5 years ago, things were moderately well.

No, it went very well. Everyone told me I was the best and I thought so myself.

I was prideful. Everyone recognized me and I thought like that as well.

The virtual reality game ‘Fantasia,’ I was called the King of the Arena. King Laden. It was an embarrassing nickname now that I thought about it but I had great pride in it 5 years ago.


5 years ago.

It wasn’t a short amount of time. Even a winged bird would have to come down to earth to rest their wings for a short period of time.

In my case, my wings weren’t tired but broken. No, I was shot.

My character deleted.

I fell down and was trampled on. The people’s attention turned away from me and I was quickly forgotten.

Since then, I didn’t play any games.

Until yesterday.

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