Ark the Legend Setting Collection

<Influential Forces of Galaxian>

The Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years in size and consists of 500 billion planets. However, most of the planets are simple inert gas and rock chunks and have no species or civilization. It is only possible to extract resources and construct civilizations on 1/1 billionth of the planets. This is only a handful compared to the scale of the galaxy.

There are 3 powers that had possession of the planets. The humans located on the eastern part of the galaxy known as the galactic federation, the Rama who had colonies throughout the northern area and a coalition of 70 alien species in the south called the Aschulat.

And there is also the Space Council. The territory of the 3 powers is established through an agreement. Each power is still trying to break through to the unclaimed area known as the Galactic Halo (an area (16 million light years in size) and have proclaimed it as the space frontier.  The Space Council is a committee that mediates any disputes that happens in the space frontier.

-Galactic Federation

In the 22nd century,  Earth finally came to an end. Hundreds of years of environment damage has caused the Earth to start to collapse. Thus humans started dreaming of a new life in space. Space science technology exploded until a base was created on the moon. Humanity continued to grow until they reached a turning point on the 23rd century. So far technology like spatial jump and warp navigation only existed in the imagination.

Now that warp technology was developed, they could explore areas of the galaxy that had been limited before.  Then the world governments consolidated into one power and was renamed the galactic federation. This was a very peculiar change to occur. The politics that had developed for hundreds of years reverted back to the caste system of royalty, aristocrats and commoners. Some anthropologists attribute this change to requiring a strong sense of leadership because of an unknown world.

The early galactic federation appointed a representative of each country to the royal family or aristocrats and humanity was transformed into one perfect force. Once they entered the galaxy, the aristocrat’s power started to strengthen even more during the war with the Rama that occurred for dozen of years. However, the federation still adhered to a democracy. In order for aristocrats to display their power in the political arena, they needed the support of the citizens.

Currently the federation occupies and controls all species in the east of the galaxy. Their sphere of influence is 270 planets surrounding Istana in the centre. However, 200 of them are to extract resources and if the protected planets were removed then only 40 of the planets were actually civilized.

The population is approximately 12 billion. 8 billion of them are humans. The rest consist of 20 alien species. When considering the amount of refugees flowing in, the actual estimated population is 16 billion. In addition to production, trade, research etc., the galactic federation has implemented a system to encourage many beginner pioneers.


The home planet of the Rama consist of dense forest and swamps. On the other hand, the gravity is low so the flora and fauna have evolved to a huge size. The Rama is the size of a human so they are considered small mammals on that planet. However, they were able to overcome this difference with aggression and combat power. They started to spread to other planets but the aggression of the Rama didn’t disappear. After the mysterious destruction of the Murat, the Rama were like wolves released from chains.

But the organization of the human species and the alliance of the alien species called Aschulat cause the Rama to halt in its tracks.  Although a special treaty was signed, the Rama is still aiming to conquer the galaxy. The Rama possesses a power structure similar to ancient Rome.

The Rama has a population of 8 billion, but only 2 billion of them are actually Rama. The remaining 6 million come from the colonies they absorbed. Unlike the federation, the Rama’s structure is completed focused around a King/Emperor. Around 300 planets are included in the Rama’s area of influence. The Rama are a warlike race and they had unparalleled combat power and physical abilities. On the other hand, they oppressed the other alien species as they expanded so their culture and commerce hasn’t developed. If a user is focused on combat abilities instead of a wide variety of content then they will choose this species.


The existence of the Rama had a great impact on the birth of the Aschulat. Originally each species in the Aschulat possessed their own civilization. But the Rama started to explosively expand their power and invaded their territory. To combat this, 70 alien species joined together to create a coalition. An alien species that looks like ET called the Aschulat is the centre of this resistance.

However, in the early stages the Aschulat couldn’t perform its function properly. After the Rama were defeated, it emerged as a 3rd power among the two camps. The humans who advanced into the galaxy are the galactic federation. While the Rama were concerned with the federation, the Aschulat took advantage of it to advance into the galaxy. They then allied with the federation to corner the Rama and were able to end the 1st Galaxy War.

The political system is a democracy similar to present day earth.

70 species of aliens are gathered so there is a mix of culture and technology taking advantage of the species’ different special abilities have been developed. 400 planets belong to this alliance and with a population of 20 billion, it is the largest among the 3 powers.

However, the combat ability is the weakest among the 3 powers. On the other hand, the mix of cultures means their science and technology is the most developed. Since science and technology is the most developed, it is a popular choice for users to pick after the galactic federation.


A council created to mediate the rights of the areas not in the influence of the 3 powers, which includes the Galactic Halo. The council is a hive matrix arranged through an employment agency called Elysium. However, the role of the council started to grow as the number of pioneers grew and more disputes occurred.

However, the treaty states that the council has no power over the areas controlled by the 3 powers.

Therefore, anything that applies to pioneers are recommendations not laws. They can’t be forced to follow it. However, there are around 1000 agents or enterprises that have joined the council. The four large companies of the galactic federation, the merchant alliance of the Aschulat and the mercenaries of the Rama have joined so the Council’s influence is absolute.


Colony: Pioneers can buy planets in the frontier and turn the place into their own territory. Most of them are planets where resources are extracted. Therefore a large number of them are for extracting resources and few planets are civilized.

Hive: An artificially created space station. Due to the special treaty, the 3 power can’t be involved with any hives in the frontier and it can only be owned by civilian businesses. Hives the size of a planet or a small spacecraft can exist. Fairy, Star Gates, shops and taverns can be established on large Hives. It is similar to a small territory in the universe.

Company: Private companies that don’t belong to the government of the 3 powers. The concept is similar to a guild but NPCs can be employed. The nature of the company depends on the CEO such as mercenaries, space resources, exploring ruins etc. The name also changed depending on the scale of the company. Those with less than 60 staff are called Agents, those with 60~120 are called a Company, 120~240 a High Company and those with more are called a Space Company. Of course, the companies can also give special quests depending on the nature and the scale.

Sector: Villages built in the territory of the 3 powers. It is similar to a Colony or Hive but it is administered by the government. The classification depends on the level of civilization. Just like the companies, the name of civilizations also change depending on the development such as a town, city and metropolis. And there are rumours of unknown Black Cities that exist on several planets……


<Main Species>


Humans make up the majority of the galactic federation.

Among all the races, humans are the ones with the most average abilities. They have no specific bonuses but there are no special weaknesses. Even so, many users choose humans because of the racial quality of fast acquisition. Thanks to this acquisition, humans are able to quickly gain experience and catch up to other species. In addition, it is possible to learn the skills of many different species.

If you want to become an annoying and persistent use then you should select humans!

<Overall Combat Power: ★ ★, Growth Rate:   ★★★, Scalability: ★ ★ ★, Distinctiveness: ★★>


A combat race from the northern area of the galaxy.

Thanks to the harsh environment and powerful monsters, the Rama had raised the abilities of their bodies to the limit to survive. The Rama had inherited the ancestral DNA of the Murat and are excellent fighters.  The Rama had agility and stamina bonuses and they also receive a specific bonus in environments like dense forests and swamps. In addition, the chances of learning combat related skills are high but they can’t easily learn other skills.

If you feel like bathing in a river of blood every day then it is recommended to pick this species!

<Overall Combat Power:★★★, Growth Rate:   ★★, Scalability: ★★, Distinctiveness:  ★★★>

-The 4 Races

Legendary alien species that achieved a super civilization in a different solar system in earlier times.

The Murat, Indus, Potamia and Oritious are 4 species that passed on their culture to uncivilized species in this galaxy. Not a lot is known about them. But according to the information Ark obtained, they were closely related to an enigmatic alien species called the Karma before they disappeared

At the time, the 4 races along with the many species that followed them finally won a 50 year war against the Karma. However, it was difficult for them to recover after being battered by the war. The Potamia and Oritious got into a conflict with each other, the Indus were declining while the Murat were betrayed by the Rama and wiped out.

By digging through ancient ruins, various relics about the 4 races have been discovered. The Murat are based on ancient Egypt, the Indus ancient India, the Potamia are ancient middle east and the Oritious are based on ancient China. A theory is that the 4 races were regarded as gods in Earth’s past and passed on their culture to them.  However, relics from earth haven’t been found on any other planets.

Some secrets might be hidden here……


An enigmatic species that wiped out numerous other species in this galaxy. The 3 powers don’t have a lot of information about them.

They are truly an enigma.


Tiny Clan: An alien species similar to a hamster.  Their combat abilities are hopeless but they have superior brains that can handle various machines. They react fast and like hoarding things so you should always be aware of ulterior motives. They aren’t dangerous but you should be wary of them. They quickly forget any favours or grudges. Users can select this species but there are only a small number.

* Characters: Tori

Charenjok: An alien similar to an octopus. They lived peacefully but was invaded by a hostile species called the Kakajok and became refugees. They flowed into the galactic federation and Aschulat but their special ability wasn’t popular and some of them were taken as slaves. There was once a time the Charenjok were so prosperous that they took space ships to earth to sight see. Before entering the universe, the Charenjok were regarded as Martians on earth. Now the number of people who know the ancient techniques of the Charenjok are rare. They are docile aliens who have a high regard for the clan’s honour. Users can’t select this species yet. And it wouldn’t be a species users would be eager to choose.

* Characters: Burum, Bakum, Tuntun

Grey Clan: An alien species with grey skin. They are 1 metre in height and their black eyes are so big that it occupies 50% of their face The genius like brain of the Grey allow them to quickly understand the environment and they can do quick calculations. The Grey were sometimes the reason for the Mutilation (cutting and killing of cattle) on undeveloped planets. But according to Hegel, that is just one faction and the Grey are a docile species. They didn’t even consider revenge when they crashed on Earth and were dissected by humans.

* Characters: Hegel

Tobil Clan: An alien species two times the size of a human. There are no large differences between them and the humans except for their size. Although they need to eat a lot to fill up their large frames, they have high stamina. They are also able to wear considerable amounts of weight like heavy equipment without falling. The existences of giants that have been passed down in legends have been attributed to the Tobil Clan but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

* Characters: Cupa

Unkara Clan: Apart from the normal 2 eyes, they also have an additional eye stuck to the forehead and look similar to humans. It is unknown where their name originated from. The Unkara’s eyes attached to the forehead has such good vision that it is impossible to measure. The Unkara clan can show their power on scouting or sniping missions. This is the reason why many Unkara are hired as mercenaries. An unexpected point to their good eyesight is that they can’t see directly below them.

* Characters: Kalliben

Belkin Clan: An alien species with green, black and grey skin. They aren’t that smart. But they failed the company entrance test due to their ugly appearance and spread out through the universe with an angry disposition. The Belkin often become mercenaries and it is even common for them to join gangs. But they have a reckless character! They don’t fear death and they won’t betray someone once their loyalty is earned. An appropriate job for them is an Assaulter. There are rumours that the Okra are their ancestors.

* Characters: Asuran

Katz Clan: Some alien scholars seemed to have studied Earth hundreds of years ago. There are many species through the galaxy that resemble Earth’s flora and fauna. The Katz Clan is an alien species that resembles the cat. The surprising thing is that they display the characteristics of Earth’s flora and fauna and even have the same adversarial relationships. The Katz’ hearing, vision and agility resemble the cat and their body means they excel as soldiers. Nevertheless, the Katz aren’t welcomed by the Belkin clan. That is because they are lazy, selfish and don’t display much loyalty.

* Characters: Prison escapees A, B, C……

Kero Clan: Just like the Charenjok, they are a frog type alien species expelled from their home planet and have become refugees. They aren’t that clever and the combat ability is also bad. However, they lay 100 eggs at a time and possess the best procreational power apart from the cockroach type species. Their specialty is human wave tactics.

* Characters: Kero A, B, C…..


<Body Coating>

Body coating was developed by Lucian and a team of bio engineers when the federation was being cornered by the Rama.

The principle is to extract DNA from an alien or unknown creature and combine it with human DNA to make the body evolve within a short period of time. However, there is a limit to how many new DNA can be combined and not all the abilities can be obtained.

Typically if you strengthen strength or stamina then mental aspects will weaken and vice versa. Therefore the body coating selected will have an huge impact on the selected occupation. When selecting a tanker as an occupation, areas such as wearing heavier armours, stamina and withstanding attack should be considered.

The Rama and Aschulat also developed their own body coating to increase the strong points and make up for the weaknesses in their bodies. The companies even extended it to civilians so most species’ physical abilities have been averaged out. There are four types of body coating. Body reinforcement, concentration reinforcement, mental reinforcement and willpower reinforcement. It can be classified into 7 different categories based on the occupations.


Fighter is a type of body coating that strengthens stamina and physical strength.

Combat skills will be amplified beyond human capacities when the Fighter enhancement to stamina and physical strength is received. The true power of this coating is shown in hand to hand combat and on the battlefield. Fighters using a sword, shield, gun or hammer have always been an object of fear. A Fighter specialized in hand to hand combat.

* DNA Chemical Compound Ratio: Close range combat 6, long range combat 3, special ability 1

* Recommended Occupation: Shield troops, Guardian, Warrior etc…..


This is the type that strengthens concentration.

The best features are the long-range weapons. In other words, it focuses on the ability to use a gun. Pioneers who receive the Soldier coating will become better shooters compared to those who have trained for the same amount of time. However, the disadvantage is they have relatively low stamina and find it difficult to directly engage the enemy. Therefore Soldiers generally deal damage from the rear. In particular, the heavy weapons such as the RPG deal enormous destruction. This is currently the body coating that most users have selected in Galaxian.

* DNA Chemical Compound Ratio: Close range combat 3, long range combat 6, special ability 1

* Recommended Occupations: Sniper, Assaulter, Cavalry, etc……


The Ranger has two attributes at the same time, that of a Fighter and a Soldier. They possess suitable strength and stamina to wear heavy armour and they have enough agility to be good with guns. But the problem is that both sides need to be at a suitable level. While they can master both the sword and the gun, the slightest slip means they could fall behind. Maintaining this balance is an endless work for a Ranger. However, nobody can deny that it is a body coating with the widest utilization and possibilities.

* DNA Chemical Compound Ratio: Close range combat 4, long range combat 4, special ability 2

* Recommended Occupation: Skirmisher, Guerrilla soldiers etc……


An Engineer is a type that strengthens mental power in fields of knowledge like repairs and dynamics.

These activities cover a very wide range. Production of various facilities, repairing, operating a tank are all areas controlled by an Engineer. There are also those that create their own autobot, take charge of turrets on the battlefield and experts in explosives. While it can be sub-divided into many parts, the process is complicated and personal attack power falls so soloing is almost impossible. It is indispensable in war but not many users chose this body coating.

* DNA Chemical Compound Ratio: Close range combat 2, long range combat 2, special ability 4

* Recommended Occupations: Engineers, Tank Driver, Pilot, Architects etc……


Esper is a type of body coating that reinforces mental power and concentrates on the extrasensory areas.

Among the alien species, some rely on their brains instead of physical force and combining the DNA of these organisms with the human brain can create Espers.

Espers use mental strength to draw out and manifest a mysterious energy called mana and Espers can be classified into different types. Some manifest elemental affiliates like fire, spirit affiliates that interfere with the opponent’s spirit, temporarily change the configuration of the opponent’s DNA, reading the memory of objects and many other types.

The Esper needs to select the species quality so they especially need to keep in mind the occupation they desire. However strength, stamina and control are low so not a lot of users have selected it yet.

* DNA Chemical Compound Ratio: Close range combat 1, long range combat 2, special ability 7

* Recommended Occupation: All Esper related occupations.


This is the type that strengthens willpower.

There are two types. One that uses various drugs to heal and grants special effects to allies while the medic is an extension of an engineer.  Another type is a subset of the Esper that uses special effects to help them recover like a cleric. They are classified separately as a healer and the healer’s presence on hunting grounds and battlefields is indisputable.

But it has the lowest stamina, combat ability and they can’t do anything other than heal so most users avoid this coating.

* DNA Chemical Compound Ratio: Close range combat 1.5, long range combat 1.5, special ability 7

* Recommended Occupations: Medic, Cleric, Oracle, etc……


Additionally, many different types of body coating techniques exist.

The DNA extraction, cultivation and synthesis developed by Lucian in the early stages are the 1st generation. The 1st generation body coating can activate 80% of the alien’s DNA and body coating technology has developed since then. Most NPCs in Galaxian have received the 1st generation body coating technology.

The 2nd generation body coating can absorb 100% of the DNA. The 1st generation technique has been refined a lot more times and it costs a lot to receive the 2nd generation coating. However, the federation wants to encourage pioneers so most companies pay a subsidy so the body coating can be received for a cheap price. 99% of users have received the 2nd generation coating.

However, it has advanced even further to the 3rd generation body coating. The 3rd generation technique adds a special compound. 100% of the DNA is absorbed and it also increases the potential of the DNA. Currently, only a few outstanding warriors among the 3 powers have been allowed to receive the 3rd generation coating.

The 3rd generation coating is the one that Ark received.

While users who received the 2nd generation coating were enhanced by 100%, Ark who received the 3rd generation was enhanced by 120%.

The Survivor body coating that Ark selected is a Ranger type coating. The ratio of chemical compounds in the DNA was close range combat 4.5, long range combat 4.5 and special ability 3.


<Battle Suit>

Just like the body coating, the battle suit is an external device developed to enhance the abilities of the body. However, the battle suit was designed to be used in battle rather than to adapt to the environment. It has a thick outer shell with considerable weight and acts as a powerful armour.

The users can move wearing such heavy battle suit due to the system of synchronization. The battle suit synchronizes with the genetic information of someone with a body coating to read and respond in a way that won’t make them affected by the weight.

The Rama, Aschulat and Federation all use different materials for their body suits but they all use the sync system. While the battle suits run on the sync system, there are special systems put in place in order to prevent enemy troops from using the battle suit. Therefore the battle suits can be divided into several types like the body coating.

They are divided into humans, Rama and various other species. The three categories.

-Human Battle Suits

A mechanical battle suit produced by the galactic federation.

It is mechanical but biological parts are also included for the sync system. While the efficiency is lower than the Rama battle suit, the strong point is that it is capable of upgrades and special equipment. Special equipment for the battle suits are the main products of the 4 big companies.

-Rama Battle Suits

A living body suit created by the Rama by cultivating the organism Drone. This organism is what helps the battle suit.

The drones are mana creatures with the ability to freely transform their own bodies. The advantage of this battle suit is that it can transform using the Drone. In addition, the synchronization flow is optimized and it has the best performance of all 3 battle suits. However, it is a bio weapon so it needs to be upgraded through hands on experience and it is difficult to add special equipment.

-Other Species Battle Suits

Aside from the battle suits for humans and Rama, there are a number of battle suits for other aliens created by the Aschulat. The materials and systems of the battle suits are often designed to take advantage of the special qualities of the species. The most typical ones are the battles suits made of a liquid metal called ‘Pritor.’ The Pritor is a material that can transform freely according to the user’s will.


The study of the battle suits continued even after the 1st galaxy war was over. However, the battle suit was already completed and not much more evolution could occur.

Thus the 3 powers investigated ways to boost the performance through additional equipment. Thus solid armour was developed. Some special battle armour was developed to overlap with another battle suit that allows the limits to be surpassed. However, it is a lot larger so balance will become more difficult. So the current solid armour is limited.


<Airship & Spaceships>

Airships and spaceships are essential existences on the space frontier. A large number of mobile vehicles exist in Galaxian but the aeroboats and spaceships are the fastest.

Various types are transport ships, cargo ships or private ships. The hulls of the airships are equipped with a photon engine that allows it to accelerate many times beyond the speed of sound. Of course, the spaceships can navigate through the atmosphere as well as space gases. Spaceships are capable of short range movement and it can also have warp technology equipped.

Warp navigation creates a multidimensional portal between two points to arrive at the destination. Development of this technology allowed them to travel thousands of light years. The shapes of the ships differ according to the species, with some preferring circular shapes or shapes streamlined for flight. The rating of the airships and spacecrafts are classified according to their size and armament.

The categories below are based on size.

Sub miniature- 1st Grade

Generally most airships have this rating.

The size is approximately 150~200 tons and the acceleration means it is referred to as a high speed boat. Many of these high speed ships are used to scout.

Small- 2nd Grade

Most ordinary spaceships have a 2nd grade rating.

They are the most commonly seen spaceships in the universe and the size is approximately 1,200 tons. The patrol ships of the galactic federation are mainly 2nd grade spaceships.

Medium-3rd Grade

Ark’s Silver Star is classified as a 3rd grade spaceship. Usually 3rd grade spaceships are 3,000 tons and are used as large carriers or escort ships. It is appropriately balanced between speed and armament and are widely used for missions. Thus 3rd grade spaceships are the main forces of the galactic federation.

Medium- 4th Grade

A 3,000~8,000 ton destroyer is classified as a 4th grade spaceship. A destroyer is a large ship equipped with a lot of weapons and it is perfect as a flagship of a small fleet. Usually 4th grade spaceships are called battleships.


In addition there are the 10,000 ton class 5th grade cruiser, the 20,000 ton class 6th grade ships, and the 100,000 tons 7th grade aircraft carrier used for emergencies and giant spaceships.

Additionally, Ark’s Silver Star is classified as a 3rd grade medium ship and it can be equipped with energy particle guns and turrets.

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