Chapter 5: Mock Battle (2)

5) Mock Battle (2)

A message appeared again while he was staring at the headquarters.

-You have over 50 magic power.

You can summon slaves from headquarters. Do you want to summon?


-Summoning slaves. The summoning will take some time.

A slave will be summoned in exactly 13 seconds.

The older man that was summoned to the battlefield looked around with a disbelieving expression.

“You should also gather magic power.”


The older man was shocked as his body suddenly moved. The slaves spoke to him while collecting magic stones.

“This must be your first time being summoned.”

“Don’t panic and work hard. Don’t disturb Contractor-nim.”

Now the older man understood the situation and silently collected the magic power with them.

‘They will move according to my thoughts, regardless of what they want.’

It certainly seemed like a game.

Lee Shin summoned slaves every time he gathered the required magic power. The number of slaves increased to 13 people.

‘Is now the time to make something else?’

-Slaves can construct buildings.

The first building, the barracks require 150 magic power.

Lee Shin’s used 150 magic power to have the slaves assemble the barracks. The slaves started to move as quick as lightning.


Lee Shin was surprised. They moved so fast that they were barely visible. It was amazing as the building went up little by little.

‘Is it really the same as a game?’

It was worrisome as the game was being played with humans but apart from a guilty conscience, Lee Shin became increasingly interested.

But once the barracks finished their construction.

-The enemy has appeared!


Lee Shin looked around with surprise. A black dog appeared near the entrance.

-Hellhound: A monster used in combat.

The weakest combat type beast but the speed is very fast. Two of them can be summoned with 50 magic power.

The black dog studied Lee Shin’s camp.

‘A scout.’

The hellhound went back through the entrance. Lee Shin cheered.

‘Fortunately none of my units needed to fight.’

He confirmed that Gremory was scouting using the hellhound.

Is so, what next?

Lee Shin pointed towards one of the slaves collecting magic power.

“Chase the dog!”

Coincidentally, it happened to be the older man he summoned a while ago. The man panicked once again but his body moved. But soon he shouted with a stiff face.

“I-I will do it! I’m leaving!”

And he ran through the gateway after the hellhound. It was strange seeing his subordinates faithfully following his orders despite going to their deaths.

No, all the people summoned here were slaves. They were faithful and dedicated to Lee Shin.

‘The humans summoned here were those in hell?’

Lee Shin could easily infer this. They followed him because they didn’t want to go back to hell.

‘I have the authority to sacrifice them.’

He made up his mind. Anyway, Lee Shin needed to hastily deal with the opponent’s attack.

‘Construct the barracks! An additional one over there!’


Another slave ran up to the entrance. If he built a barracks there then the entrance would become even narrower. It was necessary to narrow the path to make it easier to defend.

Meanwhile, Lee Shin was being informed of the situation regarding the slave running after the hellhound.

Curiously, Lee Shin would hear and see through telepathy despite it being so far away. There seemed to be 5 hellhounds running from a distance. Including the fleeing scout, it was a total of 6 hellhounds.

‘They’re coming!’

The 6 hellhounds mercilessly jumped on the scouting slave.


The older slave was miserably ripped apart by bites and died.


Lee Shin’s heart almost stopped at the sight. A person really died. This was a real war, not a game.

At that moment, the first barrack being built was completed.

-Barrack: Archers, spearmen and shield troopers can be summoned by this building.

Archers, spearmen and shield troops can’t be summoned without the necessary building.

You can summon an archer. 50 magic power is required if you want to summon an archer.

“Summon archer.”

-An archer is being summoned. 50 magic power has been consumed.

“I also want to summon another slave.”

-A slave is being summoned in headquarters. 50 magic power has been consumed.

Lee Shin instructed 4 of the slaves collecting magic power.

“Link your arms and block the entrance.”

4 slaves ran towards the entrance. The entrance was narrowed due to the barrack being constructed so the 4 slaves could completed block it.

At that moment, he heard one welcome sound after another.

-An archer has been summoned.
-The barrack has been completed.

“Oh, the battlefield!”

The scream was heard as the archer was summoned. The archer was an older man with an impressive beard.

“This is Asteia. Eh? A contractor?”

“That’s right.”

“Please give a command!”

The cheerful looking older man was immediately polite.

“The enemy is coming. Stop them. Stay behind the slaves and shoot.”


Finally the 6 hellhounds appeared.



“Fight. Defend the entrance!”

The 4 slaves immediately started fighting the 6 hellhounds. Of course, the slaves were unarmed and couldn’t resisted the hellhounds’ teeth.

“Keuak! These scum!”

“Dog scum!”

“Die, dammit!”

Meanwhile, the archers at the back starting shooting his bow.

Swiik- Papak!


The arrow fired by the archer lodged in the body of a hellhound. But it wasn’t dead and one of the hellhounds bit a slave’s neck. The archer’s next arrow hit the neck and eyes of a hellhound biting a slave’s hand.


One hellhound died. But one of the slaves were sacrificed and became bloody.

Lee Shin had hurried the construction of the barracks and continued summoning 2 archers.

It was a fierce fight.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Mock Battle (2)

  1. Diantha

    meh, would have preferred if something aweful happened to the dead slaves. Not because I am cruel, but because this way a very nice chance for character development of the main char went out of the window~ this way he would not mind sacrificing them, for example. If their lives, souls, whatever depended on their survival, he – maybe – would hesitate or think of other ways. :/


  2. Breakdown

    “It was a fierce fight”
    why don’t the slave have the ability to explode themselves, i’m disappointed 😦



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