Episode 1: Gremory’s Calling (1)

Episode 1- Gremory’s Calling (1)

The god of E-sports.

God of games.

Lee Shin was someone with that title accompanying him.

He made his professional debut at 20-years-old and shocked the world of E-sports by being undefeated. Since then, he had an unbeatable winning streak in the pro league and personal league!

With his tall and handsome appearance, he became a national star. But he didn’t know this would end at 24-years-old.

He had enlisted in the army and joined the Air Force professional team. He was in the semi-finals and guaranteed to move onto the finals.

Then he was attacked in the bathroom by gunmen wearing hats and masks. He was washing his hands and the gunmen accurately broke Lee Shin’s wrist with an iron pipe.

The terrible pain of his wrist bones shattering! Lee Shin screamed in suffering and the gunmen ran away. Their task was accomplished. The police couldn’t catch the gunmen.

His wrist wasn’t healed. He felt pain every time he tried to finely manipulate his mouse. Lee Shin’s pro-gamer life lasted up to there.

All the professional teams that sent love calls to Lee Shin turned their backs.

Lee Shin was discharged from the army and spent each day lethargically. He would check his wrist every time he woke up from sleep. And he felt sick and frustrated from the internal pain in his bone.

He spent years lost in the pain. His family members gradually became annoyed by Lee Shin.

“Until when will you live like this!”

“This is why Mother didn’t want you to play the game!”

Lee Shin closed the door to his head and stayed in his locked room.

The internet news about E-sports showed photos of his rival Hwang Byeong-cheol holding a trophy.

[Sadness of the 2nd place Hwang Byeong-cheol over ‘Lee Shin’s plight.’]

[Hwang Byeong-cheol’s “this isn’t a true victory” shows he hasn’t lost his humility.]

[Hwang Byeong-cheol is the champion, absence of Lee Shin to blame?]

[The joy and sorrow of two rivals.]

Lee Shin looked at the photos bleakly.

He had enjoyed that glory for the last 4 years. Excellent strategy, sensitivity control and a  monster-like multitasking. He had made that world his own.

He was born in the house of history teachers and selected the world of games over studying despite the fierce opposition of his parents.

He had no choice. He was having crazy fun. His wish had been to die in a game.

‘Yes, that is my wish.’

Lee Shin laughed bitterly. He lay soullessly on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

‘Then I’m going to die now.’

It was around that time that he saw it.

A black dot suddenly appeared on the ceiling. The small, round dot swelled up.


Soon light was emitted from the black hole and swallowed Lee Shin up. And….

*     *     *

“Are you saying there is a war going on right now?”

Gremory nodded at Lee Shin’s question.

One of the 72 Demon Lords, Gremory.

Red hair with a crown on top of her head. The black velvet and white lace dress that emphasized her slender waist and shapely legs. She was originally a demon lord ranked 56th but circumstances ensured that she fell to the lowest position.

“I can’t lie and I am one of the few demons merciful to humans. Apparently it wasn’t becoming for someone of my rank to be helpful.”

Gremory made a sad expression as she recalled the memory.

“Now if I’m defeated one more time then I will even lose my lord status. So I summoned someone to help me win the war. That person is you.”

“But I….”

“I understand.  You don’t want to get involved in the quarrel between demon lords. But I will grant your wish if you do this favour for me.”

“No, but….”

Gremory gave Lee Shin no chance to continue.

“I’m the ruler of medicine and love.  I can cure any disease or give you the love of a woman. I can grant you many things.”

Lee Shin was mute like he had eaten honey.

‘Cure any disease?’

Lee Shin’s gaze naturally turned to his right hand. Gremory followed his gaze and she showed interest in Lee Shin’s wrist.

“Oh, did you hurt your wrist?”

“T-that’s right.”

“Using a little strength will make it painful?”


Lee Shin’s voice trembled.

“I can treat it. It is very easy for me.”


Lee Shin’s eyes shone.

Gremory’s eyes also shone in response. This was an opportunity to convince him.

“If you form an agreement with me then I can heal your wrist instantly. In addition, you can gain many things every time you win.”

“What happens if I don’t?”

“I will lose my status as demon lord.”

“What about me?”

“Only demon lords have the ability to open gates between dimensions. I can’t return you once I’m no longer a lord.”

“Then I’ll be stuck here forever?”

“Until I can reclaim the position of lord.”

“Is this place hell?”

“The Demon World. A world where the demon king and demons live. A hell that we manage.”

“Could you return me to my original world if you win?”

“You can return to your original world until the next war.”

“It isn’t just one or two wars?”

“Yes, there is no end to determining the ranks of the 72 Demon Lords.

“I’ll be called every time?”

“No, you just need to win. Maintaining my status as a demon lord is the most important thing.”

Gremory smiled.

Many questions started to move through his mind.

“Do I have to fight on the battlefield?”

“Huheh, I won’t place you in danger. All you need to do is conduct from safety.”


Lee Shin’s eyes shook. Many thoughts flashed through his head.

If he made a contract with her then his wrist would be healed.

A victory could recover everything he lost.

If he was defeated then he couldn’t return to his original world.

‘I was going to die anyway.’

Lee Shin wanted to escape from his awful reality so this wasn’t a significant risk for him. He thought about it calmly before asking.

“What do you specifically want from me? Do you want to continue to win? Make it to the highest rank?”

“I will be satisfied if I can hold my status as demon lord.”

Lee Shin confirmed something in his head.

‘She gave me a chance but doesn’t have high expectations. This is worth a try.’

Lee Shin spoke.

“I will do it.”

He became contracted to the once ranked 56th, now 72nd Demon Lord Gremory.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 1: Gremory’s Calling (1)

  1. arthurfferreira

    LoL… Another MC called “Lee”? Is that some kind of prerequisite?

    Interesting so far…


  2. otamar

    1: issei and rias is that you?
    2: even if it has less accuracy couldn’t he just move his whole arm? The premise that his wound is that crippling seems ridiculous. -_-


  3. satseh

    I’m liking it so far. Please do continue and give us at least 10 chapters to properly decide how many favor this over other LN/Wn


  4. rea745

    Well this series is good, but there are many other series with some kind story n development. So I dont expect it to be picked cause people might gonna bored soon.
    Hey turtle why dont u try ur own novel? I mean from the way u translating, you must be capable to brought some good story ur own. Well it just my opinion tough hehe…
    Anyway thx for teasers. U r the best



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