Chapter 3: Battle of Portu’s Royal Castle

3) Battle of Portu’s Royal Castle

The northern users gathered the sculpting materials for Mapan within 2 days. The amount of money exceeded 550,000 gold.

‘The amount of materials is sufficient for me to become a sculpting master.’

Fortunately, there was no need to pay money. The Arpen Kingdom was large and several important rights were granted to the merchants.

“I hope things turn our well, Weed-nim.”

“Huhuhut, of course.”

The dictatorship that secretly solicited bribes!

Weed and Zahab returned to the age of war on the third day. He appeared in the forest near Boden village. The valuable materials had been used for the quest.

“First thing we need to do is wait near the place.”

“Then let’s do so. I will follow your opinion no matter what.”

They headed on foot towards the capital of the Portu Kingdom. It was dangerous to travel around as Nodulle due to monsters but he didn’t need to worry with Zahab.

Children were dying and starving people were begging in the streets of the city. He knew they were NPCs but he didn’t feel comfortably seeing children dying.

“Well, public sentiment doesn’t matter to him.”

The Portu King was a warlock so he had no interest in the lives of his people. He would use the time when the Raum Kingdom invaded in order to rescue Seo-yoon.

‘Do I just need to follow the path that Nodulle used?’

Weed was somewhat worried. Nodulle handled the crisis by disguising as a servant and going to rescue Hilderun. The sight of him running between collapsing ceilings, pillars and walls was a breathtaking sight. The risk was too high if he used the same method.

‘I will make a new plan. I can take advantage of several favourable conditions unlike Nodulle.’

Right now he had the help of Zahab and various secret sculpting techniques.

Sculpting Blade!

Until recently it was a useful skill for hunting. Moonlight Sculpting Blade used the light of the moon to interrupt the enemy’s magic or special attack. The damage itself was a little weak but the good point was that it ignored the enemy’s defence. It was a skill best used against enemies with low health! But his stats and level meant he couldn’t use Sculpting Blade.

Elemental Sculpting!

Summoning an elemental consumed mana. Weed was the creator of the elementals but he could only summon them for a short duration.

Sculpture Transformation!

It was very useful but the transformation had its limits. His level and stats were low so it wouldn’t be effective even if he transformed himself.

Sculpture Life Bestowal!

It was possible to produce a subordinate. Of course, he would receive bigger damage if they died.

Sculpture Resurrection!

If he could call a suitable hero then he could make them work, but he had already used it to make Zahab his slave. Therefore it couldn’t be used for 1 month.

Great Disaster Nature Sculpting!

His Art stat was maintained so it was his strongest skill. He could now combine disasters to make them even more complex. But Weed’s health was now very low so his safety couldn’t be guaranteed.

‘Anyway, I have to use them as a whole. And if I build up achievements for the quest…Although my level and Art state is valuable, I shouldn’t be reluctant to give it up.’

He decided to choose a more profitable method than Nodulle’s choice.

“Kill the Portu King who uses forbidden magic and feed him to the crows!”


“The worms of Raum have spread to here. Stack them up like a tower. Punish those who want to ravage this country.”

“Slash their throats. Go!”

The army of the Raum Kingdom marched to Portu Kingdom’s capital as scheduled. Portu’s Royal Castle was in for a wide, defensive battle. The invading Raum Kingdom army contained 300,000 troops. They were joined by the allied kingdoms Rubens, Gorgul and Tamona.

The majestic view of a great army!

“Smash everything!”

“For His Majesty King Riyas, smash everything without leaving even the foundation behind!”

The siege weapons rolled forward and launched chunks of stones towards Portu’s Royal Castle. But Portu’s Royal Castle didn’t collapse easily.

“Ah, here… The offerings gathered here are sufficient.”

“This day will become a festival of blood.”

“Calais’s sickle of death, give me your eyes.”

The evil warlock organization called Energy Seed gathered at the castle.


The Portu monsters devouring the soldiers suddenly became stronger. Soon the gates opened and the demons ran outside. And a battle spread against the allied forces of the Raum Kingdom.

“I’ll wait a little longer.”

Nodulle gained some servant clothes and sneaked into the castle. Weed and Zahab hid in the sewage nearby. There was a disgusting smell but this was the safest place as Nodulle. Good planning often had to sacrifice neatness.

“Until when should we wait?”

“So far there has only been a small uproar. We will watch for 10 more minutes.”

The interior was heavily guarded by Royal Knights so he needed to wait for the chance.

When Nodulle had entered, every hallway had been guarded with knights.


The impact of the siege weapons hitting the castle reached the place where Weed and Zahab were. The walls were big and thick but it was inevitable that it would collapse.

“Shouldn’t we go now?”

“Please wait a little more.”

Weed showed patience.

He had watched the video of Nodulle and memorized the Portu Kingdom’s military response. He didn’t miss one bit of trivial information when watching the video.

‘It is about time for the south gate to be broken. The warlocks can’t deal with it…..’

“The south gate! They’re flocking through the south gate!”

“Intercept the enemy. Go knights!”

The ground vibrated as many personnel moved. Nodulle had used this chance to enter the Royal Castle.


Weed and Zahab climbed out of the sewer. The place they emerged at was the training place of the knights! Usually it was filled with knights but right now it was empty. There were several soldiers but they soon turned their gazes elsewhere. It was because they wore clothes of the warlocks of Portu Kingdom.

It was difficult for the regular soldiers to question the behaviour of the warlocks. Weed and Zahab had hunted in a dungeon before coming here.

‘The warlocks of Portu. Then there will surely be warlocks in the dungeons.’

The residents had plenty of rumours about places where they were forbidden to step foot in. He found the warlocks inside those dungeons! Hunting the warlocks there increased his infamy and mana by 300.

The warlocks were a fearful existence for general soldiers.

And a carriage soon moved to where they were. Weed went forward.

“Stop here.”

“What is happening? Hurry up and stop the army… Magician-nim.”

“I am here to take over this carriage.”

“That can’t be. I only take orders from the garrison leader Harock-nim.”

“I received orders from Chakujel-nim directly.”

“Then please show me the order.”

The knights inside the carriage were stubborn but their opponent was Weed!

“There are no orders.”

“Then you can’t pass this carriage.”

“Despite the fact that we’re fighting, are you telling me to go back to Chakujel-nim to receive the orders?”

“Rules are rules. We have to uphold martial law.”

“Good. Then look carefully at my face.”


Weed pulled down the hood covering his face.

“Ah, Bill-nim.”

“Yes. You recognize me.”

“Of course.”

He had examined the appearance of a warlock and used Sculpture Transformation in advance.

“And this is Nulta-nim.”

The flash of gold that proved his identity! Weed had carefully examined the Royal Knights in Nodulle’s video. And had elaborately forged an identity plaque. Weed maximized his sculpting and counterfeiting skills to 300%!

The knight confirmed the identity plaque.

“This is Nulta-nim’s identity plaque.”

“If you don’t believe even with this proof then let’s go to where Chakujel-nim is.”

Chakujel was a notorious warlock in the Portu Kingdom. In addition, he had been the mentor of the Portu King. Many fearful rumours about Chakujel had spread. Meeting him was similar to nailing down the coffin lid!

The knight hesitated before handing over the reins of the horse.

“If it is Bill-nim then I will believe you. We request that you safely return this to us after the battle.”

“Don’t worry.”

Weed and Zahab drove the carriage towards the castle.

-You have convinced the knights of the kingdom.

Wisdom has increased by 1.

The carriage was robbed due to a scam!

Your charm, charisma and wisdom meant things could be stolen without a fight.

Normally Weed’s high charm, charisma and wisdom meant he could easily convince the knights but life wasn’t that easy now. However, they had a false sense of security due to this being the Royal Castle and the knights also feared warlocks.

Weed and Zahab comfortably passed areas protected by knights and soldiers and arrived at the castle’s entrance. An intense battle was occurring outside while the Raum Kingdom had secured the south gate. There was also a roaring sound as siege weapons attacked the area. The entrance of the castle was protected by the Royal Knights.

“Stop, what can we do for you?”

“I have some special materials needed for black magic.”

“I will check.”

The knight checked the corpses of monsters inside the carriage. The corpses of monsters were a necessary material used by warlocks to create chimeras. Weed knew that a carriage would enter thanks to Nodulle’s video and decided to use this.

“I didn’t think that Bill-nim would transport it directly. I was notified that these materials were coming in advance. You are granted passage!”

“Work hard.”

He successfully infiltrated the castle without any resistance! Nodulle had almost died 5 times while reaching this point.

‘The time has also been reduced by 7 minutes.’

This reduction in time was important to ensure that he wasn’t hit by siege weapons. He also needed to safely move Seo-yoon to the exit as quickly as possible. The last part of the video showed Nodulle rescuing Hilderun when the castle had been on the edge of collapse.

He didn’t know how Hilderun was rescued after that. Weed didn’t want to encounter that situation so he had to go quickly.

I’m coming soon so just wait.

Weed sent a whisper to Seo-yoon. Seo-yoon was trapped in darkness at the top of a tower and couldn’t move so she could only send and receive whispers.

Come slowly. I’ll be waiting.

Seo-yoon spoke like it was okay even if she died! But she couldn’t die in order for the quest to succeed.

“Let’s go.”

Weed and Zahab left the carriage and headed towards the tower.


“To the right side.”

There were enemies everywhere and the carriage had stopped so they could be discovered at any time.

‘I am fighting against time. I need to reach the tower as soon as possible before I’m discovered.’

More than 30 guards were walking around while armed. Nodulle hadn’t encountered them but now he was early.

“What are you doing?”

The soldiers asked politely first because he was a warlock. Weed whispered in a low voice so that only Zahab could hear.

“Zahab-nim, from now on you have to get rid of everyone who sees us. There is no time to waste on a conversation.”

“Yes, I’ve heard and experienced many things while coming here so I am sure they are bad people.”

“Of course. Zahab-nim is doing the right thing.”

Weed’s specialty was inciting people!

“Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

Zahab used a sword skill. Brilliant light was emitted like falling autumn leaves and cut the soldiers. As expected from a master swordsman!

“How amazing, Zahab-nim!”

Weed clapped and cheered.

‘It is worth bringing him.’

The soldiers were no match for him. A power that could get rid of dozens of soldiers quickly! 3~4 soldiers ran away but that was unrelated.

They might be noticed but the Raum Kingdom’s army was going to enter soon. The warlocks and knights would then become busy trying to stop the siege. Nodulle had come in disguised as a servant and then a prisoner of war of the Raum Knights in order to barely escape the crisis.

“It is this way.”

Weed remembered the terrain seen in the video and led the way. They encountered knights and soldiers but Zahab just took care of it without acknowledging them.Weed couldn’t die so he just watched from a distance. Fortunately, Zahab was like a god so Weed was relatively safe.

‘That’s great.’

Zahab fought so often it was worth using Sculpture Resurrection. He could’ve used Sculpture Resurrection to call a stronger historical hero but there was no guarantee they would cooperate.

Especially now that Zahab was willing to die for him. In the worst case situation, Weed could sneak away while the warlocks and knights concentrated on Zahab.

‘Well, he is the one who taught me Radiant Sword and we have sculpting in common.’

The spirit of a sculptor and tremendous loyalty that was better than an assassin!

“Radiant Sword!”

A big archaeopteryx appeared when Zahab used Radiant Sword and swept away everyone in the area. All the knights and soldiers were taken down.

“As expected… There is no doubt that he will win. Then we should go to the next place.”

It didn’t matter if Zahab was slightly injured or had his vitality drop since they had no time.

Weed encountered 6 battles as they moved towards the tower. He had to carefully survey the area since his current strength was weak.

“Emergency! It is an emergency!”

“Everyone gather in front of the south gate in order to fend off the enemy knights!”

The troops in the castle moved quickly as the knights of the Raum Kingdom entered. The troops moved to the castle entrance to stop them.

Weed and Zahab hid behind stacked hay or pillars to avoid the moving troops. The quest required saving Seo-yoon so there was no need for unnecessary battles.


Weed and Zahab arrived at a corner where he could see the tower.

“Those guys are tough. I’ve finally met opponents worth fighting after a long time.”

Zahab murmured as he looked at the entrance of the tower. The Royal Knights protecting the entrance of the tower looked formidable. Only the King and warlocks were allowed to enter so Nodulle couldn’t penetrate through them.

When he looked at the video, he estimated that the knights were in the mid-400’s but were strengthened by black magic! If the knights of the Raum Kingdom hadn’t arrived then Nodulle wouldn’t have a chance at all.

But there were many demons in the tower. Nodulle climbed the sheer wall of the tower and almost died twice. Usually he could be caught but there was a battle unfolding in the yard. The archers were all focused on the external enemies and didn’t notice Nodulle creeping up the tower.

Of course, it was close but that time hadn’t occurred yet. Weed calculated that he was 30 minutes faster than Nodulle. That time would be a very big asset in moments of crisis.

“We’re going to the building next door.”

The hall of the warlocks! Various black magic related books and study materials were available there and it was a place for novice warlocks to begin. Weed and Zahab went up the stairs of the empty building.

“And this is….”

It was a rope with a hook attached that he prepared after seeing Nodulle’s video! He planned to rise quickly on foot towards the general level where Seo-yoon was trapped on the tower next door. If he succeeded then he could rise from the 5th floor of the tower towards the 7th floor.

He needed to obtain the secret keys for the 5th, 6th and 7th floor but the video allowed him to know where they were hidden. Most of the dangerous elements were also outside.


Weed threw the hooked rope towards the tower. And it felt it connect after a while.

“I will go first.”

Weed stepped forward as he tied the rope and climbed aboard it. The destination was the 5th floor but there was a considerable distance from the height of the general building.


He turned as he felt something flying to the left. A large fireball from a siege weapon has flown past him with a black smoke tail.


Weed flattened his body close to the rope. The fireball had narrowly brushed past him.

“I almost died.”

Weed briefly looked back and had a panoramic view.

“S-save me!”

“The 4th Infantry Division has taken control of the castle’s east walls!”

“We won’t accept any members of the Portu Kingdom as prisoners so behead them all!”

There were the endless screams of the soldiers in the background and the siege weapons continued shooting fireballs. Fire and smoke spread everywhere as the calm of the Royal Castle was disrupted.

When looking at the history books, Portu’s Royal Castle that had been considered a beautiful fortress had been destroyed on this day and only rubble remained.

Nodulle had entered the tower as ceilings and walls were collapsing so Weed was in a fairly comfortable position right now.

While Weed had stopped for a while, Zahab grabbed the rope and started climbing.

“Go quickly.”

Bizarre creatures were also starting to fly in the sky. The demons that the warlocks had summoned!

Kkirit kkiriririt!

A demon with a long head and legs approached Weed and Zahab.

This was the risk of coming early.

“I haven’t even reached half-way yet.”

Weed painfully clung to the rope. His strength and vitality was weak so he couldn’t easily climb the rope. Not to mention his low health. If he was pecked or fell down then he would die instantly!

“I will buy some time so continue climbing upwards. You have to live and rescue you sweetheart.”

Zahab went out to take care of it.

“Radiant Sword!”

Despite hanging in the rope in an uneasy position, birds of prey made of light shot forward and blocked the approach of the demons.

‘As expected from Zahab.’

It was good that he brought Zahab here. It was like getting bonus jajangmyeon when buying jjampong.

Weed didn’t pay attention to the battle and slowly climbed up the rope until he hit the 5th floor of the tower.

“As expected, there is nothing.”

An empty corridor. Now there were only two obstacles remaining before he reached Seo-yoon.

Traps and guards with the keys!

Nodulle had barely managed to overcome the traps and guards. It would’ve been impossible if the Portu Kingdom wasn’t falling but he had bribed the guards with jewels to give him the key.

It was a difficult quest but Weed knew the terrain thanks to Nodulle. After a while, Zahab followed him in.

Kkirik kkiriririk!

The gap was too small for the demons to enter no matter how many times they tried so they flew away towards other enemies.

“Let’s go!”

He knew the exact location of the traps. Nodulle had overcome the danger of the traps due to his knowledge of architecture and machines.


Weed stopped Zahab as they stepped into a passage with a trap.

“You have to be careful. This place isn’t ordinary.”

“There is nothing. Go quickly.”

“Well, there is a large danger that is hidden. I know the interior of the tower based on my knowledge of architectural design….”

Weed touched the stone wall.

“This wall will shoot out poisoned steel. If I remove this brick here…”

He was acting like Nodulle. And there was the sound of a small gear moving as the trap was turned off.

“It is now safe.”

“That’s really great.”

“It is a basic part of being a sculptor. Let’s continue.”

Acting smug whenever he dismantled a trap!

-The trap has been neutralized.

The Dismantle Trap skill has been generated.

Knowledge has increased by 1.

This was a skill that thieves mainly received. Of course, this wasn’t a useful technique if Weed was in his normal state. In his previous dungeon hunts, he would look at the monsters to determine where the traps were. Then he would just take it with his body or use Van Hawk.

“Ah, I’m worried. This invasion of the Portu Kingdom…doesn’t it seem like it is going to collapse? Then how will I live in the future?”

There was a sentry anguishing on the 7th floor of the tower. Nodulle gave money to persuade him but Weed didn’t need to do that.


“What is it?”

“Kill that guy!”

Zahab could take care of him for free!

“He is a little weak to kill. His body is also pathetic.’

“He is a pawn of those people. He helped sacrifice many innocent people….”


Zahab hesitated for a while but cut the sentry after learning he was the warlock’s henchman.

In fact, the sentry was a naive youth but took the task of keeping the key in order to feed his family. But Zahab was told a story so that he wold kill. He could be bribed with 1,400 gold but Weed didn’t want to waste money so he had Zahab kill the sentry.

-You have acquired the No. 54 Key.

The key to Seo-yoon’s prison was obtained!

He had obtained 30 other keys but those places were empty or the wrong place. Rescuing the prisoners would be useful when escaping but most of them had been experimented on and would often attack.


Weed inserted the No. 54 key into the iron door and turned it.


The lock of the iron door was opened.

“I came to rescue you!”

Weed let Zahab open the iron door. It was to avoid dangerous situations so he could live longer! Fortunately there weren’t any knights, monsters or warlocks as Seo-yoon was locked up alone.

But her perfect skin had completely turned black. Her skin had turned black like a dark elf.

“What is this? Even if it was scorched by the sun, her skin wouldn’t turn dark like this.”

Weed checked that there was no danger and approached Seo-yoon.


-Rescue Hilderun has been completed.

Fortunately, Hilderun is still alive. But the Portu King has already offered her to a devil.

“This is… Why is it like this?”

Weed thought it was ridiculous. Nodulle had definitely come to rescue Hilderun on this day. In fact, his arrival time was actually faster. Nevertheless, she had already been offered as a sacrifice to the magic experiment!

Then an idea passed through Weed’s head.

‘Don’t tell me Nodulle didn’t rescue Hilderun?’

No one knew exactly what happened to Nodulle and Hilderun. It was possible that it ended unhappily like most love affairs.

And a short video played in front of Weed.

Nodulle arrived at the top of the tower and opened the iron door. He sobbed as he discovered the trapped Hilderun.

“I….I’m too late.”

Nodulle carried Hilderun.

“It is not over yet. She is still alive. I won’t give up until the end. I will revive you even if you were offered to the devil.”

And Nodulle carried Hilderun out of the door.


-Save Hilderun

A devil is sleeping inside Hilderun’s body.

The best saint on the continent, Ahellun sealed the devil previously.

Interfere with the devil summoning ritual in the time remaining. You must destroy the seal binding Hilderun’s spirit and vitality.

If you break the sealing bead that the Portu King hid away then Hilderun’s spirit will wake up.

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: Colleague won’t wake up until the quest ends.

Colleague will turn into a devil after 5 hours and the quest will fail.

* Please Note

If the devil is summoned, then it will indiscriminately destroy the Raum Kingdom and its allies and significant changes will occur to the history of the Versailles Continent.

The mighty forces of the devil will appear on the continent and the Portu King will continue living. If this quest fails then the devils will descend to earth.

And after that, the history of the Versailles Continent will change completely.

This would have a large effect on the continent as devils emerged in the Portu Kingdom.

Weed’s quest would have an enormous influence on the entire continent! If the kingdoms and users received damage then they would heavily blame him.

“Well, the good news is that this isn’t the north.”

It was somebody else’s problem so the burden decreased for Weed. If the Portu Kingdom swallowed the Raum Kingdom and its allies then it would even effect the Haven Empire in the present.

It was possible to deal a serious blow to the Hermes Guild who was conquering the continent. But he couldn’t deliberately fail the quest. It was amazing as the contents of the quest became increasingly bigger. They spent a peaceful few weeks on the island before experiencing this large adventure.

Weed wasn’t the same as other males. Even if he met someone he loved, he didn’t want to experience the cost of the wedding, honeymoon, housing and other expenses. Everyone had a vague idea about meeting a suitable partner but the process wasn’t that easy. If there were children from the marriage then he also needed to feed them pork.

Weed had prepared in advance for having a baby in the future.

‘I’m raising 3 pigs in the yard.’

Livestock to reduce the food costs!

“I thought I just needed to escape the castle but now I need to destroyed the sealing bead.”

He could determine the difficult just from hearing the contents.


“Hrmm, um, something like this…”

Yoo Byung-jin continued to look at Weed’s adventures with admiration. The behaviour itself was simple but he needed to calculate the terrain, timing and strategy.

“Yes, he is called the God of War or King of Adventures for a reason.”

Weed had great adventures from his time in Continent of Magic and that continued to Royal Road. He had used his accumulated knowledge and experience to find Seo-yoon. But the fun was starting now. He couldn’t escape from the castle but needed to plunge into more danger to break the sealing bead.

He would need to confront the knights, warlocks and Raum Kingdom troops invading the castle. There were many situations where he could die so it would be really difficult to survive.

The Sands of Time still had one use remaining but there was no meaning in using it now. Weed’s circumstances were already different from Nodulle’s due to his actions.

“Maybe the secret sculpting technique quest will end today.”

Yoo Byung-jin couldn’t move his eyes from the monitor. He looked at Weed stabbing some soldiers and killed them. Zahab could easily take care of such a situation but he was fending off some knights. Stones falling from the ceiling also almost killed Weed and Seo-yoon.

Beep beep beep.

Then an alarm rang at the back of the monitor. Yoo Byung-jin asked the AI without looking away.

“Tell me what is going on.”

The board of directors of Unicorn Corporation is convening. Several outside directors are presenting an agenda to increase cash dividends and interference in corporate management.

“The reaction of the executives?”

It is difficult. Unicorn Corporation possesses abundant funds so they’re not worried about the investment plans hindering new businesses.

It is difficult to refuse the foreign outside directors due to political, public and media pressure from our country and abroad.

The growth rate of Unicorn Corporation wasn’t surprising to outside businessmen and financial specialists. Many officials and employees were astonished at Royal Road’s technology and sales.

Other general businesses found it difficult to believe the accounting reports.

Unicorn Corporation also experienced unprecedented success in areas like robotics, environmentally friendly materials, heavy industries, electronics, finance, communications and biotechnology.

They were also becoming increasingly tangled in politics.

“This is a nuisance. What influence do they have on the stocks?”

Approximately 24.81%.

Unicorn Corporation had listened 36% of their shares as public stocks. The rest was owned by corporations around the world and Yoo Byung-jin.

If Unicorn Corporation’s shares were owned by a little company called A, the real owners would be a private company called B or an unlisted organization. But Company B might be managed by Company C and C was an affiliate of a large corporation called D. Yet Corporation D was silently managed by Company E who had invested in them or was a paper company for taxes.

And the final owner was Yoo Byung-jin. He used this snowballing tactic to astronomically grow his property. In the end, Unicorn Corporation was thoroughly owned by Yoo Byung-jin.

“Dispatch the parent company or bank to shake the outside directors. If there is a chance then have Unicorn Corporation take over those companies.”

It is in progress. The result of this work will be delivered in 3 months.

The artificial intelligence didn’t only operate in Royal Road. It moved through Unicorn Corporation’s systems present throughout the world and kept watch on the politics, economics, movement of troops, transportation, telecommunications and the internet.

The AI could quickly find the best situation.

-And there is a minor problem.

“What is it?”

Yoo Byung-jin was a little annoyed since he wanted to watch the video of Weed. Usually the executives of Unicorn Corporation and the AI could take care of most problems. But some situations required Yoo Byung-jin’s judgement directly.

It related to the private life of Weed.

The AI displayed the house where Weed lived in real time.

“That is a good place to live.”

Yoo Byung-jin said as he saw Lee Hyun’s house.

Fruit trees and vegetables were growing in the yard. When looking from an aerial view, the expensive pear trees caught his eye. If he didn’t live in an apartment then he would’ve liked to live in such a house. Management would be a little inconvenient but he could enjoy the peacefulness of the house.

The screen focused on a black car parked near the house.

They are monitoring him.

“Who are they?” Do they work for his girlfriend’s family?”

He knew that Seo-yoon’s father didn’t really approve of Weed.

The top ranked players in Royal Road. They received the special attention of Yoo Byung-jin. Thus he had arranged surveillance cameras around Lee Hyun’s university and small unmanned surveillance aircrafts around his house.

They were state of the art technology that looked like small flies and fly around Lee Hyun’s house, sometimes sticking to the walls.

They are working for a private money lender.

“Why are they watching?”

In the past….

The AI explained everything it knew about the bad relationship between Lee Hyun and the private money lenders.

“Hasn’t their relationship ended yet?”

It ended a long time ago. But recently the money lenders used the people who owe them debts to jump into Royal Road.

They created a workshop that employs Dark Gamers. They recently learnt that Lee Hyun is Weed the God of War from Continent of Magic. Now those money lenders are targeting Lee Hyun for wicked work.

“How unpleasant.”

Yoo Byung-jin didn’t feel good about someone interfering with his plan.

It was possible that Lee Hyun could accomplish the greatest achievement since Royal Road opened. He wasn’t good natured enough to tolerate such a thing.

“Take care of them so that my ears never have to hear about them again.

The fate of the private money lenders was determined in that moment.

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        versailles is everywhere….and the dude who become emperor will control versailles…


      2. Phil1403

        If i remember correctly,
        1 – In Ark season 1, the red man is just a solo rogue NPC which awakens to self awareness at the end of the game. And which came out of the game because State security was greedy.
        In fact, that test AI tried to take over the game but finally lost to Ark. After loosing, it became powerless, thanks to survival cooking… 😉
        In the end, it’s just the updated version of Ark’s pet.
        2 – In LMS, the AI manage the game and also, is present outside of the game too. But it follows the order of her master and does NOT run wild. When it enact surveillance, it is for specific purpose. It is NOT against everyone nor at any time, based on it’s master will.
        3 – Skynet is something else…


      3. eili

        “2 – In LMS, the AI manage the game and also, is present outside of the game too. But it follows the order of her master and does NOT run wild. When it enact surveillance, it is for specific purpose. It is NOT against everyone nor at any time, based on it’s master will.”
        not against anyone, but ingame,it’s every time , surely
        every npc IS versailles
        outside the game, it thoughtfulness just meet the need of his creator

        “3 – Skynet is something else…”

        in what?
        both are self-aware
        skynet try to destroy mankind when they try to destroy it
        nobody know about versailles except his creator
        what would happen if his creator die and world would erase versailles?
        i don’t know but he hate mankind, i guess he doesn’t program compassion inside versailles :p
        (look at azimov’s Laws of robotics, you’ll see they don’t exist in versailles )

        so, it’s not skynet is something else, it’s just the situation is different

        it’s the lms section, but i want to answer
        goal of lucifer is to expel the player from new world, nobody know about it till late in the last volume
        atl> lucifer want to prove itself he exist by defeating ark


      4. Phil1403

        2 – IN LMS, every NPC is like a small AI… it’s clearly stated by the author. Same goes for high level monsters.
        3 – Skynet has only 1 goal: destroying human kind. LMS AI does NOT do that at all. Her aim is helping the creator managing RR and the company, which is very different. IT’s truly a support system, and the closest symbol of it is the Goddess of Rosenheim and Morata. 😉
        Now the AI from New world has a different purpose. It aim at taking over the world. And killing players ingame is just a collateral damage. Now this AI also became more aggressive, when trying to kill Alan and the scavengers. And it’s even more while threatening South Korea.
        I’m looking for that evolution
        And by the way, Ark ending is more like Matrix where 2 AI collides, one siding with humans… Here it is the NPC siding with users. And also the users activating the counter measure against the hostile AI.


      5. eili

        “Skynet has only 1 goal: destroying human kind” false

        skynet was a support system at the very begining,a military support system
        watch sarah connor chronicle, it’s canon 😉

        that don’t justify anymore your point of view “Skynet is something else… “


      6. Phil1403

        You know better than me the terminator story 😀
        I just have in mind the old trilogy. I will look at it sometimes.

        This being said, what you imply is that skynet was an AI that runned amok. But, -question -, was skynet close to someone like LMS Ai does ?
        Also, that would draw Lucifer and skynet closer (the nuclear thread and the nuclear attack).
        Anyhow, those 2 are very far from Asimov’s 3 law…


      7. Phil1403

        the self awareness of being within a game is a clear difference between the NPC/monster AI within the game and the AI going outside. RedMan/Lucifer is that AI going through the process of getting out the main game system (New World).
        Closely related, you have also the Pet/master relationship between a user and a simple NPC AI. then you have a mariage between a user and a NPC. But still, it stays within the game.
        You have the same in the bible with the Eden story and Mankind’s painful awakening .

        So i’m intrigued to read more about it in season 2.

        Another thought: Ark’s writer gives quiet a few metaphor related to the topic.

        It start with the giant whale, where only the user can be aware, then the giant clay/catfish (or something close). First, the user is aware and does free the NPC “soul”.
        Second case, the user does not awake an NPC but it does poison the system. So it kills the system.
        Third the devil that kept dead draconian soul trapped, where Ark realized that he was unaware that he was trapped inside the devil (the user is not aware of being inside; same goes for the NPC).
        Fourth with the idea maze (where it already opens to the outside world with the memory chips containing video from the outside world and many evil thought that will block that process).
        Fifth, you have the Redman awakening….This time, it is the AI which awakens.

        Not sure if i was clear.


      8. eili

        “Anyhow, those 2 are very far from Asimov’s 3 law… ”
        those 3(versailles ,lucifer,skynet) are indeed far from asimov’s 3 law
        those are 3 AI without it
        that’s why i ask :
        what could happen if creator of versailles die and all these very rich businessman around the world want to seize the jackpot.
        they need to destroy versailles,the only way
        what would versailles do?
        i put 5 buck on “destroy humanity, save the creator ‘s will”

        “lucifer going through the process of getting out the main game system”
        it’s the military,the gouvernment of korea that has extract lucifer from new world and try to use it

        something like this :
        “yeah , it’s just a super pacman from a game for moron who’ll control for the best our nuclear plant..
        wtf !!! who suck my bandwidth?


        but i agree : awerness is not constant from skynet to lucifer, the last is versailles that is in safe place
        lucifer and versailles ,like kid ,miss something really important, the fear of dying
        they aren’t yet fully grown

        “Not sure if i was clear.”
        it’s a litle confused :p


      9. Phil1403

        I got it. Skynet went amok. Lucifer, i don’t know. I still haven’t read it (i’m at volume 3). The AI in LMS is related to the creator. In the End, it should go to the final RR’s Emperor. My bet is that it will go to Weed.
        4) About Asimov’s law, it never was mentionned.
        5) About human greedy/crazy behavior, of course it is ment to plunder and destroy if no regulation (be it internal or external) are applied.


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    The fate of the private money lenders was determined in that moment.”

    that’s why i continue to read lms…this man is really epic 🙂

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    “Now, before Zahab and Weed finished grinding to steal Warlock clothes and appearances, Weed knew he would need a masterpiece when the Warlock King returned, so he brought the finest materials!!”

    ^ something like this?


    1. warmnsoftblanket

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      Something like “I (weed) need to speed up my pace and master my skill, I need to get some precious materials to accelerate mastering speed, so I can end this quest faster/better/stronger, cause you know, it is a sculpting quest and I (weed) will almost certainly need my skill to be 100% master to make something in the end.

      I think this is how it is…


    2. Phil1403

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    3. You-Bum Jin

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    1. Phil1403

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      1. Owl

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    1. RedSoloCup

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    1. Kildare

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