Chapter 4: Mock Battle (1)

4) Mock Battle (1)

“How much magic power do you have?”

“Approximately 65,000.”

Lee Shin started thinking.

‘The minimum bet is 10,000 and it goes up to 50,000.’

Fortunately, the side that was challenged could decide the bets.

“If I bet 10,000 then I can fight a total of 6 times.”

“That will only happen if I received 6 challenges. But in the future, I will be in a position to freely challenge anyone.”

“Then if you are defeated and lose the Demon Lord position, you can still recover your status if you have magic power.”

Gremory gave a bitter laugh. She motioned towards Lee Shin.


Lee Shin followed her to a window.

The large, glass windows looked out over a vast territory. The place where demons lived had an unbelievably beautiful nature.

“I am the Demon Lord that rules over 26 legions of demons and this territory.”


“That number has gone down but there are still 13 demon legions loyal to me.”

Gremory looked at Lee Shin with sad eyes.

“Losing the status of Lord means I no longer have the right to this land and their loyalty. Wouldn’t it be shameful and humiliating if I lost?”

Lee Shin realized he spoke too early.

He was like that as well. He felt a sense of loss when he no longer had a career as a professional player. He was still young so money wasn’t a problem.

They were silly words that didn’t take into account the feelings of the person concerned. Her pride was very precious in these games.

Lee Shin said.

“Of course I’m not going to lose. We can choose the battlefield and hopefully prepare.”

Lee Shin was a pro gamer so he knew very well how to fight in the desired map.

“Do you know that magic power of the lord that is ranked 71?”

“The 71st ranked Demon Lord, Amdusias has 91,000 magic power.”

“91,000 is 9 times…It means you are only eligible to challenge if you have 81,900 magic power.”

“That’s right.”

“So if you beat one opponent and win 10,000 magic power then you don’t have the right to challenge straight away?”

“The bet depends on how prepared you are.”

“That’s correct. I have to consider my physical condition and the nature of the opponent.”

“Okay. I will believe in you.”

*     *     *

The 72nd ranked Demon Lord, Gremory.

At one time, she was ranked 56th and her palace was just as beautiful as its owner. This palace wasn’t as splendid as the Palace of Versailles.

Lee Shin was served his meal in bed and was treated very cordially. There were beautiful maids that followed him and took care of any details.

He would have been happen to stay here forever while working for Gremory. But there was no time to enjoy a comfortable life. He had work to do and didn’t know when a challenge would arrive.

He went straight to practice.

“In order to gain an idea of it, I need to practice. Are practical exercises possible?”

“it certainly is.”

Gremory laid her hands on Lee Shin’s shoulders. At that moment, the space around Lee Shin distorted.


-The Demon Lord Gremory and her contractor Lee Shin have arrived at the 1st full length Asteia battlefield.

An unknown voice rang out.

“I’m going to have a mock battle with my contractor Lee Shin.”

Gremory said.

-The Demon Lord Gremory-nim and her contractor Lee Shin will have a mock battle.

The outcome of the war will not affect the rank or magic power. Only 50,000 magic power will be randomly bet.

50,000 magic power will be spread through the battlefield.

Please select a species.

Gremory told him.

“You need to select a species.”


“Demons can’t be mobilized in the Ranking War. The power of the demon weakens as it travels further from the Demon World.”


“So instead, we mobilize troops from the humans, orcs, elves, beasts and dwarves that occupy the Demon World.”

“They can be summoned using the collected magic power?”

“Yes, but first you have to choose between a human, orc, elves, beasts or dwarves.”

Choosing a species.

‘Isn’t this completely a game?’

This was very similar to the Space Craft (pun on StarCraft) game that he played.

However, Space Craft involved humans, gods and monsters while the Ranking War could choose between 5 species. There were many points to consider.

Lee Shin said.

“I will pick humans.”

“You are most familiar with humans.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Lee Shin mainly played with the human race during his years as a gamer.

It meant he would be most familiar with humans.

“But the human race is so weak that it is almost never used.

“I will try it out once.”

“Okay. I will chose beasts.”

Thus the game, no, war began.

Lee Shin’s very first opponent was Gremory.

*     *     *

Lee Shin explored the surrounding terrain.

The cliffs protected the region like a fence. The only entrance was a small passage that acted like the gateway to the outside world.

Lee Shin was surrounded by 4 naked humans. There was a large building in front of him. A message was imprinted on his mind as Lee Shin stared at the building.

-Headquarters: A building to use the magic power to summon slaves and keep them.


Then Lee Shin looked at the 4 naked humans. They winced as they noticed Lee Shin watching. One of them said carefully.

“E-excuse me, Contractor-nim.”


‘They talk?’

Lee Shin was surprised.

That’s right.

This was similar to a game but it was also reality. They were alive units that spoke and had their own thoughts.

“Should we collect magic power? The first thing we need….”

“Ah, it is like that.”

At that moment, a description popped into his mind.

-Slave: Can collect magic power and iron ores as well as construct buildings.

All human slaves and buildings will be connected to Lee Shin through telepathy. You can issue commands with your mind.

‘A good explanation.’

He was like a god instructing the slaves.

‘Gather the magic power.’

Then the slaves ran towards 8 black rocks near headquarters. It was hard to look at the slaves but regardless, they transported the rocks to the headquarters.

‘Those stones contain magic power.’

Anyway, it felt good seeing people work hard at his command.

-Magic energy: 38

The magic power at headquarters started to climb as the slaves gathered rocks.

‘Yes, this is a game. A game.’

Lee Shin emptied his mind and concentrated on playing again.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Mock Battle (1)

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  2. Frankon

    Hmmm. So he is directly on the battlefield so he can get killed? If i remember Gremory said that nothing would happen to him (lying demon ^^) in previous chapters… Also Warcraft 3 ^^ to bad koreans werent the best in that RTS.


  3. themaninarmor

    It’s like warcraft, AOE, etc…. But i can’t imagine how the author develop the story with RTS based game. I vote for this story because of the idea of the srory, but somehow i didn’t have high expectation for this story. Well if it turn out good then, the author is a genius.


  4. Tsuyashu

    I have a feeling that these ‘game pieces’ are actually real individuals condemned to the demon’s warfare. The protagonist will have to face moral decisions in the future when bloodshed occurs.


  5. Rick

    StarCraft? I don’t remember StarCraft having 5 races to choose with. Warcraft 3 on the other hand. I guess Koreans suck at Warcraft games.


  6. Focil

    OMG this looks like it could be awesome, a RTS based novel with strategy and tactics instead of just a one man army! Please continue with this series if you can.


  7. Play

    A terran main, ugh disgusting, I was hoping for him to be a crazy zerg rush specialist like Life. He’s the only starcraft2 player that’s fun to watch compete. I don’t know if I can handle his calm and rational decisions to use human’s high intelligence to outmaneuver his opponents aggressive plays while making savvy wagers where he hedges his bets. He should be the one making the aggressive plays, hopefully he learns how to use the beast or orc race or something too, because all the races should have different strengths, I’m predicting it’s just going to be team battles where he allies with other races led by Demon Lords or their contractors while Lee Shin does terran shenanigans. I’d rather rainbow turtle translated something else honestly because Lee Shin species taste is mediocre. Cool gamer tag though I guess.


    1. Pemdas

      Zerg is not that fun to see either. I always see baneling, zergling, mutalisk midgame before transitioning to brood lords and corrupters late game. Unless you do crazy rushes, every game comes down to your micro, your instincts, and how well you can mitigate your mistakes and take advantage of your opponents mistakes.


  8. ShadowBlazer

    OK, I redact last chapter’s comment on this being like Dawn of War 2, as it clearly now has base building elements. That said, I think the reason why he’s on the field is because he has to direct the slave’s movements personally while building and expanding his bases. Andthat the Game *cough* I mean Ranking War would only end when the Base HQ is destroyed. So I think cheap tactics like building a 2nd HQ in a remote field to prevent being KOed would be a viable strategy.



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