Chapter 1: Nodulle’s Suffering

Chapter 1) Nodulle’s Suffering

“O…uch, ther…e are no p…arts of my b…ody t…hat i…sn’t in p…ain.”

Weed opened his eyes in the morning. His whole body was throbbing due to the Black Disease and he didn’t have his usual power.

“S…tat window.”

Character Name Nodulle Alignment None
Level 37 Profession None
Title Family’s Heir Fame 53
Health 69 Mana 282
Strength 19 Agility 16
Vitality 23 Wisdom 95
Intelligence 77 Leadership 5
Art 3,153 Luck  5
Attack 3 Defence 4
No Magic Resistance
Status: Dying from a serious illness.

Maximum health has decreased by 13%.

Recovery rate of your health has slowed.

The seizure symptoms will become more frequent on the 2nd day.

“I r…eally s…eem to be dy…ing.”

Weed currently only had enough vitality to slightly move his body. But he couldn’t really walk through the forest to another village to obtain a cure!

Then a bush growing nearby caught Weed’s eye. He had come into the territory of the kobolds to sleep so the area he rested in had many bushes.

‘Those are….’

He could see various types of herbs. Weed’s spirit became clear like he saw money that fell down.

‘Nodulle also survived in a similar situation. Then there is clearly a way.’

It was a hopeless situation but Nodulle used every type of method to live. Weed had planned to use the Sands of Time to see Nodulle’s action in the past. But now he didn’t need the Sands of Time.

The moment he saw the herb, he realized what Nodulle did.

-Local diseases can be treated when several common herbs are combined. Many cures can be produced and the residents can win against the disease.

That was written on the piece of paper he found in the old mansion on Borota Island! Weed pulled out the piece of paper with trembling hands.

There were dozens of local diseases written down. The reason he obtained this piece of paper was probably because of the Black Disease.

‘Black Disease. Black Disease….’

-Black Disease

Mainly occurs in the swamp area of the Keltun Kingdom. But the disease can travel to distant places using flies and mosquitos.

Thistle, field horsetail, nettle, Chinese evergreen oak and thorny roots.

It isn’t a complete cure but can help someone push through the Black Disease.

He came into the forest already so it wasn’t hard to find the ingredients needed for the Black Disease cure. He put them in a bowl, grinded them together and placed it to his mouth.


-The Black Disease cure manufactured by Nodulle has been eaten.

Time is necessary for the medicine to spread through your body. If the manufacturing is incorrect then side effects may occur.

Weed shook as he waited for the medicine to kick in.

‘It will be unfortunate if I die from such a thing. I’ve almost learnt all the secret techniques only to die in vain from the Black Disease.’

The negative thoughts that frequently entered! A swamp was cold and damp so it was an easy place to become ill. However once his vitality, strength and level rose, he didn’t pay attention to illnesses anymore. If he was level 50 then this disease wouldn’t be enough to take his life.

Weed had desperately struggled on a turbulent sea during a storm for several days without getting symptoms of a cold. Yet he got the Black Disease during the final secret sculpting technique quest and his survival was at risk. It was lucky that he hadn’t thrown away Nodulle’s piece of paper.

‘I couldn’t engage in business. Maybe that was a fortunate thing. It is like an employee embezzling money that caused a building to collapse, making the redevelopment team be fired….’

-Your body’s condition has improved.

Health and vitality has recovered to the maximum.

The Black Disease has weakened.

“T…his is t…he r…ight m…edicine.”

He was sick so the only thing he could do was eat and sleep. And after a while, a message window popped up.


-Treatment of the Black Disease has been completed.

It was possible to treat the body through Nodulle’s knowledge.

Your life has been preserved.

Weed was grateful to survive.

He had safely completed another step of the final secret sculpting technique quest. But despite getting over the Black Disease, his stat window showed that he was still Nodulle and level 37.

“W…hat is g…oing to ha…ppen now?”

A message window showing a new quest appeared.


-Rescue Hilderun

Hilderun has been caught by the Portu King.

She will die after being used as a tool in a magic experiment. You have to rescue her before it is too late.

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: The remaining time is unknown.

The quest will fail if Hilderun dies.

* Please note

The quest must be completed as Nodulle.

Sculpting is available.

The use of anything other than sculpting will reduce your stats and level. This will apply even after returning to your original body.

The sculptures or elementals created can’t follow you when time becomes normal.

-The quest has been given.

You can’t refuse.

‘There isn’t even one good condition.’

Weed was hungry so he ate beef jerky. His body was recovering so he didn’t need to worry about kobolds.

He had enough mana to briefly use Sculpting Blade. It wasn’t possible to show off the power of a level 40 but it was enough to defeat the kobolds. But he had no confidence about saving Hilderun from the Portu King.

“I don’t know the internal structure and defence system. Seo-yoon said it as a tower but I don’t know the precise one she is trapped in. Getting permission to access it is impossible.”

The Black Disease was healed and he was recovering his vitality while thinking out loud.

“Right now, Seo-yoon and I aren’t at the standard to even defeat one Royal Knight.”

Common sense was required to solve even the most basic of quests! Even if he knew the full structure before Seo-yoon died, it was impossible for him to break in and take her out.

“Do I have to give up here? Then I might be able to take care of my life.”

If he gave up the quest then Weed and Seo-yoon could return to their original time zone alive. This was currently the wisest path.

The difficulty of the final secret sculpting technique quests was incredibly high. He had built up numerous skills and stats but now he couldn’t even take advantage of it.

“It is a lie that hard work and effort is enough in this world. As expected, community leaders and politicians are experts in lying!”

He released his stress by blaming other people. It was difficult so he thought about the Sands of Time again. He was interested in how Nodulle and Hilderun’s story continued. Surely they didn’t become frustrated and end here.

“I have to try it out. If a difficult quest like this has a time limit then I can’t wait any longer.”

Weed took out the pouch that contained the Sands of Time.

“Sands of Time!”

-The Sands of Time has been used.

The axis of time has been shaken and the past shown.

Can be used 2 more times.

-New information about the item has been acquired after using the Sands of Time.


Nodulle created the cure near Boden vllage and ate it immediately. And the next morning, he requested help from nearby villages and nobles to rescue Hilderun.

“It is futile. Your woman is as good as dead so you should just give up.”

“You are crazy. Why should the Count meet you?”

“I don’t want to hear anymore. I don’t want to be dragged to a battlefield!”

They heard his story but none of the villagers, nobles or guards showed interest. Nodulle looked for people to help but there was no one. Naturally it was impossible for nobles protest against the Portu King. A world where justice had collapsed!

Nodulle was frustrated but a chance came after one week. The hostile country the Raum Kingdom invaded the Portu Kingdom. The Portu King led the military to the battlefield to fight. And Nodulle used that chance to rescue Hilderun.

It was good if he could rescue Hilderun safely but the knights were protecting the place where she was staying. In addition, the Portu King returned earlier than expected after being defeated by the Raum Kingdom.

The magicians of the Raum Kingdom used their skills to block the King’s black magic while the Portu Kingdom’s army was defeated. The Portu King barely returned alive with the soldiers while the Raum Kingdom immediately surrounded them.

The day when the palace was collapsing and burning. Nodulle headed towards the place where Hilderun was kept. The Royal Knights and soldiers were on the verge of death around him.

While siege weapons and magic were breaking down the castle, Nodulle moved through the collapsed walls, rubble and fire.


“Ah, that really is terrible suffering.”

Weed was full of admiration. And he repented.

“I thought I was unlucky and experienced a lot of crises but I wasn’t really suffering.”

He lived an ordinary life like a library employee when compared to Nodulle. Looking at the video was like watching an action and thriller movie. It was a situation where the protagonist was about to die but someone survived.

Nodulle had almost died at least 17 times retrieving the key, reaching the tower and getting Hilderun out.

“How impressive. The problem is that I need to be in Nodulle’s position to solve the quest.”

Weed wasn’t excited about it. He grasped the terrain and tower where Seo-yoon was trapped due to Nodulle’s behaviour. It was considered an impregnable fortress in the Portu Kingdom in this time. The region was steep and it was a natural fortress.

If he made even the slightest mistake then this weak body would fail the quest. In fact, it was a miracle that Nodulle lived until he reached the tower. It seemed impossible but he somehow managed it.

Escaping from Portu with Hilderun was an entirely different problem. Although they had met up with each other, it was hard to escape from the collapsing castle.

“There is another fundamental problem.”

Weed wasn’t Nodulle. If he made a small error while repeating the past then unexpected circumstances could occur. Even if he imitated Nodulle, there was no guarantee that everything would happen exactly the same.

A piece of ceiling might collapse on him when Weed passed or he might encounter a Royal Knight that Nodulle hadn’t. It was impossible to align every behaviour with the correct time. It was possible to consult the video but that didn’t mean he could repeat the actions!

“It isn’t easy to handle even knowing this. And I also gained new information about the Sands of Time. Inspect!”

-Sands of Time.

It is possible to use 2 times.

Sands of Time, a mysterious sand that can recollect things.

A treasure from the southern desert that can look back in time.

It is possible to return to your original time to bring goods or people.

Possessing it can allow the past to be edited.

A bit of information about the item was added.

“I can bring goods or people….hrmm.”

Weed was currently alone so he felt like this quest had no possibilities at all. So far he had overcome countless difficulties so if there was a slight degree of hope then he should try it.

“No matter how well prepared I am, the chance of success is low. I have no choice but to use the Sands of Time. Sands of Time!”

-The Sands of Time has been used.

The axis of time has shaken so you can return to your original time to bring goods or people to the past.

Are you sure you want to use it?

Watching Nodulle save Hilderun was useful. But he needed a rise in power to solve the fundamental problem.

“I will return to my original time.”

-The axis of time on the Versailles Continent has changed and you have returned to your original time.

It is possible to collect the necessary goods or people.

Can be used 1 more time.

Restrictions: Limited to bringing only 1 person and goods that you can carry directly.

You have to return after three days. Otherwise, the crack in time will fray and you can’t return to this time zone.

The Sands of Time gushed out from the leather pouch and filled the air. After a while, the still grass, trees and forest completely changed.

‘I have returned to my original time.’

The forest was filled with other users.

“Oh, it is too hard to collect a set of kobold weapons.”

“I’ve already tried 7 times and if it isn’t possible this time then I’ll give up.”

“I told you that it would be better to buy new steel weapons at the stores.”

A party consisting of 4 users was talking while walking.

“But I can’t. I need to collect a lot of money to pay for that.”

“Shall we go to Kantul Dungeon?”

“Yes. It is best to raise our level there.”

The Kantul Dungeon was very popular among beginners in the Lasalle Kingdom.

‘This is the land of the Haven Empire.’

The Haven Empire had expanded and Weed was now in their territory.


“Yes, hello.”

“Would you like to go hunting together?”

“Nope. Right now I’m taking the road to the city.”

“I wish you a good day.”

“Yes. Have fun hunting.”

Weed exchanged light greetings and walked past them. No one would think that a person inside the kobold’s hunting ground was Weed.

‘There’s only one person who will be really useful.’

Weed sent a whisper to Yurin.

-Little sister,  do you want pizza tonight?

-I understand. Wait there.

Yurin was quick and noticed what he wanted without needing to explain. She was aware that he wanted her to use Picture Movement.


“Huhuhu, this dungeon hunt. It isn’t too hard!”

Pale quietly shot his bow in the underground pit. He had specifically ordered high strength arrows for today.

The steel arrows were 20 times more expensive but the penetration, accuracy and range couldn’t be compared to normal arrows.

“Each one is worth 15 gold? The arrows are too expensive.”

“It is literally high strength. Only a few blacksmiths can create these arrows. They are busy making these orders all day. It is hard for even Mapan to obtain it.”

“Even so….”

“What about the others? Pale-nim is cultivating and selling land…. If you find it difficult then purchase it later.”

“I’ve brought it intentionally.”

“Well, I’m trying to sell 2,000 arrows so I’m forced to take a little damage.”

“That much isn’t necessary…. I’ll buy it.”

“If you buy everything then I’ll reduce it to 1 gold.”

So 2,000 arrows were purchased!

Pale felt like he was firmly hit in the back of the head but he believed in Mapan. He didn’t pay close attention to money transactions in the past but he didn’t want to order unnecessary goods. But Mapan’s thick belly showed that he was a successful merchant.

“Money is always needed once you level up.”

However, it would be okay if he succeeded in this quest.

The Niflheim Empire!

The marks of its former glory were left in the north. The residents submitted to the Arpen Kingdom so reconstructing the Niflheim Empire had become impossible.

While gathering information about a quest, Pale heard about archers from the Niflheim Empire who caused a fierce wind when firing a bow. Thus he proceeded with the quest to learn the skills.

“Lightning struck the valley. It is scary going alone.”

Surka had obtained lightning resistant clothes and ornaments in advance. A thorough preparation for the quest!

She had received a special request from the Monk Guild.

“I often hear your names these days. Be proud of your power as a monk. Every time lightning strikes the valley during a full moon, a monster will appear…it would be great if you could catch it. I will give your these shock resistant gloves as compensation.”

It was possible to get equipment from the request. Romuna entered the deep mountains to raise her fire magic.

“I’m bored in the mountains. If I see a monster then I will burn it to death!”

Irene gave out blessings and treatment in a city. Her level and faith had risen so she could get a position in a religious society. Along with her rise in statue in the religious society, she was dispatched to follow paladins and heal them.

While Weed was proceeding with his quest, his other colleagues were developing.

Although Pale and Surka could challenge the Master Quest, they didn’t proceed with starting it. They had seen other people doing the Master Quest and it wasn’t a joke. They could challenge the Master Quest but they were still far from reaching master level in the skill so they decided to defer it. It would become much easier once other people completed the Master Quest.

And Hwaryeong. She took pride in slowly increasing her charm through music and dance in Morata.

“The Royal Road themed album. I want songs that contain the feel of adventure and combat.”

“Do we have to do this?”

The producers had a headache. They had composed most of the songs on the album yet Hwaryeong wanted to change the feeling of the music.

“Won’t that affect your image? So far you’ve sung about love between men and women and now you want to change the feeling?”

“Music has no boundaries. There is also music in Royal Road. And a few songs are played by instruments in Royal Road. So please contact the best musicians.”

Bellot was recently case as the main heroine in the drama <Brilliant Property>.

She was cast as a sweet, innocent, pretty but poor girl! Men liked that type.

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  2. lalitaaa

    “He released his stress by blaming other people”

    Iol xD

    So Weed is bringing Yurin with him to the past? 😮 that’s actually pretty neat. He’ll just describe the tower, and get SY out of there in a cinch!


      1. Countrymage

        Not only that, anyone or anything he takes isn’t coming back with him when the quest ends, unless he uses the last use on the Sands. I think he would rather leave a charge on them, for the off chance that he can sell them later.


      2. HaiPhong

        I think Yurin is for fast traveling from Lasalle (Heaven) only. I would bring Bahamorg to OP the hell out of Portu soldiers 😀


    1. Phil1403

      Well, my first guess is that Weed needed to get OUT of the Haven Empire…

      Now, taking Yurin in the past is dangerous.
      And what is helpful on this stage, if Yurin stays, might be a problem on the next stage.

      So, i’m not su sure about Weed taking Yurin in the past. In fact, i doubt it. Anyhow, i was surprised on how fast Wed went over the challenge of black disease.


  3. Dark Strife

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    Hope another one or two chapter LMS before ATL.

    I really can’t wait to see how Weed and Yurin came to save Seoyoon. I’m sure it’s not just using teleportation.


    1. Dark Strife

      I think this quest didn’t need high level. after all Weed and Seoyoon current Level is lower than Yurin.

      What Weed need is save Seoyoon, even Weed borrow Bardray to help his quest, I doubt he can success with pure brute power, after all the enemy is King and Soldiers.
      After all Weed only can borrow 1 person. So Yurin teleportation is good choice to slip enemy area.


    2. Phil1403

      Obviously, Weed needs to solve the quest, without his usual skills and tricks.
      And now, he gets the chance to summon one item or one character.
      The aim is to get someone out of the king’s prison, without anyone her or he dying.
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      Another question
      If his nodule character is lvl37, at which level are Weed’s sculpting skill ?


      1. Dark Strife

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        If her teleport skill can’t be used, maybe Assassin Job class like Seasoned Crab is good choice to infiltrate.

        Absolutely not brute force. I don’t think 1 person can defeat 1 Country, after all LMS isn’t another fantasy story like One Piece, Naruto, Rave Master, or Fairy Tail.


      2. Phil1403

        One person alone, no !
        But one person riding on the back of one dragon.
        And against a defeated army… that might install some fear, especially with a scroll for meteor storm.


      3. Dark Strife

        Limited to bringing only 1 person “or” goods that you can carry directly.

        It’s or, not and. And then I doubt he can carry directly a dragon even he can bring Binryong, it’s still weaker than Bahamorg.

        BTW, if he summon Meteor, Will it be like Natural Disaster? Maybe it can be suicide in his current status.


      4. Phil1403

        Correct. It’s a person or an item.

        Question : Is a living sculpture an option or not ? Probably.
        Now, my point was NOT about who he should he bring to DO the job, but about how he could avoid going to war against a kingdom (because of his weakness).
        So a dragon might be less powerful than a barbarian. But it’s still much ore impressive. At least, if you are in front of a defeated army. 😉

        Meteor = scroll = spell (probably from the 7 cercle = the highest level of magic)


      5. sdf

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      6. Phil1403

        Nodulle achieved it without any special skill…
        May be Weed can achieve it again through cheer luck ?!? That might be the solution: Finding a way to add enough mana (through an item ?) and then using a skill to add all stat on luck ?!?


      7. sdf

        Luck is a useful stat, as the fisherman guy showed. Sculptural destruction into luck stat may be surprisingly useful against monsters. Though i think SD can only be used for strength/agility, not sure if I remembered right.


  4. Kris

    Thanks turtle. This is so awesome. I just wish that some of the other translations i read came out as fast as LMS and Ark.

    I was so worried he was going to get stuck dealing with the freaky death god church after he had to use disaster sculpting on them and do all the death’s hand missions. Instead it’s heroically saving his lover Seo-yoon.

    Weed has gotten serious about this, using real money.

    Weed sent a whisper to Yurin.
    -Little sister, do you want pizza tonight?
    -I understand. Wait there.


      1. Phil1403

        Quote :
        Weed sent a whisper to Yurin.
        “-Little sister, do you want pizza tonight?
        -I understand. Wait there.”
        Weed has gotten serious about this, using real money.
        i agree on Kriss comment. Weed already almost died a few time. So the situation is really becoming serious


      1. randomcity2

        Umm… Tori, Van Hawk and the statues brought to life can’t be used unless he chooses one of them as what he brings back with him as they don’t exist or don’t exist as his servants/pets in the past. So yeah . .transform and go there, but no pet vampire boss to carry her away.


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      1. Kris

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      2. SubZole

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  8. Son-Derling

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  9. randomcity2

    Irene gave out blessings and treatment in a city. Her level and faith had risen so she could get a position in a religious society. Along with her rise in statue in the religious society, she was dispatched to follow paladins and heal them.

    Nazi says make that statue turn into status up there ^^^^^^^^


  10. Executor

    It won’t be bad to bring Yurin since it will make movement very easy, given his lack of power right now. Another choice could be Mapan, to help play cheap tricks and take advantage of the impending war.


    1. Phil1403

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      Now, a dragon would be impressive, especially, against an army who just lost a war.

      Hi there, i’m Nodule, and i’m level 37 but i’m riding a full fledged dragon… And i do look scary.
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      Any doubt ? No problem, i’ll shave the rest of your army with a meteor storm.
      that would be a terrific bluff


      1. Sugar Roll

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      2. Phil1403

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    1. lgbasallote

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