Chapter 6: Special Reunion

6) Special Reunion

Weed secretly descended to the Melbourne Mine’s 4th floor. He was fully equipped in the assassin’s costume so he wouldn’t easily be suspected.

“As expected, there is no one here now.”

There didn’t seem to be anyone protecting the entrance of the 4th underground floor. They had completely moved into the Belkain’s lair. They never imagined that the assassins upstairs would fail!

“As expected from my cheap tricks…..”

Weed briefly became conceited. The other assassins would be searching the 3rd floor. In the end they would come down but he had earned some time.

“The 4th floor is also dangerous. There isn’t anywhere to hide so I have to keep on moving.”

He slowly walked towards the Belkain’s Lair. Things had turned out like this so it was meaningless to rush. The assassins were hunting upstairs while nearby, Bardray and the Hermes Guild were hunting monsters. Either way he was surrounded by enemies so he had no choice but to improvise.

-Come down now.

Weed sent a whisper to Hegel.

-Thank you, Hyung.

Hegel, Alice and Dine chose to go a different way from Weed once they came down to the 4th floor. They decided to hide in the tunnels until the Black Lion Guild’s reinforcements arrived. They couldn’t help in a battle against the Hermes Guild so they could only wish him good luck.

“I’ll only believe in you.”

Hegel declared proudly. The monsters on the 4th floor were daunting opponents. The two women, Dine and Alice’s hearts were also towards Weed.

“Sunbae-nim, no Oppa, be careful!”

“Oppa, I’ll cheer for you in my mind.”

His heart pounded with excitement as he entered the Belkain’s lair where Bardray and the Hermes Guild were fighting.


“Ah, unfortunately the video isn’t showing anymore. If it lasted a bit longer than I think the many viewers would be delighted.”

The user who communicated the video died so the broadcast of Belkain’s lair stopped and changed back to the studio.

“Bardray’s combat ability is really frightening. Have we ever had such a strong user on the continent?”

“The power and techniques that battered Belkain like a storm is truly outstanding. He is the warrior that can pull out all the potential of a sword! The sword techniques shown in the video is brilliant.”

While the host was commenting, there was a war going on behind the scenes. The broadcasters were trying to secure various contacts for the videos of Belkain’s lair. Bardray’s quest wasn’t the only significant thing.

“If the Black Lion Guild enters then a war will occur between them. I’ve heard reports that Guild Master Carlise is already there… If we broadcast it then it will be a ratings jackpot.”

“Contact the advertisers. Ask them to put advertisements during the late night dinner time and the reruns in the empty hours.”

The advertisers had to wait in line as well as pay a premium. Weed was in the Melbourne Mine. His rivalry with the Hermes Guild was well known so it was difficult for the broadcasting officials to predict what would happen. The broadcast officials were hoping such a situation would occur in the Melbourne Mine.

The Master Quest competition between the Hermes Guild and Weed were the viewer’s favourite material.

“What are the ratings right now?”

“It is at 12% and rising. It is the highest daily value in recent months.”

“The bulletin boards?”

“It is paralyzed. The pages can’t move quickly and the title can’t even be read properly.”

The bulletin board was filled with requests to quickly show the videos. The video had stopped at such a moment! CTS Media, KMC media, Digital Media and LK games were all annoyed. While they were trying to contact the general users who survived, an official reply came from the Hermes Guild.

They had accepted an offer to broadcast a video!

The Hermes Guild would provide the best audience ratings in return for some of the proceeds from the advertisements. It might seem a bit excessive but the broadcasting stations didn’t dare refuse.

Other stations played regular programs so they couldn’t obtain game scoops. Every station organized regular programs throughout the week related to Royal Road. But the regular programs could be put on hold or cancelled based on the audience ratings. Royal Road had many adventures that could occur at any time and stimulated excitement in people’s chests during the live broadcasts.

“Today will require working overtime into the night. Deputy Park, have you ordered toast?”

“Yes! I called and the auntie is already making it.”

“Order some kimbap as well.”

“I’ll also call the lunch bento place.”


Weed slipped into Belkain’s lair. The Hermes Guild users were fighting like crazy. Various magic effects raged while weapons were raised with violent cries.

‘It really is spectacular.’

This was the combat power of the Hermes Guild that was said to be the strongest on the continent. Even the Baby Belkains were at least level 450. The demon species were usually strong. They had exceptional physical abilities and could even use black magic. There was also their resistance to magic, arrows and spirit magic.

The Baby Belkain and the wild dogs of hell frantically ran around killing the Hermes Guild members. Sometimes some users were unfortunate enough to be surrounded by monsters and killed. They wore great armour while high level priests used their recovery magic in a magnificent fight.

The Hermes Guild had brought their elites so not one user was lax. Their level, skills and equipment all played a role in the battle. Everybody here had a level that would raise a great fuss if they were in a city.

‘As expected, the Hermes Guild is brilliant.’

Weed watched the battle from an inconspicuous corner. It was the skill of finding a quiet corner that he polished in middle school, high school and university! There were a few people here that were also assassins.

The assassins fought by aiming at the monster’s back but it was a risk in a large scale battle like this. Those in a crisis situation could only watch. Weed looked similar to the assassins so they weren’t interested in him.

‘No. 19.’

‘Weed must’ve been stopped on the 3rd floor so he ran here.’

‘This will result in censure from the guild….. Right now there is a battle so I’ll leave it be.’

The Hermes Guild had a simple marker on the assassin clothes. The identification number would be written on the pants or coat. Weed used the Sewing skill in order to repair the clothes and create a disguise. It was impossible to consider him as anything other than a fellow assassin.

‘He’s fighting well.’

Weed primarily observed Bardray fighting.

He was fighting equally or even had a slight advantage with the Woomba Belkain. His body was fast and his finesse and strength were overwhelming the monster. Of course, he also received blessings from the shaman, priests and other attack support. But the Black Knight at the front was still considered the most dangerous one.

‘Fight to your heart’s content.’

Weed waited quietly for the battle to finish. Time passed without any special incidents and it seemed to be Bardray’s victory. Arrows, axes and spears were driven into the Woomba Belkain’s body. The body became a wreck as its health suddenly reduced.

-Kuooh. You won’t be safe either!

Stones flew and a minor earthquake occurred from its death throes. The Hermes Guild had a lot of experience with boss class monsters so the priests had already formed a protective layer. After that the warriors backed off and long distance attacks were used until the Woomba Belkain collapsed.

The Baby Belkains and wild dogs of hell were completely wiped out by the Royal Guards and the battle group. The knights drove them into a corner while the magicians used mass destruction magic on the group. The Necromancer Krobidyun also systematically raised his power by calling more undead.


Weed had a close relationship with them so he wasn’t disturbed. In fact some zombies even seemed cute if he looked at it for a long time! He couldn’t help admiring the Hermes Guild’s Necromancer summoning Doom Knights.

‘Summoning so many undead would consume enormous amounts of mana. His equipment is also excellent.’

Weed felt a stab of jealousy whenever he saw a user with a higher level than him. His relationship with the Hermes Guild might be hostile but he still admired them. They had been together for a long time so they knew their roles in catching the monster.

The strategies to fight in a group in Weed’s head were implemented at quite a high standard here. The Hermes Guild optimized every aspect, including power and loyalty.

‘If I was in command then I would quickly take care of the boss monster before sweeping through the dungeon.’

There were many boss level creatures in the Versailles Continent that hadn’t been caught yet. There were monsters that dominated an area as well as legendary evil monsters. Elves, Fairies, spirit monsters, their difficulty was much higher. In Jigolaths and beyond Vargo Fortress there were bosses that transcending imagination. There were those like Kubichya the Chaos Warrior who had a great ambition to rule.

Such creatures would also hunt to raise their level and gain rare items. Weed had no interest in users that were a little stronger than him. He just wanted to challenge himself and hunt every type of monster. Yet in reality he was a Sculptor!

“It is almost going to fall!”

“Be strong until the end. Archer unit, don’t save your arrows and don’t miss. Magicians prepare to deal the final blow.”

Bardray and the Royal Guards moved without hesitation. They had brought weapons suitable to hunt a boss monster. They systematically hunted the Woomba Belkain.

‘My body is itching.’

Weed desperately wanted to barge into the battle. But if he moved then his plan of hiding in a quiet corner and not attract attention would fail.


The Woomba Belkain gave its dying shriek. The Hermes Guild had sacrificed 35 people from the Royal Guards and battle company. A boss class monster had more resistance as it approached its end. Its attacks were focused on Bardray so the other warriors threw their bodies.


The warriors shouted in order to attract the Woomba Belkain’s attention. The Hermes Guild thoroughly defended Bardray through the crisis. The commander was the pillar that supported the Hermes Guild. The Woomba Belkain howled as it was wounded by Bardray.

-The Woomba Belkain in the Melbourne Mine has entered its eternal rest.


“The Hermes Guild has done it again!”

“The Woomba Belkain. With this we’ve accomplished another myth. We are the strongest on this continent!”

The Royal Guards and battle group raised their weapons and cried out. Weed watched the Hermes Guild with envious eyes. They were so happy about causing another legend.

‘They played a firm part.’

Hunting boss monsters allowed them to obtain difficult items as well as increase their fame and stats. That’s why every guild periodically hunted monsters in the dungeons. Boss class monsters were fairly limited and were quite dangerous. But if they thought of the sweet fruit of victory than they would have no choice but to grab their swords and depart.

Bardray picked up the equipment that the Woomba Belkain dropped. Many viewers were probably seeing this through the live broadcast!

‘They can even get a transit fee.’

Weed counted the number of Hermes Guild users still alive. The number of Royal Guards and battle company still alive were 160 people. They were sitting down to rest as well as maintaining their weapons.

‘Let’s just settle down and watch. I’ll just the moment they’re fighting against the Black Lion Guild to escape.’

The cave that the Woomba Belkain and the Baby Belkains hadn’t been explored yet. The Hermes Guild would probably be able to obtain a treasure chest there. Weed didn’t think that he could obtain anything. In this world, guys like that wouldn’t leave anything behind. Among there were people with the Adventurer class who would clean everything out.

Weed was watching with a pain in his stomach when the movement of the Hermes Guild subtly changed. Users who had been relaxing got up one by one and headed towards the entrance. Weed’s nerves became sensitive. The Hermes Guild blocked the entrance and were then gradually approaching him.

‘Was I discovered? Indeed… By now they should’ve finished searching the 3rd floor and might’ve come downstairs.’

However it wasn’t definite that he was discovered. He had worn the assassin costume obtained from the ones he fought on the 3rd floor and sneaked onto the 4th floor. Weed didn’t change his attitude and just stood there calmly. Only his eyes were rolling around while calculating ways to escape.

Then Bardray who had been resting after defeating the Woomba Belkain walked towards him. Bardray spoke first.

“How are you?”


Weed’s mouth slightly opened. It was difficult to answer but he couldn’t pretend not to understand. Bardray would discover he was camouflaged as an assassin. But the movements of the Hermes Guild seemed to suggest he was already discovered.

“I knew you had escaped from your pursuers but I didn’t expect to meet you here.”


Weed was definitely discovered. He didn’t know how to react.

“How did you know?”

“I received word that the assassins searching upstairs couldn’t find Weed. And you’re not a murderer.”

The assassins had slaughtered the users when they entered the Melbourne Mine. So most of the users’ names had the murderer status. Weed might look the part but there was no way to camouflage the murderer state.

‘Of all things… He also noticed pretty fast.’

Weed was in a difficult situation. Normally it wouldn’t be that bad even if it was a great power like Bardray and the Hermes Guild

‘I really have no luck.’

Weed couldn’t deal with them in a place like this! The archers and magicians were ready for battle while the armoured knights were narrowing the distance. The earlier scene where the Woomba Belkain received a concentrated attack crossed his mind. Bardray also hadn’t put his sword into his scabbard yet.

‘They’re almost fine after the hunt because of the treatment from the priests.’

Bardray said arrogantly.

“Anyone who rebels against the Hermes Guild will die. Weed,  today is the day you’re going to be trampled.”

He was qualified to be the strongest person on the Versailles Continent. If the opponent was anyone else then Weed would either fight or reconcile peacefully. But there was no way to escape from the dragon’s claw or bite. If he had to die anyway then he chose to die fighting.

“This will be a fun day.”

Weed slowly took off the clothes of an assassin. The equipment didn’t match him and it was also low level so it wouldn’t be good in a fight. He wore the Talrock’s Armour and other equipment while the Hermes Guild watched.

‘They have no choice but to watch.’

Bardray and the other users had already changed their armour and weapons. It made no difference to the power of the Hermes Guild here. The archers and magicians could easily take care of Weed with their ranged attacks. They were some of the highest ranking users on the Versailles Continent!

This was basically saying that Bardray agreed to fight the opponent alone. He had received the blessings of the best shamans and priests on the continent so his health and mana were already recovered. The effect of blessings, even when it was low levelled meant the situation wouldn’t ever be fair.

Bardray thought he couldn’t defeat Weed unless he as in the best state. Bardray would gain great honour from Weed’s death and he would gain a lead in the competition to complete the Master Quest!

Weed grasped the Daemon Sword and took deep, short breaths.

‘I need to cause chaos and scatter the enemy.’

Even if he couldn’t prevail against the power of the Hermes Guild, he had no intention of just dying. Weed was about to use Wind Sprint when the hiding place behind Belkain shook.


It became difficult to keep his foot steady on the shaking ground. And a monster appeared!

-My dead wife here……! You humans dare commit such a reckless thing.

The body was even larger than the Woomba Belkain. He had intimidating horns and the body was covered in dark red hair. In addition, the eyes and mouth showed its vicious natured. It was the Woomba Belkain’s husband, the Red Belkain!

“W-what the. There is still one left.”

“This guy isn’t ordinary.”

The Hermes Guild moved quickly. The troops that had surrounded Weed prepared for battle with the Red Belkain. The Necromancer Krobidyun used magic to confirm the monster’s information.

“Blooming health, show me everything. View Life Force!”


-Red Belkain

A devil that personally dragged himself out of hell. The husband of the Woomba Belkain, he rules the Haineph Mountains.

-He doesn’t take damage from steel weapons.

-Very high magic resistance.

-Not affected by black magic.

-All spirits summoned below intermediate level will be sealed.

Health: 100%

Mana: 100%


Krobidyun’s complexion became dark. Bardray’s quest was to hunt the boss monster of the Haineph Mountain region. Judging by the description, he was the real monster. He was at least a minimum of level 620 and judging by the appearance, stronger than the Woomba Belkain.

The most challenging thing was that steel weapons wouldn’t do any damage to him.


Carlise and the soldiers from the Black Lion Guild arrived at Treipeak’s teleport gate.

“We have to go as quickly as possible.”

The rode their prepared horses from the fortress to the Melbourne Mine. Dust was raised in the mountain area as hundreds of horses sprinted. The Hermes Guild had placed intelligence agents in good positions to observe the mountain area so they reported the situation in real time.

-They’re currently at Treipeak, the Black Lion Guild has arrived faster than expected.

-Guild Master Carlise is accompanied by a large number of members.

-They passed point 3 without any hesitation and 20 magicians were visible.

The Hermes Guild also left rangers and archers to ambush them in the forest.

“Multiple Shot!”

Arrows poured down on the moving Black Lion Guild.

“Surprise attack. Just go through without paying attention to it!”

The warriors struck the arrows with their swords. They bombarded the rangers’ hiding spot with magic attacks but ran through without confirming the result!

They quickly arrived at the entrance to the Melbourne Mine. All the attempts from the Hermes Guild to contain them were ignored. The Black Lion Guild members were still gathering at Treipeak so they were assigned as the rear-guard unit.

“Are we really going to fight? It will be irreversible once we enter the Melbourne Mine.”

A magician called Rondal asked Carlise.

Rondal was one of the founders of the Black Lion Guild. Their hunting party became famous as they rode through the Tullen Kingdom until Carlise, Rondal and a few other members formed the Black Lion Guild.

“The Hermes Guild was the one who broke up the United Supremacy Alliance first.” They have to pay the price for that.”

Carlise had decided to fight. Bardray and the Hermes Guild had invaded the Tullen Kingdom so his pride couldn’t let them get away with it. The military forces at Treipeak were also moving to this area. They restored peace and order to the vicinity of the mine as well as taking care of the remnants of the Hermes Guild.


The high defense warriors and paladins of the Black Lion Guild entered the Melbourne Mine.

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        – Weed + 2 allies should be able to kill 3-5 top users per round, with the added value of killing strategic users like the necromancer, or distracting Bard Ray, and therefore diverting Hermes strongest raw power output attention against RB.

        My guess is that Red Belkain and Weed force should be able to hold out 6-12 rounds together against Hermes. So, in 6-12 rounds, those 2 force should be able to wipe out something like 60-120 Hermes users, which leave 40-100 Hermes top users.

        So to achieve victory, BL force should be able to take out the remaining 40-100 Hermes users, Bard Ray included.
        Not an easy task, but it’s feasible, if they can make it in time (means before Red Belkain and Weed’s death) and if crucial Hermes users were taken out (like necromancers and top magic or priest users have been wiped out) or weaken enough (Bard Ray and his tanker force), without a break.

        That is why, in the end, to me, it all rely on how strong BL force is and how fast they can make it through Melbourne Mine… Optimal situation is attacking Hermes guild in a pincer attack, during its involvment against Red Belkaim and Weed.

        The 3 vs 1 could be a winning combo. But will they be ? Depends on Weed… 😉


      5. blackandredturtle Post author

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      In fact, i believe he will fail… learn from it and also develop an enormous grudge against Bard Ray and Hermes guild, and even start to actively harass them. 😉


      1. Phil1403

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