Chapter 6: Mock Battle (3)

6) Mock Battle (3)

Two slaves threw their bodies at the hellhounds and died. Additional slaves collecting magic power were then committed to the fight.


4 slaves were sacrificed before they could stop the 6 hellhounds. It was thanks to the additional 2 archers summoned. Additionally, they barely managed to survive two more attacks from hellhounds.

‘It is so hard to prevent this.’

Lee Shin was rather disappointed with the weak attack of the archers. The coarse bow couldn’t penetrate the thick leather of the hellhounds.

“We won!”


The 4 archers and 2 slaves that survived gave a loud shout. The 2 slaves that survived returned to collecting magic power.

Lee Shin started thinking.

‘In the end, the damage was four slaves. Gremory had 8 hellhounds die.’

Two hellhounds could be summoned with 50 magic power so that was a total of 200 magic power consumed on both sides.

But technically speaking, Lee Shin’s damage was much greater. The slaves were production units. He committed the slaves to the fight so the gathering of magic power was delayed.

‘However, 8 hellhounds have already appeared.’

As a professional gamer, he felt a strange sensation. Two more archers were summoned from the two finished barracks.

“6 archers and 4 slaves, come out and fight!”

The 6 archers and 4 slaves automatically moved at his command. The troops moved out the entrance.

Lee Shin hadn’t confirmed where Gremory’s camp was but he could guess.

-The 1st battlefield Asteia has four starting points in the 11 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock direction.

Lee Shin’s camp is at 11 o’clock.

‘7 o’clock.’

He found it with the help of the first scouting slave killed by the hellhounds. At that time, the 5 hellhounds had come running from the 7 o’clock direction.

*     *     *

Gremory who was conducting the beasts was surprised.

-The enemy has appeared!


In fact, Gremory was surprised that she received a counterattack. She focused more on attack than defense due to her previous experience in the Ranking War.

But then a counterattack out of nowhere?

‘I doesn’t matter. They are weak human archers.’

Right now she had the hellhounds collecting magic power. Even if the summoned hellhounds had been defeated, she judged that the ones helping her were enough to defend.

But there were 4 people and 6 archers.


The four slaves formed a line and blocked the front while the archers shot bows from behind.

Lee Shin’s sophisticated tactic caused a stir inside Gremory’s camp.

Some of the slaves even started to build a tower on the spot.

-Arrow Tower: A human defense building. 4 archers can go inside to shoot arrows.

An arrow tower in the heart of the enemy’s camp! This experience was new to her. By the time the tower was completed, there were only 2 archers and 1 slave remaining.

The two archers tried to enter the tower.

“No! Stop them!”

6 summoned hellhounds rushed in unison.

“Wahh! These scum!”

The one surviving slave blocked the way.

“Ignore him!”

Gremory cried out. But the slave blocked the hellhounds’ path.




The slave died as his neck was torn out. But the fighting spirit of the slave bought some time.

It was only a small amount of time. But it was enough for the 2 archers to get inside the tower.

The archers shot arrows from the top of the tower. The arrow tower was built at the place near the magic stones. It became impossible to gather magic power due to the arrows flying from the tower. This was too large to be a coincidence.

‘It was a calculated manoeuvre!’

It was only a mock battle but…

Gremory felt an eerie feeling. But at the same time, excitement rose inside her. She was convinced that she had picked a very good contractor.

*     *     *

-The Demon Lord Gremory has declared her defeat. This is Lee Shin’s victory.

This is a mock battle so there is no change in the rank and magic power.

‘I won.’

Lee Shin clenched his fists.


Soon his body was summoned elsewhere again. Gremory was waiting with a smile in place.

“Absolutely brilliant.”

“I was lucky.”

“Doesn’t that mean I have extremely bad luck? It was amazing for your first time.”

“Thank you.”

Lee Shin felt good at the continuous praise.

“By the way, why did you decide to counterattack?”

“I had just completed the construction of a barrack while Gremory-nim had summoned 6 hellhounds.”

“That’s right.”

“In other words, you invested your magic power into a surprise attack. Is this correct?”

“That’s right.”

“But after that, the attacks were discontinued. If you had more hellhounds then they would continue attacking.”

“So you counterattacked knowing I had no beasts?”

“Yes, if the game continued longer then you would focus on collecting magic power. Perhaps you were thinking that I am a beginner in the Ranking War so you didn’t have to worry as much?”

“Omo, you even thought that? That’s terrible!”

“I will take that as praise.”

Lee Shin was busy thinking while Gremory praised him.

‘Really terrible.’

However, he was still a beginner….

“Omo, are you being rude again?”

Gremory pointed towards him.

“I’m not.”

Lee Shin immediately lied. Gremory’s narrowed eyes were filled with doubt but her attractive appearance was enough to make his heart pound.

“Hum hum, I want to ask you one more thing.”

“Hohoho, ask.”

“How are the people summoned to the battlefield just now?”

“Those people?”


“Huhut. You are a good person.”

“I don’t think I am nice but they are weighing on my mind a little bit.”

“Hoho, originally they are people suffering in hell. Compared to hell, they are much happier being summoned to the battlefield. Furthermore, they are given some time to rest according to their achievements.”

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