Chapter 1: Connector

Chapter 1) Connector

The warehouse was large. There were quite a few warehouses around but this was the only one without an owner.

His mind became stable.

By the way, there was the card. The card was pressed and made of a hard metal. It was slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes and letters and pictures were drawn on the thin card.

Sung-joon raised the card above his head and it flashed. The card shone like it was under an incandescent light.

“What is this language?”

He didn’t know what country it was from. But one thing was for sure.

“This is definitely a good card with some value.”

Was this like a gold card in a card game? Was his father the world champion of a card game or something?


Those fellows. It had to be a group cosplay.

Sung-joon didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry at the thought. He held onto his wrist where blood was flowing down from a wound.

The blood flowed from his wrist to his elbow. He hurriedly put down the card and wiped the blood with his clothes. He didn’t realize that a drop of blood fell on the card that was placed on the ground.

Ttook ttook.


At that moment.

The card shone brightly.


Sung-joon frowned as he bent his head and looked at the card. His eyes weren’t wrong and the card had been shining a moment ago. He had clearly seen something shining brilliantly.

He looked closer and saw some blood on the card. It was vaguely creepy.

“This…. A really strange card.”

He was filled with questions. This card, what function did it have?

Sung-joon hesitated for a moment before nodding. Sung-joon couldn’t dismiss what he saw as ridiculous.

He picked up the card and covered it in blood. This time it wasn’t a small amount.


Light really emerged from the card. The light was dazzling as the blood on the surface was absorbed. And then a book appeared right in front of Sung-joon.


A book.

He flinched with surprise.

The book was floating in the air. He brought his trembling hands to the book and it became stuck like there was a magnet.

The surface was made of a very luxurious leather material. There were no letters on it, just a book covered in black leather. It felt like he was looking at a hardcover novel.

“Book…. It is.”

Sung-joon didn’t like books very much. But he could tell that this was an unusual book.

‘Let’s see.’

He took a deep breath and touched the cover.

[Analysing your data.]




[Analysis complete.]

And those messages popped into his head. Analysing data?


[The conditions are met.]

[You are qualified to use the Book.]

He didn’t turn over the page. But the cover of the book naturally opened. Light emerged from the book and shone in all directions.

He closed his eyes against the light. The light went down and he noticed something when he opened his eyes.

The first page didn’t have even one letter or comma visible. However, there were five squares drawn.


There was a unique rectangle drawn a little larger than the others. Sung-joon suddenly pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.

The horizontal and vertical dimension of the cigarette pack was approximately 2 centimetres. The rectangle was quite large and shiny

-A hero card can be equipped. If a hero card is connected then it can be summoned into reality. One hero card is currently being held.

Do you want to summon it?

Sung-joon was confused but the explanation continued. This time the small squares started flickering.

-This is where sub-cards can be equipped.

Read the description thoroughly.

Monster cards, equipment and technology cards and item cards can all be sub-cards. Currently you have no sub-cards.

The book closed after that last explanation.

[Connector, do you want to register?]

This…… It was something fresh. It was suddenly asking him to register after giving a magic show?

Sung-joon thought for a moment. Ah, that reminded him of the monster like guys earlier.

In some ways, they seemed to be ‘heroes.’ Yes, heroes.

Sung-joon was the best in this area. Sung-joon knew this area better than anyone. He was able to affirm it. He could see all the streets, building structures and shortcuts without closing his eyes.

But those guys followed Sung-joon without any difficulty. In other words, their physical ability was no joke. It would be impossible for ordinary people. That was enough proof for Sung-joon.

“Those fellows…. They are called Connectors.”

He suddenly had a thought.

And he wondered why his dad sent him this card. The message was ‘you are qualified to use the book.’ Sung-joon didn’t like reading but his head wasn’t bad. It said he was qualified.

It implied that not just anyone could be a ‘Connector.’


Sung-joon hesitated for a moment. However, his moment of hesitation was pretty short.




Suddenly the firmly closed warehouse door made loud noises.


Fortunately, there were many places to hide in the warehouse. Sung-joon hurriedly hid his body behind some waste materials in the warehouse.


Soon the entire warehouse door was torn off. Sung-joon’s eyes widened with surprise.

The oversized 3 metres large monster appeared. The hulk from earlier. Damn, if it was a different colour then it would really resemble the hulk.

Oh my god….

He didn’t have any other methods at this point.


Sung-joon muttered and letters were written in clear ink on the book cover.

[Connector: Park Sung-joon]

-Your Book has been stamped. The Book is the medium that will connect your cards. From now on, you can use the Book.

[The information is updated.]


[Name: Park Sung-joon]

[Rating: D]

[Specialty:  Gravity Control (D)]

*     *     *

The hulk like monster broke the door of the warehouse and disappeared. And then three people appeared. One woman and two men.


But he was aware that more unusual things could happen. Sung-joon held his breath.

“That guy is as swift as a squirrel.”

The female was the first to open her mouth. Her outfit was similar to the dress code of a SM club. It was a tight leather dress with a very short skirt. The long, straight black hair and female fragrance gave her a powerful beauty.

“I can’t feel the magic of the card. Maybe that guy woke up the card.”

They were conversing together.

‘Woke up the card?’

Speaking of the card. Where did he place the card? He dug in his pocket but it wasn’t there. His eyes widened and he looked on the other side.


“Wake up the card? Isn’t he a civilian?”

“He is the son of Park Jeong-ho. Park Jeong-ho is a S-class Connector so it is likely that his son is a Connector as well.”


There was a moment of silence between the three of them.




And at the same time, all three of them muttered for their Book. At the same time, books appeared in the air in front of the three of them. It was the same book that Sung-joon had now.


He knew it. His bad premonition was true. Sung-joon felt despair.

It seemed like time had momentarily stopped.

[Hero Summon]

At the same time, the words ‘Hero Summon’ appeared on top of the three people’s head.

‘That is hero summoning!’

That’s right. The Connectors were using their hero cards.

Syak, syak, syak!

Three pillars of light fell from the sky. And heroes suddenly appeared next to them.

<A Class>

[Lancelot du Lac]

The woman summoned a western knight. He had been one of the guys chasing after Sung-joon. Come to think of it, the name was somehow familiar.

‘Lancelot, he is someone who appeared in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.’

<B Class>

[Half Ogre]

<B Class>

[Wandering Samurai]

The monster he thought was the hulk was actually a Half Ogre. Finally, the Wandering Samurai was just a samurai.

‘That is a hero.’

At that moment.

The samurai jerked his head. And turned. At the same time, he aimed his sword in the direction where Sung-joon was standing.


Sung-joon flinched back in surprise. A cold voice could be heard.

“You stink of blood.”

The woman lightly tapped her finger.


At the same time, Lancelot headed to where Sung-joon was hidden.


Huuung! Kwajik!

And Lancelot raised a two handed sword. The waste material was neatly divided.


He reflexively screamed. His head looked down. He had an unobstructed view of the large crack. The aftermath caused to the materials indicated that it was real.

“Kill him before he connects the hero!”

‘These scum, they want to kill me?’

Sung-joon eyes became cold.

So far, he had lived a life where violence was far away. But he always risked his life jumping between buildings. Anyway…. It was very interesting. He had felt that feeling after jumping from the roof of a 12 storey building earlier.

So even in this situation, he somehow maintained his calm. This nature was one of his strengths. A calm and positive mindset. His nature came to light.

First of all. He needed to know for sure. The fights between Connectors used the ‘Book.’ He could tell just by looking at the heroes.


Sung-joon also pulled out his book. The book automatically showed the first page as it appeared.


But there was no card. Then the hulk stood in front of Sung-joon. Half Ogre.


A robust fist hit Sung-joon’s abdomen. It was a full swing.


Sung-joon bit his tongue as he flew across the warehouse.

‘Damn. What can I do?’

Sung-joon’s head was busy thinking as he flew.

There was a sound as Sung-joon flew into a wall. It hurt every time he took a breath and it felt like a rib bone had broken.

But those guys didn’t intend to let him recover his spirit.

Kung kwang kung kwang kung kwang!

And the fist of the Half Ogre flew once again. Sung-joon rolled sideways on the ground. He rolled twice before springing up with his back against the wall.



But he couldn’t avoid the ensuing sword swing. The katana slashed Sung-joon’s body. It was deep. Goose bumps occurred all over his body as blood poured out.

“T-t-these things!”

More blood poured out as he spoke.

“Is he a complete rookie?”

The woman looked at Sung-joon with an expression that was ridiculing him. But Sung-joon continued to drag himself across the floor. Damn, the card that fell somewhere.

At that moment.

‘A hero card can be equipped. If a hero card is connected then it can be summoned into reality. One hero card is currently being held.’

The message from earlier suddenly surfaced again in his head. Yes. Sung-joon kept on repeating that message.

‘One hero card is currently being held….eh?’

1 card.

That meant it was somewhere. Sung-joon half-heartedly put his hand on the hero card slot in the ‘Book.’


At the same time, a card rose up. He grabbed it as he felt the distinctive texture.

Damn, this thing should have given him a little more explanation. The book didn’t even say that! Was it already too late? He was being hunted.

The katana was falling at a 90 degree angle while a two handed sword was about to be stabbed through his stomach. There was no escape so it seemed like he would be dead.


Okay. He had to try it. He didn’t even verify what was written on the card as he placed it in the hero card slot.


There was a cheerful, metallic sound as Sung-joon’s body was wrapped in a white light.

Kang! Kakakang!

The sounds were soon audible. It was the sound of the katana and the two handed sword hitting the wall. Both men frowned.

“That fucker, he suddenly disappeared.”

One of the men muttered with a displeased face. Sung-joon had disappeared in a moment.


Soon, a misty fog was everywhere.

The sword wound that caused him a lot of pain. He expected to feel a sharp pain. He didn’t feel any pain. It was strange because he hadn’t attempted to avoid it.

Once he opened his eyes, the world had turned white.

It felt like a world of mist. He blinked his eyes and moved his limbs. They didn’t move. Damn. The blood didn’t stop flowing and he felt dizzy.

“I don’t know what is happening.”

But Sung-joon moved his arms as a mirage seemed to unfold in the fog in front of him.

Someone was standing right in front of Sung-joon. They were veiled in fog so he could only see the silhouette. The silhouette didn’t have a large impact. It was just a body with an ordinary stature. The body shape was similar to Sung-joon.


Sung-joon firmed up his mind and reached out.


The silhouette got closer and closer to Sung-joon. One more step, one more step.


There was the loud sound of saliva being swallowed as sweat trickled down.

“T-this asshole. Bring it on! Bring it on you bastard! Why is everyone eager to harm me?”

Sung-joon screamed. He felt a mysterious existence coming closer. It was a very intimate feeling.

Soon the silhouette disappeared and the body appeared.


It was a man.

His clothing was very unusual. He was wearing clothes that would only be found in the Joseon Dynasty. It seemed to be the shaman apparel seen in historical dramas. And very neat, short hair. One hand was holding a bamboo hat and turning it round and round on his finger. Furthermore, he was very handsome. There was a handsome man like this in the world.

The man stared at Sung-joon intently. It felt like he was being deprived of something as the handsome face gazed at him. The man gave a smile so handsome it seemed like it was CG and placed the bamboo hat on Sung-joon’s head.

The laugh was very familiar.

And the man reached out his hand. It was the right hand like he was asking to shake hands. And Sung-joon also stretched out his hand. Anyway, there was no other way.


The man divided into dozens of pieces after they shook hands. Yes, just like a clone technique. The dozens of men floated in the air and moved around Sung-joon. The clones were using some type of magic.

Once the movements finished, the clones gathered in one place.


They joined into one man and gradually turned into a small light.


The flashing light slowly moved in front of Sung-joon. He raised his hand like he was spellbound and touched the light. Curiously, all the wounds on his body disappeared like magic.

[Hero Summon]

At the same time, the letters Hero Summon emerged in the air. Despite the fog, Sung-joon saw the message vividly in front of him.

*     *     *

Sung-joon suddenly returned to the warehouse again.

The woman and two men were once again visible. They looked strange.


Then a light fell from the sky.


The world became overwhelmed by the radiance. It was the first time Sung-joon saw it since he had been born. It was a beautiful, radiant light.

[The first hero card has been summoned and the full force of the hero will be displayed.]

Then messages started popping up like crazy.

At any moment!





Light! And letters were formed from it.

“Kill! Kill him!”

The woman shouted as she was illuminated by the light. At the same time, the Class A and Class B heroes ran towards Sung-joon. It was alarming. A katana, two handed sword and fists were raised. If they hit then he would die.

Death. He didn’t want to die.


At that moment, the three heroes were blown back by a blast of wind and fire.

Sya sya syak!

An afterimage seemed to appear in front of Lancelot. The person was moving so fast that there was only an afterimage.

Pa pa pa pak!

At the same time, Lancelot’s armour was shattered and he crashed to the ground. The iron armour became needles and blood spurted into the air. Lancelot disappeared at the same time.

The A Class hero card had died instantly.

Then there was the ‘woo’ sound of someone running.


The oversized Half Ogre flew towards the other end of the warehouse. And there was the sound of the warehouse windows and waste materials breaking. And the samurai’s body also headed towards the Half Ogre.

The one Class A and two Class B heroes were defeated in literally 3 seconds.

“No way!”

The woman took out a knife and rushed forward.


Her gesture was blocked in vain. A gust of wind wrapped around her body. The two men as well. The three people seemed like they had been surrounded by a whirlwind as they floated in the air. And shattered.

It was similar to the way the man broke in the fog. He knew in his head. The people were obviously dead. Fortunately, there wasn’t any realism so he could get over it.


And a wind blow out of nowhere to sweep away the debris in the warehouse.


Sung-joon saw such a vivid scene. It was an incredible scene that he couldn’t believe. Once the entire incident was over, the summoned hero returned to Sung-joon.

<S Class>

[Hong Gil-dong]

Hong Gil-dong (Famour Korean historical figure. Wiki).


Sung-joon muttered.

Hong Gil-dong folded his arms and stood next to Sung-joon. He seemed to be defending Sung-joon.

And he turned to Sung-joon. He didn’t say a word. It was an unspoken gesture to give a command. His eyes were warm. The features were different but he seemed familiar.

Hong Gil-dong once again held out a hand to Sung-joon.

Sung-joon only hesitated a moment before extending his hand. The shaking of hands was a sign that he had formed a partnership with Hong Gil-dong! And he disappeared.

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