Sung-joon ran. He used all the power from the milk he drank since his birth to run.

Sweat flowed down Sung-joon’s back as he ran up an abandoned building in the city.

It was a 12 storey building where construction had already been discontinued for 10 years.  The frame was visibly filled with small holes, steel could be seen and there were ugly objects everywhere.

Looking to the left and right was enough to make his hair bristle. But he kept running. He ended up at the roof.

A cool but sticky wind was blowing.

Chak, chak, chak, chak!

Sung-joon turned and saw some people behind him.

“Hek, hek…. What are your true identities?”

Sung-joon said while gasping for breath. He glanced around him for a few seconds.

‘These strange people.’

There was a total of three males.

They were dressed in bizarre costumes.

The one in the lead was dressed in full Japanese samurai costume and holding a long sword.

The other one was dressed like a medieval knight in armour with a two-handed sword and the last one was huge like the hulk. The hulking person was over three metres tall and definitely not normal.

“We are after the thing that your father delivered. If you hand it over quietly then you can leave here alive.”

The samurai said.

Sung-joon pulled out a card from his chest pocket.

“This goddamn card?”

The samurai nodded his head and remained quiet.

That’s right. The whole thing started with a card.

After being absent for over a decade, he received a letter from his father a couple of days ago. The address was unknown and the dispatcher also unknown. He was wondering how the letter managed to be shipped when he saw the card.

And then those people arrived. They chased Sung-joon and threatened to kill him.

This card, should he give it to them? But he was somewhat hesitant. Something unusual seemed to be hidden. His premonition wasn’t wrong. He wouldn’t have to deal with these strange fellows if it wasn’t for the card.


His mind became determined. This area was Sung-joon’s home ground. He had travelled this area since childhood so he knew the best paths.

Sung-joon took a deep breath and lifted his fist. And the middle finger of his fist popped out.

“Take this you bastards!”

He turned his body. And started running once again. His eyes turned towards the thin railing at the end of the roof.

‘Huu, huu, huu!’

He didn’t brake. Sung-joon ran to the railing and jumped vigorously. Jumping from the roof of a 12 storey building. It was easy to think it was suicide.

Huuk! And he felt that exhilarating pleasure that came from jumping off a cliff.

The sticky wind was also thrilling. His skin reacted as Sung-joon’s eyes opened. And he leaned forward to accelerate even further and landed on the roof of the opposite building that was 3 metres away. He rolled as soon as he touched the floor in order to disperse the damage and stood up.

Sung-joon didn’t stop there and continued acrobatically running between buildings.

His parkour abilities were top notch.

*     *     *

“Hek, hek, hek…..”

Sung-joon jumped between buildings until he finally stopped at a shabby warehouse.

It was a former waste materials warehouse then he used as a hideout. He had accidentally discovered it and it was a handy place to die. It was a little sad coming to this place. The room was a mess but those guys wouldn’t be able to find this place.

His entire body was sore. No matter how familiar Sung-joon was with parkour, it was the first time he did something like this.

Jumping from a 12 storey building.

What was he thinking? When he thought about it, he would do it again.

Sung-joon pulled out the card form his pocket.

“Why is there an uproar over this?”

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