Chapter 5: Sculpture that Makes a Miracle

5) Sculpture that Makes a Miracle

“If I hadn’t come here then I really would’ve regretted it for the rest of my life.”

The smile on Weed’s face was like a child who just found money. The items that were decorating Portu’s Royal Castle! Weed and Zahab went around aggressively collecting the items.

Of course, they didn’t forget about hunting.

“He looks like a servant. Vaguely rich…no, he is probably a bad person who flatters the king and squeezes the people. He is a bad guy hiding his wicked actions. Kill him quickly!”

The valet who was sold as a slave in his childhood died!

“Kill all the nobles. The ornaments and precious jewels…heh, they are definitely carrying treasures.”

“Haven’t you been listening to my words?”

“The servant! Don’t pretend you didn’t see him! Just kill him.”

It was to the extent that he didn’t know if he was rescuing Seo-yoon or robbing the palace. He obtained a lot of warlock equipment and magic scrolls.

“There are many people who would buy this on the black market. Huhuhu!”

Black magic wasn’t properly developed on the Versailles Continent in normal time. Very few people had chosen a warlock as a magician’s advancement.

However, Weed had acquired things like <Basic Black Magic Guidebook> and <12 Different Types of Curse Magic>. If they had those books then more people would choose a warlock.

Weed wanted to bring home bad things! Of course, he felt some pricks to his conscience but it was just like a fly or mosquito.

“I still feel like a pure and kind person despite doing this. Well…yes, I’ve gone through too many things in life for this tender heart to be damaged.”

If he had money then he would write an autobiography later.


“The Raum Knights are coming here!”

A scream was heard in the hallway. Then the dull sound of armoured knights running could be heard. The elite knights of the Raum Kingdom and their allies had been mobilized. Even the elite rangers were following behind.

“Our guides have arrived.”

Weed had been waiting for guidance. Fundamentally, this war was happening between the Raum Kingdom and Portu Kingdom.

Nodulle and Hilderun were lucky this situation occurred when the Portu Kingdom was being attacked.

“If we can’t find the correct path then they will look for it.”

It was time to chase after the Raum Knights. This was the reason why he deliberately fell behind schedule by looting.

“Come quickly.”

Zahab led the way while Weed carried Seo-yoon on his back. The Raum Knights were taking care of the defenders so they just needed to comfortably follow from behind.

The castle was built for durability so the interior was relatively fine despite the onslaught of siege weapons. But the building sometimes shook and decorations hanging on the wall would fall.

The frightening feeling!

The Royal Castle hadn’t collapsed yet but it could sink at any moment. His heart wanted to hurry but he shouldn’t blindly rush towards the sealing bead.

“These guys have appeared. Cast the prepared magic.”

“Land of Sacrifice!”

“Astaroth’s Claw!”

There was a huge roar and Weed was pushed back by the impact. The strength in his legs weakened and Weed was only able to endure thanks to Zahab.

‘As expected, it is better to come later. If I arrived first then I would’ve died from that magic attack.’

Screams were heard in rapid succession. If he continued going forward then he would arrive at the fiercest and most dangerous place. The Raum Knights were outstanding and quickly broke through the warlock skills. Deadly attacks that would cause death with just one graze!

“Rest for a little bit.”

“Should we do that? The status of your female isn’t good.”

Seo-yoon’s eyes were darkening like she was dying.

“She is going to live.”

Weed didn’t easily lose his cool even in moments of crises. Let alone in a moment when Seo-yoon might die! She would understand even if she died in a place like this.

‘If I can’t protect her then I will give her a 2nd generation puppy.’

He never gave gifts for birthdays or anniversaries yet he was planning to give her a puppy. Of course, Seo-yoon was nurturing a 1 year old female Dogmeat but she couldn’t give birth without the cooperation of a male dog.

‘I will give up my share of the puppies. Until Dogmeat gives birth, I will give her a puppy to nurture.’

It was a situation where generation after generation of dogs would be tied to Weed!

“Those possessed by the power of darkness, use this blood and life to descend here….”

“Chop up all the warlocks. Ranger troops attack!”

“Destroy the magic circle so that their magic won’t work.”

The sound of fighting between the Portu Kingdom and Raum Kingdom continued. Weed didn’t move as he organized his thoughts.

He couldn’t just run into the battlefield while piggybacking Seo-yoon.

‘Judging from history, the Portu Kingdom was defeated. This will happen again unless important variables become involved.’

Of course, Weed and Seo-yoon were variables. If the devil inside Seo-yoon woke up then the Raum Kingdom and their allies would be cruelly defeated. Nodulle somehow succeeded so Weed had to accomplish that as well. Now he had to find some way to help Seo-yoon.

“Shouldn’t we go now?”

“I need to prepare a little more.”

“Prepare what?”

“I need to clean up a whale and eat it.”

The Portu King and Chakujel who were great warlocks! They were the leaders of these evil forces. The troops of the Raum Kingdom were also terrible.

During this time, the Raum Kingdom and their allies would become the best knights of the continent and were on the verge of forming an Empire. Their military power could be considered the best on the battlefield!

Weed and Seo-yoon had plunged into a great, historical battle.

“I need to be prepared for the past. It would be nice if I could live without using tricks. That way I won’t receive damage.”

The battlefield continued to explode with black magic and screams.

“Not yet.”

It was possible to see that the battle hadn’t reached its climax yet. He gained various information from listening to the noises.

The kings and nobles of the allied kingdoms had met to discuss driving away the warlocks from the continent. Thus they formed the blitz invasion plan to instantly destroy the castle with siege weapons and kill the warlocks. The knights of every allied kingdom marched here to chop up the warlocks. In fact, the knights were prepared to be annihilated when the castle collapsed.

“Warlocks are persecuted everywhere.”

This was the reason why users didn’t choose to become a warlock. The magic was powerful and they could easily use advanced magic through sacrifices, but the infamy was too high. Knights would constantly chase after them to kill them.

Furthermore, their body might be seized by a devil or demon like Hilderun or they might become sacrifices. It was a strong profession that received endless accusations.

“It is through black market trades so it will be difficult to sell warlock items for a high price.”

Weed decided to start the plan he prepared. He pulled out a sculpture he made in advance.

“Sculpture Transformation!”

Turning into an archer of the Portu Kingdom!

-Sculpture Transformation has been used.

The infinite affection for sculpting makes the sculptor and statue resemble each other!

Mana required for this skill is insufficient. You have overcome this using your sculpting skill and artistry. But the big penalty will be given.

The influence of Sculpture Transformation has slightly increase Strength and Agility.

Intelligence and Wisdom will decrease.

Art stat has halved.

Health has risen a little bit.

Due to the penalty, it isn’t possible to use skills that consume mana.

This will last until Sculpture Transformation is released.

It was natural to become a Portu soldier if he wanted to near the warlocks.

Weed had deliberately changed to a fat body when using Sculpture Transformation. It was so that he could cover Seo-yoon on his back with a cloak. It was hard to move his body but Sculptural Destruction meant simple movements wasn’t an issue.

“You have to protect me well.”

“I will risk my life to accomplish this.”

Zahab equipped the sword and leather armour he obtained from a soldier. His Sword Mastery was high so he could use the basic weapons and armour worn by the soldiers.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t disguise as a knight because his sword performance had fallen. If a sword battle ensued then he would suffer a loss.

“I have to use these guys. I was hoping this day wouldn’t come but…if I complete this quest then it can be restored through hunting.”

Weed took out a sculpture. He had already created sculptures using the luxury materials he obtained.

There were Ordinary and Fine pieces. And one was also a Masterpiece. The subject of art wasn’t free so it was inevitable when using precious materials.

6 sculptures in the form of the Portu Kingdom’s soldiers could be seen.

“Even if I give them life, it will be difficult to bring back to my original time or have them survive the battle.”

Weed gave a deep sigh.

“It can’t be helped since I arrived at this point. Sculpture Life Bestowal!”

-Life has been given to the sculptures.

The ability of the sculptures has been converted to 513 due to the current 3,122 Art stat.

Mana is lacking to use the skill so their level has been decreased by 23% as a penalty.

Three types of attributes have been given to the lifeforms.

The standard of the attribute given will depend on the level and shape of the sculptural lifeforms.

Attribute of Steel (100%), Attribute of Fire (80%), Attribute of Loyalty (100%).

Excellent weapon and defense techniques are given to the lifeforms with the attribute of steel.

It is possible to burn an enemy with the attribute of fire.

Everyone will have immunity to curse magic. There is a strong resistance against black magic.

They will offer blind loyalty and will never commit acts of betrayal. They are willing to follow every command.

282 Mana has been used.

Due to the skill level, the efficiency and stats given has been reduced by 20%.

The Art stat is permanently reduced by 6 points. The reduced stats can be supplemented with other sculpture or art related activities.

Level has fallen by 2. Stats have been reduced by 10.

When raising the level, the decreased stats can be regained.

Cherish the sculptures that have been given life. If they die then you have to give them life again.

If they are completely destroyed then it isn’t possible to revive them again.

The body of a soldier grew rapidly bigger. He immediately kneeled down in front of Weed.

“Master has given me life. Please set my name!”

The voice filled with loyalty! Weed sent a bittersweet look towards the sculptural lifeform.

“It is great to see you. I will call you Iron-1.”

“That is a good name that seems to fit me. Thank you for the name Iron-1.”

“You don’t have to be thankful. Unfortunately, it seems like we won’t be together for a long time.”

“Master! Why are you saying that?”

The time zone had changed so he was proceeding with Nodulle and Hilderun’s adventures. He would have to leave the sculptural lifeforms behind once he returned to his original continent in the future. There was also no guarantee they would be unharmed in the difficult battle. Even the crumbling castle caused a risk of dying.

Of course, they were saved from Weed’s repeated bullying so these sculptural lifeforms might actually be lucky.

“I am happy to fight here even if there is danger. I will serve you whole-heartedly.”

“Yes, I understand. Now let’s gather your colleagues.”

Weed waited for his mana to be restored before continuing to use Sculpture Life Bestowal. He lost a total of 10 levels in exchange for the sculptural lifeforms. Weed’s current low health also reduced further from the loss in levels. Once he returned to his original body, that level decrease would be applied so he felt significant grief.

“Art is really…it is like the pain of cutting through my bone. I can’t make them work repeatedly.”

It felt like tears of blood was falling from the pain.

“Master, please give a command!”

“We will crush any enemies!”

“I am happy to offer up my life. There will be no glory if I can’t fight with Master.”

“I’ll do anything. I will complete any tasks that Master gives me!”

Weed looked at the dignified sculptural lifeforms like they were wonderful.

One Masterpiece, two Fine pieces and 3 Ordinary pieces. Their levels were a little bit different but they looked like soldiers of the Portu Kingdom. There were four archers, one spearman and one swordsman.

Weed had prepared a combination of sculptures for the situation.


“Let’s go. If we delay any longer then the Royal Castle will collapse. We may be attacked by the Raum Kingdom and their allies so be careful.”

Weed and Zahab took the soldiers and went underground.

A wide, green vacant land!

This space was designed for the warlocks’ magic experiments. Cold air flowed through the area and a green liquid dripped down. The demons were already fighting with the knight of the Raum Kingdom and their allies.

‘This is a decent place for a warlock.’

Various curses were spread out through the underground area. The knights and soldiers couldn’t show off their usual skills against the demons.

If they received an injury it would be significantly worse, be poisoned or have unusual bugs similar to larvae crawl on the body. In addition, they were corrupted by hallucinations and attacked their colleagues.

The rangers tried to shoot from afar but poison fog pushed up against them. All the nutrients in their bodies were sucked away and their skin dried up like a block of wood.

The warlocks were really difficult opponents for the knights.

“We’re going to do something now.”

“To the left…run!”

Weed and Zahab ran forward. The sculptural lifeforms escorted them as they ran. They were heading towards the camp of the Portu Kingdom.

“Iron-1, Iron-2, Iron-3! Prevent the Raum Kingdom from approaching. Don’t reveal too much of your skills.”


“Iron-4, Iron-5, Iron-6! Be careful and warn me if there is any attacks from the warlocks.”

“I will throw my body Master!”

Weed and his subordinates were shrimps caught between the whales that were the Portu Kingdom and Raum Kingdom. If he was hit by the warlock’s magic or arrows then Weed would die very soon!

But if they felt he was on the same side then they wouldn’t attack. Instead, the archers even sent arrows towards the Raum Kingdom troops to contain them.

The sculptural lifeforms had excellent skill so Weed wasn’t caught. When he arrived at the Portu Kingdom’s camp, the commander of the archers severely scolded him.

“Where did you go? I told the units to gather here 1 hour ago.”

Weed bowed his head humbly.

“I’m sorry.”

“Stupid bastards! Get ready to fight. You will have to go out at any time if there is an order from the top.”


Weed, Zahab and the sculptural lifeforms were quietly arranged in the camp. The demons were playing an active role so most of the soldiers were just watching.

The Portu King, Chakujel and the warlocks felt the demons were sufficient and also prepared black magic to reduce the number of knights.

The big magic circle on the ground flashed red every time the magic was used.

‘This is pandemonium. Doesn’t that magic seem really dangerous?’

Weed asked the soldiers around him as he saw the black magic.

“What is that magic?”

“I don’t know. It is a great magic that can exterminate the enemies.”

The soldiers answered.

He was considered a colleague so he didn’t need to raise intimacy with the soldiers and they also didn’t have a high degree of loyalty towards the king.

The other soldiers also had more knowledge.

“If that is complete then we can defeat the Raum Kingdom.”

“Do you really believe those words?”

“I don’t know either. But why else would they be working so hard to prepare the magic in this crisis?”

“I heard they offered the maids as sacrifices so they might kill us.”

“If the Raum Kingdom is defeated then His Majesty the King will continue to rule. I don’t know whether that is a good thing.”

“But the enemy must still be defeated. They will never let us leave alive.”

Weed talked to the soldiers while avoiding the attention of the warlocks. He had guessed but now that he knew the situation, he could attempt to make it more profitable. The soldiers knew about black magic.

“I heard from Draker-nim that the magic is to open the Gates of Hell.”

“Gates of Hell? What is that?”

“It is magic to get rid of the enemies.”

Weed remembered something about black magic. Many people were interested in advanced black magic so there many rumours about it.

‘The Gates of Hell is probably a wide range destruction magic.’

This absolute destruction magic couldn’t be used alone. A large number of high ranking warlocks had to be rallied. The warlocks had to be at least level 400 and they needed more than 5,000 victims to be sacrificed in order to have the appropriate mana!

Once the Gates of Hell opened, all living things in the area would be forcefully dragged to that place. And they would be fed to the demons and devils in hell. In addition, the demons could be brought over to this side to become the warlock’s minions.

Zahab came and spoke in a low voice.

“You should interfere with the completion of the black magic. If that magic is activated then everything is over.”

“It is impossible with us alone.”

“We still need to try. I will handle the warlocks while you cancel the spell.”

“Then Zahab’s life will be in danger.”

“I can’t just watch them die.”

“But you still can’t act.”

The warlocks would concentrate their attacks the moment someone tried to stop them. No matter how strong Zahab was, he couldn’t ignore the black magic.

“This isn’t the time to worry about me.”

“There is still a little time before the magic is completed.”

He became more anxious as time passed.

The warlocks prepared their magic as the Raum Kingdom troops continued pushing inside the castle. The Central Knights of the Raum Kingdom, Stone Knights of the Rubens Kingdom and Steel Knights of the Gorgul Kingdom. The coalition of elite knights continued to enter.

‘It isn’t the end yet. There are some large variables. If Nodulle succeeded then there is a way to reverse the situation. The quest might fail even if Zahab manages to cancel the spell.’

Weed continued to silently wait.

The power of the Raum Kingdom and the allies wasn’t that simple. They needed to crush the black magic in order to defeat the Portu King. The true ability of the Raum Kingdom would definitely appear. It was a fight against time as the castle crumbled!

Weed and his subordinates waited for a chance to come.

“Finish the warlocks here!”

“Have courage! We have received the protection of Tyr so we will win. In the meantime, let us condemn those who committed countless atrocities. Put an end to this dirty fighting!”

The knights, infantry and rangers of the Raum Kingdom and their allies penetrated the interior. They couldn’t establish their superiority due to the magic curses and demons but there was a fierce battle with flying arrows and swords.

“Hero Ransom of the Raum Kingdom!”

“The Cartar Knights are finally here!”

The Raum Kingdom and their allies fought fiercely against the demons. Ransom and the Cartar Knights. Their swords were aimed at the demons. They were strong enough to be called heroes of the Raum Kingdom and their allies.

“These guys….get rid of them!”

“More victims are needed. Get their blood and bodies!”

The Portu King shouted. The warlocks started to show their evil magic. The black magic invoked headed towards the knights. There was an intense fight between the knights, demons and warlocks.

‘Yes, this is indeed a fight between whales. And the circumstances meant that Nodulle and Hilderun interrupted it.’

The leader of the Portu Kingdom’s archers shouted.

“Do it now! Shoot the arrows!”


Weed aimed arrows at the Raum Kingdom soldiers along with the other archers. His level was so insignificant that he would do damage even if it hit them.

But the arrow fired was nimble and accurate.

The archer leader praised Weed.

“Amazing skills.”

“Thank you. I learned directly from Leader-nim in practice.”

“Well, that is certainly one kill.”


Weed only aimed for the knights overflowing with health and the damage was minimized. He also gave an order to the sculptural lifeforms.

“Make rough shooting motions. Try not to hit anyone.”

“I understand.”

The sculptural lifeforms also shot arrows. Their level was high so if their arrows hit the soldiers then it could be dangerous.

The descent of the devils, completion of the Gates of Hell or the defeat of the Raum Kingdom.

Either way, the circumstances weren’t very good for Weed.

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      Those lost levels shouldn’t affect his skill mastery in a negative way. So far you can only lose skill mastery when you die. He might gain mastery for using the skill but i don’t know if it will increase only the Sculpture Life Bestowal skill or his Sculpting too.



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