Space 9: Ghost Planet

SPACE 9. Ghost Planet

S-20 was developing strongly.

There was one secret hidden in S-20. More than 1,000 people went through the dungeon in Mt. Fargo daily to find Gallstones. In fact, another space secretly existed inside it. The Elim’s Sanctuary. It was the secret hiding place for Ark who was the Elim’s Heir.


Ark entered the hideaway. Then the light sphere shouted in an excited voice.

-Now I remember! All of a sudden! Yes, all of a sudden I could remember!

“Remember? What do you mean?”

Name! My real name.


-Yes, my name is Tot! Tot! That is my name! No, why have I forgotten my name until now?

“T-Tot? Your name is Tot?”

Ark was astonished by the light sphere’s words. At the same time, a memory from a few days ago popped into his head.

A memory of something he experienced in Muratio Star. The first people Ark met there was Basak and Tot. Tot was known as the spiritual mentor of the Murat. However he died during the fight against the rebellion leader Set. Yet the light sphere had suddenly announced that it was Tot.

Ark was puzzled but soon connected the circumstances together.

‘Right before leaving Muratio Star, didn’t Kuhwen say that Tot’s spirit would be moved to another container? Was that the light sphere?’

In the end, the ‘Baius Shield,’ ‘Kuhwen’s Chestpiece’ and the light sphere were all related to his adventure on Muratio Star.

A secret was revealed out of nowhere! But it was a good thing that the light sphere recovered his memory of Ark in the past. The light sphere, no Tot who was the Elim’s spiritual mentor was located in the Elim’s Sanctuary. He slept for hundreds of years but now he had regained his memories of Ark. Then wouldn’t he have some memories that would be helpful to Ark?

“Do you remember anything else? An amazing technique technique that you know! Or a huge treasure that the Elim fleet hid somewhere! Something like that!”

No, just the name?


I only remember your name. I can’t remember anything else at all.

“What? Then why did you make so much fuss about remembering one name?”

-Everything? Everything! Isn’t my name everything?

“No, it’s not.”

Ark sighed and shook his head.

Tot was the Elim’s spiritual mentor but he hadn’t been that helpful when alive. Anyway, Ark had come to the sanctuary for a reason. It was to report and check something.

He needed to report the <Investigate the Negative Energy> quest to Tot. This quest basically had the same content has the <Dark Omen> quest. Negative energy had suddenly spread throughout the galaxy. So it was a quest to find the identity of antimatter.

But the identity of antimatter was the Mist Uranium created by the organization Tree of Life. Once he was told this, Tot immediately talked in an uncomfortable tone.

-Uhh, it is somewhat unclear.

“What is unclear? What do you mean?”

Let’s see, I don’t know exactly what it means. But there is a part I’m not convinced about. I don’t know what it is but it doesn’t seem over yet. Of course, this is just a feeling but negative energy isn’t a problem to be lightly overlooked. It is a significant matter that can put the whole galaxy in danger. It is better not to come to a conclusion too early. I’m a little worried so please find out as much as possible.

‘…..What is this?’

Ark’s eyes narrowed.

<Dark Omen> was put in order. He thought he would finish the <Investigate the Negative Energy> quest the same way. Yet the quest hadn’t ended.

‘There is still something remaining?’

The power behind the antimatter had been revealed. Now he had to investigate even more? It was hard to understand but this was the NPC who gave him the quest. He still hadn’t fulfilled the requirements for the <Investigate the Negative Energy> to be completed.

‘But telling me to investigate more….’

All the Tree of Life members in the carrier had been destroyed. There were still remnants remaining but they would be hiding in the dark after this failure. It would be impossible to collect information about the terrorist organization like this.

‘I have no choice but to shelve this quest for the moment.’

Ark had large expectations for the <Investigate the Negative Energy> quest.

Of course, the wealth and power of the NPCs was different between Marquis Martin and Tot who was just a sphere of light. The light sphere was stuck in the Elim’s Sanctuary. What rewards would a light sphere give? It would probably just be good experience.

Beyond that he had no hope. But it was still a quest related to his profession. But there was a vagueness to the quest that made him uncomfortable so he decided not to waste time on it at the moment. There were more important things right now. Ark visited the sanctuary for another reason other than reporting the quest.

“Summon Golem!”

Ark thrust out his arm and shouted. Tot said with interest as he looked at the summoned Bao.

-Hoh, it is a lot bigger than before.

Once again, Bao became bigger every time it levelled up. 1 level made it grow 0.5~1 cm? Tot had last seen Bao at level 1. In the meantime, Ark had been steadily raising it and it reached level 18!

-Baius Golem

Type: Defence             Level:  18

Health:  289                 Defence: 56

Attack:  28                   Special Ability: Blast

This was the current Bao! It had grown 15 cm in that time. The problem was something other than the size.

What? Are you giving me a meal? Why does it matter to you if I’m big or not?

Bao declared sharply as soon as it was summoned.

-……This guy, why is his nature like this?

“I am seriously worried about that as well.”

Putting aside the size, he wanted to find a way to fix Bao’s bad manners. But right now he didn’t call Bao to do such a thing.

-By the way, why did you call this guy?

“Now that all my work is put in order, I was thinking about earnestly looking for the Divine Artefacts.”

That is a good idea. Negative energy research is important but it is also important to become a true Elim. I understand what you’re talking about. You want me to show you the galaxy map again?

“Yes, I didn’t save it properly last time.”

-I understand. Bring that golem in front of me.

Hey you. Where are you bringing me?

Ark caught the struggling Bao and pushed it towards Tot. Then Tot shot a blue light towards Bao. The moment it touched Bao, the light refracted off the crystal body and formed a pattern on the wall. The light on the wall produced a galaxy map.

The planets with the 3 other Divine Artefacts were indicated on the map. This was the map he had seen last time. However, at that time he just checked the approximate location and didn’t record the exact coordinates.

“Galaxy map!”

Ark went up to the map with his Nymphe. After Bao showed a map of planets in the galaxy, it focused on a planet situated in the northern space frontier.

-The coordinates of the relevant planet has been stored in the Nymphe.

He searched for the locations of the planets and saved their coordinates. His preparations ended there.


Ark then returned to S-20.

He had returned after 24 days but there wasn’t a lot of work in the sector for him to do. He had left the sector management to Bain and the funds to Hamad. Ark had left the work to them and was quite satisfied when he returned.

The recruitment of good subordinates could ease the work for a president. But the president’s judgement was still needed for important problems. Upgrading the facilities or expanding the sector was all required business management. However, Ark decided to maintain the current status quo.

The reason was that he needed to secure funds to develop the planet Ikyullos. Right now, developing the planet was Ark’s top priority. After the Star Gate was created, he needed to tighten his belt to pour money into his planet.

No, he needed a huge amount of funds. The first method….

-A bid has come in.

<5% Investment Share in Beltana: Currently 2 bidders- last bid is 600 gold>

<5% Investment Share in Athamas: Currently 3 bidders- last bid is 720 gold>

<3% Investment Share in Charem: Currently 8 bidders- last bid is 945 gold>

“Sheesh, is that it?”

Ark clicked his tongue as he checked his Nymphe. In Galaxian, it wasn’t necessary to connect with a compute to access the internet auction site. Ark had registered the investment shares with the auction site.

He decided to secure funds to develop his planet so he had no room to pay attention to anywhere else. In addition, he was also borrowing money. It was better to reduce the debt. But there wasn’t as many bidders as he first thought.

The bidding prices were 30~40% lower than he estimated. Even the commerce city Charem didn’t exceed 1,000 gold. It was the early stages so the users were more focused on raising their level than making investments.

But Ark wasn’t disappointed. There was still some time to secure the desired price and he had other ways to acquire funding. That was the investment fund!

‘This is how I can use Rapid!’

And the person making the preparations was Rapid. In fact, Ark thought the investment fund would be easy. He thought it was just borrowing money from players. But according to Rapid, it wasn’t that simple. Coordinating investments, profit sharing, various costs and an agreement with the investors wasn’t that easy.

However! It wasn’t necessary for Ark to have that knowledge. Rapid had a degree in business from K University!

“His personality doesn’t fit well with me but looking at his business processing ability, there is no user more reliable than Rapid. And there is no one who knows Rapid better than me.”

Ark smiled and muttered.

From what Ark had experienced so far, Rapid was a perfectionist. His personality was something that had to be see things through once he started. Ark could believe in Rapid due to that reason. He made annoyed noises but Rapid had no taken over. After taking the reference data for the investment fund, Rapid had logged out and hadn’t connected yet.

Rapid had a bad headache. But from Ark’s point of view, the work was proceeding steadily. The investment fund hasn’t been established yet but he had already secured some investments.

Slayer and Kaya had invested.

“You’re collecting investment funds for Ikyullos?”

“Yes, development will begin as soon as Marquis Martin builds the Star Gate connection. Right now Rapid is securing the funds. He graduated with a business degree from K University so the funding is guaranteed to be successful. Investors will probably gather like clouds once the funding account is established. When that time comes, it won’t be possible to invest even if you want to. But I decided to give you a chance to invest before the fund is established. This is a huge privilege.”

“Rapid is from K University?”

Kaya showed interest after hearing that part. Slayer, Leon, Melina, Sadain also showed an interest in the investment fund like Ark expected. Once the planet was developed, they would start to receive profit. There was no reason for them not to be interested.

“If this is suggested by Ark-nim….”

Melina handed over the dividends from this quest first.

“I would be anxious if it was you, but I can believe in Rapid!”

Then Slayer, Leon, Sadain, and Park handed over their money. He had already secured an investment of 2,500 gold. But that was just a small drop compared to the large sum needed to develop a planet.

‘I can leave the rest to Rapid.’

But Ark wasn’t just playing. The first thing he did after getting the S-20 information from Bain was level up his Agent!

-The Agent Dark Eden has risen to Lv. 3.

* The maximum number of employees that can belong to Dark Eden has risen to 45 people.

* New specialized skill ‘Joint Business- II’ has been acquired by Dark Eden.

The registration fee was 1,000 gold and 1,000 Adventure points. Apart from 1,000 Adventure points, he also had to pay the expense of 1,000 gold. However, the complaints were stacking up in S-20 so it was needed.

He didn’t want there to be any problems when he left. It was necessary to raise the Agent level to recruit Asuran’s subordinates to deal with the complaints.

Ark also invested 500 Adventure points to gain the skill Joint Business-II. The effect of Joint Business-I rose by one step. Ark’s Agent had more NPCs so Joint Business was the skill with the best effect.


-Asuran’s 23 subordinates have joined Dark Eden as interns!

Name: 23 Belkin Clan (NPC ☆)  Profession: Wastrel, Thieves etc.

Level: 67-75 Related Skills: Face that causes fear, Taunt, Extortion etc.

23 people were hired!

“H-Hyung-nim, thank you!”

Asuran shed tears of joy.

“Listen carefully! Hyung-nim was kind enough to employ lowly people like you. Hyung-nim is an important person who just became a noble of the Galactic Federation. If your actions besmirch Hyung-nim’s honour then you will die by my hands. Never forget Hyung-nim’s grace! Work with sincerity!”

“We will keep that in mind!”

“We will work as one body!”

The crowd of 23 Belkin burst out. Unlike Asuran, the Belkins weren’t pioneers. Furthermore, their rating was only 1 star. It meant their stats were low and they were easy subordinates to acquire.

Anyway, he hadn’t hired them for important work. They were personnel employed to deal with small complaints in S-20. In fact, so far Ark had been blessed in regards to NPCs. Most Agents had NPCs rated 1~2 stars. And there was an advantage to hiring the Belkin for sector management, regardless of their star rating.

The Belkin were an alien species that looked as ugly as orcs in fantasy worlds. Just their faces along could secure peace in the sector. The Belkin also had loyal personalities. Once they called someone their Hyung-nim, they absolutely wouldn’ betray him. They had good characters despite their personalities.

Once Asuran and the 23 Belkin members took charge of the complaints, the situation was quickly resolved.

-The complaint <I Hate Rats!> has been settled.

< 3 gold reward has been paid. The sector merchants’ trust has risen by 30>

-The complaint <Oh my god! Where is my luggage?> has been settled.

<20 gold reward has been paid. The merchants from the outlands’ trust has risen by 40>

-The complaint <Noise Dispute> has been settled.

<No reward. The satisfaction of the sector’s inhabitants has risen by 20>….

Various numerical values involved in the sector started to rise. A big effect couldn’t be felt yet but it would steadily increase once there was an influx of NPCs. And it was natural for that to be connected to sector development.

Meanwhile, Jay was proceeding with another research. It  was the ‘Kraken’s Cell’ that Ark obtained on E-2036. And he had also obtained 10 ‘Squid Cells’ from the squids he killed underground. He had handed them to Jay who cultivated the cells using the equipment worth 2,000 gold.

He made a Mix-up solution. The solution was made with the ‘Kraken’s Cell’ that Ark had obtained from the monster.

-Mix-up has been successful!

The Kraken’s DNA has been successfully combined.

New physical changes have occurred thanks to the DNA fusion.

<The Kraken’s DNA has decrease intelligence by 10. Strength has increased by 15>

-One of your skills has evolved to an advanced level thanks to the Kraken’s DNA.

Spacewalk (☆) → Spaceflight (☆ ☆ ☆)

-A new skill (Common Occupation ☆☆☆) has been learnt.

Spaceflight (Users, Passive): A technique acquired from the space monster Kraken’s DNA. The Kraken is a giant space monster that hides in places like asteroids to attack defenceless spaceships flying past. The reason the Kraken can attack the spaceships is its excellent spaceflight ability. You have accepted the DNA of the Kraken and gained the ability to fly in space.

<Space flight capabilities in zero gravity has risen. The penalties on your body in outer space has decreased by 50%>

The Spacewalk skill had evolved into Spaceflight. He hadn’t had the chance to use it yet but he could imagine just from the name.

Unfortunately, the effect of the Squid’s cells didn’t give him a skill. There was no decrease in stats but his Agility had risen by 5. It might be due to Ark absorbing a high ranking monster of the same affiliation but a large effect wasn’t applied.

He packed Slayer and Kaya’s investments. The remaining 4 were kept separate.


From Mt. Fargo to the airfield.

Ark had walked that distance while thinking. The Dark Eden employees were already gathered in front of the Silver Star. Bain, Hamad, Kurakan, Mellin and the Charenjok. And the newly joined Asuran and his 23 Belkin subordinates. The Royal Guards, Tori, Milan and Hegel were at the Silver Star as well.

40 staff members were gathered. He had gathered hem before going to the sanctuary to look for the Divine Artefacts. Among them were Berad, Ralph, Kalliben and Carly.

They spoke as Ark went up to them.

“Hyung-nim, we’ve all gathered together!”

“Wuhahaha! Now we can go out to the universe with Hyung-nim!”

“I was so envious of Berad who got to go with Hyung-nim. I’m proud to be able to go with Hyung-nim….”

“I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this chance.”

Ralph, Beleol, Reben and Konsed had been digging the whole time so they were particularly excited. However, they were just kimchi soup.

“No, you guys won’t be going with me.”

“Huh? T-that is…..”

“Didn’t Hyung-nim tell us to arm ourselves and gather?”

“The area you’re going is called Vesta.”

“Vesta? Where is that?”

“A dense jungle approximate 120 km to the west of Sidellin.”

“W-why do we have to go to a place like that?”

“A request that can’t be refused has come in.”

Ark replied with a smile.

Other than Tori, Milan and Hegel to pilot the Silver Star, Ark was going to find the Divine Artefacts alone. The planet that he needed to travel to didn’t seem that dangerous. There was no reason to bring the Royal Guards to that place when there was still work to do in S-20. He had travelled with the team members for 1 month so he was tired of group battles.

This time there was no need to worry so he would go alone. Even so, the reason he gathered the Royal Guards….

Just when Ark was about to arrive in S-20.

-A request mail has arrived.

-Ark, it’s been a while.

I’ve been in the Outlands for a while before sending this mail.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t respond to your request for help. And I’m ashamed but this time I have to request your help.

Not long ago, I found a dungeon in a region of the Outlands called Vesta. But there are too many monsters and it if beyond the power of the Silver Hand. We’ve penetrated through the entrance before retreating but we need reinforcements. I’m asking for your subordinates to come save me.

We are currently in the vicinity of Sidellin. We are planning to leave for the dungeon in 12 days. I’m asking if you can send 10 soldiers to Sidellin before those 12 days are over. This is a formal commission of your Agent Dark Eden.

I expect to see you soon.

Caller- Silver Hand mercenary leader Clem.

Once the fame of an Agent or its CEO rose, commissions could come in from other areas. But this request mail was slightly different. The caller was Clem. He was the leader of the Silver Hand who had been kind to Ark.

Before participating in the investigation team, Ark had wanted to fill the lacking troops by hiring the Silver Hand as mercenaries. But no reply came so he had urgently hired Slayer and Kaya’s teams. Yet Clem now asked for a request from him.

Of course, he could deny this request. However, the Silver Hand had helped Ark several times since the beginning. If he thought back, it was thanks to the Silver Hand that he was able to form the Royal Guards. Furthermore, this was a formal request with a reward so there was no reason for him to reject it. And the ones qualified for this commission were the Royal Guards!

“Silver Hand hyung-nims?”

“Well then we can’t refuse.”

“Yes, let’s go! We’ll show the hyung-nims how strong we’ve become!”

“Ohh, good. I understand Hyung-nim!”

The Royal Guards raised their heads with bright expressions and an ‘!’ above them. Entrusting NPCs with work was a sign that he had faith in them. It was necessary to do a satisfactory job when raising a business.

If an ‘!’ appeared then the success rate was 80~100%! The success rate with a ‘?’ was 60~80%, ‘;;’ was 40~60% and ‘OTL’ meant it was likely to fail.  Anyway!

“But who will restore the dungeon if we all go?”

“I’ve already considered that so don’t worry.”

Ark replied with a smile. And the employees boarded the Silver Star in order to be dropped off.

“Tori, depart!”

The Silver Star rose with his words.



Several hours after the Silver Star left. Three men exited the transport ship that stopped at S-20. They surveyed the crowd infested sector with pouted lips.

“Sheesh that Ark bastard, he already has such a sector?”

The person speaking was Ferguson. And the two depressed people following him were A and B.

“But isn’t this quite bad?”

“We started Galaxian to avoid Ark yet we still ended up under his feet….”

“Do you think we ended up like this because we wanted to?”

Ferguson snapped after hearing A and B’s words.

“Our real identity was revealed to Ark on Muratio Star. What can we do after our actions in New World? We know best what type of guy that bastard is. If Ark makes up his mind to ruin us….”

“Sob, Hyung-nim I’m scared! Please stop! Don’t say anymore!”

A and B covered their ears and shuddered.

“Dammit, it is also miserable because we were deprived of our spaceship.”

Ferguson, A and B sighed with depressed expressions.

While Ark, Hawk and the others were inside the carrier, Ferguson’s ship had barely lasted 10 minutes before it was shot down. They were troubled by Ark on Muratio Star and now they had lost their spaceship and experience.

But the problem was after that. Ferguson, A and B had already lost a spaceship. Luckily, the insurance paid back 80% of the ship’s price and they could buy another one. However, the insurance company wouldn’t provide a payment every time the ship was smashed.

If a spaceship became destroyed again within 1 and a half months then only 40% would be returned. Furthermore, Ferguson, A and B were full of ambition in the investigation team but they couldn’t render any particular special services.

The only reward they got after returning to Tatuine was 1,000 gold. The circumstances of the one-time 18th ranked player fell so that Ferguson couldn’t even afford a new spaceship right now.

“But there is still a chance!”

Ferguson forcefully shook his head and said.

“We might not have a spaceship but it is too early to give up. Didn’t we hold out against Ark’s tyranny in New World? And we didn’t come here without thinking. Now that we’ve lost our fortune, we have no choice but to listen to Ark. And that guy has a vicious nature that will make us suffer in the future. But we need to endure it. We will definitely make Ark regret it one day Do you understand? We are entering a tiger’s lair to catch a tiger. We should come here with such a resolution. So live without losing your courage!”


“Kuok, my siblings!”

Ferguson, A and B embraced each other while shedding tears. After Ferguson calmed A and B, they headed towards the management office. Following Ark was like putting their necks in a guillotine.

“Hyung-nim is out of town.”

“O-out of town? He’s not here now?”

“Yes, he said it would take approximately 2 days.”

“I-I’m glad.”

Ferguson sighed in relief after hearing Asuran’s answer. Then the Belkin looked Ferguson, A and B up and down before asking.

“Are you the ones called Ferguson, A and B?”

“Yes, what about it?”

“Oh, you’re here. I heard about you from Hyung-nim. Follow me.”

The Belkin smiled before bringing Ferguson, A and B somewhere. After a while, Ferguson’s party arrived at the dungeon in Mt. Fargo.

‘What? Is he telling us to hunt here?’

Ferguson looked around in confusion. The Belkin threw three shovels at them.

“Hyung-nim said it. If some people called Ferguson, A and B arrived then they should dig out the dungeon. As you can see, there is a landslide in here so some areas are still clogged with dirt. You should dig and clear out the dungeon.”

“W-what? You want us to clear out this dungeon with a shovel?”

Ferguson, A and B looked at the shovels with astounded expressions. However there was something even more amazing.

“Of course there will be a salary. There is a sensing machine attached to this shovel that will count every action taken. 1 shovelling will count as 1 action. And 11 copper will be paid for each action.”

1 shovelling will count as 1 action!

And 100 copper was 1 silver. 100 Silver was 1 gold. In the end, they needed to shovel 10,000 times to make 1 gold.

“Don’t make me laugh! We do we have to do this….?”

Ferguson frowned as he listened and was about to throw the shovel. Then the Belkin who was leaving quickly turned around and said.

“Ah, Hyung-nim said to tell you this.”

The Belkin bared his fangs and smiled.

“I know your address.”

Ferguson, A and B became frozen. Then the sound of metal against stone started being heard.

“Dammit! That Ark bastard!”


“…..Ha ha.”

Yoo Han-pil smiled. Over the past few months, Yoo Han-pil had been depressed. He only had one son. Any father would be proud to see his smart and cheerful son graduated from a prestigious university. He was a son that no one would be ashamed of.

Then while playing a virtual reality game, his son became disabled and lost everything. But Yoo Han-pil didn’t collapse. Yoo Han-pil was still proud of his son despite being handicapped.

This was why he agreed when his son wanted to play a virtual reality game again. But that soon changed to worry. His son started to spend even more time playing the virtual reality game. Thanks to that, Yoo Han-pil spent every day worrying but the situation changed yesterday.

His son didn’t connect to the game and started to study. And the books his son was studying….

They all involved taxes and business!

A way to easily start a business.

The secret to operating an investment fund.

Gathering investors…..

The titles of the books could be seen through a crack in the door. Yoo Han-pil could sense his son’s changing state of mind.

‘This guy, he had decided to put aside the game and is determined to inherit my business. I was stupid. I should’ve trusted him. He was too proud and stubborn to tell me that he was studying. He would also become embarrassed if I talk to him about it. Yes, for now I’ll just pretend that I don’t know. Haha, what a wonderful son.’

His son was sitting down at a desk and searching through various professional books. The form of his son studying to take over his company was heart-warming. But there was something Yoo Han-pil hadn’t noticed. It was a small booklet wedged between the professional books.

Galaxian economy system manual.

Yoo Han-pil peeked at the sight with warm eyes before disappearing.

“Damn! Did my head become blank while I was in hospital? No, did I really learn such things? I don’t know what any of this means! And where did this come from? Why is the game’s economic system so complicated? That Ark bastard, I’m playing the game to play a game but now I have to worry about investment funds!”

Alan frowned and spat out curses. This was the reason why Alan was searching through professional books. Alan had clearly studied business administration at K University.

However, his specialty was management since that was the only knowledge needed to take over his father’s company. He had no interest in the field of investment funds. Furthermore, he had lain unconscious in a hospital for 1 year. Yet now he was expected to design an investment fund?

So he had refused. Yet Ark had scratched at his ego. That’s because it was Ark talking, not other people. He had no choice but to do it!

“Dammit! That Ark bastard!”

And even today, Alan stayed up all night studying.


While Ferguson was cursing in-game and Alan in reality….

Character Information Window
Name Ark (R-02788) Level 149
Species Human Occupation Elim’s Heir
Fame 24,730  Adventure 1,990
Health 3,600 (+525) Mental Power  775 (+390)
Mana 0 Force 1,825
Strength 365 (+70) Agility 405 (+88)
Stamina 605 (+105) Wisdom 40 (+23)
Intelligence 385 (+78) Luck 45 (+18)
Leadership 10
* Title

Cleaning Foreman (Agility + 3)

Ignorant Destroyer (Wisdom -10, Strength +7, Stamina +7)

Spatial Breakthrough (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +10)

Beltana’s Hero (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +3)

Athamas’ Hero (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +5)

Mediator (Wisdom, Intelligence +15)

* Contribution: Galactic Federation 27,520,  Aschulat 500

* Affiliation: Dark Eden (CEO)

*Body Coating: Survivor

+ Environmental adaptation increases by 50% due to the Survivor coating.

+ The Survivor coating reduces the drop rate of Satiety by 30%.

+ The Survivor coating will reduce fall damage by 50%.

+The ‘Clairvoyance’ effect of the Survivor coating is applied.

Ark relaxed as he watched the information window. He had reached level 149 after the battles on Muratio Star and the carrier. After leaving Muratio Star, he had been level 143 but gained 3 levels fighting in the carrier. Then he gained another 3 by distinguishing himself in the carrier.

The Spatial Breakthrough title also added +10 to all stats.

‘Unfortunately, there is a problem….’

Ark only discovered it after getting the Spatial Breakthrough title but in Galaxian, the effects of only 5 titles applied. If he got a 6th title then he would need to select the effects of a title to be deleted.

Of course, the title didn’t disappear. He could exchange the titles at any time. But it took too much effort to gain a title so the thought of losing one was depressing.

‘This time the Cleaning Supervisor title that gave Agility +3 was deleted.’

A title that he had no lingering need for was removed.

‘Shouldn’t it be that time now?’

“Tori, the time remaining?”

“We’re arriving in 10 seconds! 9, 8, 7….we’re here!”

Tori who was grasping the joystick shouted. The particles of light outside the window changed to the darkness of space. After leaving S-20 and dropping off the Royal Guards at Sidellin, he had warped to his destination and finally arrived. Needless to say, the destination was the planet where the 3rd Divine Artefact was hidden!

“Over there?”

A planet not far from where they exited the warp caught his eyes.

“That planet gives off a somewhat worrisome feeling.”

The planet floating in front of the Silver Star wasn’t ordinary. It was covered in black with mysterious rocks jutting out. If he had to express its form, it had a shape similar to a skull. Ark had already suffered on Rakunka so he used the optical scanners to check the planet.

“No dangerous factors have been found.”

“Okay, let’s land for the moment.”

But then something unthinkable occurred afterwards. Ark made the Silver Star approach the skull planet to land. But the moment it tried to land, the Silver Star ended up on the other side of the planet?

‘What, what the? What’s going on? Why is the Silver Star here?’

Ark looked at Tori with confusion.

“What? Why are we here? Tori, what happened?”

“Huh? Ah no, I don’t know….”

However, Tori was panicking as well. This mysterious phenomenon kept occurring.

There was clearly a planet in front of him. Yet whenever the Silver Star approached to land, it would show up on the other side. Fear flashed on Tori, Hegel and Milan’s faces as the situation kept on repeating.

Then Tori suddenly raised his head and said.

“That reminds me….I heard about it….a ghost planet existed somewhere on the frontier….”

It seemed like nonsense but nobody was laughing. The situation that occurred now couldn’t be due to anything except a ghost planet.


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