ‘Burned.’

<It will receive 10 damage every 10 seconds for 1 minute>

Since the Predator was vulnerable to fire, it received 20% more damage. And since he dealt a critical hit with Elemental Sword, it received an abnormal state. The Predator screamed as its body was surrounded by flames.


Then the fight truly started. The hundreds of maggots stuck to the Predator was not a decoration. The maggots turned to his direction and spat. It was the acidic poison. The maggots’ poison only did 10 damage to him. But the problem was the number. If one hundred maggots spat at him then he would receive 500 damage. Of course, feeling dirty was also a powerful combat motivation. Anyway, these maggots stuck to the Predator frantically continued spitting. Even a warrior with high defense wouldn’t be able to endure for long. But the maggots weren’t a problem for Ark.

“Spirit of the Cat!”


The form of a giant cat with golden eyes appeared and roared. Then the hundreds of maggots stiffened and fell to the ground.

“Dedric, Deimos! Kill all of it!”

“Hehehe, ppok ppok. Ppok ppok ppok……..Ha, this feeling while killing. It is really addictive.”

Dedric smirked and happily killed the maggots.

When the maggots were crushed, the Predator shrieked with fury and spat. The maggot’s spit couldn’t even be compared to the amount that the Predator spat out. If hit, his health and the durability of his armour would decrease. But Ark wouldn’t be hit by such a simple attack. He used ‘Slide’ to move sideways and swung his flaming sword. The predator’s slow movements couldn’t catch up to Ark and it failed to block the attack.  After stabbing it a few times, the Predator quickly reached a critical condition.

“Good, go Sprint!”

Ark shot forward like an arrow and swung his sword. He used Drastic Measures and split the Predator in half. All sorts of odd items as well as a yellow liquid splashed onto the ground. It was the prey the Predator swallowed in the wilderness.

“Ugh………it ate a lot. Eh? The deceased are also here.”

Ark murmured while wiping off all the filth stuck to his body. Something that liked like a person emerged from the Predator. It looked like the zombies that wandered the wilderness.  NPC? Monster? They were ambiguous and all they did was wander around. When he first discovered them, Ark thought they were inhabitants of the dimension. The name was also displayed in blue. Although he tried to speak to them, the dead just wandered around with stupid looking eyes. The souls that hadn’t been digested by the Predator just scattered again with stupid looks.

‘Well, they’re just like the background.’

“It didn’t seem to have collected any items.”

Ark surveyed the corpse of the Predator and clicked his tongue. Normally he would receive quite a lot of items from the Predator whenever he used Drastic Measures.  But most of the japtem were half rotting flesh. They weren’t items that he would put in his bag.

“Phew! Where is this? Is this hell? Or Heaven? Ah, is it heaven because I’m so nice? Eh? Isn’t this outside? Oh, am I alive? Hahaha, I survived! Out of all the people eaten by a Predator, I must be the first one!”

Ark had been moving away when he suddenly heard laughter from the Predator’s body. It was the first time he heard a human voice since coming here! Are reflexively turned his head. Then he stared with a foolish expression. Something that looked like it belonged to the cockroach species was emerging from the Predator. When he crept out and looked around, he saw Ark and quickly shook his hand.

“It’s you. Isn’t it? You’re the one who defeated the Predator and saved me?”

“Who are you?”

“Me? Ah, my introduction is late. I am called Reid. I am a proud member of the Galgin clan. Do you know the Galgin? We are peddlers who travel around the country. I came to this land because of my curiosity. I wanted to see it just once. But how did I know that I would be swallowed by a Predator? Hahaha, but I’ve managed to live.”

‘Galgin clan? Does that mean that several more races live in this dimension?’

But to have a race that looks like a cockroach……..Anyway, it was clear that the talkative cockroach was one of the races that lived in this dimension. He had finally met an NPC after being in the dimension for half a month. Furthermore, didn’t his profession mean that he could buy Ark’s japtem?

“You said you were a peddler?”

“Yes yes, if you need anything than ask, ah, why didn’t I see it? Usually the Galgin family will not trade when there is a possibility of a fraud but I’ll strike a good deal for my lifesaver.”

Reid untied his bags and pulled out his items. When the dead showed an interest and approached, Reid picked up a stone and threw it.

“Shh, Shh, go to the other side! Damn, stupid things………”

“What are the Dead called?”

“I don’t pay attention to such things. They’re just idiots. So how about it? Do you like anything?”

“No, I want to sell some items not buy anything.”

Reid shook its antennae in confusion.

“Sell? What are you talking about?”

“I want to exchange my items for money.”

“Money? What is that?”

Reid seemed to be hearing it for the very first time. Ark took out 1 copper and showed him. But Reid just looked at the copper coin with uninterested eyes.

“Well, that’s just a piece of metal. Even if you saved my life, I wouldn’t exchange any of these items for that.”

“Yes? So you’re not selling these things for money?”

“I don’t know what money is, but why would I need useless stuff like that?”

Reid naturally retorted. Exchanging items for items. In other words, Reid was talking about a barter system.

Reid was a peddler who went around the dimension trading. Since he didn’t understand the concept of money, didn’t that mean bartering is the normal system in this dimension? So no matter how much japtem he gathered, there was no method to change it into gold! Ark had expected to be able to exchange japtem for gold and his mood instantly became dark.

“I’m screwed. How will bartering help reduce my bag capacity? Do I have to keep on carrying around japtem? No, there might be something I don’t know.’

Ark thought for a moment before something else popped in his head. What if he managed to exchange a few garbage items for expensive ones? If he kept on doing that then it might be possible to reserve some bag space. Ark asked Reid.

“Then can I briefly look at some things?”

“Look as much as you want. All of them are useable. It the deal is right then I’ll trade.”

Reid proudly pointed towards his items. But Ark was disappointed at the items. Unknown leather, chunks of meat, mushrooms and nuts……..they were ingredients that Ark left behind when crossing the wilderness. Some equipment items caught his eye, but they were made of cloth and the defense was low.

‘Damn, you’re like a cockroach carrying a pile of trash.’

Then Ark suddenly found strange items.

Hollow Steel Dentures (Magic)

Weapon type: Dentures

Durability: 13/50

Attack: 10~15

Weight: 30

User restrictions: Exclusively for vampire summons.

A hollow pair of dentures. These steel dentures were made to replace vampire fangs when the vampire became old and lost their teeth. Only a vampire can use it and it allows them to suck blood more easily. <Option: When Vampirism is used, the skill absorption rate +30%>

Shigashi’s Leather Cloak

Armour type: Mantle

Durability: 13/50

Defense power: 10

Weight: 20

Use restriction: Available for all summons.

A leather cloak made from the leather of the Shigashi goat common in the Netherworld. The Shigashi is an animal known for living in harsh environments so its leather is high quality.  Although the workmanship is rough, it is still useful in protecting the body.

The stats weren’t that different from the japtem Ark found. In middle earth, he would receive approximately 1~2 gold for them. But the problem was the user restrictions attached to the item. There were items available for summons? He have never seen that kind of user restriction before.

“You mean that summons can wear this?”

“Summons? Ah, is that what middle earth calls our races? Huhuhu, were you surprised? The Galgin family knows everything. That’s right, they were made for our species. Although it looks like this, it is a very valuable thing. Normal clothes won’t be able to pass through when something is summoned to middle earth, but these are different. The materials were designed to cross over. Not a lot of species cross over to the other dimension from the Netherworld anymore. So they won’t exchange anything for these items.”

Reid grumbled.

‘Netherworld? This is the Netherworld?’

There was a sudden flash in Ark’s face. So far, Ark only knew that it was a different dimension. But this as the Netherworld? Wasn’t the Netherworld where Dedric, Deimos and Radun lived?

‘I see. That’s why there was an Alamone in the ice caves. I should’ve noticed when talking to the Alamone……..’

Now Ark realized why he couldn’t summon or recall his pets since getting here. Although he opened up a door to summon Dedric and Deimos using Spiritual Power, this was the original world where they lived. It would be impossible to summon them. That’s also why the penalty for dying wasn’t forced recall but losing stats.

‘Radun had been with me since it hatched so it is understandable, but why didn’t Dedric and Deimos know where we were?’

“Eh? You don’t understand. This is the first place we saw. But it’s not where I live. In fact, there is a restriction to the distance we can move when Master summons us from the Netherworld and when we return.”

Clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack.

Deimos nodded and agreed with Dedric’s explanation. It was simple. In the Netherworld, his pets were limited to a particular area and couldn’t leave it. In Dedric’s case, he was limited to the vampire area. Because of that he never visited the outside world. As a skeleton, Deimos was restricted to a cemetery. But now they were wandering around the  Netherworld…….because they were travelling with Ark, they were probably able to overcome the restrictions. It sounded complicated but it was actually pretty simple.

‘Anyway my pets can use some of these items?”

Equipping items on his summons. He had never thought of it. Then wouldn’t it be another way to make his pets grow?

“Will you sell it to me?”

“Well, I’d like to see your items. I said it a while ago, but I’ll only trade if the items are worth it since it is difficult to find these items in other places. But I promise to trade if I see something worthy.”

Ark quickly gathered the japtem in his bag and showed Reid. Reid looked around and identified a few items.

“This is good. The leather is high quality. I’ll trade you Shigashi’s Cloak for 100 of them. And it’s not easy finding these bones and herbs. Okay, I’ll give you the dentures for 50 of each.”

Reid had pointed to the Mongoose leather and bones and the Seolmocho. He had gathered 1,000 of each item.

“I accept. Let’s exchange.”

Ark nodded and exchanged the items. Then he gave the steel dentures to Dedric and Shigashi’s cloak to Deimos. Dedric wore the dentures and cheered.

“Oh, this is great? All of a sudden I feel like sucking blood!”

Clack clack clack! Clack clack clack clack!

Deimos also seemed satisfied with his cloak and started jumping. Ark also felt like skipping. He never imagined that he would be able to exchange japtem for items. If he managed to find more items in this dimension then Deimos’ and Dedric’s stats would go up tremendously.

‘Okay, let’s try to find my pets a full set of equipment before leaving here.’

“Well well, that was a good deal. Now what are you going to do?”

Reid asked after packing his bags with a satisfied face.

“Reid, you said that you’ve travelled all around the Netherworld? Have you ever heard of the name Magaro? He should look similar to me………”

Ark got to the point. Reid thought for a moment then shook his head and replied.

“Magaro…….I’ve never heard of that name. But I know people who look similar to you that live in a town.”

“There are clans that look similar to me here?”

“Well, it’s the Myutal race. Although originally they were quite ferocious, the Myutal that live here are relatively tame. Ah, that reminds me that, I know a very old man who lives in the mountains there. You might find out a lot of information if you go there. Just tell him that the peddler Reid sent you and you’ll be welcomed.”

“Where is the town?”

“If you travel for half a day then there will be a valley. The Myutal village is there. Anyway, I can’t go to the village so we’ll go our separate ways. I have business elsewhere.”

Reid carried his backpack with a moan and began walking.

“Okay, the town is over there? Radun, transform!”

Ssak ssak ssak!

Radun’s body turned large again and its legs appeared. Ark got on its back and began to run through the wilderness again. The different dimension…….no, the sky in the Netherworld spread out around him.



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      A. they froze to death
      B. they’ll soon meet up with Hermes Guild

      the real question is how long til Ark runs into Lariette since she’s down in the Netherworld too…
      also it’s possible that some of the members of Hermes Guild already have the Great Adventurer title(or higher ranked version of the same) seeing as only a limited number of players can get it, it’s not information that would be shared freely.


      1. GuiltySquad

        A. Is unlikely, Since they have magician on board.
        also jewel was able to identify the gate as a one way portal, either she been there or have some info on it.
        unlike Ark I don’t think pioneers have Survival Cooking so they must have brought some supplies when they started chasing Ark. And they won’t get lost since they are following Ark using magic. But I really hope since they used mana perfume, it has some disadvantage like trail lost because of storms, and they spend months inside that blizzard.


      1. Chaos

        I was suggesting some of them acquired it before Ark since he was the seventh(?) to go through a portal to another realm. At the very least I’m sure that most the players to earn the title before Ark were pioneers and I’m just assuming that some of them might be in Hermes Guild.


    2. Someguy

      Seems obvious to me, they just travelled from a Temperate forest to an Artic Environment, likely without winter survival gear. Even obtaining the title of ‘Great Adventurer’ and the skills ‘Explorer’s Knowledge’ and ‘Camping’ acquired, they are still screwed.


      1. The_Thankful

        it was said, that the weather was changing to winter in an earlier chapter and only ark was to much a cheapcoat to buy winter cloaths!!


  4. crevanthkumar

    inside of fixing the infrastructure
    instead of fixing the infrastructure

    Isn’t it terrible?
    Isn’t he terrible?

    and rare shoes.
    and the rare shoe.

    same his and his fire
    same time as his fire

    that liked like
    that looked like


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  6. Rougeteddyz

    I find it werid that anyone can enter the picture even after +3 weeks ingame after ark has entered. Shouldn’t there be like a restriction or time limit for how long it opens?

    Anyway Ark is getting better, parts are very similar to LMS but it has its own uniqueness.


    1. Moissonneur66

      Think of it like this okay? You open a door with a key but don’t close it, this door goes up into the ceiling so no amount of wind or what have you is going to close the door. their average level been 180-190 tho, they are so screwed against Ark especially at night


      1. The_Thankful

        yes, like only Ark has a bonus at night/day whatever.. do u really think nobody else has sth. like that?!


  7. strunlex yc

    WoW… Yes yes I agree they will definitely die, it will exactly 10 people dead because of the weather…(Duke,Jewel&8Pityfull member that get dragged into that place…). If they quite idiot and has many pride they will try several times and die several times before they return to ask raiden for more experience pionner… Hope it will turn like that…


    1. jacobpaige

      Yep. Its also looking more and more likely that they’ll meet up at some point in the near future.


  8. mat

    thank you very much Turtle, excellent chapter…
    again challenge after challenge is thrown at Ark…no problems there…
    but i dont like the way the hatred towards ark is described here..all the people that have grudge against Ark, they started to mess with Ark, they get punished for it and they still keep hating him even further, looking like it is justifable and thats the right thing to do/feel….it just doesnt make should be described from different aspect like enjoyment/boredom or something else..right now, it sounds like a very simple and ordinary solution to the plot, could have been done in a better way..
    because instead of wasting time and resources on chasing a single person just to kill once, there’re tons of other ways of playing the game, like leveling up, increasing skills, making money, hunting quest bosses or adventuring, searching for a special items, etc… chasing Ark just to kill him once??? this is a weak plot… i hope my rant makes some sence))


    1. Faust Voncleave

      Well they actually intend to camp Ark like he did to Andel. In new world where your stats drop from death and rare items drop killing someone enough times can make it impossible for them to bounce back. Thats what happened to Andel which is why he spent more effort focusing on ark than on gaining levels. Alan saw Ark as an annoyance and didn’t like him but he didn’t particularly go out of his way to crush ark and instead focused on his guild. In Dukes case those shoes are a godly item for his class. Albeit neither one of these three should really hate Ark since every time they were the ones to mess with him first and then treat him like the bad guy. Bunch of filthy hypocrites and backstabbers.


    2. Vince

      Really? They may have started the problems with Ark but he escalates the situation with disproportionate retribution. It would be like if you threw a rock at someone and they broke your leg with a sledge hammer in retaliation. Would you hold a grudge? Of course you would. It makes perfect sense that they take things further. If Ark had asked for a reasonable compensation for his part in the siege and not taken every opportunity to dig his knife in then he probably wouldn’t have been betrayed in the first place. Ark is really terrible at dealing with people. The only people he treats with respect are his real life friends. Even Sid is screwed over by him regularly.


      1. klackerer

        Actually with the amount that he contributed to the siege he actually deserved as much as he was promised. Consider the fact that he prevented the siege from failing at least twice.


      2. Vince

        Nope, Klackerer. Despite him being a leader of the siege and obligated to see it succeed he still went out of his way to extort money for doing his job. He was given the healing potions in the first place to use during the siege so why did he feel he deserved to be given more after it was over? It didn’t really cost anything to have his units upgrade the catapults yet he went out of his way to charge for it. He also demanded 30% of the profit gained from the fortress in the original contract. Even Ark noted that it was too much after he found out how the system worked. He may have played a crucial role in the siege succeeding but he had no intention of staying allied with Hermes guild and helping them fight off future sieges so why would they continue paying him? Granted they should have tried to negotiate a reasonable deal with him rather than just planning to backstabbing him but it started with Ark basically trying to extort money from them and continuing to do so at every turn. Both parties are in the wrong and I wouldn’t want to work with either if I could help it.


      3. Jormungand

        Vince, You’re in the wrong here. During the siege he wasn’t the main leader, he was just 5-6th in rank. Granted, he extorted some money for repairs and such, isn’t that a given thing to be repaid for the work? He was only accepted to the siege because he obliterated phantom Hades guild and had the challenge rights. Else he would be massacred. In the case with the potions also, they were given to him and his group to use and he spent them to heal everyone. Compensation is a given in this scenario. The only wrongdoing I can see from Arks side is taking the boots. And about that 30% deal I believe it was one time option only. And even if not, there were better options than cutting him out.


      4. Vince

        I didn’t say he was the main leader. I said he was a leader. The 6th or so in charge of thousands is still rather high ranking and still has an obligation to see the siege succeed.

        It’s not like he did the work or that it’s expensive work that takes money out of his pocket yet he still charged quite a bit of money for his help.

        Why he was excepted is irrelevant. He was accepted and was a leader thus bears the responsibility of seeing the siege won.

        Ark was given potions for the army. Ark used those potions on the army. Bothered that he had to use expensive potions on the army, Ark wanted more potions for his personal use. Compensation isn’t a given in that scenario at all.

        I honestly don’t get you. You think extorting allies for money to help when you’re already obligated to do so is fine, but it’s wrong to extort an enemy for his rare gear? If you’re extorting your allies then you’re in the wrong almost on a given. Ark was being greedy and exploiting his allies for all he could get from them thus they felt no qualms about betraying him. Instead of possibly making a powerful guild his allies he made them enemies.

        I already said that they should have at least tried negotiating something reasonable with him before resorting to cutting him out.


      5. hidadsek

        I think the problem here is both.Ark may be still lacking in art of negotiation but who can blame him.He is too young while is constant need of money and his demain while is high, not to the point of unresonable.If Raiden wants, he can afford it. If he think that he cant afford it, he can choose not to accept.
        But the other side is much worse: Raiden didnt even try bargain with Ark (While ark give high demain in the begining, it is only a trick have better odd at negotiation. Ark only intends to get a small potion about 5-10% of the share when he propose 30%) because he try to use trick in the very begining.And you say they are ally, please remmember the Tower siege.They throw them in knowing full well that Dark Eden arent strong enough and will be wiped out.Protion is there because they participate in siege and meant to be used for their respective party only, not to all other (sound cruel but if you blindlessly use precous portion to heal other, dont expect the same treat ment given to you, this is war, one have to card for themself) Raiden also give 100 portion because he think that it worth it, It is simply used and being used.


      6. Vince

        I agree with most of that, hidadsek.Both are in the wrong but Hermes was worse.

        I would counter and say that he didn’t expect Dark Eden to do anything productive not that he thought that they’d be wiped out. He was probably thinking they’d sit at the back and watch or launch largely useless attacks from safety.

        As for the potions what you say doesn’t match up with the story. Ark didn’t run around using his potions to heal people outside of his party. He, in fact, used his potions to only heal his party but the effect just happened to be large enough to cover the entire army. He didn’t waste his resources healing members of the other parties. He cast a AoE skill that the army happened to be in range of. So I say again, he used the potions to do exactly what he was given them for.


      7. Faust Voncleave

        They didn’t even argue with him though. Ark pointed out that he didn’t expect them to accept his deal so easily, it’s natural when bargaining to start with a higher price than what you really expect to receive so ark did nothing wrong here. Also he was providing bonus services so asking for something extra is perfectly reasonable and again if they had bartered i’m sure ark would have lowered the price. Also what they promised ark is still worth more than what he got from them so hermes is still in the wrong here. They agreed to all of ark’s demands because they intended to betray him from the very beginning. What he did to the city was a bit much but considering that the hermes guild already tried to kill him twice it was a pretty good idea. Hermes already had the perfume set on the boot before they even knew the financial state of the city which means they had every intent to betray ark again. If anything the financial state of the city helped ark to survive since it kept the hermes guild preoccupied for a while. As for sid, sid sunk to the bottom on his own. He was in a state where he wouldn’t be able to get out of debt. Ark didn’t throw him money but he gave him a job where he could make money and work his way back up. That’s what a good friend does, good friends provide assistance when needed and help bail you out but they can’t take care of you. If they do you might just become a leach and rely on them too much and be unable to walk on your own. It’s true that ark does add a bit to their suffuring compared to what he recieved from them but since none of them even show any remorse for their own actions and they started it first in every situation it’s pretty fair.

        Not sure if I really need to point this out but Andel tricked ark into dying multiple times and then tried to use ark to beat a boss before trying to kill him. Ark killed andel 8 times which is still less than the number of times andel had him die and then ark left him to be until he made death threats to him and sent assassins after him. In Alan’s case while ark didn’t particularily like alan he didn’t seriously start anything with him until alan sent assassins after him and imprisoned sid just to get at ark.


  9. snowflake

    I look forward to seeing what happens to the Hermes Guild and the 3 Little Pigs. Will they persevere to cause Ark trouble some more? Only future chapters will tell.

    Thank you so much for the chapter.


  10. varler

    I’m thinking that Ark will have some fire weakness or some other element weakness from his skill when he’s attacked by Jewel, and end up in trouble because her magic will be the element he currently is weak to. Just a thought, it’s what I’d do if I were writing this.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. basher515

      That weakness will only last 24 hours. It took Ark 3 weeks to get out of the snowy mountains, although he farmed to get the pills. Not to mention he has Radun’s transformation, letting him move 500% faster. And from the introduction of this chapter, he has traveled 5 hours, equivalent to 30 hours of traveling. The Hermes guild also needs to procure food and other things to survive. So it’s highly unlikely they will catch up to Ark anytime soon.


      1. varler

        I agree they won’t catch up to him any time soon, but I still think that when they do, Ark is going to run into trouble because he’s got some weakness leftover from using his elemental sword to fight some boss monster or something.


  11. ark

    Did anyone notice the next three chapter is titled ‘Ark stabbed’? Could it be the Hermes guild actually managed to get revenge on Ark? Stabbing him to death?? Hmm…troubling😧


  12. Executor

    Thanks for the translation. BTW, can we assume that passing through the same gateway as Ark to enter the Netherworld puts different people at different locations? Ark landed in the snowy mountains, but if those three merchants also ended up there, they are surely dead. As for the Hermes people, they might not survive either. So I think they probably ended up in a different location.


    1. jacobpaige

      I think it probably does since the merchants went in right after him and didn’t encounter him on the other side having a snowball fight with his summons.

      The real question is: Does it send every single individual to a separate place and only kept Ark’s summons with him because they were his summons and not his party, or does it recognize parties and send them together? If its the first, then the people from Hermes are probably in just as much trouble as those merchants😉

      Considering that not all the places you could be sent are necessarily hostile, it makes me wonder if maybe the merchants wound up near civilization and managed to level up like mad by trading with the Netherworld denizens? I doubt it, but it’d be an interesting twist😉


      1. The_Thankful

        that would mean, they could be very well in front of him.. but on the other side, why should they be in the same place then? wouldn’t they be spread all over neverland then?


  13. Owl

    Hermes sends a party against Ark? Losing the party to the cold is a minor thing! When Ark finds out about it, he’s going to wait until the castle shows a profit, then re-invade it from his secret passage! Poor Hermes is going to go bankrupt lol. No car, no money, no castle!🙂


  14. moarsi

    I’m guessing Ark will join up with Lariette before they meet Hermes Guild or else Ark might actually die, levels aren’t almighty and 1 vs 10 isn’t going to be easy, even for Ark.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. The_Thankful

    The maggots’ poison only did 10 damage to him. But the problem was the number. If one hundred maggots spat at him then he would receive 500 damage.

    100*10 = 500

    I sometimes don’t get if the author is just stupid or if there was a problem in translation.

    and thx turtle🙂


      1. Tilaze

        And would really hurt the morale of the others I’d bet. I bet Duke is the first victim of that move.


  16. FrozenFeet

    If the hermes people gets ported to the snowy mountains, I think Jewel and Duke would survive, they might have some survival skills to surpass that situation. Then when they reach ark, they’ll be the ones to die, lol


  17. Vince

    Jewel can fly so she isn’t likely to die on the mountain. She’ll probably be able to keep the rest alive as well.

    Anyway at least the coincidences of the last few chapters are explained. The reason why the dungeon had the Snake summon upgrade and the reason it needed survival cooking to beat is because it’s the Netherworld(aka the summon realm). Summons are powered up by survival cooking.


  18. Silver Ray

    Whether they die or not, I really think it’s unlikely that the Hermes guild catches up to Ark, of course only assuming that they don’t get teleported to different locations.
    Besides, they not only have to worry about the monsters, but the extreme weather as well and if they really meet, he’ll be already accustomed to the netherworld and has leveled up quite a lot. On top of that he has Deidric, Deimos and Radun and they’re hopefully fully equiped by then. Since most of them are only around lvl 200 they won’t stand a chance against Ark

    I’d say is impossible for them to beat him, no matter what they do, they should really get themselves a new hobby.
    I mean don’t mess with him and he doesn’t mess with you, isn’t that pretty easy to understand?


    1. Vince

      Actually they have good instincts in this case. Ark is already planning to mess with them. He built a secret tunnel under their castle to steal it from them in the future. Them killing him repeatedly would do a lot to keep him down to the point that his plan can’t go through. From a universal standpoint they’re not in the wrong. Ark is planning to screw with them and they’re planning to screw with him. The one who’s plan succeeds first likely cripples the other. They’re just taking the initiative.


      1. mat

        you didnt get my point.
        as for your opinion, they dont know Ark’s plan and scheme at all, they are out for revenge…think about it, what is better in an extremely competative game? level/item/skill/etc or stupid revenge with extremely low chance of dropping some item?? that’s my point, the way author is trying to make the plot here is baseless, it is a weak concept..i understand that Ark has to face some challenges, agree, but introduction of a new (local challenges/obstacles) would be much better than bunch of players traveling/chasing non-stop for a very little gain..
        what these players do does not make sense regarding to the way author has built the background mechanism for this game.
        for example, Alan/Andel revenge sceme was described beautifully and generally it made sense..
        hopefull upcoming chapters will have more insights to Hermes movement and the plot will be strengthened..


      2. mat

        dammit, i feel stupid now, this is not where i should have posted, i wish there was an edit button((( please ignore my aother message..


  19. lirg123

    What Raiden should havd done is after the first battle he should reduce the tax and hold a festival for the grand opening of the Trade Port. Promoting to the neighboring kingdoms high merchant, Employ entertainment, rallying the citizen, then form a United States of Nigerian to increase the number of troops for each lord.


    1. Tilaze

      Is that before or after the army he enters a siege with just strolls in the massive hole in the wall?


    2. Tilaze

      Oh wow, I suck, I didn’t see the “after the first battle” part.
      Well anyways I wouldn’t think it would help, constant sieges and constant preparing potions and equipment for the next mandatory siege. Nice idea though.


  20. jacobpaige

    I wonder if Ark will take this opportunity to learn how to make equipment for his summons? Or if it would even be possible without materials from the Netherworld? Though I suppose that even if he needs Netherworld materials, there’s not really any reason why he couldn’t just use the painting to return whenever he felt like it. Other than the unpredictable amount of time it would take to return that is.


  21. akuks

    I think Radunma transformation should have zero use of mana in netherworld, or is it becos it is a special feature, or an author mistake to create a new storyline (a meeting with Reid)?


  22. Ascherit

    “But was that all? In order to maintain the estate, he had to clean out all his savings and sold his car.”
    Poor guy.

    Ark was funny at the time, though I’m surprised he didn’t tone it down do to repercussions.


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  24. Joshen

    Wait netherworld? Doesn’t that mean, that if Deimos, Dedric and Radun defeated all of them, they could fuse with all of them and become imba?



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