Space 2: CEO’s Responsibilities

SPACE 2. CEO’s Responsibilities


Elder Bakum-nim!

The 2 octopuses embraced while crying. They were Tuntun who regained his freedom and Elder Bakum.

-This guy! How much have you suffered during this time? I’m sorry. I’m the elder yet I never knew my relatives were living a life of slavery.

Not at all. Isn’t this my fault? And now I’ve gained freedom thanks to Ark so it is okay. However some guys are still stuck with Java so I can’t be entirely pleased.

Hum……that’s right.

Bakum nodded with a melancholy expression.

But don’t be too concerned about that. They will come back to us in the near future. Soon we will be able to live openly as citizens of the galactic federation. This is all thanks to our friend. He is clearly a friend sent from the heavens during our time of misery.

The person Bakum was admiring was Ark! After concluding the slave contract with the Charenjok, Ark led Bakum and 30 octopuses back to Charem. The Charenjok had left their hiding place in order to transport the Space Food Maker. This was because the Charenjok’s hiding spot was going to be the food manufacturing factory for the time being.

“Jay-nim, are you ready?”


Jay tapped the Space Food Maker.

“There are twenty 100 litre tubes attached. This degree of buoyancy means that you should have no problem carrying it to the lakeside.”

“Are you coming to the Charenjok’s village?”

“Of course. I need to check the machine after it is moved.”

“Then please. It’s only a bit more trouble.”

“Huh? Aren’t we going together?”

“I need to handle some other business.”

“Ah, yes……”

Jay made an ambiguous expression at Ark’s answer.

“What’s wrong? Did you have something you want to say?”

“Something I want to say… Let’s meet at the Charenjok village.”

He shook his head and went to meet the octopuses.

“Come on everybody! Let’s start moving! The main components are fixed firmly but be careful when carrying it. Be especially careful that the circuits don’t touch any water.”

Understood. Start!

Yes, Elder-nim! Let’s go! This is our source of income!

The 30 octopuses grabbed the Space Food Maker at Bakum’s command. They pushed it until it reached the waterway towards the lake and started floating. The octopuses plunged into the lake carrying the Space Food Maker.

“Then let’s meet in the Charenjok’s village! Let’s go!”

Jay cried out before heading into the lake. The goal was the Charenjok village. Or the place that would become Ark’s food production factory.

“Now that matter is handled……”

Ark smiled at the receding Space Food Maker and turned around.  He crossed Charem as he opened the Nymphe’s information window. Ark smiled and retrieved the list of his belongings. In fact, Ark had spent quite a bit of money on the food production business. It wasn’t just reassembling the parts of the machine in the warehouse with Jay. Some key parts needed repairing so he had to exchange a few of them. The parts he bought added up to 300 gold! And the slave collars he presented to the Charenjok also weren’t free. It was 1 gold and 50 silver per piece. It added up to approximately 170 gold. Of course it wasn’t just simple expenses. It was an investment so he would eventually get it back.

‘It isn’t a waste but……’

The problem was that it caused a disruption to his plan. The agent registration! Ark had 18,650 gold when he went to meet Java. He only needed 250 gold to do the agent registration. He was expecting the quest reward to settle it but instead he spent 470 gold, making the amount required 720 gold.

‘Damn, does this mean I have to postpone the agent registration?’

In fact, there was no reason he had to do the agent registration immediately.

But money wasn’t the only thing required to do the agent registration. Each city had a certain number of agents that could be registered. Cities like Tatuine with a high rate of development already had more than half of the agent registration spots taken. Charem was a city that had just joined the federation. However it was the first new city since the release of the game. Moreover, it was designated as an autonomous trade region so the possibilities were endless. A lot of users would be drooling to register as an agent in Charem. Of course, the registration fee was 27,000 gold so there were still be some spots left. But Ark still needed to search for the Murat ruins with Milan. If he left Charem then there was no guarantee when he could return. If everybody bought the licenses in the meantime then Ark would lost the opportunity to register at a 30% discount. This was the reason why Ark was in a hurry.

‘The probability of all the agent registration cards being sold out is slim. But there is no guarantee that it will be unsold. I have to register as an agent before leaving Charem!’

That was some time ago. Now a message signalling good news appeared in his Nymphe.

-The <RPG PW-600 (Magic)> registered with the auction has been sold for 150 gold.

-The <Ray Steel-??? (Unique)> registered with the auction has been sold for 600 gold.

It was the RPG PW-600 and Ray Steel-??? that he obtained from the control tower! He had registered the items at the auction. Sometimes the bids were cheaper than the market price but it meant he could get the money immediately. He also earned 50 gold from the various japtem found in the control tower. Therefore Ark gained 800 gold and his money increased to 18,980 gold!


He managed to prepare the agent registration fee. While he was thinking this, Ark arrived in front of Charem’s registration office. It was a place that his eyes had looked at many times but he had never been able to enter. But this time he unabashedly opened the door and entered.

“I came to register as an agent!”

His voice echoed through the interior. The agent registration that had been Ark’s goal! He judged that it was essential to oppose Lucifer. However, registering as an agent didn’t guarantee success. There was no guarantee that the business would succeed after it was started. It was the risk with all businesses.

‘But nothing can be done until this is started. And everybody needs to take risks in life!’

He had planned the agent registration with that resolution. He had finally came here after all his troubles so it was natural that he would have a loud voice……

The alien official with green skin frowned and said.

“Your voice will damage other people. Can you speak quieter?”

“Ah, yes……”

“You came to register as an agent? Input your name and recognition code in the terminal.”

“Ah, yes……”

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

“Your name is Ark. You are registered with the galactic federation as a 1st class citizen. You have achieved some merit in Charem so Ark-nim will be exempt from the tax and will receive a 30% discount when registering as an agent. The calculated total is 18,900 gold. If you complete the deposit then the registration card will be issued. Of course we don’t allow paying in instalments. Do you have the money?”

“Here it is.”

“Please put it in the counterfeit detection machine.”

“Ah, yes……”

Clink, clink, clink.

“18, 900 gold. It is confirmed. Finally, please register the name of the agent.”

“Ah, yes……”

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

“It has been registered. This memory chip contains the registration card, the instructions, obligations and operating manual. When connecting when the Nymphe, you can access the government’s database and get the necessary services. Please inquire with the staff if you have questions about any other matters.”

“Ah, yes……”

“Then next person please.”

Ark was dismissed and left the counter. He gathered the funds from the Royal Guards, suffered while saving Charem, received the 30% discount, gathered the 18,900 gold and he had finally registered as an agent. But the agent registration was different than what he expected. He inputted his name, took out the money and received the registration card. He felt empty for some reason.

“Although what else can I expect from an official servant?”

The officials were just receiving their pay checks and waiting until they could retire. They wouldn’t understand the heart of an average citizen who had to scrape together the money to start a business. And Ark also had no interest in the attitude of the civil servant. Anyway, he had finally completed the agent registration.

“I’m the boss!”

Ark laughed and loaded the registration card onto his Nymphe.

-Agent registration has been completed!

The galactic federation also gives the opportunity to participate in government projects in order to encourage the general public to explore the universe. Usually this requires real estate or businesses but users can skip this if they pay a registration fee. Pioneers who register without a particular business will be registered as an ‘agent.’

If you register as an agent then you are qualified to participate in various quests that will give city merit. In some cases it can also lead to opportunities to participate in quests given by the government. However, the agent’s biggest benefit is the right to invest in the relevant city. In addition, if they succeed in clearing a new frontier for development then they will be given the right to invest in it depending on their contribution. Of course, this contribution will also include the CEO and staff (see terms and conditions of your sponsor). If you invest in a city or a cleared frontier then you can receive the suitable dividends from it. Therefore many agents will recruit promising staff that have the ability to help clear frontiers.

The number of staff hired will be determined by the level of the agent. The CEO and staff can raise the level of the agent through Adventure points.

Therefore continuously develop your business.

+ The right to hire employees.

+ The right to invest in the assigned city.

+ The right to invest in a frontier based on contribution points.

+ The right to receive special quests from the assigned city and the government.

+ Agent: Dark Eden (Lv. 1) +

CEO: Ark (R-02788) Assigned City: Charem

Assigned Employees: 0/15

* Possible areas of investments and investment situation: Charem (0/3%), Beltana (0/5%)

* Regular income from the investment: –

* Regular expenditure: –

* Profit and Loss quarter: –

Dark Eden! This was the company name that Ark decided on. Dark Eden was the name of the organization he built in New World so it would be a solid foundation for a new organization. Anyway! The agent window was a poor contrast to the information window. He felt like he was finally starting after seeing the information window. But unlike other users, Ark could invest in areas other than the assigned cities. It was Beltana! He was given this right when he became Beltana’s Hero. He had the right to invest in 5% of it!

“Well I can’t do anything yet with no money……”

Ark looked at his bag that was much lighter and clicked his tongue. So far agent registration was his name. But it wasn’t the end once he registered as an agent. He needed 18,900 gold to register as an agent but that wasn’t the end of it. He needed to invest more to generate revenue. In order to fight against competitors he needed to invest more in cities and frontiers in order to get a higher return. It was just starting now! Ark had entered an unlimited competition against other CEOs. He had to tighten his belt even further. It was a long future in front of him but there was an unexpected smile on Ark’s mouth.

“I’m starting to see the path!”

So far he had been wandering but now he had found his direction. He was still exploring the frontier and earning money but his attitude towards it had changed.

“Now, next……”



Bakum asked with a worried look. Ark grinned and nodded.

“It is beyond my expectations.”

R-really? Is it really okay?

“Yes, if it is to this degree then we can sell it for 40, no 50 copper.”

Ooh! That’s it! We did it!

Now we have some hope!

Cries burst out from the crowd of octopuses after they heard Ark’s answer. Ark also looked at the octopuses with a warm expression. In front of him was a small, rectangular shaped Space Food. After registering as an agent, Ark left Charem to check the food created by the Space Food Machine.

‘To be honest I have been worried……’

Currently most of the Space Foods in the galactic federation were created with the space bugs that Ark hunted on R-14. But fish were the only ingredients that the Charenjok could obtain so he was worried about the result. Yet the prototype was more than he expected! General Space Food created with space bugs only increased satiety by 20%. But the Charenjok’s food increased it by 40%! It was double the amount of satiety. Space Food that recovered that much would go for at least 30 copper. That wasn’t all. General Space Foods were bland pieces of protein chunks with no flavour. This one was created using fish and it had a fish paste taste.

“I’m also surprised.”

Jay muttered while munching away at the fish paste bar.

“I’ve been eating the Space Food made with space bugs so I thought it was natural. But the taste actually changes depending on the ingredient. Come to think of it, I heard that the early pioneers used ingredients from the alien planet to create food. Once DNA manipulation made mass production of space bugs available, the price of food gradually went down.”

This was the reason food made with space bugs became generalized through the universe. The mass production of the space bugs also made the price plunge to 10 copper. But there were some Space Foods densely packed that increased satiety by 100% and those went for 50 copper. That was when he was just talking about the NPCs. In this world NPCs and users were distinctly different. NPCs might eat for survival but players were used to eating delicious things. Some would even drive 20~30 minutes to dine at an expensive restaurant. He said 50 copper but Space Food with taste could be sold for 60 or 70 copper.

‘This is marketable!’

In addition, it was a product that had no competitors! Even if other users knew this fact, they didn’t have the machine that cost thousands of gold to produce the required amounts. There was also the cost of labour and ingredients. Yet Ark had the 112 SCV so he didn’t need to worry about labour costs.

‘If I have a monopoly on something then I can adjust the price. Furthermore, the taste varies according to the ingredients so I can develop other goods!’

That was Ark’s guess.

-Space Food (Bellos’ Egg)

Space Food created with a Bellos’ Egg.

Some nutrients were lost while removing the toxins but it still recovers a significant amount of health.

<Satiety +60%, Health and Mental Power will recover by 500 for 3 minutes>

* Your resistance to various abnormal stats has increased by 15% for 1 hour.

That was what emerged when he inserted the Bellos’ Egg.

‘It’s not a joke! This is worth at least 1 gold. No, I can sell this for 3~4 gold!’

If he could produce food like this then revenue would increase tremendously. But it was impossible for the octopuses to obtain the Bellos’ Egg when even Ark had trouble. Besides, the fish were a lot easier to get than the Bellos’ Egg. No, it was better to have 24 hour production using fish as the ingredient.

‘Mass production is possible but it is amazing that I can create special food by changing the ingredients. One day I might be able to find some ingredients that can be commercialized. Right now it is still the starting phase so it is better to concentrate on mass producing the fish paste bars.’

Ark started to earnestly consult with Bakum about the fish paste bar business.

“The price for the moment will be 50 copper. It might be a little more expensive but the most important thing is to invite customers. We will fix the price after seeing the reactions of the customers and consulting again.”

But will it be okay selling it for 50 copper?

“At first it will be tough. However it will sell once they taste the flavour. It is necessary to trademark it as different from other space foods. A little more diversification will be good but right now we need to focus on the fish paste bars.”

That feeling when I ate it……I agree with the product.

The octopuses decided on the fish paste bar being the trademark.

“Like I said in the beginning, I will receive 30% of the proceeds as rent for the machine. Is that okay?”

-Of course. We couldn’t even begin this if it wasn’t for you.

“Then that’s fine.”

The business negotiation was finished! At the same time the octopuses poured a heap of caught fish into the machine. The fish paste bars started emerging onto a rail in the front. 1 fish paste bar cost 50 copper and 120 were made every hour. That was 2,880 in one day. A total of 14 gold and 40 silver! Ark would get 4 gold a day! Of course, this also wasn’t free. There was the 800 gold quest reward from Java and the parts replacement costs that was 300 gold. That was a total of 1,100 gold. Even gaining 4 gold a day would take nearly 3 months to earn back. However, if he secured the customers then he could raise the price. And there was also room to develop new goods. He would soon gain back double or triple his investment!

‘Food is the most basic of supplies so it is a reliable investment. There is no need to worry about it failing. There is nothing better to choose as Dark Eden’s first business. Plus……’

Ark had obtained something he didn’t think possible in the process. Let’s go back in time to when Ark first proposed the space food manufacturing business.

Our purpose is to obtain the ransom for Tuntun’s group but we also want jobs. While hiding in this place, we never knew when we would be caught or eaten by monsters. Yet we secured our safety and even got jobs thanks to you. You gave us the means to save our family. Do you understand what this means to us?

Bakum placed his octopus legs on Ark’s shoulder with a thrilled expression. Then he sighed and continued.

That’s why I regret our circumstances even more. You are our saviour. That we can’t even give you some token of gratitude…..

Bakum murmured with a bitter look. Then a young octopus approached.

M-my treasure…..I’ll give it to you.

And he held out an old fashioned toy with an embarrassed look. An adult octopus then shouted with surprise.

-This guy! What kind of humiliating thing are you doing?  I’m sorry. He is young and just wanted to thank you with something. Don’t pay attention to it. Rather…..we’ve gathered some things from the lake…..would you like to take something from it?

The adult octopuses started lining up some japtem. Once again, while looking for Charem Ark had obtained various japtem from the lake. The octopuses lived here for several years and also found some japtem. It was these japtem that the octopuses were placing in front of him. Among them were some things he could pick. If he collected everything then he could get 10 gold for it. However Ark didn’t pay any attention to such items.

“No it’s fine.”

You don’t like these either?

“That’s not what I mean.”

Ark shook his head and said.

“Have you already forgotten? The reason everyone is working is to free your fellow kin who are Java’s slaves. You no longer need to hide so won’t you be able to come in and out of Charem? This will earn you some money. How can I possibly receive it?”


The octopuses stared with a solemn expression. Then Ark kneeled down next to the young octopus.

“And I feel like this toy contains more sincerity. Of course this toy isn’t worth 1 copper! But it is probably the most precious treasure to this child. How can I not take this gift as proof of the Charenjok’s friendship? Thank you. I will keep this and think of you every time I see it.”

Ark patted the young octopus’ head and received the toy. The other octopuses started exclaiming.


-As expected from the human that Elder Bakum recognizes!

To be honest I thought he had some ulterior motive when giving us the slave collar but…..I’m so ashamed. I misunderstood his sincerity!

I’m sorry. I was too short-sighted.

I’ll believe and follow you!

-Intimacy with the Charenjok has increased by 100!

His intimacy increased! He made a lot of progress with the Charenjok after giving them the slave collars and negotiating a 30% rent. But the truth was different from what the octopuses thought.

‘There’s no doubt! This is similar to the toy that I was given on R-14!’

Ark had gained Sonic Sword and Set Bullets Shooting from a hidden journal in that toy airplane. The toy that young octopus gave him was similar. So items worth 10 gold didn’t matter. No, even items worth 100 gold didn’t reflect in his eyes!

‘The Charenjok have other toys.’

It couldn’t be a coincidence.

“Where did you get this from?”

Ark quickly asked while the octopuses were still exclaiming. The young octopus scratched his head and said.

I got it from my Father. It was a toy from the past and he divided it with his friend.

“Do you have more of these toys?”

No. I heard that he separated with the friend he gave the toy to while leaving our home planet Charen.

It was the same as the toy he obtained from R-14. Ark’s guess was correct.

-You have obtained an Undisclosed Memory Chip.

There are different memory chips with various types of information in Galaxian. Connect the memory chip to the Nymphe to access the information.

Enter the security code or use Invaders to hack and release the lock.

Attempt to hack? Y/N

He solved the puzzle of the toy and found another memory chip. Ark found the memory chip 10 minutes after receiving the toy. And unlike before, he had the skill to hack it straight away…..

‘My Nymphe became strange when I hacked the memory chip the other time.’

There was no guarantee the same thing wouldn’t happen again. So Ark hadn’t been able to verify the information on the memory chip he obtained. That was the reason that Ark grabbed Jay. He remembered that Tori said he could fix Ark’s Nymphe. Tori was the owner of a junkyard was Jay was the head of research in Charem so it was possible he would know what to do.

In other words, Jay was his contingency.


Ark headed towards Jay once the octopuses earnestly started manufacturing food. And showed him the memory chip.

“I want to ask you something. I want to check the contents of this memory chip but my Nymphe experienced some problems when I connected a different memory chip to it. Can you check if there are any viruses in the data?”

“Of course.”

Jay received the memory chip and connected it to his Nymphe. And he manipulated the Nymphe for a while.

“There are no viruses in the data. However it is the Rama’s OS.”

“Rama’s OS?”

“Yes, if the previous memory chip was similar then that is probably the problem. Nymphes provided by the federation are made so that they conflict with the Rama’s OS. It technically isn’t that serious. The federation deliberately added this feature. Because it belongs to hostile forces. In fact, all you need to do is add a simple language patch to the automatic translation function and it should function normally with the Rama’s OS.”


That was the reason his Nymphe broke!

‘In the end the owner of the data was a Rama? Then why does the Charenjok……?’

One question was answered and another one arose. But there was no way to figure out how the octopuses got the toys. And it didn’t matter if the Rama or the Charenjok were the owners of the data. The important thing was to make the memory chip secure so he could download it!

“Is there a way to install the patch on my Nymphe?”

“It’s not a hard job. Are lot of merchants in Charem were Rama so the patch spread around. I can’t release the lock on the memory chip but I can add the patch.”

“Please do it for me.”

“As I said this is not a hard job.”

Jay grinned and connected their Nymphes. And he manipulated the Nymphe for a while.

“Eh? You have the patch already?”

“I have the patch?”

“Yes, it is different from my patch but you clearly have the Rama language on your Nymphe. Have you ever understood the words of a Rama without an interpreter?”

“That’s right…..”

“Then you 100% have a patch.”

‘A patch that is compatible with the Rama’s OS……when did it…..ah, perhaps?’

He was reminded of something while contemplating. In the past his OS was deleted and installed again, making it return to normal. In order to receive the prisoner’s coating, his Nymphe needed a new OS.

‘If the data downloaded was made with the Rama’s OS…..and the old OS remained when overwriting it…..yes, I could understand a Rama’s words without an interpreter from that point onwards. But there is even more. My Nymphe needs to be compatible with a Rama’s in order to use Hyper Drone. It is apparent that the data gave me the language patch!’


The secret was finally revealed after a long time.

“So there is no problem downloading it?”

“Yes, I guarantee it.”

Jay replied with a smile.

‘That’s it. I can receive the data with no problem and I can leave the food manufacturing to the Charenjok. Now it is time for Milan and the Murat ruins!’

In fact, Ark had received 10 emails at once when Charem was registered as an autonomous trade region and connected to the federation’s network. The emails were sent by Milan. Ark replied that he would meet Milan in Nabe to save time. And all his work here was done.

“But did Jay-nim want something?”

Ark asked Jay before preparing to leave for Nabe. Jay scratched his head before saying.

“In fact……I wanted to discuss something with Ark-nim.”

“Huh? Discuss?”

“You see, that is……”

Jay mumbled something before suddenly lifting his head with a determined expression.

“Ark-nim, can you hire me?”

“Eh? J-Jay-nim?”

“Yes! This is a request! Ah, don’t get me wrong. I’m not doing this because of what happened with Java yesterday. I’m impressed by Ark-nim.”


“Honestly I felt despair when walking into that warehouse and discovering Java’s trick. But Ark-nim didn’t give up. In the end you made a Space Food Maker from a pile of trash and beat Java. Ah, it really was exciting!”

Jay said gleefully.

“But there’s even more. I survived in hell due to the Charenjok and I wanted to somehow return the favour. Yet there was nothing I could do against Java. Unlike me, Ark-nim prepared a realistic way to save the Charenjok. Frankly I just thought about selling the machine to free the Charenjok but then Ark-nim came to this village. Rather than giving fish to a hungry man, you taught him how to fish! You gave the Charenjok methods to live.”

He was mistaken. Ark’s choices were due to money. Of course, he didn’t break the illusion of respect that person had.

“That’s not the only reason why I want you to hire me.”

There were even more reasons.

“Other people might not know but I do. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Ark-nim saved Charem alone. Didn’t you also mediate the dispute between the federation and Aschulat? I decided after I heard that story. This person, unlike Java this person is someone that I can follow and sincerely believe in. So please accept.”

“No, saying something like that out of the blue……”

Ark was a little baffled by the abrupt proposal. However it was quite fortunate when he thought about it. Jay was the former head of Charem’s research. He was an engineer with a significantly high level. And he already identified Jay’s ability in Java’s warehouse. Jay was the one who restored the machine while Ark gathered the parts. It was no different from gathering junk and making a machine out of it. Significant levels of skills were probably required.

‘He might not be good in combat but his skills might be an advantage. The agent registration finished so now Dark Eden is a business. We have no capital in the beginning stages so I don’t need to hire mercenaries yet.’

Galaxian was a SF fantasy genre. A person dealing with machines and programs was probably required.

‘And this will be Dark Eden’s food factory so he can be useful in many ways. If the Space Food Maker working 24 hr/day broke then Jay can repair it immediately. But the problem is……’

Money. He wouldn’t work for free even if he respected Ark. Furthermore, he was a NPC so the pay check will be higher. But Jay settled it with his next words.

“I don’t expect you to hire me just because I asked. I want to spend 3 months as your intern. The revenue from the food factory will increase by at least 50% in the meantime. My employment salary can be determined then.”

He had no need to worry with those conditions.

“Thank you!”

Ark shook Jay’s hand. So Jay had the honour of being Dark Eden’s first staff.

-Jay has joined Dark Eden as an intern.

Name: Jay (NPC ☆ ☆) Profession: Engineer

Level: 78  Related Skills: Mechanical Engineering, Research……

Jay’s information was registered on the card.

Ark appointed Jay the manager of the food factory and headed to the lake.

“It’s been a while.”

Ark muttered as he took out the air board. Charem’s Star Gate wasn’t active yet so shuttles moved from nearby cities. There was a shuttle to Nabe but it wasn’t free. The amount was a burden so……

“From now on I have to save as much money as possible. I need to tighten my belt even more!”

Ark got on the air board and cried out.

“Let’s go! Super Board!”


While Ark headed back to Nabe.

In the highest level of the control tower while Charem’s recovery operation was in full swing. Voices flowing from the Nymphe were mixed with the voices of the workmen.

You sneaked in safely.

“Charem’s security system wasn’t maintained so it was easy. There were no problems reaching the highest level using my counterfeit ID. But……”

Are there other problems?

“There isn’t anything here.”

-That’s impossible. I received information that the merchant sold it directly to the Lord of Charem. Charem was sealed shortly after that. It was probably the cause of Charem’s situation. Charem’s situation is evidence that it was there.

“Yes, that’s right. One of the researchers probably checked it secretly. But it has disappeared. No, it is broken to be precise.”

The Nymphe was silent. Then he replied after a while.

It isn’t possible to break that with a bomb. This means someone broke the seal and got their hands on the contents. Can you guess who that person is?

“Not one of the people seemed to have an opportunity. The other person is the mercenary Java dispatched to solve the problem.”

The name?

“He is called Alan.”


The voice over the Nymphe murmured.

If he really broke the seal then he must already have one or more artefacts. A person has appeared who might cause significant setbacks to our plan. Good work. I will check on this Alan.

“Thank you.”

And I got some new information. I sent you some pictures but it really is unbelievable. I’ll send you the GPS information so sneak out of Charem and head there. Keep this in mind. We have our duty as the representative of the Great God to bring true rest to the galaxy. The time won’t be far away.

“Yes, the Great God willing.”

“The Great God willing.”

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