Space 3: MIX-UP


Jjan jjan jjan! Jjan jjan jjan! Jjan jjan jjan!

Sector expansion, shield fence, Fairy, exclusive route etc. There were continuous sound effects as S-20 grew rapidly from the many facilities. Now Hamad’s money was like pouring oil.

“I disposed of my store and came. I brought the trailer trucks with my goods. These are the items.”

Hamad moved towards the 5 trailer trucks. The trailer contained various weapons, armour and supplies.

‘I can gain significant funding if I dispose of all this but……’

There was no reason to do that. Firstly, S-20 wasn’t lacking in funds thanks to the contract despite money for those who participated in the investigation team. Second, it was difficult to receive a fair price for resale when all the goods were sold together. However the third reason was the most important. Ark had already secured a land for stores and customers. If stores were built then naturally the number of visitors to the sector would increase.

If a shop was creating in S-20 then goods could be sold at a reasonable price. There would also be a steady revenue through purchase and sales. He wasn’t stupid enough to give up a golden egg in order to sell it for a lump sum now!

“We had the same idea.”

Hamad also nodded.

“If I was going to sell it that way then I wouldn’t have purchased the trailer trucks. A source of revenue is necessary for agents running a sector. Because money is a burden for companies in the start-up phase. In some cases, just a few hundred gold could cause the business to fail. So it is necessary to make a strong start.”

Ark had also thought that a long time ago. Just because an agent owned a sector didn’t mean that income would be flowing in. Employees were needed for an agent. If he hired employees then he needed to give them a monthly salary. Money from the sector couldn’t be ignored. Marquis Jyubel and the Laius company might’ve installed the shield for free but the maintenance, repairs and shield generator isn’t free. It required quite a bit of money on a regular basis. And he needed to purchase additional facilities to develop the sector further. It would be hard to deal with all that from the merchant’s taxes and pioneers paying the sector fee alone. He needed a more reliable way to gain more income.

‘This is an opportunity for those funds!’

Not a lot of time was necessary to make a store. Ark and Hamad arranged the trailer trucks into a line.

-Hamad’s Department Store <S-20 Retail Store>

A department store operated in S-20.

Various weapons and armours as well as supplies are present!

All goods in this store will be sold at the average market price of this sector. There is no need to calculate it! You just need to believe in it and buy the goods! Hamad’s Department Store is the best choice for all pioneers.

There is everything a pioneer would need.

And a signpost was planted. The five trailer trucks had been changed into stores.

‘The problem is the place selected……’

Currently the best hunting ground for S-20 was Mt. Fargo’s dungeon. Therefore the best commercial area was close to the dungeon entrance. But there were already 15 stores located there. Of course there was room for more stores but Hamad’s was a department store. If a large scale store occupied a position in the shopping area that was already developed then the existing merchants would complain.

‘It will be troublesome if there is friction with the merchants!’

So Ark had selected a place next to the administrative office. It was a place that visitors to the sector would have to go and it was far from the already developed market so the friction with the other merchants would be minimized. That wasn’t the only advantage.

“Damn, my bullets decreased at such a time!”

“There’s no time. If we’re gone too long than other parties might occupy our hunting spot.”

“Hurry up and replenish our recovery ampoules, food and bullet!”

Mt. Fargo’s dungeon wasn’t only S-20’s hunting ground. Ark had promoted quite a few hunting grounds apart from the dungeon so pioneers were steadily visiting them. If those pioneers ran out of supplies during hunting then they would naturally ran to the closest store in the sector. These pioneers were a growing trend. In other words, the entrance of the dungeon might be the best shopping district at the moment but that might not continue in the future. That fact that the department store was overflowing with guests when it opened was evidence. The bullets, food and supplies were affordable so it would soon be a firm source of funding.However that wasn’t all Ark’s money.

‘I need to organize this before the system becomes more complicated.’

Ark had a hunch at the time.

‘I didn’t create Dark Eden alone. Most of the money to create it was given by the Royal Guards as an investment. So I need to make this relationship clear.’

Until now there had been no need to do that. He had been busy developing the sector and there was no income. So there was no need to worry about how to split the income. But now things had changed. The sector was starting to climb and it also received an influx of new funds. In addition, the Royal Guards were shareholders as well as employees so they needed regular expenses. Now Ark needed to divide the income into agent funds and person funds as well as determine how to break it up. This was the result of the first stockholder meeting.

– Agent: Dark Eden (Lv. 2) -CEO: Ark (R-02788) Assigned City:  S-20

Assigned Employees:  18/30

* There are a total of 14 shareholders including the CEO.

* Current Equity Holdings of Dark Eden

  1. CEO: Ark -50%
  2. Founders: Mellin and 10 others -30%
  3. Gained Equity through Investments: Hamad, Asuran – 20%

Ark was the CEO so he received 50% of the shares. Hamad and Asuran who also brought an investment gained shares as well. Mellin and the other members had invested 16,800 gold to create the agent. Meanwhile the goods Hamad and Asuran brought on the trailers were worth 40,000 gold. However Mellin and the others were the founders. And they also played a decisive role in the sector. This was the part that convinced Hamad and Asuran.

“The value of the initial capital for Dark Eden and S-20 is equivalent to at least 20 million gold in my judgement. I think 20% is appropriate for 40,000 gold.”

“I’m not interested in any complicated numbers. Hyung-nim is Hyung-nim. I’ll just believe in Hyung-nim and follow you. As long as I don’t starve.”

“We have no complaints.”

Mellin approved on behalf of the other members. Thus the issue with the shares was organized. However the money management problem didn’t end with just that. Currently there were 3 significant sources of revenue for Dark Eden. The tax income and charges from S-20, the Charenjok’s food production factory and Hamad’s Department Store. The staff like Jay, Tori, Bain etc. needed salaries, the dividends from the shares as well as funds necessary for the management of the sector. Calculations on such a large scale would become complicated. However Ark had no need to learn accounting.

“From now on Hamad will be handling the money management.”

“I thought you would say so.”

Hamad smiled as an ‘!’ popped above his head.

-Hamad is satisfied and will accept the job.

<When giving a NPC a job that matches their skills, the achievement will increase>

That message popped up! This was information that Ark only recently discovered. Users tended to pick abilities that fit their occupation. A healer was necessary for tanks to avoid being killed. It was the same for NPCs. Each one had a role fit for them according to their qualifications and the ‘!’ would pop up like with Hamad. If it didn’t fit then things like ‘?’, ‘;;’ and ‘OTL’ would appear. Anyway!

“The agent’s funding situation has been put in order.”

As expected the ‘!’ appeared on top of Hamad after he was handed the right documents.

<Dark Eden’s Finances>

Current cash reserves for the agent: 6,543 gold

Regular Income: Food production factory- daily average is 28 gold and 80 silver (net income of 8 gold 64 silver)

Occasional Income: Sector taxes and charges. Department Store-average daily income of approximately 320 gold (net income of approximately 80 gold)

Regular Expenditure: Energy Shield Fence – 5 gold per day. Staff Salaries- To be decided appropriately.

Occasional Expenditure: Silver Star maintenance, various supplies paid to staff.

Current Projects: Mt. Fargo restoration work- expenses haven’t been settled yet.

Average monthly income……

The paper contained an in depth report about Dark Eden’s financial situation. Surprisingly the monthly income recorded on the form was 1,000 gold!


Galaxian had only started for approximately 6 months. In the meantime he had suffered a lot of form the agent and gain the sector. This was only a guide to his income and it was already beyond expectations. It was income that his character was expected to get. He could gain it even if he just sat back and did nothing. No, Ark had no intention of doing nothing.

‘My goal is clear!’

To reach the ultimate goal before Lucifer! That wasn’t possible with just an income increase. This was one reason why Ark didn’t give up on participating in the investigation team despite his worries. All 3 powers were investigating the existence of antimatter and the magic circle. It was a large scale event so Lucifer’s goal might be related to it. And the most profitable way to gain information was to join the investigation team. That’s why Ark immediately returned to S-20!

‘S-20 will run smoothly now that Hamad and Bain are in charge. I need to focus on preparations to participate in the team.’

“This meeting is finished.”

Ark dismissed the meeting and stood up. He still had a lot to do.


You found it?

The Elim Sanctuary hidden in Mt. Fargo. The floating light sphere called Elim’s Memory spoke in an excited voice.

“Yes, the first Divine Artefact was hidden on Rakunka.”


The light sphere shouted like it suddenly remembered something.

Well, I remember now. Xanax frequently talked about it. He met a brilliant warrior on a planet called Rakunka. I think his name as Asuldan. His civilization wasn’t advanced but he became well known as a warrior throughout the galaxy once he gained experience. Xanax often spoke of exploring the galaxy with Asuldan. It isn’t surprising that he hid a Divine Artefact in the place where he met Asuldan.

‘That bastard…..’

The sphere knew about Rakunka. Yet it didn’t say a single word when Ark was trying to find clues about the Divine Artefact. Now it was saying ‘Huhuhu, I knew that’ after Ark had suffered and recovered the Divine Artefact. He didn’t like things like that. But there was a reason he visited the light sphere.

-Yes, what Divine Artefact did you find on Rakunka?

“The Baius Shield.”

-Baius Shield! Aha, indeed. The Elim’s Heir is still inexperienced so the thing you need most is a defense item. The Baius Shield will be a lot of help to you. The Baius Shield is a strong shield that can also transform into a crystal golem. Ohh, I remember Xanax’ spectacular appearance as he battled with the Baius golem by his side. It truly was worthy of being called a Divine Artefact. Ark, can you show me? The great look of the Divine Artefact?

“That’s why I wanted to visit you……”

Ark lifted his arm. The lump of crystals around his wrist was the Baius Shield.

“Summon golem!”

The moment Ark raised his voice.There was an explosion as a shield emerged. The shield changed to crystal and fell to the ground. And the shape of a person started to rise. It was the crystal Baius golem! The light sphere exclaimed as soon as it saw the golem.

W-what? This?

“Can’t you see? This is Baius.”

-No, but…..the Baius I remembered looked different?

This was the question Ark wanted to ask. Ark had fought the crystal golem on Rakunka. He thought that golem would be summoned so Ark had wanted to dance with joy. A pet was special to Ark. In New World, Ark was able to become the strongest player thanks to his pets. Of course he had subordinates like the Royal Guards. However a NPC was still a NPC. They couldn’t move with Ark all the time or be summoned depending on his needs like pets could. In addition, this pet was a strong golem unlike the skull, bat and snake of New World!

‘Jackpot! If I have the golem then my combat power will double, no triple!’

He had summoned the golem on the way back to Istana from Rakunka with anticipation but…..

Toddle. Toddle. Toddle.

The golem who appeared in front of Ark with some sound effects was tiny. It wasn’t even half the size of the golem he fought in the pyramid. Its body wasn’t the only small thing.

Baius Golem

A crystal golem that can be changed when needed.

Type Defense Level 1
Health 100 Defense 20
Attack 10 Special Ability X

The information window was very simple. It was like comparing poetry from a dog to that of a private school student. Ark grasped the situation the moment he saw the smaller golem.

‘The level starts from the beginning after it changes owners……’

And he felt despair.

‘Dammit, it was like that. It’s impossible to summon a boss character immediately. This is too much. I’m already level 120. However it only has 100 health and 20 defense? What is this shit? I’d rather sleep cuddling a cotton doll!’

It did have one function that was better than a cotton doll.

Are you my new master?

The golem was equipped with a language function.

But abandon any expectation that I will be unconditionally loyal. My self-esteem is wider than the galaxy.  If I judge that you’re insufficient as my Master than I won’t offer you perfect loyalty. I’ll be watching from now on.

Toddle, toddle.

The golem started chattering as it stood in front of him. From the time it was summoned, the golem was extremely rude. But it was fortunate that the golem had the language capability. Ark didn’t have any clues for the other Divine Artefacts. Then he could only think of one thing!

“Do you know the locations of the other Divine Artefacts?”

The answer to that question is NO. I lost my memory when my previous character disappeared and my body was reorganized. Now my existence is being maintained by you. Therefore I have to obey you. But there is something that I remember. Elim’s Memory. That’s the word I remember.

Ark searched through the pyramid and didn’t find another clue to the Divine Artefacts. Then Ark could only think of one thing! The golem had amnesia but it remembered a single thing. Then that must be the clue that Xanax left. That’s why he came to the Elim’s Sanctuary despite being busy.

I see what you mean.

Then the light sphere started explaining.

Yes, I remember something after your words. It is like you expected. Xanax often used Baius for another purpose.

“Another purpose?”

I’ll show you. Baius, come here.

I don’t want to.

-Eh? W-what?

My Master is that human. But I have no intention of blindly following that human. So why should I listen to your words? You can come here.

Y-you brat! Don’t you remember? I’m the Elim’s Memory.

I don’t remember. I don’t know who you are.

No, that……Ark, what’s going on?

The light sphere was confused by the golem’s bad attitude. But the golem didn’t even show good manners to Ark. He couldn’t do anything. Of course, he had no intention of letting the golem behave rudely with him. Ark’s specialty was educating guys like this. He would make sure to teach the golem about the master-slave relationship. But he didn’t have the time at the moment.

“Why are you looking at me? Isn’t this originally its nature?”

Y-you idiot! The Baius’ source of power is its Master so it also has the same character. The proof is that the previous Baius was a polite and good guy. This thing’s character is 100% because of you!


The golem’s secret was revealed!

‘This guy is rude because it resembles me?’

Ark’s mood became a lot dirtier.

Hey, that’s it. I didn’t take anything from him. The same type of people will take care of themselves. You take care of it yourself whether you are being boiled or baked. Bring that fellow in front of me.

The light sphere gave up at those words. The sphere ended up moving in front of the golem. A blue light shot from sphere and hit the golem. The light refracted off the crystal body and formed a brilliant pattern on the wall of the sanctuary. It was surprisingly a map of the galaxy! Ark saw something that he hadn’t considered.

“T-this is…..?”

As expected. Xanax liked playing games by making various designs from the light reflecting off the crystal body. But this wasn’t the last pattern that I saw. There is no way this design was made by chance. This map is clearly Xanax’ message. Perhaps the brightest planets on the map are Xanax’ message to you! Hurry Ark! Negative energy has been detected so you must quickly inherit the Elim’s legacy!

The light sphere shouted in a voice filled with determination.

<Start of a Great Journey (Occupation only- II>

You have recovered the Baius left to you by Xanax on Rakunka. This is the first step on your journey to become a true Elim.

It is clear what you have to do in the future. Find the remaining 4 Divine Artefacts. And you have obtained the clue to the hiding place of the next Divine Artefact. If you find it then you will be one step closer to the Elim’s true power.

Difficulty: –

* Currently acquired Divine Artefacts:  (1/5)

An occupation related quest had popped up.

“I want to go running off right now but……”

You want to? Why can’t you? What does that mean? What is more important than looking or the Divine Artefacts? Forget about anything else!

The light sphere started talking angrily after hearing Ark’s words. But its attitude immediately changed after hearing about the investigation team.

Investigating the negative energy? Well, yes. You have to do that. You were chosen by the galactic federation. I also know how much of a threat the negative energy is. Furthermore, weren’t you chosen because you are the Elim’s Heir? Huhuhu, humans have developed a discerning eye after hundreds of years. Yes, the Elim’s Heir is the right person for such a mission. This is your nature. That team is blessed to have the Elim’s Heir on it.

Being the Elim’s Heir was irrelevant to this mission. Ark was selected due to his power. He had steadily built up intimacy with Marquis Martin and this was the result. But the sphere kept on chattering on with patronizing words.

You should know this after travelling to Rakunka. You’re the Elim’s Heir and you can only become an Elim by building up your achievements. Now you’ve taken your first step by obtaining the Divine Artefact. From now on you have to always uphold the honour of the Elim. That means you should have the right mindset when making the golem! It shouldn’t act like that. Huh? Do you understand? You are no different from an Elim now so you should be aware. Eh? Hey, are you listening?

And it kept on nagging! Ark had felt it before heading to Amara but now the sphere felt like a nagging wife. Fortunately he then heard Jay’s voice over the Nymphe.

Boss-nim, the DNA synthesis is over!

It was the news that Ark had been waiting for.

“I understand. I’ll listen to the rest when I come back. I’m really busy at the moment!”

Eh? What? Hey, you! I haven’t finished yet! You can’t become the Elim if you can’t find the Divine Artefact…..hey, you! Are you ignoring me? I’ve just awakened after hundreds of years! I’m bored!

This was the sphere’s true intention. However Ark had already left the sanctuary.



Jay held out a small syringe. If he could return to shortly after arriving back at S-20. Hamad and Asuran arrive and he went to see the Charenjok elder Bakum. The next person Ark visited was Jay. The reason Ark visited Jay was because of an unidentified item from Rakunka.

-Myutal’s Cell Tissue (Rare) x2

Item Type: Study Material

The cell tissues from the Myutal that have a very low chance of being obtained. Space monsters often develop special abilities in order to adapt to harsh environments. If the tissue cell of this monster is studied then a variety of information can be obtained. In some cases an unexpected use might be found. However, this requires research skills.

Cell tissues obtained from the Myutal! This wasn’t the first time he obtained these items. Sometimes he found them while hunting. But that was the only information Ark could obtain when examining the item. Even using Clairvoyance couldn’t find something from the items. No, if there was something then he could only find it with research skills. Furthermore, shops only gave dozens of copper for it so it was classified as japtem. But the rating of the Myutal’s cell tissue was rare! In fact, during the 24 hours on Rakunka he had fought thousands of Myutal and only obtained 2 cell tissues.

‘There has to be something!’

Ark had a keen sense of smell. He sensed that money was hidden in this item. Furthermore, Ark had an employee with research skills. Jay who had been the head of Charem’s research department! It wasn’t surprising that an ‘!’ popped over Jay’s head when he saw the Myutal’s cell tissues. And he ran over to a microscope with an excited expression.

“These are the Adaptation Cells!”

“Eh? Adap…..what?”

“Adaptation Cell. This means a cell that can adapt.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, that….ah, you know the body coating? Body coating is a technique that extracts DNA from alien species and artificially combines it with the human’s DNA. But not all the DNA of alien species can be used. Very few alien DNA are capable of synthesizing with human DNA.”

The galactic federation used the DNA of approximately 30 alien species in body coating. However not everything could be combined with each other. Generally DNA that enhances physical strength can’t bind to DNA that enhances mental strength. The opposite was also true. That’s why body coatings could only specialize in one area. However, very rarely DNA is found that doesn’t apply to this rule. It was the adaptation cell! This DNA could be combined with any type of DNA.

“Wait? Then if you extract the DNA from these cells……?”

“You can get a body enhancing effect like body coating.”

“What can I you get?”

“I can’t tell the effect unless I look at it directly. Like I said, the principle of body coating uses the DNA of one species to evolve someone to a completely different form. In some cases there is a risk of turning into an ugly alien. But the adaptation cell has a considerable affinity so if that happens then the subject can quickly return to their original appearance. When directly applied to the body, there is a high chance that it will strengthen the body’s abilities.”

“Even if someone has already received a body coating?”

“Yes, it is called Mix-up.”

“Then you? Can you do the Mix-up?”

Ark asked in a look full of anticipation.

“The technology itself isn’t very difficult. You’ve already received a common body coating and the cell is adaptable so special processing isn’t required. Well, a certain amount of knowledge and skill is still required but I’ve experienced it a few times in Charem. The problem is the equipment. This research centre doesn’t have the equipment required to extract DNA. I need a centrifuge and incubator which will cost 2,000 gold.”

“2,000 Gold!”

Ark’s mouth gaped open. But he cooled off as he thought about it. Mix-up could enhance his body’s abilities! Of course the performance wasn’t guaranteed but he could expect at least a slight increase. If the equipment was bought once then it could be used repeatedly. It might he could study more adaptation cells if he found them. Who knows? He had found an unexpected use for cells that only sold for dozens of copper. He couldn’t ignore the potential outcomes. No, there was no need to go there. He had fought thousands of Myutal and only found two adaptation cells. He couldn’t give up this chance to enhance his body. And there was no reason to give it up.

In the past Ark didn’t have a lot of money but that had now changed. Dark Eden now had the structure of a corporation and Ark’s personal funds and company funds were separate. Naturally items bought for the research facility would come from the public funds. The investment into the sector had reduced his burden.

“Okay! Start the research!”

Ark approved the 2,000 gold on the spot. He was leaving for the space frontier and wouldn’t come back for a month. He wanted to confirm the effect before then so he made Jay hurry with the research. Fortunately he managed to receive the results a few hours before departure. That was the syringe Jay was holding right now!

“This is…..”

“It is the DNA extracted from the adaptation cells that I refined into a solution.”

“If I inject this then Mix-up will begin?”

“Yes, I made this quickly so I’m not sure of the effects. There might be some side effects. Some common side effects include nausea, diarrhoea etc.”

Ark already wasn’t listening. And he wouldn’t change anything even if he heard it. Was he the type to not eat certain pickled foods because he was afraid of maggots? Everything in the world involved a risk whether it was large or small. If he was that scared then he wouldn’t even be able to take a breath. Ark stuck the syringe in him without hesitation.

‘Huk! W-what is this?’

Ark felt breathless. The arm where he injected the fluid felt like lava was spreading along his blood vessels. It felt like every part of his body was literally burning!


Ark couldn’t endure it and burst our screaming.

-Mix-up has been successful!

The Myutal’s DNA has been successfully combined. New physical changes have occurred thanks to the DNA fusion.

<The Myutal’s DNA has decrease intelligence by 10. Instead stamina increases by 30>

-One of your skills has evolved to an advanced level thanks to the Myutal’s DNA.

Withdrawal (☆☆) → Hide (☆☆☆)

-A new skill (Common Occupation ☆☆☆) has been learnt.

Hide (User, Active): Technique gained from the DNA of a Myutal, a space monster the federation doesn’t know about yet. The Myutal has the ability to produce a red substance that covers the land and it can hide its body in the ground. You have acquired the properties of a Myutal and gained the ability to hide your body in the ground. However, if you move while hiding in the ground then you will 100% be detected by the enemy.

<Probability of being detected by an enemy -100% when hiding in the ground>

Mental power consumption: 50

“I-it is a success! Mix-up!”

Ark cried out as he lifted his sweaty head. It had only taken 1 minute after administering the injection before the information window popped up. He had suffered unimaginable pain in the meantime. However the results were worth it. Ark carefully examined the information window.

‘It decreases intelligence by 10 but……’

Instead stamina increased by 30. It had the same effect as rising 2 levels. But the best effect of the Mix-up was the evolution of his skills. Hide reduced the probably of being caught when hiding in the ground. A 2 star rated skill had evolved into 3 stars.

‘It is different to Stealth. I can’t move when in the hidden state. But unlike Withdrawal and Stealth, it is possible to hide in the ground. In some cases it could be used as an evasive technique. It isn’t 100% satisfactory but the results are enough.’

“Ah, Ark-nim?”

Then Jay’s voice was heard. Jay was staring at him with wide eyes.

“A-are you alright?”

“Yes, I was hit hard by the injection but I’m okay. The results are satisfactory. I know you had a tough time trying to do it in 3 days so thank you.”

“Ah, no. That’s not……”

Jay stuttered and pointed to a glass wall. Ark stiffened as he saw the reflection in the glass. Standing beside Jay was a spider type monster, the Myutal! In other words, Ark had been changed into a Myutal.

“What, what is this? Why?”

“It is probably a small side effect.”

“A side effect? This is a small side effect? I’ve completely turned into a monster!  Now what? What do I do now? H-how can I continue in this condition?”

The Myutal grabbed Jay’s collar with one of its legs. Then the door opened and someone entered the library.

“Boss-nim, we’ve gathered on the airfield…..u-unbelievable! Why here?”

The person who entered was Ellain.

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