Space 1: Jurassic Park

SPACE 1. Jurassic Park

Kung! Kung! Snap! Oduduk!

There was loud roar in the jungle engulfed in fog. The deafening roar occurred as the thick trees parted.

….Something huge was coming!

“Back off!”

Ark reflexively stood in front of Irina and shouted. And he turned in the direction that the roar was coming from. The branches in front of him were broken and something popped out.

‘Heok! W-what?’

Ark flinched and retreated.

The roars indicated that the ‘thing’ was still quite a distance away. But preparing for it to pop out was enough to make his heart pound. Furthermore, the size was enough to cause the earth to shake.

There seemed to be three of them and they were going to emerge from the vine covered branches. However, they were living things.


“Hiiik! Hiik! Hiik!”

The only evidence of their existence were loud screams. Ark was slightly panicked thanks to that but….

It was only for a moment. When looking at it, unexpected occurrences on adventures were common. And Ark wasn’t a beginner to be surprised by such things. This was a game set in the backdrop of space!

‘I don’t know if they are monsters but….’

Ark raised his sword with a grin.

‘I will confirm the identity after it is dead!’


The white light rose in front of him. The white light then headed towards the bushes as some people burst out.

“Heok! Ark? N-no, Ark-nim!”

His name was heard in an unexpected situation. Ark hurriedly stopped his sword as he looked at them with confusion.

“What the, you guys?”

“Y-you finally came! I knew you would come!”

“….This voice is?”

“I thought I was going to die! Death!”

“Why are you here?”

Kukung! Chwajijijijijik!

Just when Ark was asking the question. A thundering noise was heard from the thick trees to the right. And the misty fog revealed a huge figure.

The first thing that caught his eye was the huge head towering 4~5 metres over the trees. There was a huge tail that was 10 metres long and the large body was held up by legs with overwhelming muscles. And the huge body was covered with a distinctive leather.

“Oh my god! That is….!”

Surprisingly, the thing that appeared in the woods was a dinosaur! Among them, it was the strongest predator known as the T-rex, Tyrannosaurus.

Why was a dinosaur that had become extinct on earth millions of years ago wandering around in a place like this?

‘Is this a lost world? Jurassic Park?’ But he had no room to think about it. The huge eyes of the T-rex turned and its head lowered towards Irina.


There was a loud noise as the earth shook.

“Dammit! Irina-nim!”

“I-I’m fine!”

The answer was heard from a few metres away. He turned towards the voice and saw Irina leaning against a tree trunk with her swords crossed in a X in front of her.

Fortunately, her defensive posture managed to parry the attack. She still received damage but only 3% of her health was reduced. In reality, it would only be a light scratch.

But! Even so!

“That damn lizard!”

The T-rex’s brutality (?) was enough to make Ark snap. It dared to give Ark’s girlfriend a wound? Ark stood in front of him! He couldn’t forgive it!

“Go to hell!”

Ark growled out as he lifted his sword.

“Kafra Fencing 4th style, Piercing!”

He stomped his feet as his body turned into a ray of light and flew forward. And he crashed into the T-rex’s dirty jaw that injured Irina! The Equalizer drew blood from the T-rex’s jaw.


The T-rex stepped back from the pain. However, Ark’s lid had already been open so he showed no mercy.

“This was the mouth that injured Irina-nim? Huh? This mouth?”

Ark persistently held onto the T-rex’s jaw and poked it. It was turned into a rag as blood poured down the T-rex’s chin and its health steadily decreased.

Of course, the T-rex wasn’t just quietly letting him poke its chin. The 1 metre large claw and tail were brandished in a resistance attempt. A powerful attack with a large weigh behind it!

Kwa kwa kwang! Kwajijijik!

The trees ended up being squashed. Any other user would become terrified. But right now the T-rex’s opponent was Ark. He didn’t care that he was fighting against a huge T-rex. Ark would show him what a man looked like!

“Break Kinesis!”

Ark’s eyes flashed as an explosion occurred in front of the T-rex’s eyes. Break Kinesis was an Elim technique that caused Force to explode! It could inflict direct damage on the enemy but the splash damage of the explosion could also cause indirect blows. The damage was minimal but it was different when Break Kinesis was used on the eyes.


The T-rex closed its eyes tightly. Ark lowered his knees and jumped up. And then he brandished the Equalizer as he fell towards its neck.

“Sonic Sword!”

The reason Ark focused on the T-rex’s lower jaw wasn’t just being it had injured Irina. Most animals, including reptiles were covered in a thick leather. On the other hand, the bottom portion of the jaw and the belly was covered in thin leather.

It was the same with the T-rex.

He could tell with a glance that the leather was thinner. In other words, it was a place where the outer defense was vulnerable. Ark had experienced countless battles so he instinctively grasped the weakness of the T-rex.

And the neck was one of the weakest areas!


The sword of light slashed the neck and blood rose. Ark attacked without a break that the T-rex couldn’t even resist. His attacks pushed back an opponent that was 10 times larger than him. A man giving a performance for his woman! Strong! And….


At that moment, Ark fell down. And the T-rex’s teeth gripped onto one of his arms.

“Ah! A-Ark-nim!”

Irina cried out and hurriedly lifted her swords. However, the T-rex’s mouth closed before she could use her sword. Irina had a devastated expression.

“I am not your prey.”

A voice mixed with derision was then heard from the T-rex. The T-rex’s fangs had stopped a few centimetres away from Ark. No, it was lodged in a blue glass surrounding Ark.

The transparent glass was his Survivor skill, Mind Shield! The intermediate shield reduced damage by 50~70%. It also stopped the T-rex from chewing through his body.

“I will let you know what happens when you pick up anything to eat.”

Ark grinned as he looked at the T-rex. A black light then emerged from the Equalizer.

“Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword!”


The light from the Equalizer poured out and dozens of swords flew around the T-rex. A black swirl with the T-rex inside!

-Critical hit!

There was no need to verify the message. The T-rex shed blood and staggered before collapsing like a broken doll. As it lost strength. Ark pushed off the T-rex and turned towards Irina.

“Are you alright?”

The tail had hit him a few times so several areas were throbbing with pain. The T-rex’s fangs had also slightly penetrated through the Mind Shield so blood was pouring down his forehead.

Ark put on a fake casual expression as he grinned fiercely.

…..There was a reason for it!

A man had to show a strong appearance. Why would he want her to worry about his wounds?


It wasn’t surprising that appreciation rose in Irina’s eyes.

‘Okay, this is it! I will go with this route!’

While Ark was busy thinking.

Kung! Kwajijijik! Kung! Kwajijijik! Kung! Kwajijijik!

There were uncontrollably noises from the surrounding environment. And shadows started to tower over the trees. Panic appeared on Ark and Irina’s faces at the same time.

“….There wasn’t just one?”

Heads of the T-rex rose above the trees! The T-rex surrounded Ark and Irina. The final number was 11! There was the sound of trees being crushed from all sides.

“Ark-nim, we can’t deal with that many! We should run before it is too late!”

Irina shouted with a desperate expression. Ark shook his head at her words.

The T-rex wasn’t an easy monster. There wasn’t 2~3 but 11. It wasn’t a time to look good in front of his girlfriend. He would just be miserably eaten by the T-rex.

However, Ark was unable to withdraw. It wasn’t due to showing a weak form in front of Irina but actually the Silver Star.

‘The Silver Star’s stealth has been turned off. The T-rex has already been gathered so the Silver Star is likely to be their target if I run away. The Silver Star will be defenseless against the giant monsters.’

“….It is like this.”

A thought suddenly popped up in his head. The reason why the Silver Star was in stealth mode in this place.

‘Was Rapid attacked by these guys shortly after he landed here? Rapid and the group could deal with them. But there is a risk that the Silver Star would be damaged. Maybe Rapid turned on the Silver Star’s stealth mode and lured them to another place.’

There was still a question remaining.

Rapid’s group had arrived here four days ago. They must still be alive or else the dead members would’ve revived at S-20. In other words, they had safely survived the T-rex’s raid. Nevertheless, he couldn’t understand why the Silver Star was left in such a dangerous place without any protectors.

However, he couldn’t answer those questions now.

The Silver Star’s stealth had been released. And like most skills, a certain amount of time was required before he could use stealth again. Anyway, if he retreated then he couldn’t guarantee the safety of his precious Silver Star.

Then there was only one way left!

“Armour armament!”

A flash of light appeared from Ark’s body. The light caused the space to part and armour appeared. The texture of the armour was like the skin of an insect and it covered Ark.

It was Ark’s battle suit Hyper Drone! The carapace covered Ark clutched his sword and raised his head.

He couldn’t give up. He had no choice but to win the fight. He had spent many days and nights raising his level and polishing his skills. And the only way to verify his performance was to fight.

“This welcome is a bit….”

His eyes inside the black helmet shone with a red light as he gazed at the group of T-rex. At the same time, heat started to emerge from Ark’s body.

“Come! I will teach you who the real predator is!”


Pajijiji! Pajijiji!

The forest was covered with a dense fog. Hajin was using tools to repair the damage on the upper deck caused by the huge swarm of bats. Something suddenly caught Camel’s eyes and he shouted.


“Huh? What is it?”

“….Stop using that metal worker!”

The tool was turned off. But Camel’s voice wasn’t the only thing heard.

Kung! Kung! Kwajijijik! Kwajijijik!

Sounds were one after another from the other side of the fog. Hajin had been unable to hear the noise use to the metal worker so he turned to Camel with a confused expression.

“W-What is that?”

“I don’t know if it is a problem but the sound is coming from Captain Irina-nim’s direction. But Captain-nim isn’t capable of making those type of sounds.”

“Then perhaps……?”

“I suppose we should go look.”

Camel nodded with a firm expression. And he shouted as he quickly pulled out a rifle.

“Even if she is a woman, Captain-nim is an elite warrior of the Galactic Federation. And she is with Ark-nim. I don’t think there is any need to worry but….that sound is bothering me. It is likely that they are being attacked by a monster with a significant size. Furthermore, there are several of them. Considering the huge swarm of bats, Ark and Irina-nim’s safety isn’t guaranteed. Hajin, hurry up. We need to move quickly to help both of them.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Hajin put down the tools and jumped off the deck. And he rushed towards Camel while holding his machine gun. They rushed through dozens of metres covered in fog. The roars being heard in the fog became faster and more violent….

Pepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A huge object was rushing towards both of them.

“Heok! What? Hajin, avoid it!”

Camel and Hajin flew to the left. The giant object broken the tree branches before stopping. Camel then raised his head with confusion.


The object lying down in front of them was a dinosaur!

A 10 metre large dinosaur. Although it was surprising to see a T-rex in a place like this, the status of the T-rex was even more shocking. The body was tattered and mangled, the head crushed and the tongue stretched out.

Someone had murdered it!

‘Who the hell did this?’

They could guess but….

Kwa kwak! Wiiiing!

At that moment, a huge shape appeared in the fog. Hajin saw a giant T-rex rushing through the trees. And it swept its tail towards them! The T-rex’s tail could literally smash them.

“Ah! D-danger….!”

Camel reflexively exclaimed. Then dozens of strands of light shot out and wrapped around the T-rex’s neck.

In the next moment, something sprinted up towards the T-rex’s head. The crystal golem stood on the shoulder and fiercely struck the jaws. There was a sound as the T-rex’s head moved up, exposing the neck.

There was an ensuing flash of white light that horizontally split the T-rex’s neck, causing blood to gush out. The young man slipped because of the body and slid to the ground. However, the T-rex flinched and retreated backwards. It felt fear towards the presence using its body like a slide.

Overwhelming! The small presence that seemed to overwhelm the T-rex with his pressure. The T-rex was puzzled but Camel was also the same. Camel knew the identity of the presence. He knew he was strong. However…..

“What it this about?”

Camel swallowed his saliva as he spoke.



“18 Barrage!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Steel fists moved at breakneck speed with the yell. It hit the leather covering the belly every time and pushed back the T-rex. The T-rex was 10 metres while Ark wearing the battle suit was only 2 metres. The size difference was 5 times!

A T-rex 5 times larger was pushed back with Ark’s fist. And once 18 Barrage finished, the belly area was battered and shedding blood. The T-rex fell and caused trees to be crushed with debris flying in every direction.


Ark took a deep breath.

Heated air flew from his body like steam. It was like a nuclear fusion was taking place in Ark’s body as it seemed like flames would spew from his mouth. He had used a tremendous amount of energy in a short period of time.

‘But this isn’t an unpleasant feeling!’

His body was burning up but he actually felt like it was refreshing. It felt like he was throwing heave clothes off himself.

‘And after a long time, I can finally just focus on the battle.’

When he thought back, most of his battles had been in a team.

Of course, a team was helpful in many ways. The growth of an organization or Agent was important in Galaxian and developing it could be fun.

However, it was a hindrance to Ark’s individual ability growing. Teamwork was important in a group battle. No matter how well he battled alone, it could cause a team to lost their balance. Moreover, Ark was more focused on playing a leadership role and focusing on maintaining the balance of the team.

He had suffered through many fierce battlefields. But Ark couldn’t exert 100% of his power in those fights. It was good since the result was their victory. Ark had been thinking that it was better to be safe than in danger. However, his thoughts were different when faced with a crisis.

‘Facing 11 T-rex at once! Dammit, I am scared! My breathing feels like it is blocked! But if I fail then they will turn the Silver Star into scrap metal! Irina will also be in danger! Dammit! I really hate situations like this! I really hate….’

A thrilling feeling. It was like when he first started in New World.

He raised his level at night, had a bloody nose from raising his skills, gathered equipment and these efforts were seen in his character’s information window!

Showing 100% of his capability in his fight! Whether it ended in victory or defeat, Ark was oriented towards combat. And this was once such fight.

The reason why Ark was heating up! His warrior type gaming sense gained in New World had woken up. Of course, he would only be satisfied with the outcome if he won the battle. Fight and win at all cost. That premise lay underneath every battle.


Ark showed his natural determination. That’s why he fully armed himself after the emergence of the T-rex.

-Battle suit <Hyper Drone Lv.2> has been equipped!

The battle suit will raise your body’s stats dramatically.

<All stats +35%, environmental adaptability +30% (80%), reduced speed of satiety falling 20% (50%), fall damage reduced 30%>

*  The synchronization between the body and battle suit has changed the skills ‘Binding Sword,’ ‘Mind Shield’ and ‘Stealth’ to ‘Armed Binding Sword,’ ‘Armed Mind Shield’ and ‘Armed Stealth.’

-Special item effect <Charenjok’s Token: Octopus’s Blessing> has been triggered!

High density nutrients like DHA and EPA have been injected into your body.

Thanks to the infusion of nutrients, the body’s physical capabilities have been activated for a period of time.

<All stats +10% for 30 minutes. Cool down time:  2 hours>

-Rune Carving: Kuon has been used.

<All allies within 100 metres will have their health and defense increased by 20% for 30 minutes.>

-You have consumed unrefined foods.

A toxic sensation has hit your tongue. However, Steel Stomach is able to neutralize the toxin and absorb the nutrients.

<Satiety +40%, Strength has increased by 10 for 10 minutes>

The battle suit and Octopus’s Blessing boosted his stats by 45%! He also used the Kuon rune that increased health and defense by 20% and eating the centipedes on Ikyullos had increased Strength by 10 points. He mobilized all the products and equipment collected so far.

‘I don’t know when I used all of this together.’

He was satisfied with it. But this wasn’t the only buff Ark received. It wasn’t information that would show on the information window but….

-My girlfriend is watching!

He was highly motivated! Somehow, his power seemed to rise! It felt like his abilities had increased to 200%!

Ark was a man before he was a user. And every man was like Superman in front of his girlfriend. Irina’s presence itself was a buff.

Ark discovered this truth after fighting the T-rex. Ark also had the crystal golem next to him.

‘I shouldn’t let the T-rex attack me directly. The energy shield is useless against these guys. It is better if I use Bao to distract them.’

“Summon Bao!”

Ark had been thinking that when he summoned Bao.

Huh? H-Hyung-nim!

Bao looked at Ark with amazed eyes. Ark was also amazed. So far, Bao had never called Ark Hyung-nim. There is only one reason. For some reason, Basak’s personality inside Bao had returned.

In other words…..

“Hyung-nim? Don’t tell me, are you Basak?”

Yes, Hyung-nim! Basak!

Bao’s personality had turned back to Basak. He had disappeared after returning from the ghost planet so why was Basak’s personality back?

Ark couldn’t comprehend it. He naturally wanted to ask questions. However, the T-rex was already rushing after Bao, no Basak had been summoned. It was like the SKIP button had been pressed.

“Basak, you can see that the enemy is coming. We will talk about these matters later. For now, let’s concentrate on the enemy in front of us.”

-I understand Hyung-nim!

Basak nodded as he stood next to Ark. The crystal golem was only level 50 after Ikyullos. He didn’t have great expectations but a summons was better than nothing. Bao was a summon that didn’t really listen to Ark.

But it was different when talking about Basak’s personality. Basak was a NPC whose loyalty was only to Ark! He had also experienced numerous battles on Muratio Star with Ark. This was shown in the battle with the T-rex.


Immediately after killing one. Another T-rex had emerged from the adjacent trees. And the T-rex scratched the ground with its claws before trying to swallow Ark!

No! Blast!

Basak shouted as he instinctively moved his body. Unlike Bao, Basak didn’t hesitate to throw his body to save Ark from the dinosaur.

And the Blast skill connected! The awls flew from Basak and hit the T-rex’s head. Of course, the T-rex just shook off the discomfort.

“Welcome to the alter ego!”

But Ark’s movements were faster. His clones rushed towards the T-rex in order to distract them. Basak quickly stuck sharp things in the top of the T-rex’s eyes. Thanks to that, it was easier for Ark and Basak as the T-rex closed its eyes.


Flames gushed out between the T-rex’s fangs.

It was due to the explosion of a grenade that Basak threw. Even a dinosaur wouldn’t be fine if a hand grenade exploded in its mouth. The T-rex stumbled as it shed blood from the torn flesh.

He didn’t give it time to breathe!

“Armed Binding Sword!”

Ark shouted as his chest area opened. At the same time, dozens of beads of light shot out like lasers.

And the moment the light tangled around the head of the T-rex, Ark carried Basak on his shoulders and flew towards the jaws of the T-rex. There was no need for separate commands.

Ooh! Blast!

There was no time to waste on useless words. Basak read Ark’s intentions and aimed straight towards the T-rex’s jaw. And the T-rex’s head lifted the moment Basak’s awls hit it!

“Sonic Sword!”

The ensuing flash of white light  horizontally split the T-rex’s neck, causing blood to gush out. That was the final straw.

The T-rex winced and retreated before collapsing to the ground after the series of attacks that Camel saw. However, he had no time to breathe.


The T-rex waiting in the back roared! The earth continued to shake as T-rex rushed out. The T-rex gave off a huge pressure but Ark was already engulfed in the heat of battle.

“Can’t you obediently open your mouth for me? Armed Binding Sword!”

Light once again emerged from Ark. And the light that flew forward like a laser tangled around one leg!

“Hyper Booster!”

The skill of his battle suit, Hyper Booster was triggered!

Flames emerged from Ark’s heels and his body shot forward at a tremendous rate. And he tied the T-rex’s two legs together. The T-rex naturally fell to the ground since its legs were tied together.

“Does it hurt? But the real pain will occur now.”


“Sonic Sword!”

Ark and Basak attacked the T-rex that fell.

‘Yes, this summon is much better!’

The personality of his summon was completely different. Until now, the golem had been more of a hindrance than a help but Basak’s personality was the right combination with Ark.

He once again realized the importance of communication. Now the golem had +power!


Ark was definitely overwhelming the T-rex. However, the situation wasn’t entirely good. There was one reason.

Kwaaaaah! Kwaaaaah! Kwaaaaah!

Ark and Basak was stepping on the fallen T-rex when another 3 rushed out. This was the reason why the situation wasn’t good.

Even if it was a 1 on 1 fight, Ark needed to deal with 11 T-rex. It was different if it ended up as 11 to 1. This was the reason why Ark burnt through tremendous energy to push back the T-rex.

The T-rex didn’t rush as a group. They appeared from different directions in the forest. It was hard to surround Ark so he took advantage of that to reverse the situation. The location was also different from the place where Ark first arrived.

Therefore Ark was able to make it a 1 on 1 situation. But that had its own limitations. The dinosaurs would eventually gather as the battle continued.

“Basak, to the right!”

Yes, Blast!

Basak rushed away from the T-rex that had its ankles tied up. Basak was level 50 so he couldn’t deal with 2 T-rex alone. In the end, Basak was pushed back by the massive bodies. Basak shouted as he rolled across the ground.

Ugh! Hyung-nim, I’m really sorry! Avoid it!

“Dammit, Hyper Booster!”

Ark activated the booster and rushed towards Basak. If it was the former golem then Ark wouldn’t care but he couldn’t let Basak get crushed under the sole of the T-rex’s foot.

Thankfully Ark could rescue Basak but he became surrounded by 3 T-rex.

‘I should prepare the booster in order to avoid any damage.’

And just as Ark was quickly looking around.


There was a sound from behind him. An warrior clad in sleek, white armour!

Ark was briefly confused by the emergence of the warrior. Ark wasn’t the only one here who could use a battle suit. The warrior wearing the sleek, streamlined battle suit was….

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

“Ark-nim, this way!”

Not surprisingly, the one wielding two swords with great speed at the T-rex was Irina. Ark was able to break through the siege using the booster and Irina’s help.


“You were so absorbed in the battle that you forgot about me.”

“I didn’t forget.”

“But you didn’t think I could help?”

Ark blushed and scratched his head at Irina’s words.

“I might not be as good as Ark-nim but I still managed to reach the captain rank. I didn’t come along just to watch. My strength is sufficient to deal with 1~2 of them.”

Tu tu tu tu! Pepeng!

Just as Irina was saying this. Bullets and grenades struck the feet of a nearby T-rex.

“Captain-nim, we are here!”

The ones firing the machine guns and rifles were Hajin and Camel. And Irina looked at them with a smile before correcting herself.

“We can even deal with 3.”

“Yes, that is enough.”

Ark smiled and nodded.

That wasn’t the end. Apart from the 3 T-rex surrounding Ark, Irina, Camel and Hajin, there were another 5 remaining. 5 was a large number of opponents to deal with all at once. But Ark still had a trump card remaining.

‘I should properly use the bodies of the 3 T-rex.’

“Come out, Shire!”

Ark checked the T-rex before raising his arm and shouting. A blue light moved with his fingertips! Ark started to draw a vivid character in the air. The moment that the character was completed!

“Rune Carving, Ikram!”

Ark’s voice rang out as the Ikram rune formed!

On the ghost planet, Ark had fought the insubstantial Dregs. And he fought the metal Nakuma on Ikyullos. Thanks to that, he had been forced to seal off the Ikram rune.

However, it was different when talking about the mindless T-rex. The flesh of the T-rex was a huge sacrifice! The rune in the shape of Anubis penetrated the bodies of the T-rex and the flesh started shaking.

The hell hounds! Once again, a hell hound would be formed while the head was the shape of the sacrifice. That was meaningless.

No, it was significant once the skill was promoted from Lv. 1 to Lv. 2.

-The rating of the Ikram rune has increased.

Ikram (Intermediate, Active): By drawing the rune that symbolizes Anubis in the Shire, the user can offer a sacrifice to summon the hell hound that guards the underworld.

The ability of the summoned hell hound depends on the original ability of the sacrifice.

With intermediate Ikram rune, the hell hound will gain the physical characteristics of the sacrifice and the hell hound’s ability would rise even further.

However, the intermediate hell hound will consume 2 mana per second.

<The summoned hell hound will gain the physical characteristics of the sacrifice. 2 mana will be consumed every second.>

This was the information for Ikram Lv. 2.

The unique feature of Lv.2 Ikram was that the hell hound gained the physical characteristics of the sacrifices. And the T-rex’s largest physical attribute was its size. The attribute that the Hell hound reflected….

“Hik! W-what is going on?”

“M-monster! A huge dinosaur dog!”

Camel and Hajin’s eyes popped out as they screamed. A hell hound with a size equivalent to the T-rex was born in front of them.

Of course, it only had 20~30% of the T-rex’s actual abilities. The rise to Lv.2 didn’t make a big difference in that area. The size was just similar to intimidation.

However, that alone was sufficient.

“Go, dinosaur dogs!”

Kwaaaaah! Kwaaaaah! Kwaaaaah!

The 3 dinosaur dogs rushed towards the T-rex at Ark’s command. Of course, their abilities wasn’t equal so the health of the hell hounds fell quickly. No rather than a fight, it seemed like they were just tearing and eating at each other.

Ark’s mana dropped at a tremendous rate.

The hell hounds consumed 2 mana per second and he summoned 3 so he consumed 6 mana per second. Even if force was converted to mana, it wold be hard to maintain the consumption. It wasn’t a lot but Basak was also a burden.

This was the reason why Ark refrained from using skills that consumed excessive amounts of force.

‘If I give up on other skills then I can maintain the hell hound for 2 minutes tops. The T-rex needs to be torn up before then. If it is that much…..’

Ark held his sword and looked around. Irina, Hajin and Camel had joined forces to deal with 3 T-rex. It was a breathtaking scene but it wasn’t a big issue. And the 3 hell hounds were blocking the remaining 5 T-rex.

‘…..It is enough!’

“Basak, let’s go! Hyper Booster!”

Ark and Basak flew towards the T-rex. Irina, Camel and Hajin were overwhelmed at the ensuing battle.

The start of combat used Armed Stealth! While the T-rex was blinded by the light, he used the booster’s massive speed to knock it down while the legs were already tied up. And the T-rex that was the target of rapid attacks died without much resistance. And another hell hound was resurrected with the corpse.

Ark’s power. The advantage of the Ikram rune was to reduce the enemy’s power while raising his own power.

After that, he took care of the T-rex that the hell hounds were distracting. Ark took care of the T-rex with the hell hounds before going to help Irina’s group. The remaining 2 opponents were overwhelmingly killed.

“’This is ridiculous! He is a hero but….”

“An elite….”

Camel and Hajin had blank expressions.

In fact, the person most surprised was Ark. He couldn’t believe that he could fight so well. Of course, this was the impact of ‘various buffs + Irina.’ However, those effects were only secondary.

In fact, Ark had used all  his power. In other words, the skills that Ark showed had been brought from New World into Galaxian. Ark hadn’t realized it until now due to the group battles.

Kwa kwak! Kakakakak!

‘Yes, I was originally like this!’

A sharp grin spread on Ark’s face. He had forgotten for a while.  The laws of physics weren’t the only things applied to the game.

Strength depended on the effort. Not just the users’ level and skills!

Ark had taken this obvious fact for granted. A clear objective and behaviour would be rewarded in some way.

His smile spread as he thought of the thrill of fighting huge fangs and claws.

‘This is why I love playing games!’

“Equalizer! Berserker!”

The Equalizer burst forward as he brimmed with enthusiasm.  It looked the same as before but the sword was filled with more power as it headed towards the T-rex.

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    Thanks for the chapter. ^^
    So T-Rex. Damn, I knew the autor loved to put historical things in the story, but this time he wen’t took monster from millions of years ago xD


  2. themaninarmor

    Ha ha ha…. First the T-Rex is solitude creature it’s rare to see them in group of 3-4. but it’s okay it just a game after all.

    Second, i hope there will be scene where ark co. Fighting with hundred or thousand raptors. Btw thanks



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