Space 2: Those who are Abandoned

SPACE 2. Those who are Abandoned


-The Hyper Drone’s mana has been exhausted.

<It will be returned to its dimension and reusing it is impossible until the mana recharges>

The message popped up as his battle suit split apart.

“Pant pant pant!”

Ark breathed harshly as he was drenched in sweat.

‘Damn, I overdid it.’

Berserker was certainly over.

1,000 Force was consumed for Berserker and it dropped to the bottom due to that required to summon the hell hounds.

Berserker increased his skill damage but due to his Force being low, none of his skills were available. It was doing something stupid like selling his car only to buy tires.

Blood rushed to his head and he couldn’t think properly. Thanks to that, Ark couldn’t properly use his skills. Well, he still won but….

‘….It dropped dead.’

Taking care of the T-rex without any skills wasn’t an easy task.

There were several reasons, especially Irina, that enabled Ark to somehow concentrate enough to handle the rest of the T-rex before his mana ran out. His worked his body tirelessly beyond its limits.

He felt like he would collapse at any minute.

“Ark-nim, are you okay?”

Irina came up from behind him. Ark took a deep breath before turning around.

“Yes? What?”

“No, I hope it wasn’t too unreasonable….”

“You don’t need to say that. This much is nothing to me. As you know, I am ‘that’ Ark. In those days, I fought tough battles while still eating three meals. My level of training is different from other users. Please don’t worry. Hat hat hat hat!”

A man was indeed a sad animal.

“Then I’m glad but….”

Ark’s face was red and dripping with sweat but Irina didn’t say anything. Camel and Hajin then came running. They surrounded Ark and started spitting at him with excitement.

“Wah! Ark-nim, awesome!”

“Yes, you were amazing in Amara but it is nothing compared to now. Didn’t you fight casually against a huge monster? Doesn’t that mean you are on a stronger level? How strong did you grow?”

“It is really surprising.”

But like he said earlier, Ark was also inwardly surprised.

He had been steadily raising his level so of course he would become stronger. However, he mainly fought in a team instead of solo so he hadn’t realized just how truly strong he became.

But now he realized with certainty. He might not have felt it but Ark had surely become stronger. Ark could confirm it in his heart. Incidentally, Ark realized this in front of Irina so it made him even happier.

His inner thoughts were difficult to control.

‘Huhuhu! Yes, compliment me more. Praise me so that Irina can hear it! More!’

But this idea….

“Stop. It isn’t that great. And did I defeat the dinosaurs alone? If it wasn’t for Irina-nim and you two then I wouldn’t be safe.”

Ark said with fake humility.

According to his experience, it was good to talk to NPCs in this manner. Camel and Hajin nodded as they stared at Ark with admiring eyes.

“So talented and humble! No wonder why he is the man that Captain-nim is paying attention to.”

“Yes, I think that as well. In fact, I had been jealous of the subtle atmosphere that flowed between Ark-nim and Captain-nim! Now I’m going to give that up.”

“Tsk, you haven’t given up yet?”

“Why? That wasn’t what I meant. Anyway, I can see a proposal of marriage between these two people. Society can see it. No, I am glad to see it!”

The conversation headed in a strange direction.

“No, that is a little….”

“Eh? What’s that? What’s with this reaction? You don’t want to? You don’t like it?”

“No, it’s not that I don’t like it but….”

“Then well done! Like a man! How brave! Do it! I assure you that Irina-nim won’t turn you down! Ever since Amara, Captain-nim has always talked about Ark-nim! Ark-nim also likes Captain-nim! Then it is perfect!”

“Sergeant Hajin!”

Irina shouted angrily. And Hajin flinched and was too frightened to speak anymore.

“Stop the useless gossip. We are working, not on a vacation. Once again, this isn’t a place to play around. You are making it difficult for Ark-nim. Ark-nim, I’m sorry. Please understand that my men were just being playful.”

“No, I am fine….”

Ark scratched his head and said with a small, muffled voice.

Irina flinched and looked at Ark. And her face turned red. Irina looked at Ark with blank eyes before he hurriedly raised his hand.

“Ah, no! I wouldn’t propose in a place like this…ah, no! Not that I would anywhere else….ah, no! I’m not saying I would never….that is….”

Irina’s face reddened even further.

“If you want to…but…so you see….”

Irina blushed as Ark’s words became more twisted. He finally shut his mouth and the atmosphere subtly changed. Camel and Hajin laughed as they saw Ark and Irina’s red faces.

“Ah, their faces seem to be burning.”

“Kuk kuk kuk! They are completely children.”

“Camel! Hajin!”

“Yes! We aren’t going to saying anything!”

Camel and Hajin quickly replied to Irina. Then Irina sighed and said.

“Take care of the loot.”

“Yes! I will do as you command!”

Camel and Hajin quickly scattered and ran to the corpses of the T-rex.

The atmosphere became stranger after the two of them disappeared. Irina seemed to still have something that she wanted to say. But he couldn’t get a grasp of the situation. Irina hesitated for a moment before turning to Ark and said.

“What level is Ark-nim now?”


Ark scratched his head and replied.

“A little over 150.”


Irina murmured with a sigh. Why did she ask about his level and then sigh with relief? Ark couldn’t understand Irina’s behaviour so he had a ‘?’ in his head. However, Irina just shook her head and said.

“I am going to need time.”

“Yes? What are you saying?”

“It’s not a big deal. Ark-nim should rest a little bit. I will help Hajin and Camel pick up the spoils. Ark-nim did the most in the fight so I should do at least this much.”

“No, that….”

“And about the misunderstanding….”

Irina continued in a small voice.

“….I don’t dislike it.”

Irina ran off after saying those words.

Ark felt any hesitation in his heart snap. Ark was still confused about her actions but he wasn’t an idiot.

In fact, Ark and Irina hadn’t talked clearly about their relationship. Ark had confessed and she had met his parents but they still hadn’t clearly defined their relationship.

Of course, sometimes it wasn’t necessary to talk about the relationship between a man and a woman.

Ark also knew that much. He didn’t ask openly but he wanted to hear it. However, he never imagined that he would hear it in a place like this.

His feeling? Of course he felt exuberant.

He wanted to jump up and give her a tight hug! But he refrained. This wasn’t the place for it. How could he create such a scene when surrounded by the corpses of the T-rex? Let alone propose?

It was ridiculous.

‘That Hajin said some embarrassing words but he wasn’t wrong….’

Anyway, the result was very nice! He wanted to pat Hajin’s head.

‘I struggled a little bit during the battle against the T-rex and I still don’t know the whereabouts of Rapid’s group. However, I’ve found the Silver Star and clarified my relationship with Irina. This trip is starting to feel somewhat good? It is an atmosphere that seems like a jackpot would occur. No, this is my first dungeon exploration with Irina so that is already a jackpot. It will be a jackpot even if nothing drops. Okay, let’s concentrate on the expedition now. Not even cold water can get rid of my good mood. I will use this opportunity to appeal to her. Okay, the goal of this expedition isn’t to find a jackpot but to look cool in front of Irina!’

Ark was once again filled with a burning motivation. But he needed to check something before that.

“I’ve recovered a little bit. Now, come. Baius Golem.”

Ark waved his left arm and the Baius Shield liquefied and turned into the golem.

In the excitement of the second half of the battle, Ark was forced to release the golem summoning.

So he hadn’t confirmed it yet. Why Basak’s personality had returned. He welcomed the return of Basak’s personality but he needed to grasp the circumstances behind it.


Yes, Hyung-nim. It’s me!

“What is going on? Didn’t you say that I was unlikely to see you again after parting on the ghost planet?”

I don’ know what appeared.

“You don’t know?”

I have no idea what happened after we parted….

The golem, no Basak scratched his head.

There is no concept of time inside the Baius Shield but something strange happened. Like I mentioned previously, I lose my will when entering the Baius Shield. It would become mixed in with all the egos of the Casain elders who entered previously. But I suddenly regained myself. The reason is became all the Casain ancestors left the Baius Shield.

“They left?”

Yes, I don’t know what it was but a tremendous power sucked out all the Casain elders. When I regained myself, I discovered that a large number of egos had already exited the Baius Shield. And I was also dragged out by an enormous suction power.

Basak desperately resisted. At this point, Basak hadn’t completely regained himself yet. Nevertheless, Basak had a thought.

If all the egos left the Baius Shield then it would just be an ordinary shield. And he knew from the ghost planet that Ark was the current owner of the Baius Shield. If the Baius Shield lost its strength then Ark would be affected.

So he couldn’t allow it! Basak’s loyalty meant that he desperately resisted in order to protect the Baius Shield. Then a miracle occurred. Basak suddenly felt the sucking power disappear. And….

The next thing I knew, I was alone.

‘Then perhaps….’

Ark had an idea after listening to Basak’s words. While he was fighting the Eisyeon Nakuma on Ikyullos. At that time, the golem had shown a strange reaction and a message had popped up.

-Summoning release of the Baius Golem has failed!

An unknown curse has adversely affected the spiritual connection between the shield and the golem.

If left untreated for a long time, the mysterious ability of the Baius Shield may disappear.

A swift response is required!

‘If left untreated for a long time, the mysterious ability of the Baius Shield may disappear. And the mysterious power of the Baius Shield was the egos contained inside. In other words, the disappearance of the mysterious power is the disappearance of the egos!’

This was the final clue.

That’s right. The black shapes flowing from the body of the golems that were absorbed by the Nakuma must have been the egos inside the shield. It was the true identity of the sucking force that Basak noticed.

And it stopped when Ark triggered Force Explosion. As a result, Basak was the only ego remaining inside the Baius Shield.

‘Wait? Does that mean the Eisyeon Nakuma absorbs souls? Then the black spirits that emerged from the Nakuma on Ikyullos were the souls of the dead? In the end, what exactly is the identity of the Eisyeon Nakuma?’

Only one question was answered, others popped up. However, Ark didn’t think deeply about the problem. Ark had already defeated the suspicious enemy on his planet. And there was going to be a Galactic Federation institute built so the identity would be revealed to Ark one day.

The important thing now was that Basak’s ego had returned! He didn’t know whether it was lucky or not but Basak was the only ego remaining due to the Nakuma.

In other words, the golem was now completely Basak!

‘The one thing I’m worried about….’

There might be some trouble with the growth of the Baius Shield as a result.

However, Basak was sure about that part.

The egos and power are different. The souls absorbed inside the shield are disconnected from the power. The egos might’ve left but the power still remains. But that power was expressed through an ego. It was unsure if all the power could be pulled out with the ancestors gone.

In some cases, it might be detrimental to the growth.

-Baius Shield Lv. 6 (Artefact)

Item Type:  Energy Shield   Wearer Restriction: Elim’s Heir only

Defense:  500 Durability:  ∞

Shield Quantity: 8,000/8,000

-Baius Golem

Type: Defense Level:  56

Health:  660 Defense:  132

Attack:  66  Special Ability: Blast

This was the current stats and skills of the Baius Shield and the golem. He took a growth type equipment for granted but it was ridiculously good compared to when he first saw it.

Well, it was all thanks to Ark’s efforts! Whenever the golem gained 10 levels, the Baius Shield would gain 1 so it was currently level 6. Each level increased defense by 50 so the shield currently had 500 defense.

The golem also had rapid growth. Initially, it would be smashed by one or two hits from a monster but the defense and health jumped and it could deal with weak monsters. If the golem grew steadily then he would have significant power when he reached Ark’s level. He didn’t have any expectations of the golem but it had been growing steadily.

So Ark was bound to be worried. However, Ark quickly shook his head.

‘The water has already been spilled. The egos have already been absorbed by the Nakuma so I can’t worry about it now. And I don’t need to worry as long as the stats are maintained. No, Basak is worth it even if there is a problem with the growth!’

Rather than a wayward level 100 warrior, it was better to have a loyal level 10 warrior. The golem was now Basak.

Basak was a NPC that Ark had missed. Ark laughed as he looked at Basak.

“That is another matter! It is good to see you again.”


Basak stared at Ark with thrilled eyes. And he kneeled down and shouted.

I didn’t keep my vow in my past life! But the Great God ensured that I can fulfil my oath again! I Basak, swear my vow once again. Even if this body is broken a thousand times, I will protect Hyung-nim!

This NPC was good. There was no way he would betray Ark.

‘But he is still a child….’


Irina returned at that time.

“Sorry, I should’ve helped but….”

“It’s nothing. I told you to take a break. By the way, that golem….?”

“Oh, is this the first time Irina-nim saw him? This is my summon.”

“Summon? You also have a summon?”

“The summon is attached to an equipment, similar to a genie in a magic lamp. He is lacking compared to a genie but….”

Sorry that I am lacking! I’ll work hard!

Basak grew with every level but he was only 120 cm so he still seemed like a child.

“A crystal doll, how cute.”

Doll! I am a golem! And cute? I am a proud Guardian of the Casain clan! It is an insult to call me cute! Please correct it! And who are you?

Irina smiled at Basak’s cheeky tone and replied.

“I’m sorry, I’m called Irina.”

Irina? Are you Hyung-nim’s lover? Or sister in law?

“L-lover? Sister in law?”

Irina looked perplexed at Basak’s question while Camel and Hajin behind her were looking excitedly at Ark. Really, the NPCs joined together to make today really difficult….

“Basak, you should return!”

Ah! Hyung-nim! Wait a minute….!

Ark quickly released Basak’s summoning.

“Hum hum, did you need something?”

“Ah, yes! I picked these up for you.”

Irina replied as she handed him the spoils from the T-rex’s corpses.

-T-Rex’s Canine x 3

Item Type:  Synthetic Material

Fangs from a T-rex that had become extinct a long time ago.

Several species in the galaxy believe that special powers are contained in the body of powerful monsters. The development of science and faith turned it into a superstition but scientific civilization proved that it wasn’t just a superstition. The analysis of genetic information extracted from the body of monsters proved that there was indeed a special power. In particular, accessory construction companies liked materials that are scarce.

-T-rex’s Leather x 5

Item Type:  Synthetic Material

Leather from a T-rex that had become extinct a long time ago.

Leather craftsmen on the space frontier can analyse the genetic structure of the skin in order to increase the resilience and strength by dozens of times. The processed leather is hard to be imitated with artificial materials. Despite the advancements in modern science and civilization, the leather of monsters is still used as material for armours. In the hands of a superior craftsman, the T-rex’s leather can make a great, lightweight armour. Of course, you need to have enough money to pay the outstanding craftsman….

A total of 8 fangs and leather.

The loot was bad for 11 T-rex but some of them had been transformed into hell hounds so the loot dropped was extremely low.

“Material items.”

He couldn’t know the price until it was sold. It was quite rare so hopefully he could obtain a good price for it.

However, Ark didn’t care. Anyway, his purpose was to rescue the Silver Hand and to impress Irina so he didn’t care about minor loot. He couldn’t look stingy in front of his girlfriend!

“We can worry about the distribution after the expedition is over.”

“I think that is for the best.”

Irina nodded as she packed the spoils.

“By the way, there is a problem. I wasn’t expecting the dungeon to be such a large underground world. I can’t get a sense of direction. Moreover, the fog makes it hard to see…. We need to search for signs of the Silver Hand and Rapid’s group but the T-rex….”

“They would know.”


Irina was confused by Ark’s words.

Ark turned around and headed back to the Silver Star. And he looked around until he saw three holes in the ground.

Pushu! Pushu! Pushu!

Oddly enough, it sounded like air was being breathed out of it. Ark stood in front of them and said.

“You don’t want to talk to me, huh?”

P-Pushu? Pushu! Pushu!

“You have 3 seconds. If you don’t come out then I will make you shovel another 100,000 gallstones….”

“Ugh! We’re exiting! Getting out! We’re exiting now!”

The ground shook as screams were heard. And three piles of vines emerged! While Ark was fighting the T-rex, they had covered themselves with vines, twigs and mud. The amazing thing was that Ark could identify them despite the camouflage.

Their identities were….

“Ark-nim, you came!”

“Wah! I’ve been waiting for you!”

3 people tackled Ark!

They were the 3 Monkey Brothers Ferguson, A and B.

Ferguson, A and B seemed thrilled at their reunion with Ark but he wasn’t pleased. No, he was definitely upset.

Ferguson, A and B had clearly recognized Ark when they first saw each other. But then the T-rex has shown up on their heels. They hid underneath the Silver Star and didn’t come out until the end of the battle.

Well, he was able to impress Irina thanks to them!

‘Did they learn how to use digging?’

In fact, Ark was the one who taught them the Digging skill! They were able to survive thanks to Ark.

“Now, explain the situation. I will decide your treatment after that.”


Ferguson stuttered as his eyes moved around the area. The journey of the past four days flashed through Ferguson’s head like a kaleidoscope.


Four days ago.

“…..It is puzzling.”

Rapid muttered as he looked around.

Shortly after the Silver Star landed, Rapid had encountered a bunch of T-rex like Ark. At this point, Rapid still hadn’t fought the T-rex.

‘The Silver Star has crash landed so there is some damage. If we fight huge monsters in a place like this then there is no guarantee the Silver Star won’t receive damage. And even if we repair the damage….’

Ark would know. And he would snap at Rapid.

Understandably, Rapid didn’t like that idea. Thus he chose a method that Ark saw. Rapid placed the Silver Star into stealth mode and attracted the T-rex to another place to kill.

That was when the problem occurred.

Initially, Rapid planned to expand the search range with the Silver Star as base camp. But he couldn’t find the path back to the Silver Star.

‘We’ve only moved 300~400 metres. No matter how much fog there is, it is ridiculous that we can’t find the Silver Star. Then…..’

Rapid was an experienced gamer. He naturally came up with an answer.

“This forest itself is a maze.”


“I thought it was strange from the beginning. Fog is created due to a temperature difference between the atmosphere and the surface. But this place is underground. The temperature difference can’t be that great. Then the fog we’ve seen so far isn’t a natural phenomenon.”

“If it isn’t a natural phenomenon….?”

“It is probably artificial. That’s how we got lost despite only moving 300~400 metres. I described it as a maze but there is actually something here that makes us disorientated. So it is more like an enchantment that makes us go in circles than a maze.”

“Don’t play around!”

Ferguson burst out at his point.

“What difference between atmospheric and surface temperature? Don’t make me laugh! You are just talking shit. Who’s fault is this? This is all because of you! So what will you do now? How are you going to help?”

“This is my mistake. I admit it.”

Rapid frowned at Ferguson’s accusation.

“Let’s skip the small talk! So I’m asking you! What are you doing to do now?”

“We can only try searching around. We will clear a way out.”


“….Isn’t that what you wanted to hear?”

“You were unqualified to be the leader from the beginning.”


Rapid said with an angry expression.

“Can’t you tell by my answer? You aren’t good enough to be the leader. My opinion about that hasn’t changed. From now on, I want you to step away from the leader position.”

“Hey, this is an order.”


“Have you already forgotten? What you did to me? You placed the muzzle of your gun to my nostrils! Do you think I would’ve handed over the leader position if it wasn’t for those circumstances? Ha! Yes, okay. Then it is now my turn. But I need you to apologize for your actions first. Get on your knees and admit that you were wrong. Then I will fix all of your stupid mistakes. This body will wipe your back!”

“Yes! Get on your knees!”

“You should be grateful that he is giving you a chance to apologize!”

A and B shouted from behind Ferguson. And Rapid….cheolkeok!

“You seem to want to die.”

He loaded the pistol.

“What? What are you going to do? Okay, bring it on! I was panicked earlier but this is different. Do you think that I am easy? I was once the user ranked 18th. I will turn your brain into pudding!”

Ferguson exclaimed as he took out his launcher. And just before ammunition started flying, Hegel shouted.

“Stop it! We shouldn’t be fighting among ourselves! And like I said earlier, Ark left Rapid in charge! Even if he made a mistake….”

“It can’t be called a mistake.”

Milan jumped in and shook his head.

“It was obviously the best choice. Just like Rapid said, if we fought the T-rex in that location then the Silver Star would’ve suffered serious damage. And even if we fought in that place, we still couldn’t leave the forest. If we scattered to search then it might’ve been more dangerous.”

“That’s right.”

Asuran nodded his head.

“Changing the leader in this situation is stupid.”

Ellain summed it up. In the end, the team’s public opinion still leaned towards Rapid. Thanks to that, Ferguson was once again defeated!

So Ferguson….

“Damn! Yes, they want to act like this? Okay! Good. I won’t act with you guys! You can try among yourselves!”

…He sat down firmly. In fact, Ferguson knew that Rapid wouldn’t apologize even if he acted this way. Ark’s henchman had degraded him by shoving a muzzle into his nostrils so he couldn’t accept the situation.

“H-Hyung-nim, are those guys really leaving?”

Rapid and the team members were going.

Ferguson was upset but his stubbornness meant he wouldn’t follow the team. That’s how Ferguson, A and B were abandoned.

“H-Hyung-nim, what should we do now?”

“Damn, it can’t be helped. Let’s return to the previous location. This is 300~400 metres from the Silver Star so we might end up running into it.”

“But we don’t know the direction.”

“Huhuhu, I have a way.”

Ferguson laughed as he lifted the space food.

“Do you think I would enter a forest maze without any precautions? In fact, I dropped a little bit of space food every time we turned in this maze. So we can just follow the space food back to the original location. And it will be easy to search around for the Silver Star.”

“Ohh! As expected of Hyung-nim!”

“I couldn’t figure out the atmosphere around Hyung-nim.”


“Ah, no! As expected of Hyung-nim!”

Ferguson, A and B started to follow the space food. However, their laughter stopped after 10 minutes.

Wookeok! Wookeok! Wookeok!

An ostrich like dinosaur was pecking at the food on the ground?

“You bastard, what are you doing? Damn, go away!”

Ferguson was upset and fired his launcher!

Once the shells started to fly, Ferguson, A and B’s sufferings started. The explosion caused dozens of similar dinosaurs to emerge.

At this point, they no longer cared about the directions. If they were caught then they would be eaten! Ferguson, A and B frantically sped through the forest. However, this forest was filled with land mines.

There were for several hours in circles but couldn’t see anything through the fog. And dinosaurs appeared every time through the bushes! Dinosaur! Dinosaur!

Ferguson, A and B ended up attaching tree branches all over themselves. They disguised themselves to avoid surprise attacks from dinosaurs. Fortunately there was some effect but their health was low from the encounter with the dinosaurs. They only had 10% health left when the T-rex started chasing them.

It was why they didn’t pick up Ark’s call in reality. They didn’t have time to go to the bathroom, let along pick up the phone!

But Ferguson, A and B forgot an important fact at this time. The Silver Star was in stealth mode so only Ark and Hegel could turn it off. Therefore, Ferguson had been hovering around the Silver Star for a while. He just couldn’t see it due to the stealth mode.


It was the reason Ferguson, A and B were hiding in the ground. Their health was already low due to being chased by the T-rex. They realized they needed to dig in order to survive.

‘Ark won’t know!’

‘But he will see us when he comes back!’

‘No. Come to think of it, we are camouflaged right now. Maybe he didn’t recognize us. Look, he was distracted by the battle. He definitely failed to recognize us. So let’s just wait it out!’

“You don’t want to talk to me, huh?”

Ferguson then heard Ark’s voice.


“Now, explain the situation. I will decide your treatment after that.”

And the scene returned once more to Ark’s question. The scenes had played through Ferguson’s head like a super computer.

….Anyway, they had been caught by Ark.

They had been hiding in the ground for a reason. They weren’t expecting any praise. But Ferguson wasn’t afraid of violence.

‘I can endure that much! No matter how rampant the violent! How tough have the last few days been? But if I return to Ark then I will be taken back to that mine! Endless days of digging over and over again! Ark is that type of bastard! And I won’t let him! Yes, he can’t send me, A and B back to that place! I would rather….!’

Ferguson bit his lip as he stared at Ark. And he bravely shouted.

“This is all due to that bastard Rapid!”


“Yes! We first arrived in this location! A formidable place! Our strength was enough! The strong and intelligent…I mean…so you see….”

“I know what you mean. What’s next?”

“Yes? Ah, yes! Anyway, I wanted to wait for Ark-nim! The reason why? Ark-nim is our only true leader! But that bastard Rapid threatened me when I didn’t listen to him. I insisted on waiting for Ark-nim but it was useless!”

“Then what?”

“In the end, I did as he said!”


“My exceptional intuition told me that this isn’t an ordinary forest! A forest that would make you disoriented when walking! Of course, Rapid insisted on wandering around! So I advised him again! I sincerely admire the Silver Star, Ark-nim’s only ship! I understand wanting to get praise for Ark-nim but it is more important to protect the Silver Star! So the first thing to do was return to the Silver Star!”

Ferguson spoke to Ark in an excited voice while not forgetting to praise him.

“And then Rapid abandoned us! But we overcome numerous challenges and managed to return to Ark-nim’s spaceship! Meanwhile, we received a serious injury which is why we were hiding.  We didn’t want to die until we information Ark-nim of this fact! Yes, that’s right! Life is precious! And we are full of respect for Ark-nim! Hail Ark!”

“Hail Ark!”

Ferguson, A and B saluted Ark. It was an attempt to avoid digging again.


Ark’s eyes narrowed as he glanced at Ferguson, A and B. After a moment, he nodded and said.

“The situation can’t be helped. Yes, good work. I got some good information thanks to you.”

“T-thank you!”

Ferguson, A and B sighed with relief. Ferguson had been ready for Ark’s reaction. No, his reaction was unexpected. Looking at the situation, they needed to find a way to live. Now Ark would find Rapid guilty instead of Ferguson.

‘I can live! Hopefully I don’t need to go back to that place!’

Ferguson thought that but….

‘These pigs haven’t changed from New World.’

Ark only believed 0.1% of Ferguson’s claim. Ark didn’t believe that Ferguson had any loyalty towards him like he claimed.

Even so, there were two reasons why Ark didn’t snap.

The first reason was that Irina was watching and he also discovered that the forest wasn’t ordinary due to Ferguson. Another reason was that he didn’t want to beat someone up in front of Irina.

So he whispered in Ferguson’s ears.

“Okay. I know the circumstances so let’s move. But I will be watching. To see whether you three are helpful or not. And if I feel like you aren’t helpful….”

Ark replied with a smile.

“I will prepare 100 new shovels for you.”

Ferguson, A and B’s faces darkened. But Ark ignored their reaction and continued.

“The fog means that using the spaceship has too large of a risk. However, the ship can’t be left unattended. In my opinion, Irina-nim and two others should be left here.”

“I’m in favour of leaving people here. Hajin and Camel are suitable to stay behind. But there is no need for me to be stay here.”

“That is true however….”

“Do you think I will be a burden?”

“That’s impossible!”

Ark quickly shook his head.

It was true that he didn’t think she would be a burden. It didn’t matter if this was a conventional dungeon. But Ferguson said that they couldn’t determine directions in the forest covered with thick fog due to an unidentified force.

Of course, there was an answer to any problem. They just needed to find a way. As always, he thought he could solve any problem he encountered.

However, he didn’t know what danger was lurking.

The biggest burden was time. It wasn’t simply going through the forest to find Rapid and the Silver Hand. Even if they managed to find a way through the forest, he didn’t know how much time it would take to find them in an underground world.

‘I don’t matter but I don’t want Irina to be stuck in this place. If she waits with the Silver Star then she can easily leave.’

It was one of the reasons why he wanted Irina to stay behind.

However, Irina had a resolute expression.

“I am a pioneer. I don’t want to wait here with the ship.”

“I understand.”

Ark nodded and turned to Hajin and Camel.

“We will remain. We weren’t any help to you in the previous battle and Irina-nim is unlikely to be in danger with Ark-nim.”

Thus the team was divided. And he checked an information window.

Character Information Window
Name Ark (R-02788) Level 159
Species Human Occupation Elim’s Heir
Fame 26,930  Adventure 2,540
Health 3,650 (+575) Mental Power  925 (+490)
Mana 0 Force 1,825
Strength 395 (+80) Agility 435 (+128)
Stamina 615 (+115) Wisdom 40 (+23)
Intelligence 415 (+98) Luck 45 (+18)
Leadership 50
* Title

Ignorant Destroyer (Wisdom -10, Strength +7, Stamina +7)

Spatial Breakthrough (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +10)

Beltana’s Hero (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +3)

Athamas’ Hero (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +5)

Mediator (Wisdom, Intelligence +15)

* Set Item Effect (Strength, Agility, Stamina +10. Defense +20)

* Contribution: Galactic Federation 27,520,  Aschulat 500

* Affiliation: Dark Eden (CEO)

*Body Coating: Survivor

+ Environmental adaptation increases by 50% due to the Survivor coating.

+ The Survivor coating reduces the drop rate of Satiety by 30%.

+ The Survivor coating will reduce fall damage by 50%.

+The ‘Clairvoyance’ effect of the Survivor coating is applied.

“Now, let’s go!”

Ark exclaimed after his check was completed.

Irina, Ferguson, A and B followed him into the forest.

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    1. ShadowBlazer

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