Space 4: Sir Martin!

SPACE 4. Sir Martin!

Wiiing! Wiing! Wiing!

The emergency pod had smashed into a stone mountain.

There was a motor sound as some creatures appeared. They looked like a pile of machines joined together that moved awkwardly. The pieces of metal that seemed to be stuck to a magnet were moving.

The name of these creatures….


Why the hell was the Nakuma in a place like this? There was no room to think about it. Ark was puzzled by the enemy but red rays had focused on his body.

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

And bullets flew towards him!

“Sword Defense!”

Ark moved his Equalizer vertically.

Then the bullets flying straight towards Ark split to the left and right. The use of the lightsaber’s attribute to change the projectile of a bullet was Sword Defense!

However, there were limitations when there was a hail of bullets. Sword Defense needed the right timing for it to be effective. It was impossible to adjust the timing when there was a succession of bullets.

Many projectiles exited Ark’s body and caused him to bleed. In addition, the bullets shooting down on him made it hard to move. This was the bad thing about being fired upon in an open place!

“Ugh! Come out, Shire! Rune Carving, Hwairam!”

Ark brandished the Equalizer in one hand while his other hand inscribed a letter in the air. In the next moment, the rune formed the shape of a giant foot and touched the ground. This was the Hwairam rune he mastered on Muratio Star!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a roaring sound as the hole mountain shook. That effect alone was enough.

The ground shook and the bullets flew in the wrong direction. The vibration of the earth caused the round of ammunition to miss Ark. In the meantime, Ark moved behind the rock where Hoksullo was hiding.

“Hyung-nim, are you alright? Because of me….”

“Pant, that was unexpected. There isn’t anybody’s fault.”

“Yes, I never imagined that there would be Nakuma in a place like this. The Galactic Federation knows about the identity of the Nakuma but so far they’ve mainly appeared on the battlefields….”

“They must’ve killed the firemen.”

Ark pointed to the two corpses. Now it was obvious who killed the two firemen in the emergency pods.

The reason why the Nakuma was here wasn’t a significant problem. The important thing was to survive once the battle started!

‘First I need to understand their exact number!’

“Rune Carving! Kuem Radon!”

This was the 2nd rune Ark learnt on Muratio Star. A light shot up from the rune like fireworks and formed a giant eye in the sky.

A small window that showed the situation in the surrounding situation was generated. The Nakuma were 30 metres away from the rocks where Ark and Hoksullo were hiding!

Ark’s face became tense as he counted them.

‘13 of them…..’

It was a taxing number. Furthermore, their levels didn’t seem to be low.

But this wasn’t a situation where he could complain.

Whether it was 10 or 100 enemies on the battlefield, he needed to kill them all to survive. If he didn’t resistance then Hoksullo would be like the dead firemen. The distance also meant that the pistol at his waist was like a decoration. In the end, Ark needed to deal with 13 Nakuma alone.

‘There is no time to be playing around. I need to use all my power from the beginning!’

“Armour armament!”

A flash of light appeared from Ark’s body. At the same time, an crustacean like armour appeared through a crack in space and enveloped Ark. Hoksullo rolled his eyes and screamed at the sight.

“R-Rama battle suit? Why does Hyung-nim have the Rama….”

However, he had no time to respond.

“Charenjok’s Token! The Octopus’s Blessing!”

Ark placed the Charenjok’s Token on his head and shouted. He started to look like a Charenjok no as the octopus with 3 legs started working.

-Special item effect <Charenjok’s Token: Octopus’s Blessing> has been triggered!

High density nutrients like DHA and EPA have been injected into your body.

Thanks to the infusion of nutrients, the body’s physical capabilities have been activated for a period of time.

<All stats +10% for 30 minutes. Cool down time: 2 hours>

That message popped up!

The Hyper Drone Lv. 2 increased all stats by 35%!

Then the 3rd evolution of the Charenjok’s Token increased the effect by 10%! After mobilizing his battle suit and the Charenjok’s Token, his stats had increased by 45%.

The preparations were complete!

“Okay, let’s go!”

And he moved!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Ping! Ping!

Laser scopes gathered on Ark’s body after he revealed himself and bullets flew. But he didn’t use Sword Defense. In most battles, it would be difficult to switch to offense from defense. Sword Defense required him to stand still in order to scatter the bullets all over the place!

‘I need to break through!’

“Phantom Boots! Soul Sprint!”

The Phantom Boots that allowed him to avoid 50% of long distance attacks when moving! His body changed into a transparent state as he charged through the bullets.

Of course, he wasn’t invincible in this state. Soul Sprint only increased evasion by 50%. It would be difficult to breach through the shower of bullets.

“Armed Mind Shield!”

Ark invoked the armed Mind Shield that gave 2 Aegis shields. And he also set the Baius Shield in front of him. He was surrounded by 3 shields on the left, right and front. And he used Soul Sprint to dash through the air!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Ping! Ping!

He crossed through hundreds of metres of bullets. The bullets bounced off the Aegis and Baius shields. Occasionally some projectiles would penetrate the shield. Ark literally penetrated through hundreds of bullets and rushed towards the stone mountain.

And in the next moment, his sword dropped downwards.

Pepeng! Chwajijijijijik!

The white light of the Equalizer exploded! Sparks flowed along the surface of the Nakuma. The Nakuma absorbed the damage with its shield. However, it was common sense that the shield was vulnerable to melee attacks! In addition, Ark’s stats were increased by 45%!

A series of continuous attacks broke the shield.

“Sonic Sword!”

-The shield has been destroyed! Switch attack! Weapon change!

The Nakuma stumbled and retreated after the shield disappeared.

At the same time, 4 mechanical arms emerged from it. Firearms were a disadvantage in close combat so the program switched weapons. And the moment the machine rushed forward with its sharp arms….

“Armed Binding Sword!”

Ark turned and exclaimed. At the same time, the chest of his battle suit opened and chains of lights shot out. The lights shot out form Ark and bound the Nakuma.

“Don’t get me wrong. I can easily avoid your attacks. But now I’m not in a position where you are my only opponent.”

The Nakuma were gathered on the stone mountain. It was a huge tangle of rocks like a jungle gym. Of course, the positions of the Nakuma was different. Some were above the rocks, some were under the rocks 10 metres away where others were scattered and aiming towards Ark.

‘It is an easy road. I know their location so the bullet trajectory is easy to read. But it is difficult to predict the firing angle and obstacles with Kuem Radon. Soul Sprint is a skill that applied when moving. If I stay in one position too long then it will be disadvantageous.’

So the method he chose was to approach them!

‘But this terrain isn’t unfavourable. There are many obstacles on this stony mountain. At least it allows me to avoid intensive gunfire when changing location!’

In order words, they were more vulnerable! His method of dealing with them was not staying in one place too long. Ark had already decided to use this tactic after using Kuem Radon.

And one of the most useful techniques in this terrain was ‘Armed Binding Sword.’ This technique meant he could move at will through the rocky terrain.

Kikikiki! Kikikiki! Kikikiki!

‘…Three of them?’

The sight of three Nakuma gathered on a flat rock caught his eye. The machines gave signs of confusion as Ark jumped up. They aimed their muzzle but Ark was faster.

“Khafra Fencing 4th style, Piercing!”

Ark stabbed with his Equalizer. And a ray of light penetrated the body of the Nakuma.

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

It was a dash at the speed of light! Sparks flew from the Nakuma’s shield as Ark passed through them.

‘This is more than I thought….’

Khafra Fencing 4th style, Piercing. It was a good offensive skill but he hadn’t expected this much strength.

The technology itself was a rush type. However, it was completely different from what he imagined. It was such an explosive acceleration that Ark lost his eyesight for a moment! The strength of the acceleration reduced the durability of the Nakuma’s shield by 50%.

‘But this skill can’t be blindly used in a place like this.’

It was a relatively, spacious rock but it only extended for 10 metres. He could only accelerate a short distance on the rock. But the new skill still had a great use.

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

There was a hail of bullets without a break. Ark blocked with the Baius Shield. The white light of the Equalizer painted a complex trajectory as Ark attacked the Nakuma.

It wasn’t a straight horizontal or vertical line. It was an endlessly smooth curve! A series of continuous attacks!

Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap….

Sparks kept on flying from the Nakuma after Ark’s attacks. And when the Nakuma’s shield was almost peeled off.


Hoksullo yelled from a distance.

Ark turned and saw a Nakuma in the rear. Some Nakuma had targeted Hoksullo while Ark was distracted by the enemies.

In response, Hoksullo pulled out a pistol from his bag. Unlike Rapid’s talking pistol, Hoksullo was just holding a simple gun. He fired at the bunch of Nakuma!

‘Damn, I didn’t think they would head to Hoksullo. If only I knew this would happen.’

Hoksullo was an important NPC to Ark. He needed Hoksullo to find the emergency pods.  But now he needed to save Hoksullo so it was a huge burden.

‘I guess I need to use this.’

“Come, Bao!”

Ark maintained a distance from the Nakuma and waved his arms. Then the shield fell to the floor as a liquid before changing into a golem.

-Dammit! What are you doing? Why are my arms covered in dirt? Why did you summon me in such a way? I’ve told you many times that I am a proud….

“Shut up!”

Ark kicked Bao and shouted.

Ugh! What? Kicking me? You bastard! Why are you kicking me?

“You fool, can’t you tell by the atmosphere? This is an emergency!”

Emergency, you….


Bao was blown away in a curve and flew over the Nakuma.

-Ouch! W-what? This bastard?


Bao had rolled forward like a snowball and tumbled in front of the Nakuma. At Ark’s cry, he reflexively crouched down and fired awls at the Nakuma. The Nakuma reeled backwards as the projectiles shot from Bao. And….

-A new enemy has emerged! The target will change depending on the risk! Shoot! Shoot!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Ugh! What? What? What?

“Your mission is to deal with them!”

Ark shouted towards Bao.

Bao was still level 30. On the other hand, the Nakuma were level 100. They weren’t proper opponents. However, it was possible to buy some time with Hoksullo helping.

“Hoksullo, cover hat guy called Bao!”


Pepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

An explosion occurred at the same time Hoksullo answered. Ark was pushed back by a pressure and flew into a rock. He lifted his eyes and noticed a Nakuma holding a launcher.

“Dammit, there really is a variety of problems.”

Then the launcher fired another shell.

“Armed Binding Sword!”

Ark aimed the light at the rock in front of him. At the same time, the light was pulled and caused the rock to fly. It flew over Ark as the Nakuma’s muzzle aimed towards it. And it was hit with bullets from a Gatling gun!

‘I’ve been fighting with 5 Nakuma.’

“Chain Attack!”

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

Ark clenched his fist and shouted.

The Nakuma Ark was fighting were engulfed in an explosion.

This was another attack learnt on the ghost planet. Khafra Fencing 5th style, Chain Attack! The enemies attacked were connected with a chain that would blow up.

This technique could connect up to 5 enemies. It would give more damage when more enemies were connected.

But there was a limitation. The chained enemies couldn’t be too far away. In fact, the Nakuma that attacked Hoksullo had originally been chained together. But now they were too far so the skill had been released. He only took out 3 with the explosion.

Thanks to that, the damage of the explosion had been halved.

In the meantime, Ark moved being a sword and gasped for breath.

‘The battle and Octopus’s Blessing has increased by stats by 45% but I am facing 13 Nakuma that are level 100.’ This wasn’t a situation where he could afford to relax. Despite there being many obstacles, he couldn’t fight without receiving damage. His clothes had become wet from blood. ‘I can’t be hasty. I need to move tirelessly around them!’

This was required when dealing with a large number of enemies! He couldn’t stop moving his head or body for a moment. He would be riddled with holes the moment he stopped.

‘I can’t think about escaping from Ikyullos with Marquis Martin and the crew or protecting Hoksullo. It will be no use if I’m dead. So now I must focus on the fight.’

Ark deleted all other thoughts. And once his head was empty.

He raised his entire body.


Syu syu syu syu! Pepeng! Tu tu tu tu!

In the meantime, the Nakuma were firing the launcher and machine guns everywhere. Rocks became recessed and engulfed in flames.

But Ark was already somewhere else. Ark used Kuem Radon to search the movement of the Nakuma and then used Armed Binding Sword!

“Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword!”

A shower of swords swirled around the Nakuma. And the Nakuma turned their muzzles towards other rocks. Ark jumped between rocks like Tarzan and avoided the shells and bullets. And he would quickly stop to attack the Nakuma before moving again.

“That is Ark who receive the title of Beltana’s Hero in the Bellin Constellation….!”

The Nakuma’s bullets poured in to the rocks.

Hoksullo stared blankly at Ark’s battle. However, Ark hadn’t even used all the tricks in his bag.

-Hyper Drone’s remaining mana: 40%

Ark checked the mana remaining in his battle suit. The maintenance time had increased by 30% thanks to the synchronization on Impeltus. However, the battle had already started for 30 minutes and there was 40% mana left.

Ark could still hold on for 10 minutes but….

‘It isn’t very effective compared to how long I’ve been fighting.’

The battle was one-sided in Ark’s advantage. But he still hadn’t killed any Nakuma. The problem was that he couldn’t stick to one enemy for too long.

But the shields were destroyed and the Nakuma were forces into close combat. Thanks to that, the Nakuma’s health had steadily reduced but hadn’t reached 0 yet. There was still a short delay as hundreds of bullets rained down so it was like walking a tightrope to avoid it.

‘Hoksullo is concerned and I can’t keep this up forever. Something was required to change the situation. And there is still a chance!’

His worries didn’t last long.

“Armed Binding Sword!”

Ark made a decision as light exploded from him. He avoided the bullets and climbed to the summit of the rock, allowing 12 Nakuma to enter his sight.

Ark aimed his gun at the Nakuma. No, the moment he was about to do it!

“Solid Armour! Summon Fire Avarice!”

The space behind Ark distorted and a new armour appeared. It mounted on the battle suit to increase the bulk by 1.5 times. This was the Solid Armour he obtained on the ghost planet!

The weight increased so his movement slowed down but his defensive power increased by 30%. But the defense wasn’t Fire Avarice’s real value.

“Start Fire Avarice!”

Woong woong woong woong! Woong woong woong woong!

A red light appeared at Ark’s shoulders and made it bloat like a balloon. Red dots flashed on the bodies of the Nakuma Ark was looking at.

-Lock on!
-Lock on!
-Lock on!
-Lock on…

After 12 red dots appeared!

“Carpet bombing!”

Pusung! Pusung! Pusung! Pusung!

In the next moment, his bloated shoulders opened and 12 small missiles shot up. This was the carpet bombing skill of Fire Avarice!

The Nakuma instinctively sensed the crisis as missiles emerged from Ark’s body and tried to hurriedly withdraw. However, the missiles of Fire Avarice were guided missiles!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Flames shot up from 12 different places on the stony mountain. The Nakuma were mechanical creatures but were still weak to explosive weapons. Furthermore, most of them had their health decreased to 50% during the 30 minute battle.

The carpet bombing turned 8 Nakuma into piles of trash. Then a bizarre scene occurred.

‘What is that?’

Among the remnants of the broken Nakuma. A unknown black shape rose up.

‘It’ floated above the rubble for a moment before being sucked into the black curtain in the sky.

He had experience fighting the Nakuma on Nephalim and Amara but this was the first time he saw this scene.

‘Is that really the Nakuma? Or…..’

Ark had kept up the Hajaska rune after landing here. If he hadn’t used it then he wouldn’t have been able to see Ikyullos. Therefore, he used the power of Hajaska once he landed on Ikyullos.

Maybe black spirits had also emerged from the Nakuma on Nephalim and Amara. He just couldn’t see it until now.

‘Speaking of which, I don’t know that much about the Nakuma despite hunting with the Silver Hand. Maybe this black shape is related to how the Nakuma forms.’

But now wasn’t the time to dig out the secrets of the Nakuma. He needed to defeat all the Nakuma!

‘There are 4 Nakuma remaining!’

“Fire Avarice release! Armed Binding Sword!”

Ark got rid of the Solid Armour and flew down. His mana was running out so he needed to peel off the battle suit. Now they were in a critical condition so he could handle the 4 remaining Nakuma.

Ark, Hoksullo and Bao were able to take care of the remaining Nakuma in 5 minutes.

You! Master, look at me!

“Summon release.”

And Bao returned to his shield form.

-Your level has risen!
-Your summon (Bao) has levelled up….

His level rose after the whole experience.

Bao who was summoned also had his level rise. Bao had gone up 4 levels.

“Amazing, Hyung-nim! To be honest, I thought it was hopeless. Managing to defeat so many Nakuma alone; you truly are worth being called a hero.”

“Were you surprised?”

“Huh? Ah no, my words were a mistake.”

Hoksullo quickly shook his head.

“In fact, I thought that Marquis-nim was favouring Hyung-nim too much among all the pioneers.”

Ark had also notice that atmosphere previously.

After obtaining the title of Beltana’s Hero, many officials were interested in Ark. However, the crew members riding on Marquis Martin’s Noblesse didn’t show any interest. No, the atmosphere had actually been rather cold.

Hoksullo quickly started talking after Ark didn’t respond.

“But now I realized that it isn’t just Marquis-nim’s personal preference. No, I am ready to concede that you aren’t normal. Anyway, you are amazing. Swish! I’ve seen anyone fight like that. And….”

Hoksullo glanced at Ark before adding.

“A person from the Galactic Federation is using a Rama battle suit.”

It was obvious he wanted an explanation. But Ark ignored him. He didn’t want to explain the circumstances of the Rama battle suit because the emergence of the Nakuma had complicated the situation.

“If there is an opportunity then I will explain it at a later date. Right now we need to search for the other emergency pods. The situation has changed with the Nakuma. The Nakuma has the ability to detect machines. The safety of the other crew members can’t be guaranteed. We should find the other members before they are attacked by the Nakuma.”


Hoksullo swallowed his saliva as he stared at the corpses in the emergency pods.

“Some of the crew who escaped from the Noblesse aren’t combatants.”

The situation was more desperate than before. No matter how urgent, he still picked up the loot that dropped from the Nakuma.

-<Parts: Drive Motor> has been obtained.
-<Parts: High Power Battery> has been obtained….

Ark snatched the items scattered around the stony mountain.

Meanwhile, Hoksullo was taking the supplies from the emergency pod. He also tried to find information on other pods.

Tuk, busususu….

Stone flakes fell nearby. And there was a sound from behind him.

‘Was another Nakuma nearby?’

“Hoksullo, stay back!”

Ark stood in front of Hoksullo with his Equalizer. And the sound of someone running past the rocks could be heard.

“Hoksullo? Hoksullo?”

“Captain Fay-nim!”

Hoksullo shouted from behind him.

A man Ark had seen before had emerged from the rocks. He was the middle aged man on the Noblesse with Marquis Martin. His name was Fay. He seemed to be a special captain serving under Marquis Martin.

Unlike Hoksullo, he was a combatant. He was wearing combat armour with a heavy weapon on his shoulder, a pistol at his waist holster and a dagger attached to his ankle.

“How lucky. You are the first ones I met.”

Fay said towards Hoksullo.

He completely ignored Ark.

“Do you have the communications equipment?”

“Yes, of course. But the effects of the metal in the sandstorm means that it doesn’t work properly. I used some emergency parts to change the output frequency of the short wave detection system but it is still only 2~3 kilometres.”

“In this situation, that is better than nothing.”

Fay nodded.

Then a scene suddenly flashed through Ark’s head. Just before the Noblesse sunk, Fay was the person with Marquis Martin. Considering the emergency pods could contain 2 people, he was likely the person to accompany Marquis Martin!

“Did you get into the emergency pod with Marquis Martin?”

“Of course. Who else would be next to Marquis-nim?”

Fay replied in a curt voice.

Ark didn’t care about that voice due to his worry over Marquis Martin. Marquis Martin was like a VVVIP to Ark.

Ark was sighing in relief when Fay continued.

“Marquis-nim is at the emergency pod not far from here. We were hoping the crew member would come find us. I was just scouting the area.”

“W-wait? Marquis-nim is alone? And waiting at the emergency pod?”

“So? What’s wrong?”

“Oh my god!”

“What? What’s with this reaction?”

Fay looked around with an absurd expression. Hoksullo shouted with an upset expression.

“Captain Fay-nim, Marquis Martin might be in danger!”

“Danger? What does that mean….?”

“Look here! This isn’t the emergency pod we arrived with. The firemen Hekdo and Nielson were aboard! But they were already killed by the Nakuma by the time we arrived here!”

“Nakuma? Nakuma are here?”

“Yes, we were ambushed by the Nakuma. Fortunately they were handled by Hyung-nim but the Nakuma here are much stronger than the ones on Istana. And the Nakuma are natural metal hunters. If there are other groups of Nakuma besides the ones that attacked us….”

The others would be looking to feed. Marquis Martin was left alone at the emergency pod.


Fay cursed and turned around. Ark was already moving in the direction Fay had come from.

“Guide me! What direction is the emergency pod?”

“Follow me!”

Fay desperately ran past Ark.

They slid down the slope before arriving at a long valley. The width of the valley was approximately 20 metres.

Ark ran along the valley as Fay spoke.

“Marquis-nim is on the other side of the valley. Cross a gap that is just narrow enough to pass and climb up. We should be able to shortly check on Marquis-nim’s safety.”

Fay’s words were true.

The emergency pod could be seen 5 minutes after passing through a narrow gap. And Marquis Martin was leisurely sitting next to a smoking campfire.

“….He seems to be safe.”

Fay sighed and slowed his pace.

“If we continue a few hundred metres further, we can exit through the other side of the valley.”

“Wait a moment. This….”

Ark who was following Fay flinched and stopped.

Several red lights caught his eye when checking the valley beyond Marquis Martin. The laser scope of a Nakuma was unmistakeably aimed at Marquis Martin.

“Marquis-nim, danger!”

A yell exploded from Ark’s mouth.

7 Nakuma had revealed themselves behind Marquis Martin.


The western boundary of the Galactic Federation, aka the West Belt.

Suddenly hundreds of lights appeared in the space. Then hundreds of spaceships and speedboats appeared one after another.

“Fleet Commander, the warp has been completed!”

“Okay. The operation will begin. Divide the speedboats into quadrants. Search for a ship’s debris, even a small screw. Don’t miss even the smallest of clues. No, it shouldn’t be missed.”

I understand!

Start operation! West squadron follow me!

Dozens of squadron leaders saluted on the screen. The appearance of hundreds of speedboats was to search for Marquis Martin.

“If we can’t find Marquis Martin during this mission…or if he has already died…and if it is an ambush like the message contents….”

Weston muttered in a low voice.

“….It is war.”



An uneasy voice flowed from Ark’s mouth.

A mess was unfolded in front of him. Footprints were stamped on the floor. Countless bullet holes. Black smoke was blowing up from the emergency pod.

However, Ark didn’t pay attention to the landscape. Ark’s eyes were still recalling the vivid scene he just witnessed.

Marquis Martin had been discovered in the small valley! And then Nakuma appeared behind him! If they arrived a little earlier then they could save Marquis Martin from danger. However….there was no need to.

“What the, this is? Nakuma?”

Nakuma had appeared behind him. Marquis Martin turned around and frowned.

He seemed too easy-going. The Nakuma was classified as a machine lifeform. They were enough to spook any noble. Ark thought Marquis Martin’s attitude was absurd and wanted to shout. Don’t turn around like a rabbit!

Just as he thought about talking.

“7 Nakuma…that should be enough….”

Contrary to Ark’s thoughts, Fay sighed with relief. And he released the heavy machine gun at his shoulder and kneeled down.

“This distance should be enough to provide cover.”

“Cover? What cover? This situation can’t be solved with just support!”

“Shut up and let me observe.”

Fay said with a frown.

“It’s been a while. I don’t know if I have become rusty in the meantime. Wild Arm!”

Marquis Martin spread his arms widely and exclaimed.

At that moment, a small metal plate at Marquis Martin’s shoulders started to expand and emit light. And there was an unbelievable transformation as a huge, metal piece was mounted on Marquis Martin’s arms.

And a scene Ark couldn’t believe occurred afterwards.

“What are you looking at? Bring it on!

Marquis Martin laughed. In the next moment, the elbow part of the arm opened and bullets were fired.

Pepeng! Pepeng! Chwajijijijijik!

The powerful bullets crashed into the bodies of the level 100 Nakuma! That wasn’t all. Marquis Martin rushed forward and slammed the metal arms into the Nakuma that had stumbled.

Enormous destructive power!

This wasn’t just the power of the mechanical Wild Arms. The Wild Arms blocked the Nakuma’s bullets while the fist and elbows were brandished with the power of a cannon! Ark watched as Marquis Martin casually cornered 7 Nakuma.

Tung tung tung tung! Tung tung tung tung!

Fay’s machine gun also provided cover. The 7 Nakuma were turned into piles of garbage in only 10 minutes.

Ark was truly shocked by the scene of Marquis Martin fighting! It wasn’t just the battle. It felt like he was watching someone else altogether. Then Fay placed the machine gun on his shoulder again and turned to Ark.

“What is with that look? Did you think that Marquis-nim is weak? Don’t misunderstand. Before Marquis-nim was a noble….”

Fay continued with a smile.

“…..A warrior.”

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