Chapter 10: Roderick’s Research Records

Chapter 10) Roderick’s Research Records

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【 “There is beauty in the little things around us. We just don’t recognize it properly. ”

“I saw the sunlight shining on the sea. Since then, I questioned the beautiful sculptures I created.”

“True beauty isn’t something that can be seen when moving too quickly. It will just become the reminder of a faint memory.”

“How beautiful are the raindrops falling from dark clouds? The raindrops falling on flowers, trees and leaves are really beautiful. We are surrounded by such beauty every day but we just walk past it.”

“It is the same for sunlight on a sunny day. That light becomes a basis for sculpting. How much do we know about that light? The warm light shining on objects causes pleasure…”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to express the beauty of quiet and calm moments?”

“I sympathize with the method to express radiant beauty.”

“Everyone has these memories. When I saw the most beautiful thing…there was an illusion that everything became still.”

“Beauty doesn’t wait for anyone. If the world stops then representing beauty would become much easier.”

Sculptors who spoke about the little beauties wanted to stop the world. They indeed had whimsical imaginations.

If time was stopped, it would be possible to enjoy the beauty of the passing water and wind. The beauty of the world could be expressed if the sculptors carefully observed the world.

The sculptors decided how to represent radiant beauty at the end of their discussion. If everything in the world stopped moving then they could contemplate the beauty of the moment.

Time Sculpting!

I am Roderick and I decided on this goal with the other sculptors. 】

A terrible goal!


Weed truly appreciated the sculptors.

“A sculptor should be born with this much ambition. If they only sold sculptures every day then they wouldn’t be able to live. Everyone is dead! If this quest succeeds then I can take the foundation they built.”


While the battle with Montus was taking place, all of Morata was quiet.


“It can’t be…”

“Kyah, how? He was injured again rescuing the paladins.”

“Avoid it! If he can’t escape then it won’t be possible to win…”

Only voices filled with regret were occasionally heard from the taverns. Even those drinking beer were quiet. Unlike the past, those who chose to start in the Arpen Kingdom could choose the avian species.

In addition to developing similar physical abilities, they could spread their wings and fly in the sky. Those who became archers or warriors were very helpful during battles on the plains so they often joined hunting parties. It was popular to see newly created characters sitting on tree branches and flapping their wings.

Humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, barbarians and various species sat together silently as Weed’s battle continued.

The moment Weed conquered Roderick’s Labyrinth, silence simultaneously occurred in Morata’s taverns and squares.


“Eat as much fried chicken as you want! Eat at Sandra’s!”

“I am the owner of the Wind Garden tavern. A chef with beginner’s level 6 cooking skill. There will be unlimited free beer for today!”

“1,200 servings of grass porridge are being boiled at the square. Let’s go quickly!”

“Special discount! As commemoration for the completion of King Weed’s quest, we are buying all japtem for an extra 14%.”

“Sale on long swords! There will be a small margin only for today. I will also provide 3 whetstones. Don’t miss this opportunity.”

“Low price gratitude event! All items will be sold for 3 gold or less.”

The entire Arpen Kingdom was cheerful. And a Kingdom Quest appeared for users that belonged to it.


-Arpen Kingdom’s Palace

The Arpen Kingdom is conquering the Northern Continent.

The emerging Arpen Kingdom is rapidly expanding its territory. The barbarians, elves, dwarves, orcs and residents of the Niflheim Empire are included in the vast territory.

New cities are springing up as peace is secured. King Weed has established a nation built on courage and spirit.

Construct a palace that will become the symbol of the Arpen Kingdom’s reign.

Level of Difficulty: Kingdom Quest.

Compensation: Kingdom Contribution.

Quest Restrictions: Limited to those belonging to the Arpen Kingdom.

Weed’s fame and the residents’ loyalty in him caused a Kingdom Quest to occur. When construction of palaces in other kingdoms started, taxes were raised and various allowances made. The Arpen Kingdom had an astronomical surplus of internal funds accumulated.

Weed’s goal was to gain 2 million gold that he could embezzle! The palace construction quest started on the basis of that money.

“T-there was something like this.”

“Am I going to work again starting from today?”

“We need to decide on a construction site for the Royal Palace.

And there needs to be a road to the quarry to carry the materials.”

The users of the Arpen Kingdom were familiar with large constructions. They had built a Grand Building in each region.

“I am burning with the desire to create artwork. There will be no shortage of decorations in the palace.”

“Armour for knights…I won’t sell them and will deliver them to the Royal Hall to be exhibited.”

The artists and blacksmiths were prepared. Even the ceramists and sculptors were happy to work.

“I have to bake the mud.”

“I’m going to split apart stones while eating rice every day.”

The architect users were gathered separately.

“Really luxurious…”

“A worthy Royal Palace is needed.”

“The current estimated budget is 2 million gold but…”

“The construction costs is always increasing.”

“Where should the location be?”

The location was a critical requirement.

The Royal Palace was the centre of the government.

The loyalty of the residents living close to the Royal Palace would be maintained and not fall. It would also spread its influence in the local politics.  Currently the northern kingdom was filled with vacant land and villages so political influence was very important. The Royal Palace played a role in promoting economic growth so there were many opinions in Morata.

“The capital city is Morata.”

“Morata needs to be known as a great city throughout the entire continent. It will become even greater once the Royal Palace is built.”

“A road to easily transport materials is required. The necessary workmen need to be obtained as well. That will shorten the construction period.”

“But there isn’t anywhere wide enough to construct a palace in Morata.

“If the shanty village is knocked down…”

“That isn’t going to happen!”

As Morata expanded, intermediate level and luxury homes were built. But the shacks still stayed as a specialty. The shanty village grew and artwork and sculptures filled the back alleys. Flowers bloomed in the streets as art and culture expanded.

“So where do you recommend?”

“We need a broader view.”

Adventurers, merchants and Grass Porridge members were part of the committee to construct the palace. A map of the northern continent was opened in order to select a palace construction site.

“The beach seems to be inadequate.”

“Wouldn’t it be better for a harbour development?”

“Although the problem can be settled step by step, right now there are many places inland that can’t be developed.”

“The north is waking up but there are many places buried.”

The northern villages had been harassed by the cold and monsters. Once the Arpen Kingdom was founded, its territory was increasing rapidly but some villages were completely wiped out by monsters.

A large number of records and adventures would disappear when a village was destroyed. If a new village was constructed there in the future then trial and errors will need to be experienced when adventuring around the area.

“There is a high probability that commerce will develop in the future.”

“It would be good to consult the history books of the Niflheim Empire.”

“There shouldn’t be any nearby villages.”

“A flat place with a river flowing would be good.”

This issue was just as important as picking the capital city.

“How about the area between Vargo Fortress and the Garden of the Gods?”

“Isn’t that the centre of the north?”

“This will become a central place in the future. It is a fair distance to the Garden of the Gods and Vargo Fortress and there is plenty of empty land.”

“Roads can also be opened up.”

“The problem is that the plains with a river isn’t that wide…the Royal Palace needs a vast area or the residential estates and business district as well.”

The users were familiar with the vast plains in the north. The vacant land between the Garden of the Gods and Vargo Fortress was a very large place according to Morata’s standards.

But looking at Morata’s rapid development, they had experience with how quickly the Arpen Kingdom could grow in other areas. Therefore they needed to find the perfect place for the Royal Palace where a city could thrive.

“It isn’t necessary to make the Royal Palace on a plains area.”


“I’ve been to these mountains and they are magnificent. The mountains are steep and rugged like Vargo Fortress. We can build the palace across the mountains.”

“A colourful and lavish Royal Palace built along with nature…”

“A structure overlooking a city.”

“Building the palace in a high place won’t an easy or cheap task.”

“But it could be the best building. There is no need to consider cost reduction.”

The Royal Palace that symbolized the dignity of the Arpen Kingdom would be built on top of the mountains. Guild buildings and commercial areas would be established along the mountain while housing would be built on the plains. If the Royal Palace was built well then it would become a featured place to visit.

If Weed built a large sculpture near the palace then it would catch even more attention. A Royal Palace that represented the dignity of the Arpen Kingdom and the north was going to be born.

“There are several suitable candidates but they will take a while to be ready.”

“The people will start protesting. They want to start quickly.”

“Let’s design it quickly.”

“We will start night shifts from today.

“I wouldn’t do it even with my company paying overtime…I am happy to stay up all night if it is for the Arpen Kingdom.”


The Hermes Guild raised a large army. They weren’t satisfied with being the strongest guild on the Versailles Continent. They trained an invincible army in order to conquer the continent.

“The weapons produced by the dwarves?”

“The dwarf blacksmiths have created them without a problem.”

“The troops?”

“Their morale and training is the best.”

The troops in the Hermes Guild has been trained for a long time and were recruiting as well. An astronomical amount of income from the Haven, Kallamore, Lasalle and Britten Alliance Kingdom was invested into training their military. The elite soldiers were trained more than general soldiers. No matter how much money they had, there was a limit to the number of residents that could be conscripted.

-A village has been wiped out by the Embinyu Church.

-The Rahest area has been devastated.

They spread rumours of the Embinyu Church as an excuse to conscript soldiers to a training camp. An enormous amount of money was consumed by the supplies and conscription so the burden on the Haven Empire was huge.

Lafaye held a meeting that 100 of the military commanders and top knights attended.

“This war is a crusade. And the Haven Empire’s march won’t stop until it unifies the entire continent.”

“When is the starting date?”

The border of the Haven Empire was touching several kingdoms. The empire was too big that not one kingdom could face them. Once the Haven Empire declared war, it was natural for other kingdoms to form an alliance against them. They would simultaneously invade at the borders.

When an alliance was formed, a considerable amount of time was required for them to gather their power. Their plan to win the war and prevent the alliance from taking action was a blitz attack. Once they gained the momentum, they believed there would be no one who could stop them.

“Everyone is excited by the success of Weed’s adventure so this is our chance.”

All the high level users knew that Weed was the first one to clear Roderick’s Labyrinth. The prestigious guilds failed even with the help of NPCs yet he accomplished it personally. He led the NPCs and pulled out their full ability so Weed’s leadership was praised even more.

Even the residents of rural villages on the Versailles Continent were talking about it as well as the broadcasting stations. It was to the extent that programs about Weed were shown dozens of times. He was the person the users in Royal Road respected most so Weed’s popularity was absolutely overwhelming.

“The people are interested in Weed right now. The attack will begin in 10 days as the army simultaneously moves to the border.”

The war plans for dealing with each kingdom were organized in advance. The elite troops prepared by the Hermes Guild reached a shocking 4 million. Troops from guilds they were secretly aligned with were also mixed in.


Time Sculpting!

The name gave off the feeling that he absolutely couldn’t miss this secret sculpting technique.

“If the time in the world is stopped…”

He didn’t know what would be triggered but he could imagine it. If he became worried then he could stop the world and move in it alone. A sculptor would carve radiant beauty based on their endless imagination.

“I would clear out a bank. No, first I would go to a department store and clear out the money and precious metals. Cash and gold would fill up the house so much that I’ll never go hungry.”

If he had gold then he could laugh brightly even if he became injured. Weed kept reading Roderick’s research records. It was good if Time Sculpting emerged but he was sensitive about the possible penalties involved.

【 I tried to complete Time Sculpting but a wall blocked me.

I didn’t know how to stop the flow of time in the world. I came to the conclusion that there is no way to accomplish it. So Time Sculpting was given up for growing plants.

A plant that grew up to spread a luxurious aroma was also beautiful. It wasn’t a sculpture but beautiful plants grew. 】


Weed screamed. It was like suddenly ending up in a rice paddy.

【 Cultivating plants became a big art.

Plants would take root in barren land and give comfort to the people of the continent. Even in ravaged areas of the continent, the plants were able to be deeply rooted and grow.

Then a sculptor said.

“But what about once it becomes a flower?”

“Isn’t a flower beautiful even after it wilts?”

“Even farmers can cultivate plants…”

“We are exploring the aesthetics. Art will be created based on the plants.”

The debate about flowers and trees continued for 2 days. And someone said.

“Flowers will wither after only blooming for a few days. Isn’t Time Sculpting even more necessary so we won’t miss the beauty around us?”

“That is true.”

“But the difficulty…”

“Art and beauty isn’t just made. Everything has a cost.”

“Let’s go back to Time Sculpting.”

The sculptors had a considerable amount of knowledge and ability that were suitable for other fields. There were those well versed in geography, history, architecture, swords, magic etc. Versatile geniuses were gathered as they continued to study time magic.

And 10 years passed. The sculptors were obstinate and didn’t give up. They browsed through records of adventures, history books and magic theories. Passion of this degree was necessary to give birth to art. They were already the best sculptors. I asked them why they were so immersed in this research.

“There is nothing impossible in sculpting.”

“Throughout history…the art of sculpting has been steadily declining. Aristocrats prefer paintings over sculptures so one day I want to pass on to junior sculptors the way to express radiant beauty.”

We studied Time Sculpting but failed.But the various species including humans, elves and dwarves looked through all the recorded writings and finally found a clue.

Nodulle and Hilderun. The tale of lovers who tried to escape the limits of time so they could be together eternally.】

Roderick’s research records ended there.


-Lovers of Borota Island.

Roderick’s research records mentioned a fact that is hard to believe.

Nodulle and Hilderun. Investigate the lovers who tried to escape the limits of time.

Roderick left several clues for this purpose.

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: The quest will fail if you die.

Weed took several items out of the box that contained the research records.

Scroll to summon a giant fire golem.

Scroll to summon a meteor.

Borota Island map.

Story of stars in the night sky #73.

A compass that had stopped.

Keys to a residence on Borota Island.

Sands of time.


It was the magic scroll that caught Weed’s eye first. All he needed to do to make the magic scroll work was to rip it. Right now, there wasn’t a single user who could summon a fire golem.

Roderick had used it when he was resurrected and its combat power wasn’t inferior to Bahamorg’s.

“And a scroll to summon a meteor…I didn’t think it was possible. I can’t expect too much. It might be an animal or monster raised by an elf that is called that name. Inspect!”

Weed checked the scroll to summon a meteor.

-The Grand Magician Roderick has sealed his best magic ‘Meteor Summon’ in this scroll.

There were numerous failures when creating this scroll and it is a one of a kind Meteor Summon scroll.

Once the scroll is torn, a meteor will be summoned to hit the ground.

Precautions when Using: Once the magic is activated, it is impossible to cancel it in the middle.

Accuracy is very low.

Will devastate an extensive area.

“This is real.”

It was a genuine scroll and not a fake!

“I can summon it to destroy a castle.”

Weed could imagine what would happen if the Meteor Summon scroll was used in Morata. A red meteor with a long tail would streak across the sky to devastate a city. The buildings would collapse instantly and the people involved would die. Everything including the squares would be so destroyed that they couldn’t be recognized.

“I have to investigate these clues to obtain Time Sculpting.”

Weed heard the story from the inhabitants of Versailles Continent.

“The most beloved sweethearts? Nodulle and Hilderun.”

“They stayed together for eternity despite the opposition from their families.”

“The girl next door recently fell in love. It would be good if she met a gentle man like Nodulle.

The residents suddenly started talking about Nodulle, Hilderun and Borota Island. Adventurers were interested but they didn’t know the location of Borota Island that the lovers disappeared to.


“Very interesting.”

Yoo Byung-jin was on the edge of his seat while watching Weed’s adventure. He created Royal Road but didn’t play it directly. He just felt satisfaction from watching the people in the world he produced.

“Would I feel sharper if I played Royal Road directly?”

The artificial intelligence showed Weed’s movements through multiple screens and he observed closely. Surprisingly, Weed managed to survive most situations despite the location.

-The demon soldier Pioko is on the verge of death. 1,439 health remaining. Weed is attacking.

Text from the AI appeared as fast as lightning wherever Weed was. The teleportation itself wasn’t a problem but Blink meant he might miss a demon soldier dying.

“Showing the best combat power…while directing the troops.”

It would be difficult for the paladins and priests to endure. There were a lot of demon soldiers and the Talloss waking up. Even if Montus and Roderick were fighting each other, it was a miracle the paladins could defend against the wave of attacks from the demon soldiers.

Of course, they had gained experience in the labyrinth but the intelligence and power of the paladins could be seen. Their cooperation with the priests, various blessings and their faith meant they could fight the demon soldiers.

But the most important thing was their iron wall formation and the fact that it didn’t collapse. The demon soldiers struck at a wall made of 3 layers of defence and the priests’ healing and protection spells. Even the weak troops knew how to deal with the enemies.

The demon soldiers were strong but they attacked individually and were wiped out by the formation.The situation wasn’t reversed through great tactics but excellent troops management and their defence ability.

The AI viewed the formation and organization of troops but judged there was little chance of failure.

“The paladins and priests are decreasing but they are handling the demons by fighting together.”

Weed was talented but the daring judgement and combat capabilities belonged to themselves. Weed had gained several skills, succeeded in adventures and accumulated fame so it was no wonder people were wowed by him.

“I don’t even need to see the reactions on the continent to understand.”

Yoo Byung-jin only checked Astello Square. The first conqueror of the 8th labyrinth and the hero who slayed a devil!

“Ah, Adventurer Weed and Sculptor Weed, this continent sure is lucky.”

“It doesn’t matter if the Embinyu Church runs wild since Weed will later teach them a lesson.”

“Roderick’s Labyrinth! A hell in the human world and it was suppressed by Weed-nim.”

“I would like to hear a song about the adventure. A song written about the adventure in Roderick’s Labyrinth will be able to gain significant popularity.”

Weed was such a splendid figure that all the residents and users on the Versailles Continent were talking about him.

So far Weed had succeeded in every adventure and there was a frenzy whenever it was broadcasted. Weed was also the one who developed Morata and the northern frontier into what it was now.

It was to the extent that common sense was overruled and the indoctrinated Grass Porridge Cult formed. The Grass Porridge Cult was a group that the general public and users who lived in the north naturally joined. It was led by users with various levels of power.

The Grass Porridge Cult was a group in Royal Road formed on the power of grass porridge, not religion! The Grass Porridge Cult respected freedom, pioneering, adventures and culture. But when looking at it, their belief in Weed was no less extreme than the Embinyu Church. Beginners who started in the Arpen Kingdom and joined the Grass Porridge Cult willingly cheered for Weed and paid their taxes.

So far Weed hadn’t acted as a ruler. He had just poured a huge amount of his personal fortune into Morata’s urban development. And the users in the Arpen Kingdom were mainly responsible for domestic affairs.

But when looking at the overall picture, Weed’s governing ability needed to be rated highly. He prepared distinctive squares when planning Morata and invested money into maintaining peace.

He constructed the Arts Centre to stimulate cultural development while the Grand Buildings increased the influx of users. The low taxes and high reward stimulated the pioneering spirit.

Despite the tenuous financial situation, they didn’t spare any money on the buildings. The users’ hearts were tied together by the large sculptures and the loyalty of the users who started in Morata was special.

The area around Morata was a wasteland but now everything had changed. The city gave off a feeling of never wanting to leave after entering it. Even if they went to a distant place while exploring the north, they would always return to Morata. Residential areas like the shanty village was important to instil the perception that the king cared about beginners.

The beginners who started in other cities and kingdoms were very poor. They had to save a while just to afford their own house. But users in Morata and the Arpen Kingdom could quickly obtain a house. Even if the shanty village didn’t have any facilities, it wasn’t far from the city centre.

The shanty village that was a short distance away was a popular travel destination for users. The fact that it was an easy and cheap place to live in Morata quickly spread. Weed had changed the devastated Morata in the north to this.

“It is impossible that all of this was thoroughly planned. Anyway, it is increasingly worth watching.”

Yoo Byung-jin decided to watch comfortably. He waited for Weed to fail and become ruined. However, he still cheered when Weed fought and won against Montus.


The Dark Gamers actively supported the Arpen Kingdom.

Title: Unknown hunting grounds in the Arpen Kingdom.

Title: Come to Beard Dungeon. You can make a fortune.

Title: Level up? From level 300 to 400. This place is sufficient

Title: A place to acquire major items in the Northern Continent

The top users of the Dark Gamers Union explored the north and shared the information through the bulletin boards.

“Well, we should go here.”

“Even though the land prices is disgusting…this is the north. It is quite normal.”

“There is a reason those places are popular.”

The Dark Gamers scattered around the Versailles Continent gathered in the Arpen Kingdom. The Dark Gamers had various tendencies. They enjoyed dangerous adventures and made unexpected choices.  The ones who were bards easily received information from the residents and formed hunting parties.

However, the majority of Dark Gamers preferred hunting silently. They hunted and cleared out the location where the Arpen Kingdom’s palace would be built.

“Selling an intermediate teardrop jewel necklace.”

“Please whisper if you find the Jipang enchanted magic wand.”

“Selling blacksmith materials. I have a considerable volume worth 5,000 gold.”

Advanced items were sold at the squares. Many weapons and materials were swept up by the Dark Gamers in dungeons. Dungeons in the Arpen Kingdom were being discovered one after another by the Dark Gamers.

General users also found some dungeons but the territory was too enormous and the peace unstable. They would encounter groups of monsters, traps or difficult demons and then experience death.

On the other hand, the Dark Gamers were familiar with dungeons and hunting. They thoroughly prepared by investigating the terrain and characteristics of the surrounding monsters before unearthing the dungeon.

Their transactions at the stores were absurd. Once they went to a hunting ground, they would bring back a backpack full of items. Of course, they needed to bring whetstones, food, exploration tools, trap dismantling tools, magic scrolls, bandages and other supplies when going to the hunting ground. They enjoyed the shacks, theatre and music performances as the tax revenue of the Arpen Kingdom increased.


After Weed survived the quest, he returned to Morata with the paladins and priests. The quest in the labyrinth was finished so he went to visit the Church of Lugh and the Freya Church.

“My achievements would be cut a lot.”

The fact that he successfully conquered the labyrinth didn’t comfort him. The audience watching through the broadcasts admired Weed’s charisma and leadership. His command of the troops perfectly matched the flow of battle.

His keen eyes that seized the opportunity to win while leading his troops was worthy of praise. Weed had many skills but the most feared was his leadership ability.

“Weed can beat any quest along with his subordinates.”

“Yes. He is strong by himself but nothing is impossible when he leads his subordinates.”

“He won’t let them die carelessly.”

“He thinks of human lives as precious.”

Those were the reactions after watching the broadcasts.

“I would like to become part of a hunting party led by Weed the God of War.”

“Really, his expeditions would be composed of high level players.”

“Until now I’ve only talked about Weed-nim’s adventures but I wish I could accomplish something like that.”

It was fortunate that they didn’t know Weed’s inner thoughts.

‘I need to complete the quest at all costs, even if it means using bait…’

Weed arrived in Morata and walked along the main street. The best city in the north where magnificent buildings were built! Normally this road was crowded with merchant carriages and people.

“Ooh, congratulations!”

“Hooray for Weed-nim!”

“I knew he would come back successfully!”

Users were standing on the side of the road and blowing pollen. They knew Weed would return to Morata so they waiting with petals from wildflowers. Weed received pollen, petals, claps and shouts of joy as he walked along the street.

It was the thrilling march of a great victory!

People from the Grass Porridge Cult had organized the event. Beginners stood on the rooftops and walls to watch Weed who was like their idol. Even the shacks on the hill was crowded with people wanting to see Weed. The welcoming crowd that paralysed Morata was indicative of Weed’s popularity.

“Preparing things like this…”

There wasn’t a happy smile on Weed’s face.

“How much taxes could’ve been collected if they hunted during this time?”

But other than Morata, there were taxes from 20 cities in the kingdom. Quests and trading occurred so the kingdom was growing steadily.

The northern kingdom was so large that there was plenty of room to expand. Weed finished the welcoming ceremony and visited the Church of Lugh. The High Priest was waiting for him.

“I heard news that you finished a tough and serious adventure.”

“It is nothing. The paladins of Lugh helped block the enemy threatening the peace of the continent.”

“A lot of blood flowed but peace isn’t free. The experience of the paladins are necessary for the development of a religion. And the children growing up in the Church of Lugh will defend justice with their swords.”


-Contribution to the Church of Lugh has decreased by 892.

The Church’s fame and honour has increased.

Missionary actions will be actively carried out and the number of believers will increase.

The senior paladins that have accumulated large experience can receive new quests.

The contribution was reduced more than he thought. The surviving paladins were promoted. Many new quests would arise in the Church of Lugh.

Demon Clean-up of Pomullan Island.

Missing Person Idein.

Destroy the 3rd Base of the Embinyu Church.

Wrong Sacrifice.

Quests with A and S class difficulty! This qualification was given only to Weed.

“There are many places around the continent that requiring protecting to ensure peace. Then I will meet you again at the next opportunity.”

“Lugh’s blessing always be with you.”

Weed’s circumstances meant he couldn’t do the religious quests right now so he just exited. And he visited the Freya Church.

“I was able to come back safely thanks to the protection of Goddess Freya.”

“The damage is too big. We believed in Weed-nim but…”

The High Priest of the Freya Church reprimanded him. It was inevitable since most of the priests belonged to the Freya Church. His reputation was forced to drop because a lot of priests were killed in battle.

“However, it is fortunate that Weed-nim survived and returned. I look forward to the work you will do for the religious societies from now. And it is good that Alveron has returned to the Freya Church with a great deal of experience.”


-The value of your achievements with the Freya Church has decreased by 2,493.

The blessings and grace of the Freya Church in the north has decreased.

Due to the large sacrifice, the activities of the priests in the Freya Church will decrease.

He had amassed higher achievements in the Freya Church compared to the Church of Lugh so that wasn’t a big problem. Currently the Freya Church was the main religion in the Arpen Kingdom. But if many priests died then there were many penalties like decreases economic activities and adventures.

“Anyway, this part has been resolved.”

Weed now needed to find the last secret sculpting technique.


The Haven Empire made an announcement the day the Imperial Palace finished construction.

<For a long time, we stopped and watched while hoping for peace. But our peers in the continent wasn’t satisfied.

The endless fighting over territory allowed the Embinyu Church free reign! The places where users can stay comfortably is becoming increasingly smaller.

This isn’t what our Hermes Guild wished for. We have the power so we should take responsibility.

The Hermes Guild has decided to stabilize the continent. Those who don’t understand may blame us but there will be even more extreme chaos on the continent if we do nothing.

Courage isn’t just needed to fight against monsters or the enemy. It is standing up to correct a wrong. That’s what true courage is.

The Hermes Guild will use this spirit to defend the peace.>

They used the justification of a moral duty to declare war on the entire continent! It wasn’t a bluff as a war started on all the borders of the Haven Empire. They broke through the border garrisons of the other kingdoms.

The elite members of the Hermes Guild led their knights and troops into the other kingdoms. From now on, they didn’t care about revealing the hidden power they built up to the other kingdoms. And a battalion of 70,000 troops led by Rensullot moved towards the Arpen Kingdom.

The Hermes Guild’s power had swelled greatly in the meantime. They intended to occupy the Arpen Kingdom who had defied them for a long time.

“They are finally coming.”

“It was expected after their long silence.”

The Versailles Continent wasn’t surprised about the Hermes Guild’s declaration of war. They were already viewed as bad guys. The Roam Guild, Black Sword Mercenaries, Lion Star Guild, Cloud Guild and remnants of the Black Lion Guild also moved quickly.

“The Hermes Guild really hid a large army.”

“We’ve been making an effort to build up our military but…”

“We can’t deal with those forces alone.”

“Let’s form an alliance.”

The 5 guilds coordinated quickly. In the past, they had been part of an alliance with the Hermes Guild until the Britten Alliance Kingdom was invaded. When the Hermes Guild seemed to stop, the imminent alliance seemed to dispel. But internally they were still meeting.

-We have to fight against the Hermes Guild or they will conquer the continent.

-They are a strong opponent. Combining forces with others would be nice…

-We’re close to the Hermes Guild so we will be in danger. Fighting against other competitors might weaken them.

The Black Sword Mercenaries, Roam Guild and Lion Star Guild agreed to strike the Hermes Guild. But while they were coordinating, the Hermes Guild declared war on the entire continent. They became a cohesive power to fight against the Hermes Guild.


“Having a war here is disgusting.”

The farmer Miretas wiped off the sweat with a towel while wearing a straw hat. This shabby hat wasn’t an ordinary item.

-Straw Hat with a Chicken Feather:

Durability 9/15. Defence 8.

A loosely woven straw hat.

In the past, the farmer Pulbons wore this hat to save the continent during an extremely lean year.

Restrictions: Farmers only.

Level: 430

Perseverance 1,200.

Options: When farming, there is a chance for Wisdom to rise.

Monsters will pay less attention.

Birds that sit on the straw hat can bring special seeds from distant places.

Rather than having vitality decline during physical labour, it will often increase vitality.

Can weather a storm for a long time without health decreasing.

Energy can be used to restore damaged land.

The likelihood of achieving a good harvest on cleared land has increased.

Can be repaired easily unless the durability is 0.

This was a unique hat that he accidentally obtained in the wastelands.

“I don’t like that war is coming to the Arpen Kingdom…”

Miretas had the natural personality of a farmer. He enjoyed watching planted crops as the seasons changed. He had cultivated a large granary and fruit orchard in the Arpen Kingdom. He even installed an irrigation system to pull water from the river and he would have a good harvest for the next few years.

“Things I can do…the soldiers will need food to eat.”

Only King Weed could know the exact population of the Arpen Kingdom. The lords of each region couldn’t combine the numbers to determine the exact population. Most of the land in the Arpen Kingdom was owned by the king.

However, Miretas could gain an approximate estimate of the population. Farmers were very sensitive about food production and its consumption. Prices would slump if there was too much food and conversely, people would starve if the food ran out.

The food consumption had increased by several times since he settled in the Arpen Kingdom. Humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, barbarians, avians and a variety of other species. There was also a tremendous influx of beginners into the Arpen Kingdom.

When a war started, rice was necessary for the military. The orcs were propagating at Vargo Fortress. They were a species with a quick growth rate as they often died and were born. Their growth system was completely different from humans.

When there were tough monsters or monsters disturbing the peace, the orcs would bravely stampede forward. The orc beginners would get rid of monsters and sell the items they acquired at Vargo Fortress. Vargo Fortress became a gathering place for dwarves, elves, orcs and merchants.

“Purchase bows from the elves! These bows won’t be sold to just anyone. Only people with definite archery skills should come.”

“A steel glaive reliably made in Morata! If you purchase more than 600 then a discount will be given.”

“Baby orcs like dried deer meat. Stand over there and wait, Orc-nim.”

“These are dwarf exclusive high boots.”

The true power of the Arpen Kingdom was commerce. The merchants engaged in business and an increasing number of the orc population became armed. The orcs heard the news about a war and held a meeting.

“Chwik, it is a war.”

“Chwi chwit, how interesting. Things were very tedious.”

“I should ask the human and dwarven blacksmiths to get rid of rust on my glaive.” Chwi chwit!”

“We’re going to fight, cwit!”

The orcs were the first ones who wanted to fight. They knew very well the persecution the orcs would receive from the Central Continent. They couldn’t cross many checkpoints at the cities because they weren’t human.

The individual ability of the orcs weren’t strong but they had superior numbers so the ruling guilds didn’t want them in the area. The orcs would also reduce the number of monsters in the hunting grounds.

Of course, there were other dungeons available but the orcs were annoying and would consume a lot of funds. They regretted that behaviour after seeing the orcs propagating and destroying monsters around Vargo Fortress.

“Since the humans have fallen into a crisis, we need to fight together. Another reason is that they create delicious beer.”

“In order to protect the forests…we have to enter the war.”

The dwarves and elves were the same. All the species in the Arpen Kingdom decided to join the war.

Grass Porridge Cult! The group that represented the north also reacted to the Hermes Guild’s army.

“Those guys are coming to conquer us…we are willing to fight!”

“Huhu, I was waiting for this war to spread.”

“Let’s do it!”

In the past, they had helped end the war in Morata! At that time, most of them were beginners but now their numbers had grown to an impossible degree.

“Inform each unit to prepare for battle.”

“We need to rally a minimum of 40,000 people for each unit. Will that be possible?”

“The Toadstool unit doesn’t seem to be exploring dungeons…I’ll tell them.”

They started to gather participants for the war through the Grass Porridge Cult’s communication network.

“Hermes Guild…”


“Join the war…”

“Let’s go!”

“Where should we gather?”

The notice was enough to persuade them without needing to carry on a conversation. Warriors in the north started to move out of the hunting grounds.

On the other hand, the users on the Versailles Continent who didn’t understand where talking about it in taverns.

“The Hermes Guild is really occupying the continent.”

“Well, they are very determined. How long can the alliance fight against them…?”


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    Freya has given you the power to create a new secret sculpting technique. It is like giving life to a sculpture already acquired.

    This will lead to the last step in the Sculpting Master Quest.

    Level of Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest

    Quest Restrictions: Level 9 Advanced Sculpting”

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      1. Caudyr

        There was ONE Sculptural Lifeform that was a Legendary Goblin Hero or something like that…but it “desired freedom so it could mate as it pleased and fight as it pleased” or something like that. There’s a fairly good chance it won’t give a damn about Weed anymore, though there’s also a really good chance that it WILL since he gave the Goblin life.

        That said…confirming that the Goblins weren’t lying when they mentioned seeing the Ellyons (or whatever they’re called…the little fairy sculptural lifeforms) improved his relationship with the goblins themselves iirc…so…there’s the possibility that that might affect things. ^^


      2. Rex Serpentus

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        BTW, The Reason Weed won in War Northern Guild isn’t because Black Imogi or Hydra or GPC. Even they surely helping Weed to acquiring Victory, but they role is defending.
        The Reason Morata won is Kallamore Soldier crush Northern alliance. Weed only come after Alliance already weakened by Kallamore Soldier, so Weed only just came for finishing attack for looting the Item and Equip from enemy.


      5. supahdoo

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      6. Rex Serpentus

        @Dark Strife : The Geomchis are special, they have way higher stats than people at their level have and they actually know how to use a sword, while most people just really on the damage. Bard-Ray is the strongest player and yet he is a crappy swordsman, hitting one point again and again is something new for him lolz when the Geomchis can BYPASS the defence of monsters. The Geomchis have been fighting high-level monsters (and a mob of them) without armour, all their strikes are critical strikes …. Hermes Guild is definitely in trouble.

        And its been a long time since we saw Black Imoogi and Hydra … and multiply that by 4, they must have leveled up a lot by now (considering they were used defend the Vargo Fortress). Im not saying they will take on Hermes Guild single-handedly but they can definitely give trouble even to Hermes Guilds members.


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    There’s also something I haven’t heard people saying, but does Weed still have that quest associated with the Queen’s Mirror? The NPC associated for the next step died a few months before Weed got the quest, but since he acquired Revival Sculpting, couldn’t he get the info straight from the horse’s mouth herself (a.k.a the Queen)? And while he’s at it, he could contact Zahab again and give them their reunion to build up intimacy so Weed could use him as another War Sculptor.



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