Chapter 9: Seo-yoon Caught in Between

Chapter 9) Seo-yoon Caught in Between

Weed and Seo-yoon acted like tourists as they travelled through the Mapon Kingdom.

“Shall we ride together in a carriage?”

“Thank you.”

After walking part of the way, a generous NPC merchant gave them a carriage ride. Weed carved sculptures in the carriage and asked.

“Would you like to trade?”

“I have olives and eggplants. It is difficult to get a fair price due to the war.”

Weed and Seo-yoon were moving across the whole continent. They had no choice but to be astonished by the enormity of the Versailles Continent. When talking with the residents, they were reproducing the time when Nodulle and Hilderun lived. It was even possible to ask about the Niflheim Empire in the north.

“Ah, that…our merchants haven’t gone that far. The monsters there are too wild.”

“The monsters in the north are stronger?”

“I think so. And it is on such a large scale that it would be no use even if we go there with mercenaries. And mercenaries don’t like going there. But merchants who have gone to the north received large amounts of profit. The Niflheim Empire has many rare, quality products so I would like to visit it one day.’

In the past, the Niflheim Empire was very powerful. Exchanges with the Central Continent wasn’t very active so many rumours spread about it. Weed’s head was full of thoughts.

‘We need to go to Boden village. In order to do that, we need to pass through the Mapon Kingdom safely. But our infamy is a bit high so it will be a problem if we pass through cities and villages.’

Residents could check infamy and fame. The ordinary residents wouldn’t understand but it would be a problem if he encountered soldiers or the Royal Knights. It was natural for Weed and Seo-yoon to be wanted after their actions.

‘Then maybe we shouldn’t go faster and just raise our experience and fame as we travel?’

Weed was an expert at finding solutions for disadvantageous situations. He utilized his various skills and information. His most important asset was playing cheap tricks.

‘This is the Versailles Continent in the past. Them a large number of dungeons that will be unearthed later is still untouched.’

A monster’s habitat, bandits’ den, places of historical events, secluded magicians, etc. There were various reasons why a dungeon could be created or destroyed. Once the doors of Royal Road were opened, people would unearth ancient treasures buried in the dungeons.

If Weed and Seo-yoon entered those dungeons…no one would’ve entered them yet so they could receive the first time visitor benefits and the treasure. Of course, he would have detailed information about the dungeon beforehand!

‘Besides, right now there are no competitors.’

There were no other users so it would be easy to receive quests from the residents. If he collected the information that existed now then they could become the first visitors to all the dungeons.

Weed felt like he had picked up 100 won from the street. It was a situation where he couldn’t be happier!

“Let’s go hunting. We know this dungeon.”

Weed had prepared a long explanation so that Seo-yoon could understand. But she answered immediately.

“Well, we’re the only ones in this time. It would be great to become the first visitors to the dungeon.”


“I’ve been thinking about it since the log cabin and I think it will be okay.”


Weed sometimes good tired around a clever woman. His body could relax. But he became mentally deprived! He tried his hardest to come up with something but the other person had already thought of it first.

“We’re travellers that can’t enter a city….”

“We should obtain a map from travellers and prepare supplies from merchants. If our infamy lowers then we can comfortably enter Boden village.”

“The trackers….”

“The forces of the Sea God fought with the Mapon Kingdom so chasing us beyond the border will be difficult. If they do manage to chase us, they’ll be forced to deal with the soldiers in the Mapon Kingdom.”

Seo-yoon knew Weed’s mind too well. So she had thought of all this already.

“Do you know what I was thinking a short while ago?”


“What am I thinking about?”

“The increase in electricity bills.”



Seo-yoon and Weed headed to the closest dungeon in the Mapon Kingdom.


The entrance wasn’t hard to find. The dungeon had been unearthed 2 years after the Versailles Continent opened. The treasures left in this place was huge. He had a large stomach-ache watching it on the television.

“Okay. We’re starting.”

Weed and Seo-yoon finished their battle preparations and entered the dungeon.

-Dungeon: You are the first ones to discover the Tomb of the Hero Karmung.

Benefits: Fame has increased by 870.  Experience and item drops will double for a week.

The first monster killed of each type will drop the rarest item.

“As expected.”

The monsters in this place weren’t that difficult and they managed to conquer it in 2 days.


-Karmung’s Spear: Durability 73/75. Attack 85~126.

The spear belonging to Hero Karmung of the Mapon Kingdom.

The weapons technology of the time wasn’t that developed but the best craftsmen dedicated themselves to completing this spear for the hero.

Restrictions: Knights, Spearmen and Paladins only.

Level 380.

Options: Fame +3,150.

The maximum damage is shown when charging.

Piercing Damage + 46. Destroys shields. Deals continuous attacks.

Set items! He gathered Karmung’s spear, sword and all the armour pieces.

“Huhuhu, these goods are as expected.”

Karmung’s spear, sword and armour were intact.

“We should go somewhere else quickly.”

-Dungeon: You are the first ones to discover Venus’s Treasury.

Benefits: Fame has increased by 430.

Experience and item drops will double for a week. The first monster killed of each type will drop the rarest item.


Weed shouted with joy. The entrance was within the mountains and they were the first visitors.

He had obtained information about Venus’s Treasury from the Dark Gamers Union but in didn’t exist in that time anymore.

“I am lucky…even if the sky collapses, I am a person who will still pick up money.”

This quest was worth doing. He collected quite a bit of profit. He didn’t know how the final secret sculpting technique quests would end but right now Weed was fortunate.

“Originally, horoscopes will change depending on the year.”

Weed and Seo-yoon swept through the dungeons with a positive mind.


Bardray and the Hermes Guild!

“Bergen Castle has surrendered.  The death toll on our side is 38,000. The walls have been completely destroyed and residents are living outside. The Black Sword Mercenaries were defeated and abandoned the castle.”

“Congratulations on occupying the Gradian Kingdom. Your Majesty.”

The Hermes Guild devoured all the land in the Gradian Kingdom and finally made the capital city surrender. Lafaye’s side know their Lion Hunting plan and didn’t miss the opportunity.

The Hermes Guild gave Bardray a lot of troops and sent him towards the Gradian Kingdom. The overwhelming force of Bardray and the Royal Guards defeated the Black Sword Mercenaries!

It was confusing for the Black Sword Mercenaries since they thought their plan had been progressing. But once the balance of power tilted, it was difficult to restore..

The Black Sword Mercenaries were driven into a defensive, melee fight. The Allied Forces were also complaining about the Lion Hunting operation. They had united to defeat the dangerous Hermes Guild. But that didn’t necessarily mean they would help in times of emergency. Their only concern was defeating the Hermes Guild so they refused the Black Sword Mercenaries’ request for help under a pretext.

In the end, the Black Sword Mercenaries suffered repeated defeats and ran away from the Gradian Kingdom.

“The Gradian Kingdom occupation ceremony is almost ready, Your Majesty.”

Bardray shook his head at the chamberlain’s words.

“Defer that. I will be chasing after the Black Sword Mercenaries.”

The troops of the Haven Empire were pleased that the Gradian Kingdom was conquered and didn’t stay long. They immediately caught up with the Black Sword Mercenaries in the Nest Kingdom.

The Nest Kingdom was already at war with the Haven Empire but Bardray hit them from the direction of the Gradian Empire.

Title: The strong Hermes Guild. Where is the end?

Many people are wishing for the downfall of the Hermes Guild.

But they have never been defeated in their battles so far.

The Versailles Continent is going to be theirs.


Title: I fought directly against the Haven Empire.

I’m a magician from the ruined Lasalle Kingdom. At that time, they were just the Haven Kingdom.

A person who only sees the video probably won’t understand. They are a dreadful existence that causes despair.

The Hermes Guild packed with high level users is like looking up at the sun.     The NPCs are also soldiers trained to systematically move.

Many of my friends participated in the siege but it is like children trying to fight adults.

The Hermes Guild, no Haven Empire’s victory? It is natural. They are overwhelmingly strong.


The reactions on the bulletin board were explosive.

-It can’t be denied that Bardray is the strongest person.

-It is only a matter of time until the Haven Empire occupies the Britten Alliance Kingdom.

-It won’t be long.

-Will the north be able to hold out until the end? The north is the one who destroyed the Haven Empire’s Northern Expedition.

–It is far away so it will survive. It isn’t the strongest but….

-Once the Hermes Guild makes up their mind, the north will be decimated.

-It isn’t possible to compare the Central Continent and the recently pioneered north.

-Isn’t it possible if the users come together?

-The northern users? If they gather then the Haven Empire won’t pause and will squash them.

-Will the Haven Empire ignore them? They have the best users and military. There are many beginners in the north so they can’t compare.

-The Hermes Guild is undoubtedly strong.

-This is the paradise of the Hermes Guild.

-The Hermes Guild should go away!

A myriad of statements popped up on the bulletin boards. It was evidence that all users feared the pace of the Hermes Guild.


“Oh, it really was a long road.”

Weed and Seo-yoon rode into Boden village.

They had ridden around the Versailles Continent and cleared 2 more dungeons before arriving. Weed had gained 6 levels and reached 438. It was difficult to gain experience once the level become high so this was the benefit of discovering the dungeon first.

He also sold the sculptures he made to merchants in the Mapon Kingdom.

“This wonderful sculpture! You have been hiding great skills.”

-1,384 Fame has been gained by showing off your skills.

Weed’s name wasn’t spread over this continent so it was rare for people to know his name. That’s why it was easier to increase fame when selling sculptures.

“The sculpture is my life. I wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t good.”

“The price will be high for a rare work like this!”

Later he entered a city and dealt directly with aristocrats.

“Well, you’ve managed to express the tone and atmosphere. I’ll generously give you gold coins.”

“Thank you very much, Sir Count! I was wondering about my skills. I’m glad that Sir Count sees something worthy in my work.”

“Hahahat, I’ll also give a jewel!”

“Your kindness is very big!”

The flattery that earned him more profit! Weed made a large amount of money even in times of war. The skill proficiency of sculpting reached 82.3% of advanced level 9 and handicraft reached 88.7% of advanced level 9.

Furthermore, his rise in fame reduced the influence of infamy. They comfortably moved from the Mapon Kingdom to Portu Kingdom and arrived at Boden village.

Weed felt regret.

“It would have been nice if we came more slowly.”

He was in a hurry due to the situation on the Versailles Continent but he would’ve liked to stay for 1 year to hunt in dungeons. They hadn’t seen any trackers from the Sea God’s followers while travelling in the Mapon Kingdom so they were either defeated in the battlefield or couldn’t cross the border.

“Where should we go now?”

Seo-yoon asked while changing her armour.

It was a bright and clean silver studded with tiny jewels. Once a battle began and the ability of a berserker started to be exercised, the jewels would turn increasingly dark towards the colour of blood.

Weed and Seo-yoon deliberately didn’t touch some monsters and hunted the boss class monsters that dropped nice berserker items. Weed didn’t obtain anything nicer than the Goddess’ Knight Armour but got a rather good helmet and boots.

He had picked up the Devil’s Helmet from the devil Montus. It contained a great power but there was a severe penalty so he didn’t use it.

“I don’t know. We’ll see after entering the village.”

Weed went inside in order to complete the quest. Boden village was a small place with approximately 100 houses.

-Find a Haven has been completed.

You have travelled around the continent and finally arrived at Boden village. Nodulle and Hilderun have hope that they can live peacefully here.

-Experience has risen.
-Charm and Courage has increased by 10.

“This is like the early days of Morata.”

“There aren’t a lot of people and it has a cosy feeling.”

“Talk to everyone and see if there is a quest. If there isn’t a quest in this small place then we will go to a big city.”

“Later we should find a chance to visit the Niflheim Empire.”

“It would be nice if that is possible….anyway, it won’t be easy.”

They walked along the main street of the village.

“His Majesty the King. The King is coming.”

“His Majesty is coming to survey Boden village.”

The residents came out on the streets and bowed down. A sudden development! Weed and Seo-yoon looked at the street from a distance.

He was the King of the Arpen Kingdom but that was no use in this time. In addition, he would be happy to lower his head if there was any benefits.

‘Should I sell a sculpture to the King?’

The king came riding into town with 1,000 knights and soldiers. A magnificent procession!

‘Money is superfluous. I heard that rumour about the Portu Kingdom.’

They had the best fertile land and mines in the area. The Portu Kingdom was in the Central Continent and later gave birth to the Lasalle Kingdom.

“You there, raise your head.”

The king who looked like a mix between a bullfrog and a black pig said as he saw Seo-yoon standing on the corner.

“A woman with such a strong aura is rare.”


Seo-yoon didn’t say anything.

“Tell me your name.”


“Hilderun, a name that refers to the sea on a sunny day.”

She didn’t speak but the King already knew her name. This was a special event related to the quest.

“Come with me to the palace. Your legs look uncomfortable so I will heal it. My daughter will prepare dresses and jewels for you and a sumptuous banquet will be held for 100 days.”

The king spoke some amazing words.

Seo-yoon looked at Weed. It would be nice if he screamed at the king not to touch his girlfriend or showed anxiety!

“Excuse me….”

Weed walked forward.

“His Majesty is talking you country bumpkin!”

His shoulder was instantly grabbed by a knight. Of course, it was possible to resist if he fought. But they were Royal Knights so their levels weren’t low.

‘Is this going to be another tough quest?’

Weed and Seo-yoon locked eyes.

If that was the case then it was better to attack at the same time. They didn’t know the structure of the village but it was better to get as far away as possible. He would also have to fight the soldiers beyond the knights.

It was a difficult situation with the odds against them.


But at that moment, Weed suddenly coughed up blood. The King of Portu was laughing meanly.

“You weakling, your face has turned black like you have a heavy disease. Hilderun, if you don’t follow me then that man will cough up blood and die. But if you follow me then I will give the cure.”


-Hilderun’s Cruel Destiny

Hilderun has come to the continent with Nodulle. The Portu King is a warlock who noticed the aura of the sea around her and wants to take her to the palace to experiment.

Nodulle became sick and is on the verge of death after exploring the continent. The King is demanding a choice from Hilderun.

“You either come with me or watch your sweetheart die.”

Depending on Hilderun’s choice, she could save Nodulle’s life or lose something more precious than their lives.

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: Nodulle’s destiny will be determined by Hilderun’s choice.

Weed thought quickly.

‘How did this happen?’

The situation had suddenly changed. His body was suffering from aches like he was in hospital and he was frequently coughing.


-You have acquired the severe Black  Disease.

Vitality has fallen.

Health is reduced.

Skills can’t be used.

Your body is aching and you will die after 4 days if a cure isn’t found.

-The level limit of the equipped sword hasn’t been met.

The weapon can’t be handled directly. The lack of skill means you can hurt yourself when handling the sword.

-The armour you’re wearing is too heavy.

It isn’t possible to move due to the penalty. Even if your eyes are opened, you won’t be able to stop the attack.

-The Agility requirements are lacking and you can’t utilize the options of the boots.
-Intelligence is lacking to wear the helmet.

The level restriction hasn’t been reached.

‘This took a strange and unexpected turn.’

Weed had changed into level 100 leather armour before entering the village. Yet these message windows rose excessively. He murmured in a low voice for confirmation.

“Stat Window.”

Character Name Nodulle Alignment None
Level 37 Profession None
Title Family’s Heir Fame 53
Health 79 Mana 282
Strength 19 Agility 16
Vitality 23 Wisdom 95
Intelligence 77 Leadership 5
Art 3,153 Luck  5
Attack 3 Defence 4
No Magic Resistance
Status: Dying from a serious illness.


Weed was secretly astonished. His name was changed to Nodulle and it was the same for his abilities! All the stats he worked hard to accumulate had been reduced except for the Art stat.

‘Perhaps, then my skills….’

Weed checked his skills and most of them were gone except for his sculpting skills. Apart from sculpting, the 5 secret techniques and handicraft, everything else was gone. Only the skills related to art remained.

Now he couldn’t run away anymore. He might die depending on Seo-yoon’s choice. The contents of Seo-yoon’s message window was different from Weed’s.


-Hilderun’s Cruel Destiny

The King of the Portu Kingdom is a cruel warlock. He wishes to take Hilderun to the palace to be used in experiments.

If you reject his offer to go to the palace then you will awake from the dream of acquiring treasures and will have returned to the original Versailles Continent.

But Nodulle will be left on this continent and will be killed by the Portu King and his knights.

If you follow the king to be his experiment then you will die.

It is a cruel fate but Hilderun has to choose.

Would you like to save your lover by following the king or refuse and return to the original world?

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: Nodulle’s destiny will be determined by Hilderun’s choice.

If Weed knew this then he would be even more anxious but Seo-yoon replied like it was natural.

“I will do anything to save him. Take me there.”


-Hilderun has chosen to become the warlock’s experiment.

The protagonists were now following Nodulle and Hilderun’s situation in the past.


-Hilderun’s Cruel Destiny has been completed.

Hilderun has decided to go with the Portu King. She will be sacrificed as an experiment underneath the palace.

The Portu King took Seo-yoon away.

Weed didn’t just watch without resisting. The final secret sculpting technique couldn’t be lost like this. It was the end if Seo-yoon died!

‘No. It also makes sense. This is his destiny but I can’t let my guard down. It is like picking up money on the street only to have the owner come….’

And fairy tales from Nodulle and Hilderun often ended in tragedy. To be honest, a happy love affair was rarer! That was the reason why Weed didn’t dream of a girlfriend or marriage.

‘I have to put up with parents of my wife, wedding costs, honeymoon, housing, fighting at home….these days, I heard that designer handbags are necessary before marriage. And there are all the challenges after marriage. The expenses when giving birth to a child and their education costs….’

Reality was too hard to live on just love. Instead, the sweethearts who ran away together would have one of them taken away by the king.

‘I can’t deny it. It fits perfectly with the narrative.’

Weed was convinced. The knight that grabbed him was about to leave when Weed asked.

“T…hat, treatment….medicine?”

Seo-yoon was taken away and he had to get the cure!

The knight just laughed. Of course, it was a rotten laugh so Weed didn’t smile along.

“There is no medicine. Kuk kuk.”

“Go and die in pain.”

In ordinary circumstances, it was natural for the person to be angry. But Weed’s spirit had become calm.

He couldn’t trust anyone in this world. His heart was already prepared since he couldn’t trust the Portu King. Just because it was in the contents of the quest didn’t mean there was a cure.

“Ah, I…see… I…under…stand…”

Weed quietly waited until the knight left. If he resisted then he would just die. He needed time to organize everything.

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        Anyhow, i did NOT expect it to be very long.

        Obviously, after reading the titles of volume 34, it seems to go further…

        Be careful, chapter title should be considered as spoiler. Especially now, where we know that Weed is looking for a solution/help to achieve this very special quest.


      8. sdf

        Also, I feel like our arguments, especially mine, are getting repetitive. Let’s just put this on hold and see what happens ‘kay?


  9. Fernando Gamiñio

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    I saw a lot of references as Seoyoon being Weeds girlfriend but I’m not sure if that mean they are already a couple or it was just about the quest?


  10. Hanauta

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    maybe his stats will get better if he manages to find cure. it be hard to do anything with such stats unless he needs to start training/level up(seyoon won’t last that long i guess:p)

    maybe he can summon Tori and van Hawk(or use summon sculpture)


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  12. rawrrrr

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    1. Kanton

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      -Transform into a fly and infiltrate the castle
      -When the coast is clear transform into the king and sneak out of the castle with Seo-yoon
      -Make a sculpture of a Pegasus and escape.
      -Go to the church of Freya and have the curse removed (?)

      Since the king uses dark magic, I thought that Pegasus might be good for the situation but any flying monster would suffice.


      1. sdf

        He can’t transform. Sculpture transformation uses 2000 mana. Weed currently has 282 max.


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    1. Dark Strife

      It;s nothing to do with Weed because Niff History already made by program,

      Weed just doing quest in different time line, so there are no way History will be changed because one player do quest. After all, this is history from game story.

      Even he rob all treasure from Venus’s Treasury in the past. Another player who got treasure when he play in real timeline wouldn’t lost their items.


      1. sdf

        You’re just assuming here. Please don’t use such a confident tone. Because I will laugh in your face if Weed’s actions really do impact the players on the central continent.


  14. Dark Strife

    I’m sure this is the right time for using items from Roderick Labyrinth.

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    So this is time for Meteor and Golem.

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    He can also get hints from the sands of time.

    Assassinate the king directly through sculptural transformation. Or spread his disease through the kings forces with natural disaster skill.

    Or lastly he could try to uncover the secret to time sculpting and hope the new skill is OP.



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