Episode 3: Gremory’s Calling (3)

Episode 3- Gremory’s Calling (3)

“Lee Shin? Your name is Lee Shin?”


“Aren’t you called Kaiser?”

“That is my nickname.”

“I see.”

Gremory thought it wasn’t important and skipped over it.

“Then it is time for me to fulfil the contract?”

She probably meant to treat the wrist.

“Come here.”

Lee Shin went over to Gremory.

The distance had decreased so he could see her beautiful face in more detail. She had a clear skin with not even one blemish.

Lee Shin’s face unknowingly turned red. Gremory gave a smile that indicated she thought he was cute and raised her hand.

She placed her hand on Lee Shin’s head.

Gremory said soon afterwards.

“You have dry eyes and a loss of vision. Early symptoms of a hernia disk and your wrist has carpal tunnel syndrome.”


“How did your health get this bad? You must’ve sat down and stared at something while moving your fingers vigorously.”

‘Those words are literally what happened….”

Lee Shin already realized  that his body was a wreck. All the occupational diseases of a pro gamer was brought together like a comprehensive gift set.

“But you don’t need to worry because I will heal you now. And the contract will prevent these symptoms from occurring again.”

“T-thank you!”

Lee Shin was thankful that such occupational hazards won’t happen again.


A black light flowed from her hand into Lee Shin’s body.

Lee Shin naturally closed his eyes. A warm and foreign energy entered his body and gave him a comfortable feeling.

After a while, she withdrew her hand and said.

“Check now.”

Lee Shin opened his eyes.


Lee Shin was surprised. The sight in front of him was much clearer than before.

‘Were my eyes originally so good?’

The world felt different.

It felt like a cloudy fog had cleared up.


Lee Shin carefully turned his right wrist. His wrist moved surprisingly smoothly. There was no pain.


It was difficult to believe.

In the meantime, his wrist had given him much despair. He knew how hard it was. He had frantically wished for God to heal his wrist.

‘This woman so easily….!’

Lee Shin finally realized what a great existence Gremory was. As promised, she had treated his wrist and other issues in his body.

‘I can’t let my guard down but I will at least keep my promise to her.’

Anyway, after the healing his body felt so light it was like he could fly. The refreshing feeling of being born again. The physical problems that was like an elephant in the room had disappeared.

His condition was very good.

“Now it is my turn to fulfil the contract.”

Lee Shin said.

“I need to know about the ranks. Who is the next opponent and what is the extent of their power?”

Gremory liked his active attitude and said with a warm look.

“Now I need to explain the background of the rankings.”

Her explanation began.

The origin of the ranking dated back to a long time ago during the Great Angel-Demon War where they faced the angels of heaven.

The confident demons were shocked as they lost the Great Angel-Demon War.

The demons were clearly stronger than the angels. But the angels had a well thought out strategy and the demons were badly defeated. Unlike their original estimates, the angels were the ones who won the war.

The demon king Lucifer exclaimed angrily.

“The order of the 72 Demon Lords will be reconstructed through war!”

That’s when the strife between the 72 Demons Lords started. The demons weak in war naturally fell in rank. But the fight to redefine the ranking made matters worse.

In the end, Lucifer devised a special way to end the struggle.

“Thus the current system was born. I’ve been through many wars and fell to this rank.”

Then Gremory taught him the rules of the ranking war.

Lee Shin’s face was confused after listening to the explanation.

‘Aren’t I very familiar with this method of war?’

The ranking war between the 72 Demon Lords.

It closely resembled a real time strategy (RTS) game. Gremory had misunderstood but she had brought in a perfect contractor.

*     *     *

The ranking war between the 72 Demon Lords closely resembled a real time strategy (RTS) game.

In order to prevent damage to the Demon World, those taking place in the ranking battle would be sent to another dimension of space. There was a total of 12 such dimensional spaces.

‘This is like a Map.’

The ranking war was enacted as a challenge.

The appropriate qualifications and magic was required to challenge an opponent ranked above them. Those who received a challenge couldn’t avoid it.

The two sides would have identical magic power and their forces would start a war in a fair state.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely fair. The challenge was unavoidable so the challenger had two rights.

  1. Can select the battlefield.
  2. An amount of magic power between 10,000~5,000 can be decided.

Choosing a battlefield could give a geographical advantage and they could decide to bet less magic power.

The magic of both sides would be spread through the battlefield.

The Demon Lords could come out but it was generally their contractor who took part in the ranking war.

The contractors would collect magic power distributed throughout the map in order to summon warriors. Of course, those who gathered more magic power would have larger forces.

‘This is like finding resources for the unit?’

The war would continue until the opponents were completely wiped out or surrendered.

In summary, it was as followed.

  1. The game will be established when a Demon Lord challenges someone qualified and ranked above them.
  2. The map and amount of magic power being bet will be decided by the challenged person.
  3. The game will be played by the Demon Lord or their contractor.
  4. The magic power placed in the bet will be distributed through the map and the contractors of both sides will gather the magic power to summon their units.
  5. The winner will then obtain all the magic power that had been bet.

Lee Shin asked after hearing the rules.

“Gremory is the lowest ranked demon so doesn’t that mean no one has the right to challenge you?”

“That’s not true. Advanced demons who want to become a demon lord can challenge me.”

Gremory said with a sigh.

“There are a few advanced demons who are qualified to challenge me. They are eagerly aiming for the position of Demon Lord.”

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50 thoughts on “Episode 3: Gremory’s Calling (3)

    1. satseh

      Why, do you only enjoy stories for which you know the ending to from the first few chapters? I actually dislike those general types of stories and that why I have stopped reading most of the VR type stories such as Ark. I like this story since it is bit similar to Overlord yet very different (demons/undead=as in negative characters (hopefully)- I would like to continue reading this if possible, it all depends on turtle-chan)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. lightdx

    Not too bad. But since the battles are going to be like a RTS I can’t get too excited even when i like to play that kind of games. Still. Who knows? Maybe after the battle I change my mind.


    1. satseh

      This is how Lee is understanding the situation to make best of it- I am sure the character depth will make up for something like that


  2. Julien

    Hi, thanks for this work on 3 chapters.

    I think it a little less immersive than LMS, we have less descriptions, I don’t get if the war is like a warcraft game, or something else, the autor should have described a little more the glorious period of victories of the MC, as how he got to win, and then detailled more of the demon war so that we got to discover the similar things by ourselves,

    it’s a little light in my opinion, but maybe with the first match we will be dragged in more, so wait & see for me.

    I hope this is the way you want us to participate, in the comments here .. and that my english is good enough (French Guy 35yo)


  3. Alin

    Quite interesting, I would like to read what happens next. I hope that at some point you will translate all of the teasers, because i’m sure there will be readers for them. Maybe you could pick-up first the ones that are finished, so there is a chance for the other ones to reach the end in that time


  4. Soebandrijo

    Need some more chapters to decide this to be interesting or not.

    Has potential to be great or meh, depending on how the author describe the war.


  5. sdf

    We lack information. There isn’t enough to determine whether this is interesting or not. Ugh…welp, no choice. Time to go look for spoilers.


  6. weed0395

    Really interesting I would love to read ahead. I dont know abt the rest of the upcoming teasers but this is definitely good. Even if you dont upload rest of the teaser this story will do.. no offense to ATL fans but I think this is better than ATL


    1. Rick

      It’s an unfair comparison since both are different genres even if they have a “gaming” theme. That’s like comparing Civilization games to World of Warcraft.


  7. evil

    The foundation for this story seems interesting. I agree with other people in that the demon, is probably hiding something. I like the strategy aspect of these battles. This would get my vote so far.


  8. pantser

    this could be a great series or a terrible one depending on the way the fights play out and the “real world” does not interfere too much with the demon world


  9. attolis

    “2 – The map and amount of magic power being bet will be decided by the challenger.”
    I thought the challenged party could decide that.


  10. otamar

    Get the feeling this is what happens when Kenny becomes the strategist for hell instead of heaven (obligatory south park reference achieved) =)


  11. Darwin Lesmana

    This novel is somewhat different compared to LMS or Ark, very interesting specially about how the Demon Game would be. Will the game turn of event be thrilling to be read or boring i would like to know.


  12. sinothereaper31

    i like how this story is coming along and i’m pretty excited for how the battle will play out like is it like starcraft where you look over the battle and control or you are in the field taking command and fightning. thanks turtle and i really like this novel so far.


  13. YoHo

    This is an interesting premise. It’s unlike any other story that I’ve seen.

    Thanks for translating these three chapters, Turtle. I think you picked something with a lot of potential.


  14. Iric Alexis

    interesting plot. world framework and rule are explained nicely, still can’t fully judge until the war explained and got some preview on what really happen after he win/lost the war. and i think the author not really great at personal character build, well its still to early to judge, but i will just give my opinion on the existing chapter until now. when i read Gremory dialog and Lee Shin dialog its like reading two person with nearly similar personality and almost same way of thinking only with 2 different name… and though Lee Shin seems not standard char, but his background story pretty much cliche..


  15. cubaonim

    nice start, we need to at least finish one battle to have a better estimate if it is gonna be good. im expecting lelouche like battles, btw i wanna fuck gremory


  16. Diablo

    Good story, the first 3 chapter dont have enough informatin of how the battles will occur, i think it’s better to have enough chapter until the first battle finish, i do understand this is just a teaser, the story look good, cant wait for other teasers,
    Thanks for the hard work


  17. ShadowBlazer

    Not enough info about the Demon or the Ranking war, but imo it sounds like its being played like Dawn of War 2. Dawn of War had base building, while DoW2 forgoes the base building and just lets the player summon units from orbit on special points on the map, as well as capturing keypoints to gather resources to call the units. So it comes down to who would be able to capture and secure the resources first before annihilating the opposing force. I imagine everything would go well for the first 3 fights, with a significant increase in difficulty with each rank level. Though I imagine the problem would arise from the defense of the rank rather than the challenging of a higher one since defending oneself is entirely up to the challenger, so Kaiser/Lee would get the reputation of being narcoleptic, which is a huge hindrance if he wants to return to professional gaming.


  18. SDSPride

    I think this teaser is really interesting, will read the others and see which is my favourite though. Will there be a straw poll at the end on disqus or something?



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